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A toilet is an important thing that you need in your house. In today's market, more toilets have been designed, so there are a lot of options to choose from.

A toilet that might be great for you might not be ideal for someone else. This means that every individual has a preference when it comes to choosing the ​best toilet.

So, if you are building your new house of thinking of upgrading your current toilet, there are many modern designs that you can choose. The ​Top Pick toilet chart below is a great place to get started comparing makes and models right now!

Top 10 Toilet Comparison Table

​Having the Best Toilet: What You Should Really Know

​When you move into a new home, you want changes that suit you. Home renovation is a simple way to do that. Often one of the areas that you’d love to change or improve is the toilet. The reason is simple; toilets are one of the most frequently used places in any home – the wear and tear could be so immense that without an improvement it would really look awful.

​Even so, most of us find it really hard to make these changes. The changes might include the purchase of new toilets to just simple cleanups. This simple guide will provide you with some quick need-to-know pointers when you are working with the ​​​market-leading toilet. The guide is good for dummies and also experienced home owners. It sheds light on many vital toilet tips.

market leading

​Getting Started On Your ​Good ​Quality Toilet​

​You can choose a new toilet – basically if you don’t like the old one or is the old one is really worn out. In order to get the ​perfect toilet, you should always start somewhere. These simple questions will help you to get started on toilets.


​Who is Your Toilet For?​

​Who are you building the toilet for? Is it for the kids, adults, or physically challenged people? This question will determine the type of features that your toilet will have including seating styles and raised or low designs.

​What are You Doing to the Toilet?​

​If you just moved in your intention could vary – this question determines whether you are building a new home toilet, remodeling it, or replacing the toilet? Often, a replacement of the toilet can leave you with the same type but remodeling allows you to change the design of the toilet.

​Who will Be Using the Toilet?

​Who you are building your toilet for and who will be using it is different. An adult toilet could be used by kids when assisted, the elderly, or physically challenged people. Additionally, you could find guests too.

​What Cleaning System Do You Want?

​Again, the reality is, most of us don’t like cleaning the toilet. Therefore you must know where you fall. If you are good with it, you won’t need a customized / trigger cleaning system. But if you don’t, the opposite is true.

​Why Should You Have the ​Top Toilet?

​The above questions allow you to get the ​​nice toilet for your home. The benefits of this are far reaching.

​First, you will be able to flush all your waste away without much worry. This is true since the toilet that you choose will have the right levels of pumping power which is very important in providing your toilet with the right efficiency.

​Again, the​ best toilet will help you to conserve a lot of water. This will leave you with easy to pay up water bills as every flush will be quite efficient. In fact you could end up with a dual flush toilet that eliminates waste for less than a gallon of water with every flush.

​Also, with the ​wonderful toilet, maintenance is just a hassle process. You would know what to do differently, how to do it, and when it should be done. This allows you to have an efficiently working toilet in your home every single day.

​Finally, you will be very comfortable. Because it is custom made, a good toilet will be comfortable enough.  You won’t have to worry about cleaning the toilet as it might have trigger system and you won’t feel skin impressions on your legs as the seat is ideal.

​Top 5 Considerations When Buying the Right Toilet

​In order to buy your ​superb toilet you must know which factors to keep in mind. Trust us when we say that not every buyer will afford the priciest toilet. Here are the most important factors to go with.



​The ​high quality toilet will come with other additional functionalities including ease of use, high style stability, water use efficiency, and ability to keep odors at minimum. Always go for a toilet that you can afford. Have a budget and shop in line with your laid out budget.

​Ease of Use

​No toilet is permanent; the more reason that you should have an easy to use toilet installed. A toilet that is easy to maintain, flush, clean, and uses minimal water to flush wastes will be your idyllic choice. Some toilets backup easily and leave so much mess after use.

​Design/ Style

​What design do you want? Do you want a raised or low toilet? What is the toilet seat style that you need? Is it an oval or round seat? All these factors will determine the design. It is important that you choose a style that tones up your home décor and also serves your needs.


​You don’t want a toilet that is not comfortable. A toilet that’s of the right size and height should be comfortable. It will allow you to feel easy after use. Whether for kids, elderly, or people living with disabilities, a ​​nice toilet should leave them with no strains at all.


