Top 10 Best Toilet Papers 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Having a flush toilet? Worried about many clogs that you get? Save yourself the agony of a clogged toilet and bring down the cost of hiring an expert plumber every day, use the best toilet paper for your toilet and septic system.

But how would you tell if you had the good toilet paper for your home’s need? Well, you can always read through the expert reviews. Here are the top 10 toilet papers reviews that we have prepared for you based on the following.

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We understand that there are many bath tissues on the shelves. But you can always pick any of these and enjoy much more than just a regular tissue paper for your use. Read along to find out more.

Best Toilet Paper – Comparison




No. Rolls

Bio -Degradable

Ultra Plush

24 Rolls



48 Rolls


Soft and Gentle

12 Rolls



27 Rolls


Soft and Strong

12 Mega Rolls


Ultra Soft & Strong

24 Rolls


Ultra Soft

24 Rolls


Ultra Soft and Strong

48 Rolls


Ultra Strong

24 Rolls



Ultra Gentle

18 Rolls


Top 10 Toilet Paper Reviews

Just read through our helpful top 10 toilet paper reviews and pick the good toilet paper for your toilet.

1. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Tissue is another great toilet paper for modern homes and designs. It is very awesome for use and has so many ideal features that make it one of the best. Indeed, some of the best features that we found out include.

Best toilet paper

The tissue has a super ideal texture. It has a silky, smooth, and soft texture that is very friendly to the skin.

Unlike other tissues, the Quilted Northern Ultra Plush comes in a unique set of three silky layers of comfort. This leaves the user with a clean touch and a luxurious feel you’d desire.

It also the only bath tissue is only with these three silky layers of tissue that makes a buyer to get much more for less.

Apart from the strength and the softness that you desire, this bath tissue is also very flushable and septic safe.

For standard sewer and the main septic systems, Quilted Northern bath tissue is ideal and also Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified.

In this bulk pack of 24 Quilted Northern Ultra Plush supreme rolls, you would get an equivalent of 92+ regular rolls.

Each roll of the Quilted Northern Ultra Plush comes with 319 sheets and with rolls that are sized to fit standard dispensers.

It is also very much biodegradable and quite friendly to the environment.


  • Contains 24 supreme rolls.
  • Biodegradable material.
  • Flushable and made to be septic-safe.
  • 3 silky layers for optimal comfort. 
  • Smooth and soft design.
  • Quilted for super clean touch.


  • Slightly pricey compared to others.

2. Angel Soft 2 Ply Toilet Paper

Like some of the right tissue papers, the Angel Soft 2 Ply tissue is also a brand to never overlook. You can have so much more for just a single pack. Indeed, you can also enjoy a great bargain and also save so much overtime.

The product enjoys a great packaging that actually makes it easy to buy, keep, and use for your daily toilet needs.

It also comes with a 2 ply paper that makes it super-efficient for general home use, use with huge crowds, and also the strength that you desire.

Apart from is a strength, the Angel Soft 2 Ply Toilet Paper also enjoys a skin-friendly texture and an ideal softness that makes the paper cool to use.

Indeed a single pack comes with 48 double rolls. Each roll comes with 264 sheets in every bath tissue roll.

This makes this paper economy friendly as compared to the regular rolls. As one roll equal almost 96 regular rolls.

Apart from this, the tissue is also sewer-safe and septic-safe. It has an ideal balance of softness and strength and actually fits in the standard bathroom tissue holders (no need for any attachments).

It is also very much biodegradable and quite friendly to the environment.


  • Designed as a 2-ply tissue.
  • Super soft and flushable.
  • Safe from clog and septic. 
  • Works stronger when it’s wet.


  • Plastic packaging.

3. Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Big Roll Toilet Paper

Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Big Roll is no different from most of the top rated bath tissues except when it comes to packaging. It is lovely and you will easily spot it from a far. However, the best part is this.

It comes in a Cottonelle Cleanripple Texture. This texture is unique to this tissue and is a design that helps you to get cleaner per sheet.  

It is 3x stronger and 3x thicker making it one of the effective tissue papers to use if you wanted a super clean and soft touch for your needs.

Additionally, it is very much biodegradable. This makes it friendly to the environment. It also makes it friendly to your family/ loved ones.

It is also 3X more absorbent than the normal tissue papers and has an ultra-softness to make the work easy, faster, and better in every way.

Apart from that, the Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Big Roll Toilet Paper is also friendly to the toilet and septic systems that we have today.

It has 126 sheets per double roll making it more affordable and helping you to save so much more for a simple choice of the same tissue.

The tissue perfectly fits in the standard bathroom tissue holders without any forms of attachments needed to make the work easy.


  • 3X absorption power.
  • Ultra soft for even sensitive skin.
  • 100% biodegradable
  • 3X thicker.


  • Costs a little more than expectation.

4. Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll Toilet Paper

Scott 1000 is another great brand for any home. It is economy friendly and a great bargain for any home that wants to save a dollar in the long run than waste so much money on the regular toilet papers. Here are some of its best features.

