Best Portable Toilets in 2017 – Guide & Reviews

I love outdoor activities and hiking together with a few road trips are my best. That's why I thought it was very important if I could research about the top rated portable toilet that is ideal for outdoor activities and remain environmental friendly.

There are so many portable toilet brands in the market with some having best rates than other portable toilet brands.

Top Rated Portable Toilets Comparison



Portable Weight (lbs)


Editor's Rating


Leopard Outdoor Portable Toilet



Clean Waste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet



Camping Toilet by Zimmer-5 Gallon Portable Toilet



Camping Hiking Dual Spray Outdoor Portable Toilet


Reliance Fold-To-Go Portable Toilet



Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet


Reliance Products Hassock Portable Toilet



The Camco Portable Toilet



The Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty Model



The Thetford Porta Potti




Portable Weight (lbs)


Editor's Rating

For me, my experience I think rating some toilets as best or worst depends on their own taste which is always okay. According to me, I think testing the various portable toilet brands is necessary instead of just concluding about the brands.

To choose the perfect portable toilet available, there are many things one should always consider. And that's why this review will guide you through in deciding the best seller portable toilet brand that will suit your needs perfectly. Check out the Best Toilet.

Things to Consider : Top Portable Toilet

Having a number of factors that will guide you through in choosing the recommended portable toilet is very important. And with the right factors to consider am sure you will make a smart choice, and you will never regret ever making that decision.

Sturdy Base

Nobody would wish to own a toilet piece that is weak because they are always unreliable and not long lasting. But instead possessing a toilet with sturdy base guarantees you that the toilet will be solid, strong and reliable which is an advantage.

Waste Tank Capacity

For a road trip or camping having a huge waste tank capacity is very necessary since it can be used for some time before it being emptied. For hiking, a smaller waste tank capacity can do but personally I love a huge waste tank capacity.

Detachable Waste Tank

Most people prefer having a detachable waste tank since they are easy to empty and clean. And most of the portable toilets have detached waste tanks that guarantee one proper sanitation. Read more Best Tankless Water Heater.

Fold Ability

I prefer having a compact foldable toilet because it facilitates easy transportation of the toilet. Plus it takes a very limited space when storing and when traveling it occupies very limited space. While other people prefer having nonfold-able toilet.

Easy To Clean

Most individuals love having an easy to clean toilet since the toilet will always be presentable. If the toilet is cleaned well, then there will be minimal stains get stuck up on the toilet bowl. Plus clean toilets are always odorless.

Recommended Portable Toilets Reviews

After a through in-depth research and using more than enough portable toilet brands, I was able to come up with the best suitable list of top rated portable toilets that are suitable for all your outdoor activities. And the following brands topped my list.

Leopard Outdoor Portable Toilet

With the right portable toilet camping and hiking can be taken to a higher notch.

It's comfortable and convenient for all the outdoor activities since its environmental friendly thus zero chemicals is released to the environment. It's never bulky so carry it around is much easier.

Sturdy Base

The toilet has a solid construction at the base, and the base was constructed using a polyethylene material that makes the toilet be strong and durable.

The polyethylene material also makes the toilet light weighted with a much smaller footprint, so it occupies a much lesser space in the car truck.

Flush Tank Completed with Seat

I love this portable toilet since it's similar to my permanent flush toilet in my household. It functions the same and has a flush tank completed with a seat so using this toilet is very comfortable too.

Its bellow type flush mechanism design also facilitate easy, quiet flushing and at the same time it makes the toilet clean. Check out the Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

Waste Tank

The waste tank has a 5.3 gallon capacity with a secured gate that locks odors away. It also prevents the toilet from leaking making it very environmental-friendly. Plus its easily detachable so cleaning and emptying it becomes very simple.

Easy to Install

The toilet is very easy to install and doesn't need more labor. And if you are handy like me it's very simple to set it up alone. I love how it's very comfortable and its diversity since it fits both adults and children.

Cleanwaste Portable Toilet

I love how simple it looks but never allow its size to discourage you because it has amazing capabilities that will sweep you by your feet.

At first, I thought the designers of this toilet were not serious, but I was proven wrong.


I totally think this is a one of a kind portable toilet; it's very simple to set up. In less than 60 seconds and it's fully functioning. A perfect toilet for hiking since it doesn't take lots of time. And actually, no assembling is required at all.

Compact and Portable

Imagine folding your toilet to a briefcase size and you good to go? Yes, this amazing toilet can be folded into a briefcase size and has a built-in carry handle for easy transportation. It's also folded when it's not in use and occupies very limited space when storing it.


Its seat and the bowl are incredibly comfortable. Don't be lied to that because it's compact design the seat and the bowl are small; no, this is never the case, but instead its bowl and seats are of a standard size just like any ordinary toilet seat and bowl. Check out The Best Bathroom Scale.