​You don’t have to clean your toilet every single day, especially if the cleaning must be done manually. A ​high quality toilet should be able to keep the odor at minimum with every flush. This is a very important aspect of a great toilet; as it keeps the environment really healthy.

​How to Clean Your Toilet

​If your home toilet doesn’t need much of a makeup, it might just require a cleanup. There are many ways to clean your toilet. However, the use of a toilet brush is the simplest DIY procedure. Here is the simplest way to clean your toilet using a cleaning brush.

​Step I: Collect Cleaning Materials

The most common cleaning materials that you need are these.

  • Hand Gloves
  • Eye protectors
  • Toilet brush (non-metallic)
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  •  Disinfectant Spray

​Step II: Clean the Toilet Bowl

  • Apply Toilet Bowl Cleaner to the toilet.
  • Apply it under the toilet seat’s rim.
  • Allow it to work its way down to the bottom (of the bowl) for about 15 minutes.
  • Scrub the rim and bowl with the toilet brush
  • Close the toilet’s lid.
  •  Allow applied cleanser to soak for about 10 - 15 minutes.

​Step III: Spray Bowl with Disinfectant

  • Spray the outside part of the toilet with disinfectant.
  • Start at the top of the toilet tank – do this as the toilet bowl soaks.
  • Disinfect while working your way down.
  •  When done, wash toilet with sponge and hot water.

​Step IV: Pop up Closed Lid and Clean

  • Pop back the lid to open it and clean the inside of bowl.
  • Work on the rim of the toilet first.
  • Scrub using your hard bristled brush with a plastic handle to reveal hidden dirt
  • Take your time (add disinfectant if necessary) and elbow grease to help.
  •  Keep scrubbing until sure that the dirt is out.

(Don’t use a brush with metallic bristles – it will scratch the bowl)

​Step V: Rinse Your Toilet Bowl

  • Use hot water and mild detergent.
  • Rise your toilet bowl until super clean.
  • Clean any stubborn stain by scrubbing off lightly
  •  Make sure you don’t end up scratching the bowl.

To keep your toilet clean, you should always wipe the rim after use. The lid should also stay down. Apart from that, you can also use automatic toilet cleaners. Some of the ​excellent toilet cleaners include stick under bowl gels, drop in tank cleaning tablets, and flush trigger mounted cleaners.


​Toilet Maintenance: The Top Five Things You Shouldn’t Throw In Your Toilet

​Toilets suffer from many problems. But this is usually quite so if there are no proper maintenance. From leaky toilets, running toilets, broken handles, to backed-up toilet drains, poor care can leave your toilet stalled. One way to keep toilets working properly is to use them for the right purpose – flushing out waste.

​Never allow anything more than waste and tissue paper in your toilet drain. Other things could easily leave you with a clogged toilet. Here are the top five things that you should keep off your toilet to prevent it from clogging up.


​Hair will roll up and form hair balls when thrown into a toilet drain. These hair balls often stick up along joined sections of drain pipes and form clogs that prevent smooth flow of waste.  To have a smooth flowing drain, keep hair off your drain.


​Face and baby napkins are other notorious things known for clogging toilets. If they find their way through toilet drains face napkins and towels can never break down into smaller pieces. They remain heavy and very difficult to push by water.

​Sanitary Towels

​Sanitary towels and diapers also don’t break down. On the contrary, they absorb water and swell up. They make the worst sewer obstructers. This is why these two are meant for the incinerators and nothing more. They cost huge amounts of damages.


​Soaps are also very bad for toilet drains. They form scum. Scum will build up to form clogs. In turn clogs will narrow down drain pipe lines and prevent free flow of waste. Overtime they will mix up with hair balls to have your toilet badly clogged.

​Small Toys

​Weird but yes, it happens. Broken toys or small toys have found their way through toilet drains more frequently than you can imagine. Many of them really look flushable but the truth is they are not. Simply keep any forms of toys from your toilet.

​What Aspects Do ​Top Rated Toilets Have Today?

​There are very many new improvements that the ​​​top toilets have today. As you will find out and compared to the past types, the most recent toilet designs have the following things to boast about.

Flushing Power: Although the main standard design sits at 1.6 gallons per flush, many homes today are equipped with 3.5 gallons per flush toilets which is very wasteful. Going for the modern design of 1.6 gallons is efficient and also very powerful.

