Best Toilets For 2021 – Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Buying a good toilet can save you from stubborn stains and the pressure of having to clean every week, a lousy one will do precisely the opposite.

This is why picking the best toilet is just as crucial for you as picking any household material for your house. There are ranges of toilets which is why it becomes just as hard to pick the right one.

Best Toilets for 2021 – Comparison


Product Name

Weight (pounds)

Water Consumption


TOTO MS604114CEFG#01


1.28 GPF

TOTO MS604114CEFG#11


1.28 GPF

Woodbridge T-0001


1.28 GPF

20-Inch Bowl Height Toilet


1.28 GPF

Swiss Madison SM-1T254 St. Tropez


1.28 GPF

Kohler K-3493-0


1.6 GPF



1.28 GPF

Saniflo 023


1.6 GPF

American Standard 2889216.020


1.6 GPF

American Standard 2467.016.020


1.6 GPF

Kohler K-3889-0


1.28 GPF



1.28 GPF

Even if you can settle for one out of the thousands of options out there, there a lot of things to consider. This pretty much makes it hard to find the good toilet which not only serves the purpose but also can keep clean and will not stain after a few years.

To make things easier for you, we have gathered a list of our top 12 picks. But before we delve in, let’s see a few benefits for having a flushing toilet!

Top 12 Best-Rated Toilets Reviews

For your convenience, we have gathered a list of our top 12 toilets. I’m sure you will find your ideal toilet among them. let’s take a look at the reviews:

1. TOTO MS604114CEFG#01

The TOTO UltraMaxII in Cotton White is designed to be simple but give your bathroom a classy look. Apart from a standard and sleek design, the TOTO UltraMaxII is designed to fit into any sort of theme you pick for your bathroom.

But that isn’t all. This toilet was designed to not only be aesthetic but also be easy to clean compared to a two-piece toilet. Features like this make customers turn their heads and makes this one of the best-elongated toilets in the market.

Best Toilets

It is a one-piece elongated 1.28 GPF toilet built in TOTO’s Universal Height. This means the toilet provides a more comfortable seating position for any user out there. Not only that, this version of the TOTO features CEFIONTECT which is a smooth layer that prevents any significant damage in the ceramic.

This feature, along with the Tornado Flush, makes it pretty hard for germs to stick to the inner portion of the toilet. If you’re someone who likes to keep clean, this is a major advantage as you won’t have to worry about cleaning your toilet for a considerably long time.

Another advantage of the TOTO UltraMaxII is that because it is a one-piece toilet, there are no worries about any sort of leakage or anything of that sort. It is considered to be high efficiency mainly because it has 1.28 gallons per flush with the Tornado Flush mechanism. The seats are SoftClose, which is great.

Overall, when it comes to the features, they are unique and useful. Although there are small issues with the design, the product as a whole seems to serve its purpose.


  • Comfortable Seat.
  • Universal Height.
  • Unique flushing system.
  • Extra layer over the ceramic.


  • Hard to handle if clogged.
  • Flush is too loud.

To read our full review of the TOTO UltraMaxII in Cotton White Toilet follow this link.

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2. TOTO MS604114CEFG#11

The TOTO UltraMaxII in Colonial White is also another great product in the market. Like the TOTO UltraMaxII in cotton white, it also comes with their newly added feature of the Tornado Flush system.

This flushing system is an excellent feature since it can affect the overall ceramic in the inner portion of the toilet. This toilet also features the CEFIONTECT which is a smooth glaze over the ceramic to protect it from any major damage.

Best Rated Toilets

The overall combination of these two cuts back the user’s time cleaning toilets and worrying about germs and stains. Another major feature of this toilet is the fact that it has TOTO’s Universal Height which is perfect for comfortable seating.

It is almost 99 pounds in weight which is pretty low. The tank is smaller as it is a one-piece toilet and is very easy to fit into your bathroom, no matter how little space you have.

The TOTO UltraMax can be floor mounted to be installed. Not only that, the fact that it is a water saving toilet makes it very appealing to a lot of potential buyers.