It's very hygienically since the mesh holder holds the waste kit firmly from slipping and spilling its contents. It has zero leakages too because the patent drip edge located under the toilet seat's prevents and leakages and keeps the bag from coming into contact with the wastes.

Camping Toilet by Zimmer - 5 Gallon Portable Toilet

I don't see the need of having a camping gone bad just because you dint have a proper toilet selection.

It can ruin and prematurely end the camping since no one would want to stick in a non hygienically with poor sanitation condition. That's why this is the best camping portable toilet.

New & Improved Chemical Toilet

The toilet is constructed using the modern technology and consists of parts that makes it very effective. It has a removable waste tank for easy cleaning and emptying.

It has two side latches that prevent the toilet from leaking and secures the tank to its required position. The matte finish also makes the toilet scratch free with a porter potty with bellow type flush for effective flushing. Also read about Best Flushing Toilets.

Self - Contained Portable Toilets

With a detachable waste tank and potty, this toilet is very light weighted, strong and very compact which makes it very easy to carry it around. It will bring your camping to an A game thanks to this portable flushable toilet.

Size Dimensions

With 6.5 inches in height, 13.5 inches in depth and a 12 inch in depth it makes the toilet have a smaller footprint. The smaller footprint also facilitates the easy movement of this toilet, and it occupy smaller space in your car truck whenever you are travelling with it.

Holding Capacity

The camping toilet by Zimmer has an outstanding holding capacity. It has a 5-gallon waste holding capacity which is quite impressive. It also has a 3-gallon fresh water capacity for flushing purposes. I totally love its holding capacity.

Best Choice Products Camping Hiking Dual Spray Jets Travel Outdoor Portable Toilet

So far this is the editor's choice portable toilet I have experimented. It's just perfect for all nature lovers like me and can fit perfectly for a road trip.

I love its amazing and the best world class features. It can be the best gift for road trip lovers.


The toilet is very expedient and can fit easily suit hikes, road trips, and camping. It is also very easy to set it up and it doesn't require knowledge of setting it up. Just a perfect portable toilet for your outdoor activities.

Multi - Function Dual Spray Jets

It has a multi-function dual spray that allows the toilet to flush in a clockwise rotational motion. The dual spray jets enables the toilet to have a faster flush that leaves the toilet clean and presentable all the time. Check out the Best Shower Curtain.

Full-Size Seat

The toilet seat is full size just like your ordinary household toilet seat. It fits an adult perfectly, and the seat has a seat cover that makes it very comfortable whenever one is using it.

Plus the seat is made of a sturdy material so it can allow anyone to use the toilet regardless of their weight. With a weight limit of 440 lbs.

Removable Waste Tank and Water Tank

The toilet has a detachable waste tank that facilitates easy emptying and cleaning the toilet. The waste tank is totally sealed, so there is zero leakages.

The water tank facilitates easy toilet cleaning. The water tank holds water that can be used to flush up to 50 flushes.

Reliance Fold-To-Go Portable Toilet

Never allow yourself to be restricted to camp or go for hiking because you lack proper sanitation, and the toilet that you have been using is very annoying and disappointing.

Trust me, with a proper portable toilet hiking, can be quite enjoyable and fun.

So yes, let's pack and enjoy our outdoor scenery like never before thanks to this amazing toilet.

Collapsible Toilet with Integrated Handle

It has a collapsible top lid that is usually closed when it's not in use. It has an integrated handle that facilitates easy transportation.

I love how the toilet is collapsible just like my household toilet. I always find the integrated handle very convenient since it facilitates easy transportation of the toilet.


The toilet can be folded for easy transportation. And I find this feature to be very handy since it can fold down up to a five-inch height so transporting this toilet becomes an easy task. I also noticed how the toilet took a very limited space in my car truck during my road trip. Read about the Best Toilet Seat.

Easy to Clean

The toilet is very compatible with reliance's standards double doobie bag, so it's very easy and simple to clean. Actually, I never thought that emptying the toilet could be this easy but at least I know and I love how it's simple to clean.

Maximum Weight Capacity

The portable toilet has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds which is very handy. I love it since my first born kid is plus size, so I don't find it difficult fitting all my family members. I must admit that am impressed and love it.

Final Verdict

Having researched and experienced most of the highly rated portable toilets, I think the above brands will serve you well without disappointing you. They possess most of the features that have been rated the best worldwide and am sure you will get good, satisfying results. Check out the Best Bathroom Faucets.

So don't get mixed up in the midst of excitement and choice a bad portable toilet. So purchase the right brand that will suit your needs and enjoy the outdoor activities. The review will be a good guideline for you when making your decision too.

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