Better Toilet Parts: The modern toilets have many more improved working parts. These create a higher level of water movement and power generation within the bowl. This will leave you with a cleaner experience with less water waste and above all small bill.

The Automatic Parts: Today’s models also have many automatic parts. These parts include automatic flushing, lid lifting, and cleaning options.  This makes toilet experience really enjoyable and will help you to have more customized options too.

Our Recommended Toilet Reviews - 2018 Edition

​1. TOTO Drake 2-Piece Toilet with Elongated

TOTO Drake 2-Piece Toilet with ElongatedCART

best toilet for home use

Do you have the traditional toilet which is not water efficient and wants to upgrade to a recent model? Try the TOTO Drake 2-Piece Toilet with a high profile design and I know you will love using this toilet in your home.

You might be wondering, what are some of the most important things that make this toilet the best on the market?

Here are some of its top quality features that you will love once you install this contemporary toilet.

Ease of Cleaning

This toilet is designed with a very smooth finish. This makes cleaning easy after every flush. Your toilet will always be looking neat all the time.

Effective Flush

One of the last things that you need in your house is a toilet that doesn't flush. This model has a wider flush valve that creates an effective and powerful flush.

Fully Glazed Trap Way

Maintaining your toilet clean is very important. This is why the manufacturer included the glazed trap way to reduce the chances of bacteria developing.

Toilet Height

For those who are looking for a toilet with a universal height, this model is the right pick. It is designed to suit all kinds of users. Additionally, it is also important noting that you have to buy the seat separately because it is not included when you are purchasing the toilet.

​2. TOTO Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet

TOTO Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet
TOTO Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet

Before you think of installing any toilet in your house, there are a few things that you must check. After all, you do not want to end up with any toilet.

You should consider the comfort, toilet measurements and water efficiency among other things.

This is why you need a perfect toilet like the TOTO Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet that meets all these specifications and more.

​With a Bowl Rim Height of 14-5/8-inch the TOTO Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet comes with a high profile sleek design with commercial-grade flushing a wide 3-Inch fast flush valve and fully-glazed trap-way. It is a one-piece toilet with a powerful flush ideal for any standard home. It also has the water sense technology that allows it to get a 20% plus efficiency on the standard water saving rates.

Flushing System

If you have used toilets which are noisy when flushing, then you need to have an experience with this model. It has a powerful yet very quiet flushing performance.

Fully Graved Trap Way

For an increased flow, this recommended toilet features a glazed trap way that ensures that all the water is drained into the bowl fast without any chances of clogging taking place.

Easy Installation

Installing the toilet is a simple job. With the top tightening mounting bolts, you can be sure of a quick and easy installation.

Innovative Smart Seat Technology

This seat uses the latest SoftClose seat technology that provides you with maximum comfort. This seat also has an ergonomic design and it is resistant to cleaning agents and detergents.

​3. TOTO Eco Ultramax Elongated

TOTO Eco Ultramax Elongated
TOTO Eco Ultramax Elongated

Compliment the look of your bathroom with this amazing toilet from Toto. It makes your bathroom get the best appearance and most important offers you with a high level of comfort.

This sleek one-piece toilet is all you would love to have in your bathroom.

Forget about the traditional models that are not water efficient and uncomfortable. The toilet has these top quality features.

E-Mux Flushing Technology

Trust me, the flushing power of the toilet is awesome. With the siphon jet flushing action, you achieve a full flash without wasting a lot of water. As compared to other types of toilets, this model uses 20 percent less water hence very economical.

Large Water Surface

If you are keen enough, you will find out that most of the toilets are designed with a very small water surface, this model has a large water surface which eliminates the need for double flushing.

Quiet Operation

Do not expect this toilet to produce a lot of noise when flushing. It is designed with a pivot operated fill valve that offers a quiet operation regardless of the water pressure.

Comfortable Seat

Take your time in the bathroom and enjoy seating on the SoftClose seat that is designed with the latest technology. This seat features an ergonomic design and hence feels comfortable for all types of users.

​4. TOTO Ultramax II Connect Plus Toilet

TOTO Ultramax II Connect Plus Toilet
TOTO MW6042034CEFG#01 Ultramax II Connect Plus Toilet

Looking for a sleek one-piece toilet design? TOTO Ultramax II is a beautiful toilet with a beautiful appearance and incredible performance.