Overall, the design and the unique features make the TOTO UltraMaxII very convenient for users. Just the fact that it is so easy to clean makes it worth all your money! If you’re looking for a toilet that will last long and will save you time on cleaning and maintenance, then this is the good one-piece toilet on this list.


  • Stylish and unique features.
  • Tornado Flush system is beneficial.
  • An additional layer on the ceramic gives it extra-protection.
  • Universal Height, making it perfect for any user.
  • Comfortable seats.


  • Flush is too loud.
  • The CEFIONTECT layer seems to deteriorate very quickly.
  • Flush sometimes does not work correctly.
  • Hard to handle when clogged.

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3. Woodbridge T-0001

This product from Woodbridge features what is called a dual flush system which is a win for anyone who is worried about the maintenance of the toilet. From the outlooks, the easiest thing to observe is the fact that it is relatively small in size.

The small size is what gives it a classy look. It also has a rectangular button which contains the Woodbridge logo. Not only that, but the seats are also made to give off a little glossy vibe which is pretty evident in pictures and real life.

WoodBridge T-0001 One Piece Toilet

Going into the details, the seats are the soft closing kind. Although this is a tiny advantage, it is a pretty convenient feature as most find the sudden sound of the toilet seat falling highly annoying.

The seating of this product is very well done as it features not only the soft closing seat but also is made if stainless steel permanent seat hinge. This is a fascinating feature added by Woodbridge.

Also, the Dual flush design uses 1.0-1.6 GOF and 1.28 gallon per flush. Woodbridge guarantees that the Siphon flushing design will make sure to avoid clogs, leaks, and any sort of problems in general. To make things easier for us, there is a secure installation system initiated by the makers.

Overall, this product is good enough to be considered the perfect dual flush toilet currently available. Although the features were interesting there were some downsides to this product That said, the pros make it worth being on our list, whether or not the cons outweigh the pros is for you to decide.


  • Dual flush system.
  • Small and space-efficient.
  • Special hand wrench tools for installation convenience of buyers.
  • WaterSense certified and chair height design for comfort.
  • Seats are made with great care.


  • Seems too small for some.
  • Difficult to attach to the water line.
  • The flush eventually might leak at some point.

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4. 20 inch Height Toilet Bowl Taller Than All ADA and Comfort Height Toilets

The 20-inch height Toilet from “Convenient Height” is a must-have for anyone looking to buy a high toilet. Although the primary feature of this toilet is the height, there are other things about this product that makes it the right tall toilet on this list.

For starters, the seats are soft closing which is a simple yet very convenient feature to have in your toilet. Not only that, it is suitable toilet for small spaces bathroom as it is mainly big in height.

20 inch Extra Tall Toilet

As a result, it also maintains the building code for a minimal amount of space to be used for installing toilets. This toilet also has a dual flush system. So, it is not only tall but also has convenient features that make it highly comfortable to use.

But that is not all that Convenient Height has emphasized on. Using only as little as 1.28 GPF of water and 0.9 of liquid materials, it is also making sure to save as much water as possibly.

In the dual flush system, users can easily lift them for a full flush and push down for a light flush. The installation method is also the convenient floor mounted one. But the size and shape of the toilet make it very easy to install and replace. So, in case you end up having second thoughts, stop!

Overall, this product seems to be popular among a certain kind of buyers which is never a good thing for a product. But it does have many features that can make it perfect for everyone.


  • Dual Flush system.
  • Height is 20 inch which is taller than the regular toilets.
  • Good for the comfort of senior citizens and tall people.
  • Very comfortable seats with a soft closing feature added.


  • Might be overpriced.
  • The seat seems poorly attached.

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5. Swiss Madison SM-1T254 St. Tropez

The St. Tropez by the Swiss Madison is surprisingly cheap for its unique design and convenient size. This toilet has an exciting design of the tank which is the classic rectangle but a more elongated kind.

Although the product is a one-piece toilet, it is designed to act as a whole unit. The curves of the design are covered which initially seems to make it lose its edge.

