Best Flushing Toilets in 2017 – Guide & Reviews

Toilets are the most sensitive part of your daily lives. And everyone wishes to have their toilet clean and presentable at all times.

I, at times, think that how presentable your toilet looks tells a lot about your individual character and what kind of person you are. Maybe I love over thinking about things, but what I can't stand is using a dirty, unpleasant toilet that will make my blood crumble.

Flushing toilet reviews are one of the best ways to select the top quality flushing toilet that will meet your needs most effectively. That’s where the flushing toilets chart below can give you a good head start. It will help you quickly select the best flushing toilets that will best work for you!​

Top 10 Flushing Toilets Comparison






Kohler K-4000-0 San Souci Touchless Toilet



Coleman Portable Flush Toilet



Auto Flush Touch-Free Toilet Wireless Flushing System



Rubbermaid FG401187A Auto Flush Toilet



Kohler K-3575-7 Well Worth Classic Toilet



TOTO Eco Soiree Elongated One Piece Toilet



American Standard Right Height One-Piece Toilet



American Standard H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush



TOTO Supreme 2 One-Piece High-Efficiency Toilet



TOTO Drake 2-Piece Toilet






Editor's Rating

I don't know if I can say am a clean freak or a being too sensitive, but most people would get my point of view and where it's headed.

That's why I prefer the flushing toilets since they are very easy to clean and the bad smell is easily controlled. So forget about having a dirty stained toilet and embrace the easy to clean stain free toilet technology with these recommended flushing toilets.

Things to Consider : Highly Rated Flushing Toilets

Choosing the best seller flushing toilets can be tedious, time-consuming and confusing just like any purchase you make. That's why you need a number of factors that you should consider before making any purchases.


If you love sleek and elegant design, then you should always go for toilets that are made of ceramics since they have sleek finishes and they have nice designs. Chrome toilet piece with sana gloss will still do since they have beautiful finishes too.


If the toilet piece has very effective performance, then it's the right choice and will suit your needs. Who would love low performing toilet piece anyways? Effective performance toilet piece is very economical since they save a lot of water usage.

Piece Type

They are individuals who prefer having a one piece toilet will others prefer a two piece toilet. And this usually varies according to individuals' needs and choices. So it's important to know what piece type will best fit your needs and makes you comfortable.

Water Consumption

Some individuals prefer having a 1.28 GPF water consumption tanks while others prefer the 1.6 GPF water tanks. The preference may differ from individuals according to if they have full water access and in areas where the water is being rationed then, the 1.28 GPF capacity will be suitable.


Most people would love to have an ergonomically toilet piece that is comfortable. It's essential to consider the existence of molded bumpers since they also add comfort ability factor. A soft close seat with molded bumpers, in this case, will do.

Recommended Flushing Toilets Reviews

The review contains some of the best-rated world class flushing toilets. And depending on your needs then making up your mind becomes very easy

KOHLER K-4000-0 San Souci Touchless Comfort Height 1.28 GPF Elongated Toilet

If you are a hygiene freak, then touch-less toilets should be your perfect fit. Never jut purchase a low-end toilet piece just because you want to save some extra cash.

But instead always go for the best performing toilet piece that will make you happy and contented.

One-Piece Toilet

The tank and the toilet bowl are connected making it become a one-piece. The one-piece design together with the seamless feature facilitates the toilet to be easily cleaned so no straining while doing the toilet clean-up.

Touchless Technology

The touch less technology is very handy and helps in controlling the spread of germs-causing diseases. At least the spread of germs is eliminated with picking or leaving germs being minimized to zero levels. I love them too since am sure that germs contamination is minimized.

Four AA Batteries Included

The Kohler toilet piece usually runs using four AA batteries that have a longer life span than the ordinary batteries. Mostly, they can last up to 6 – 12 months or even longer depend on the toilet usage. It has a low battery indicator that will notify you in advance when the battery is low.

Concealed Trap Ways

I love how they make the toilet have a smooth surface which results to dirt sticking in crevasses which are very hard to clean. Thus smooth surface facilitates easy cleaning.

Coleman Portable Flush Toilet

Those hiking or camping moments can become frustrating if you don't have the right toilet piece.

But thanks to this portable flush toilet that makes life easy and moving about will never be your concern.