The toilet comes with a compatible connect washlet, and it is also very easy to install.

Keep yourself comfortable even when you are in the bathroom. The seat of the toilet is heated, and it also has rear and warm water washing. No more worries of sitting on a cold toilet.

Flushing System

The toilet brags of tornado flushing system which siphons the water into powerful nozzles to bring about effective flushing. This leaves your toilet sparkling clean after use. The effective flushing system of the toilet is water efficient using up to 1.28 GPF.

Ion Barrier

Your toilet will always remain in its good appearance. This ion barrier keeps the whole toilet cleaner so no more chemicals or using too much water for cleaning.

Streamlined Control Panel

Using this toilet is very easy. There is a control button that helps you achieve all the functions that you want.

​5. American Standard Champion-4 Right Height

American Standard Champion-4 Right Height
American Standard Champion-4 Right Height

Toilets are designed in different ways, and some models can be a disappointment. Think of it this way, having a toilet that clogs all the time or one with an ineffective flushing system, how would you feel using such a toilet?

I know the feeling, and that is why I'm introducing the American Standard Champion toilet.

This is a one piece toilet that is designed to provide you with a clog-free performance all the time. The toilet works well, and it is also very comfortable for all types of users.

Water Efficient

The toilet has a very low water consumption. As compared to other toilets, this model uses up to 1.6 GPF, and this saves you more water in the long run.

Toilet Seat

No need of incurring other costs purchasing a toilet seat. The unit comes with a comes with a slow close, comfortable toilet seat.

Everclean Surface

The one-piece design of this toilet with the everclean surface keeps the toilet always clean for long.

Quiet Flush

This toilet provides a very fast and powerful flush without any noise. As compared to other standard toilets, this model can move up to 70 percent more mass without any clogs.

top rated

​6. American Standard Elongated Pressure Assisted

American Standard Elongated Pressure Assisted
American Standard 2467.016.020 Cadet Right Height Elongated Pressure Assisted Two Piece Toilet

In the modern household, having a quality toilet is important. Leave alone the traditional models with same old features and worst of all low comfort level.

Today you can get almost any toilet that you need to install in your bathroom. There are all types of models designed to provide amazing comfort and performance.

One such toilet that you will enjoy using for many years is the American Standard Elongated Pressure Assisted Toilet. Let us preview some features of this toilet.

Everclean Surface

This ​​toilet stays clean all the time. There is minimal room for the development of bacteria, mildew and mold on the surface of the toilet.

Low Water Consumption

Toilets consume up to 30 percent of the water in a household. To prevent you from paying huge water bills, this model is very water efficient. It consumes very little water without compromising the flushing performance.

Elongated High Bowl Rim

The height of the elongated rim is 16 ½ inches. This is an ideal height for most applications, and many people will find it easy to use.

Pressure-Assisted Siphon Jet Flush Action

The flushing performance of the toilet is incredible. It moves even the largest masses without chances of clogging. The toilet also has a quiet yet very powerful flush.

​7. KOHLER Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated

KOHLER Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated
KOHLER Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated

We cannot deny the usefulness of toilets in your home. Actually, a home is not complete if it doesn't have a toilet. When looking for the toilet, you need to way a lot of options so that you can land on the right unit.

I love the Kohler brand especially the showerheads. When building my new home, I installed their showerhead, and it works amazingly well.

Now I installed the KOHLER Santa Rosa toilet, and my bathroom looks great. This toilet is very comfortable and has a high performance as compared to other models I have previously used.

The KOHLER Santa Rosa Elongated Toilet with AquaPiston Flush Technology is another 2018 hit. It is a one-piece toilet that has integrated the tank and toilet bowl into a seamless, easy-to-clean design. The compact elongated bowl gives an added comfort while occupying the same space and at 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf) this is efficient. This model enjoys great reviews and is easy to install, clean, and use. It is also quite affordable and will easily leave you with a great model.

Toilet Design

The toilet gives your bathroom a contemporary look. It has a space-saving design, so if you need a space saving toilet, the Santa Rosa is the right way to go.

