Best Toilet Brush in 2017 – Guide & Reviews

Do you know flushing toilet bowl with water does not sufficiently mean you have cleaned that space? We may have overlooked the need for a stainless cleaner but not anymore.

Worry no more as I extensively researched on the top rated toilet brush that should be a necessity in the washroom. I once visited a friend and asked if I could be lead to the toilet. The best toilet brush 2017 chart below is a great place to get started comparing makes and models right now!

Top 10 Toilet Brush Comparison





Rubbermaid FG6B9900 Toilet Bowl Cleaning Brush


Simple Human Toilet Brush


InterDesign Duetto Toilet Bowl Brush


Home Intuition Stainless Steel Toilet Brush


OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush


Mr. Clean Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush Caddy Set


Formbu Bamboo Square Hideaway Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder


Home Basics Bronze Toilet Brush with Holder


Francois et Mimi Vented Stainless Steel Toilet Brush and Holder


Comfort's Home SJ5607C Modern Wall Mounted Toilet Brush with Holder




Editor's Rating

They seemed hesitant but I was finally ushered, the toilet seat had stains all over- a clear reason why they were adamant. I later realized that is a problem to many families are struggling with, thus decided to do some thorough research on the top notch toilet brushes that are in the market.

Choosing the best brush is not a simple task as it appears, you require to dig deeper know exactly what a good quality brush should have.

Factors To Consider : Top Rated Toilet Brush

Take a look at the following factors that you should consider before buying any toilet brush. They are responsible for perfecting the toilet cleaning process.


Cleaning your bowl should be thoroughly done hence you should consider a brush which is well capable of taking the duty at hand. Your toilet is not at the best of its hygiene by only cleaning the bowl only, but you should clean the bottom area of the bowl as dust may accumulate around.

Bristles Lengths

Toilet brushes are made with different bristles lengths that are the short and the long bristles. Before buying the brush consider the size of your toilet bowl. The big and small toilet bowl hence the size of the bristles should be about the size of the bowl.

Storing Caddy

Brushes may not be very presentable when not well stored. Take home a brush that a storing case so you do not have to keep it out of your toilet. The case should have the ability to aerate the brush and allow water that may be held in the brush flow out.

Brush Appearance

All household items should be attractive or even match with the rest of the house appliances. The same case applies to the brush consider an attractive brush model, so you do not have to shy away when a visitor head into your toilet. Also, consider the size and weight that you can handle.


When buying any product we always look for a product that will be of service to us for a longer time. Buy a highly rated toilet brush that has a well-made handle and compact bristles.

Recommended Toilet Brush Reviews

Choosing the best toilet brush is not a simple task that you can overlook. There are many toilet brushes on the market today hence you might be confused on which brush to take home.

Go for the brush that is of high quality, but it may demand you to dig deeper into your pocket. Consider all of the toilet brushes below, and you will get one that suits you most.

Rubbermaid FG6B9900 Toilet Bowl Cleaning Brush

This is the perfect brush you need in your toilet cleaning experiences. The following are some of the features that make it unique.

The handle is designed in a way that the brush cannot slip when being used. The handle is made of rubber that cannot do not cause blisters on your hands.

Plastic Construction

The brush is made fully using a strong plastic rod and the bristle holders. Plastic do not encourage corrosion on it hence you it works under any climate condition. The plastic cannot break easily ; thus you can use it without worrying that it might break.

Stylish Base Design

A storing base is a necessity for any brush. The brush at hand has a well-designed base that allows water to flow out when the brush is stored when wet and also allows free air circulation hence the brush do not hold a bad smell that may be associated with the cleaning.

Strong Bristles

Bristles are fully responsible for perfect cleaning. This brush has strong bristles which do not break even after being used for a long time or even when scrubbing a rough floor.

simplehuman Toilet Brush

I have tried this brush, and it is cleaning the toilet bowl, and it has no stains on it.Buying this brush you will enjoy your cleaning experiences.

The manufacturer has put in mind that this brush is a must appliance that you should have in your home thus it suits your financial strength.

Aesthetic Caddy

The caddy is a made with an aesthetic material that is not prone to breaking easily.The canister is made well aerated hence there is free air circulation and allows water to flow out and drain away.


The brush is fully made of strong metal that cannot break or even bend when being used. You will enjoy the services of the brush for years as the bristles are strong enough and are fiber made.

Stain Resistant

The brush finishing is well done, the brush rod and the bristles a white in color. The color is bright and may hold stains making it unattractive and unhygienic to use. This brush does not allow any staining.

InterDesign Duetto Toilet Bowl Brush

This model is technologically upgraded it can wash any toilet bowl efficiently. Buy your family this brush and your toilet will remain clean.

These are some of the features that you favor this brush.

High Quality Bristles

The bristles are made of high-quality plastic that does not break or even shrinks after being used for a longer period. This increases the time at which the brush will be of use to you, hence giving your money value and reduces the times you could replace the brush.


Sometimes dust may accumulate under the toilet bowl; this brush is among the few that can scrub without breaking. The making material has the ability to bend and withstand any breaking pressure.


Some of the products we buy work exemplary well but the users are limited. This brush can be used by any person of any height or even children. The rod measures 17.2"this height can be held comfortable and even reach far places.

Stunning Holder

We always look for something presentable; you do not have to remove the brush from the toilet when there is a visitor. The brush holder is designed to have an eye catching outlook, and that cannot be noted it's brush.

Home Intuition Stainless Steel Toilet Brush

Our toilet hygiene has to be taken care off. We should strive to maintain the condition of our toilet.

This is the best brush that will take away any stain and maintain the bowl clean.

Fiber Bristles

This bristle make does not break easily or even detach. Fiber is soft hence it does not cause scratches on the toilet seat. They are usually rinsed faster and do not hold unwanted materials.

14.5" Tall

The height of every brush determines the effectiveness and the efficiency at which the brush works. The brush can bend and reach areas such as behind the toilet seat or even under it.

Compact Footprint

The footprint is the area which the bristles are attached to. The area is approximately 4" diameter. This is a large area which allows many bristles to be attached to.

Rubber Handle

This handle model is usually the best at it enhances proper grip and protects your hands from being injured or even formation of blisters on your hands. The handle also provides space for holding it while wearing gloves.

OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush

The worst thing our wives and moms encounter is being down casted by any bad event in the house.

If your house does not have this editor's choice toilet brush consider purchasing it and you will notice a tremendous change in your toilet.


Cleaning has to be thoroughly done and be done as fast as possible. The bristles of this brush are strong enough and do not shrink with time. This brush model can clean areas in the toilet that are not reached by other brushes.

Easy To Handle

The brush comes with an inbuilt handle that enables the user to work with comfortably without it slipping off your hand.

Plastic Construction

The brush is made using polyester that is bold enough to counteract any breaking force. Durability of the brush is enhanced thus giving your money value


The making material of the brush are strong but are light. This ensures that the user can perfectly use the brush with minimal or no struggles

Final Verdict

Our toilet hygiene is all we have to consider in our houses may it be pit latrines or the toilets. If proper care is not taken, diseases may erupt which are very dangerous and for that reason just spent some of your money buying a best toilet brush and you will out of risk.

All the above brushes have been used, and positive feedbacks have been received. Buy any of the brush, and you will have enjoyed the fresh air that arises from your toilet.

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