The Scott 1000 has a Go-Green slogan. They are manufactured to keep the environment safe. It is biodegradable and super ideal for any family that wants to keep all their loved ones safe in every way.

This toilet paper is also friendly to the skin. With a super smooth touch, it keeps even the most sensitive skin on a lovely spree of cleanliness and softness.

Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll is also very friendly to the septic systems and the modern toilet systems that we have today. It has been tested and certified and battles some of the best brands for its qualities.

For 1000 sheets, Scott 1000 comes out as one of the right toilet paper. You can use it for your home and also enjoy every part that a regular tissue will never offer you.

It is made from 1 ply paper and still boasts the strength of a three-ply paper. If you want a super clean, Scott 1000 is the way to go.


  • Long lasting sheets
  • Quite affordable
  • Environmental friendly
  • Safe for modern septic


  • Ply toilet paper

5. Seventh Generation Toilet Paper

Seventh Generation Toilet Paper is a great tissue paper for any home or facility that needs a simple to use tissue paper with very ideal results. It is budget friendly and super ideal for small, medium, and large households. Some of its best features include the following.

It has an extra soft texture. This texture makes it very friendly to the skin and also very effective during use.

The tissue paper is also strong. It is made out of a two-ply paper that not only adds to its strength but also adds to is efficiency during use.

The bath tissue has a green label on its package that stresses on its eco-friendliness and also the fact that it is a biodegradable tissue paper.

The tissue is therefore friendly to the environment and also to the family as a whole. It is 100% recycled making it a friendly product for the toilet system and also the modern septic system too.

It is also very friendly to the normal toilet brands including the low flow toilets among many other options too.

With a pack of 12 mega rolls, you will enjoy a total of 48 tissue paper rolls and also a set of 240 sheets of tissue for every roll that you choose.

The bath tissue comes free of any fragrances, dyes, and inks; making it extremely safe for home use.


  • Free of dyes, inks, and fragrances
  • 100% recycled
  • Extra soft on the skin
  • Friendly to the modern sewer systems

6. Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong Toilet Paper with CleanStretch

The Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong Toilet Paper with CleanStretch is a combination of many features in a single product. With that alone, it is one of the best options for a home that needs much more than just a soft touch, super stretch, or great strength in their tissue.

The tissue paper offers a comfortable clean. It is very easy to use and comes with an ideal touch to the skin. Even for the most sensitive skins, this bath tissue is the way to go.

The tissue also has a super strength that ensures it doesn’t break during use. This is good as it boosts the super clean touch and keeps the user at a very comfortable place in use.

The tissue’s strength is found in the use of a 2 ply paper that makes it very strong. You can also enjoy a biodegradable touch that makes it really friendly to the environment and also to your loved ones.

Additionally, the Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong bath tissue is also friendly to the new septic and toilet systems that you have today. It is made from 100% recycled paper making it more than ideal.

The tissue is also Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified and comes with a CleanStretch technology that prevents it from ripping.


  • SFI certified
  • 2 ply toilet paper
  • 100% recycled paper
  • Super strong and quilted


  • Very absorbent

7. Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Roll Toilet Paper

Soft on the skin, the Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Roll Toilet Paper is one of the good-recycled papers for use in the toilet. It is an economy pack that is overly loved by many users. The paper comes with so many ideal features and offers to make it super ideal for a small, medium, and large family.

For starters, the pack contains 24 Rolls of paper. It has 4 Packs of 6 Mega Roll with each roll containing 284 sheets of Charmin Ultra Soft.

For home owners who want the best and still would love to save by buying in bulk, Charmin Ultra Soft Mega is the way to go. Actually, 1 Charmin Mega Roll equals 4 Regular home based rolls.

The tissue also comes with an additional super soft option for home owners called the Charmin Regular Roll bath tissue and the Charmin's softest 2-ply tissue. They are both irresistibly soft.

This quality is awesome as it makes the tissue toilet friendly and also keeps any forms of clog away.

It is a Rot approved tissue that has been tested and found to be clog-safe and septic-safe. It is long lasting and has a strong washcloth-like texture.

The packaging is awesome – but can also be deceiving to the kids. Therefore in order to avoid any form of accidents and suffocation, you should keep the plastic package away from kids.


  • Soft and soothing 2-ply tissue.
  • 1 mega roll equals to 4 regular rolls.
  • Super soft for the skin.
  • Very absorbent.
  • Affordable price.


  • The plastic package may bother you a bit.

8. Quilted Northern Ultra Soft and Strong Toilet Paper

Like its sister above, the Quilted Northern Ultra Soft and Strong Toilet Paper is another great option for your modern day bath tissue. It comes in a very attractive package and has so many great features for a regular bath tissue roll.

Its quilted texture offers a friendly touch to the skin. It also comes with a Clean Stretch trait that offers a comfortable clean.

The smoothness and softness are incomparable to none and comes in signature 2-ply softness with high flexibility and ideal strength.

This tissue is designed to limit any form of ripping and separation during use. It has an emboss that delivers super softness and strength that every home owner is looking for.

It is 100% biodegradable. It is also very much flushable and very safe for the modern septic and for standard sewer systems.