Powerful Flush

One of the most important things that you should never overlook when buying a toilet is the flushing power. You do not want to end up with a poor performing toilet. For that matter, Santa Rosa toilet has a high-efficiency flush, and it is also water saving. You end up using up to 16500 gallons per year.

Ease of Cleaning

Of course, you will have to maintain your toilet clean. This one-piece toilet integrates the bowl and tank into a nice design which makes cleaning very easy.

Seating Comfort

The toilet is designed with compact elongated bowl design to give you maximum comfort. Additionally, the toilet has a chair-height seating that makes sitting down and standing simple for users.

AquaPiston Canister

This is another nice feature that allows water to flow into the bowl from all the sides. This makes the flush powerful and effective after use. 

​8. KOHLER Memoirs Comfort Height

KOHLER Memoirs Comfort Height
KOHLER Memoirs Comfort Height

Give your bathroom a nice architectural look with the KOHLER Memoirs Comfort Height Toilet.

This is a two-piece toilet with an effective performance and improved level of comfort for ease of use. The toilet has a classic design and comes with these features.

Its comfort height elongated bowl makes it a simple job for people of all ages to sit down and stand up with ease.

Time-Saving Installation

With just 3-bolt installation, you can complete fixing the ​​highly rated toilet in your bathroom without a struggle. The three preinstalled bolts reduce the amount of time spent installing the toilet.

Effective Flushing Performance

The toilet is designed in a way that it flushes bulk waste quick and effective. This leaves your toilet clean all the time.

​9. Toto Entrada 1.28GPF Round CalGreen

Toto Entrada 1.28GPF Round CalGreen
Toto CST243EF-01 Entrada 1.28GPF Round CalGreen Two-Piece Toilet

The presentability of your house speaks a lot about you. People will judge you based on the general appearance of your house.

Apart from having the best furniture in your house and cozy seats, you should also consider the appearance of your bathroom.

You can enhance its great look by getting the ​​​modern toilet design with an exemplary performance.

One such toilet that will compliment the look of your bathroom is the Toto Entrada 1.28GPF. There are a lot of great things that you find when using this toilet. Let me discuss some of its best features.

E-Max Flushing System

This is a top technology in the toilet flushing sector. The ​​​market-leading toilet provides a very powerful yet flushing performance which sends all the mass away.

Fast Flush

There is a 3-inch wide flush valve which is larger than other conventional valves. The effect is a fast flush as compared to the 2-inch valves.

Universal Height

The height of the toilet is convenient and comfortable for all types of users. It has a rim height of 16 1/8 inches and 12 inches rough in.

​10. TOTO Toilet with Regular Height Bowl

TOTO Toilet with Regular Height Bowl
TOTO Toilet with Regular Height Bowl

Lastly, the Toto toilet with a regular height bowl is another recommendable product that you can install in your bathroom and enjoy the best use.

This modern toilet is high in performance and it is also designed to provide all types of users with comfort. More top selling details of this toilet are discussed as follows.

If you need a​ toilet manufactured in the United States, stick to this model. It has a high-performance dual flushing system that offers the best results.

Decorative Design

The toilet has a decorative two-piece design that gives your bathroom the best look. It is also very easy to maintain clean without any stains on the surface.

Flush Option

For the best flush performance, this toilet features a push button flush option which is easy to use. Again, this high-efficiency toilet uses 1.6 GPF, so water is not wasted when flushing.


​Check this video below to see the installation process of a ​toilet:

Check this video below to see How to shop for the right toilet:
How to Shop for the Right Toilet

Video Source: You Tube

Video source: You Tube

Final Verdict

There are so many changes that are taking place in the current market. This is an advantage to customers who are looking forward to upgrading their toilets because there are various options at very low prices.

Because it will be pretty difficult choosing the ​​​​quality ​toilet, this guideline has made your work easy now. You can spend less time searching for the top rated toilet and end up with a perfect product that you will enjoy using.

Overall, these are our recommended toilets that will almost suit the needs of every buyer. It doesn't matter which toilet you end up with, as long as it is on this list, consider it as a top notch toilet.

Do your homework well and examine the features that distinguish these toilets. By doing this, you will get an upper hand of choosing a personalized toilet.

highly rated

​Getting the best toilet isn’t easy. But with the right help such as what we have presented here today. The game becomes really simple. All you need to know is too follow the right tips from the experts.

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