10.6 Liter Waste Tank

The portable flush toilet has a 10.6-liter waste tank that makes the toilet effective and hygienic to both the ecology and the user. The waste tank is usually emptied after some time so that it doesn't become messy.

One Hand Flush

Forget about the horrible old – fashioned flushing with both hands, because this amazing portable toilet is flushed using just a hand. I love how the toilet is easily cleaned after flushing it with just one hand, and I must admit it performs effectively.

Built-In Chemical Bottle Storage

The built-in chemical bottle storage makes this toilet piece very hygienic since it kills germs. For me, the chemicals are very essential since it acts as an antiseptic that eliminates chances of poor sanitations.

Elongated Seat

It has a contoured elongated seat that is very comfortable. I dint notice the difference between this portable toilet and the ordinary fixed toilets. The seat is also leaking free so no need of worrying about it being messy.

AutoFlush Tank Touch-Free Tank Toilet Wireless Flushing System

At time having a flushing system in your restroom is a great game changer for your toilet.

I always prefer having flushing system since they uplift my restroom to a one-of –a-kind high-end restroom which is quite amazing.

Wireless Sensors

The toilet has a wireless sensor that activates without failure even when one raises the toilet seat. I think the sensor is very handy since it detects when one is using the restroom. Usually, the sensor is located behind the washroom, so it is protected from external damages.

Fits Most Tank

I always find this flushing system unique since it's designed to fit most of the toilet tanks. So no need of worrying if it's a perfect fit for your tank or not. Plus it always displaces very little water which is quite economical.

Long Battery Life

The flushing system uses 4 D batteries that are always included when one is purchasing it. I love how the batteries have a longer life span of 3 years and above. At first, I used to worry about the batteries and whether they are low.

Effective Performance

My toilet is ever clean after I use the restroom thanks to this amazing flushing system. I love how my restroom is presentable too, so this flushing system easily cleans the toilet and always ensures fixtures are flushed creating a presentable toilet.

Rubbermaid FG401187A Auto Flush Side Mount Polished Chrome Toilet Flushing System

Talk of a perfect flushing system that has very effective performance.

I must admit it's my favorite when it comes to flushing systems and am proud of using it.

Efficient Battery

I love how the battery can last for longer time durations. I have done a research, and yes the battery can last up to 100,000 flushes. Just think of it, how many flushes do you have in a day anyway? The battery will serve you for quite a period.

Reduces Cross-Contamination Potential

The flushing system is usually touch free, so the chance so of cross contamination is eliminated totally. Picking germs or leaving germs behind becomes a past thing for you, which is why I love this amazing flushing system.

Smart Object Infrared Technology

The flushing system has a smart object infrared technology that senses your hand and flushes automatically. It has a handy courtesy flush button for reliability purposes in case the infrared sensor fails which rarely happens anyway.

Easy to Install

While installing the flushing system, I didn't see the need of shutting the water off. Plus the installation process was a bit easy and simple. I just needed an extra hand since its installation requires less labor and it has very minimal maintenance costs too.

Kohler K-3575-7 Wellworth Classic

The Kohler elongated toilet has a very sleek design that will brighten and style up your restroom.

It's usually very comfortable and I'm sure it will give you the best services too.

Smaller Footprints

The toilet piece has a size dimensions of 30 inches in length, 19 5/8 inches in width and 28 ¼ inches in diameter. It occupies a very limited space can it can fit even the smallest restroom space within your household.

Canister Flush Valve

I love how this canister flush valve operates and gives a very smooth flush. My toilet is always very clean and presentable with very little to no stains sticking around the toilet bowl.

Less Water Capacity

The toilet piece has less water capacity of 1.28 GPF which usually results to efficient flushing. The water capacity will also save you an extra dime when it comes to water.


The toilet piece is made of ceramic which gives the toilet a very sleek finish look that is best rated. Also, the ceramic material is usually very easy to clean and maintain which makes your toilet clean and presentable all the times.

Final Verdict

These flushing toilets are good and with very effective performance be guaranteed of having a clean nice and presentable toilet.

They are all ecological friendly with no chemicals being released into the environment. I love how their flushing system works with my best flushing toilets being the timeless masterpiece of the touchless sensor toilets since the germs cross contaminations is minimized.​

It's good even for children's hygiene since they will pick zero germs. I must admit that these models passed my requirement tests although there are other good models available in the market. But these models are the best so far.

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