Above all that the Quilted Northern tissue is Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified just like many of other tissues of the same brand.

This pack is not as big as the previous but it still offers enough for the small and medium families. The bulk pack of 48 double rolls is equivalent to 96 regular rolls.

Each roll has 176 sheets and thus allows anyone buying to still save a dollar from the regular tissues bought over the counter.

It is also very much biodegradable and quite friendly to the environment.


  • 100% biodegradable.
  • SFI certified and safe for health.
  • 2-ply soft and flexible design.
  • Designed to limit ripping.
  • Quilter with clean-stretch technology.


  • Slightly bulky in weight when bought in large rolls.

9. Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper

Unlike the Mega Roll, the Charmin Ultra Strong tissue is a simple, smart, and user-friendly design tissue for the normal families. It is easy to work with and very much adorable by people who use the toilets frequently.

The tissue paper comes in a pack that contains 24 Rolls. The pack has four smaller packs of six mega rolls.

Each roll contains just about 308 sheets of Charmin Ultra Strong tissue making this option a fairly affordable one and an ideal choice for large events, homes, and frequent toilet use areas.

1 Charmin mega roll equals four Regular Rolls of tissue. This is often compared to the number of sheets that a single roll of mega comes with.

The texture is skin friendly and offers that ideal smoothness that every home owner is dying for. It also comes with the strength to die for and a clean touch that leaves a mark of the best.

This tissue as the name suggests is the strongest. It is made of a 2-ply paper making it one of the very good bath tissues that anyone can ever go for.

Like many in its brand, it enjoys a washcloth-like design that adds to its super clean touch with the strength to love.

It is also very much biodegradable and quite friendly to the environment.


  • 2 ply tissue paper
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Skin friendly texture
  •  Mega economic roll


  • Highly absorbent washcloth touch

10. Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper

Not far from the Charmin Strongest is the Charmin Ultra Gentle bath tissue. Like the name suggests, this tissue paper is ultra-gentle to the skin and thus is very friendly during use. It has many other features and offers that makes it one of the very best options for your home use.

The texture is awesome! It is very soft and very friendly to the skin. It has no irritations and gently cleans even the most sensitive skins.

For just a full pack, you will get 18 Rolls. Every roll is economy friendly and offers just about 300 sheets of Charmin Ultra Gentle tissue.

A single Charmin Mega Roll equals to four Regular Rolls of over the counter tissues. His makes this tissue paper highly affordable and very ideal for highly populated areas including parties, hikes, and picnics.

With this high touch of texture, this tissue paper has been designed with every type of user in mind. It has the touch of a soothing lotion and is super lovable too.

For a normal day, this tissue people will save you much more than just a friendly touch to your septic system and your toilet. It will save you more money in your pocket too.

It is also very much biodegradable and quite friendly to the environment.


  • 100% biodegradable
  • Super gentle and soft on the skin
  • Friendly to the modern septic
  • Quite affordable too


  • May ran out fast if misused

Choosing The Quality Toilet Paper

With many toilet papers on the shelves, it is just wise to understand every trick that you’d need to get the right bath tissue for your use. Here are some of the best tips that have worked for many users before.


A biodegradable tissue paper is very important. In many occasions, toilets clog because we use the wrong tissue papers. You can always look for a bath tissue that is friendly to the environment and the septic system. Also look for one that is friendly to the toilet systems.


Look through the user reviews and the expert reviews. You should be able to tell from what you have read which tissue paper best suits your needs and your budget.


There are brands known for different qualities. From ultra-softness, strength, to design, you can always choose your brand depending on your needs, lifestyle, and purchase preferences among others.


Well, when it comes to tissue papers the budget has a very limited influence. Even so, you need to make sure that the price that you are going for is actually friendly to your budget or what you intended to spend.


Is one thing to think that a toilet paper is good and another to actually know; if your bath tissues don’t come with any form of certification, it will be in order to keep off its use and also to choose a better option.

What Should You Know about a Tissue Paper?

There are so many things that any user should know about bath tissues. Generally, the most important ones include the following.


The top-rated bath tissues should be made out of 100% recycled paper. This makes them easily biodegradable and also eco-friendly.

What Should You Know about a Tissue Paper


It should also be understood that sensitive skins should choose their tissue papers keenly. Any tissue with additives is often not ideal for a sensitive skin. You can always check across the packaging for such a label before use.


Again the way a tissue works will depend on how its absorption is. If the tissue has a good absorption, it will easily leave you with a super clean touch. It will also feel soft and friendly to the skin. This is what a tissue texture determines.


Finally, tissues can be made out of 1 ply, 2 ply, or 3 ply paper. In many occasions, this will depend solely on the manufacturer. However, the choice on which type of tissue to choose will depend on the users’ preferences.


Generally, a tissue that has no additives, inks, dyes, or fragrance will be very ideal for a sensitive skin and also a normal skin. It is therefore very important that before choosing your bath tissue you consider how sensitive your skin is too.

Look for a tissue that will work well for your skin and always watch out for a certified version. Certification is usually important in choosing a best toilet paper that will make your work easy and also leave your with super lovely results after.

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