Swiss Madison Well Made SM-1T254 One Piece Toilet

But add the square like a shaped tank with it, and it forms into one perfect shape. It has a skirted trapway which is highly useful for buyers. Not only that, the outstanding design of the toilet makes it significantly easier to clean. Because there are fewer curves and edges, the shape itself makes it easy for users to clean the toilet.

There are also special holes included in the St.Tropez which are helpful to reach the bolts. It included bolt caps and wax rings as well. This toilet also has a soft closing system.

The dual flush also allows choosing between the light flush and full flush. The full flush system is also kept at only a 0.8-1.28 GPF so that users can save as much water as possible.

There are also matte chrome hinges that make it easy for the toilet seat to be easily removable and convenient cleaning. This does not need any sort of extra materials or tools.

Overall, the product is incredibly cheap considering it has all the features any regular one-piece toilet has. But the primary feature of this product is that it is shaped in a way that makes it very easy to clean.


  • Dual Flush system.
  • Stylish design and convenient height.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Seats can be removed if necessary.


  • The seats are not that comfortable.
  • Sometimes there are clogging issues.

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6. Kohler K-3493-0

The Kohler Highline brings back old memories of the classic toilet patterns that used to exist back in the days. Even though it is a two-piece toilet, this product is fairly unique compared to our common idea of a regularly designed toilet. The tank is bigger than the seat, making it look sort of like a throne instead of a toilet.

The toilet seat is also comfortable and partially covered. There is an elongated bowl included which gives extra room and way more comfort to users than a normal sized bowl would.

Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Classic Pressure Lite Comfort Height Elongated Toilet

Regarding the height, it is very comfortable. With a “Comfort Height(R)” feature, the Kohler Highline give you a regular chair height which is comfortable for pretty much users of all age. The flush system is not the dual or tornado flush type.

Rather, the flush for the Kohler Highline is a Pressure assisted system which cleans up better than you’d expect. Products such as these are the ones that raise the bar for a pressure assisted or bulk flushing systems performances.

Besides this, this toilet also has a left-hand trip lever, and its flush is 1.4 gallon per flush. If we do the calculations, if you buy the Kohler Highline then you will be able to get a water savings of almost 2000-2200 gallons per year.

Overall, most users are very satisfied with their use of the Kohler Highline. Despite it is not the most fashionable, it serves its purpose and does not let its customers down.


  • The toilet is of comfortable height.
  • Has a nice flushing system.
  • Very easy to install.


  • The two-piece toilet is hard to clean.
  • Huge tank.

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7. TOTO MS854114EG

This is another one of the top-rated toilets TOTO has created. In the subtle yet classy Cotton White color, TOTO has made this toilet with Sanagloss. It takes up about 1.23 gallons per flush and around 4 to 4.8 Liquids per flush.

The toilet features a fast-flush system which is almost 3 inches wide. The valve that is used for flushing is said to be 125 percent larger than the regular 2 inched flush valves that exist in the current market. At 2-1/8 inch and smoothly glazed trapway, it has a huge water surface that has a length of about 28 inches.

TOTO MS854114EG#01 Eco Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet

When it comes to the seats, they are made to be highly comfortable and do not have any loose attachments. Although not removable, this product features a suitable type of accessories in all its sections.

The trip lever is left-handed in this version of the TOTO toilet, and the toilet finish is Sanagloss, making it glossy to the naked eye. Despite being a one-piece toilet, it has a low consumption of water and liquids. The supply is also kept to a minimum level.

Like most toilets these days, this toilet also has the Soft closing seats. The sanagloss glaze that the toilet comes with can prevent all kinds of bacteria and mold from sticking to the toilet. That means less water usage and way less time spent in cleaning the toilet.

Overall, this version of the TOTO seems to have minor issues that can be sustained. Because there were no complains about the product itself from any of the buyers, it is better to make sure that the plumber does their work right with your toilet.


  • Includes Sanagloss.
  • Consumes less water and liquid.
  • Has comfortable seats.


  • The valve is seen to slam shut while filling up the valve.
  • Flushing causes an unusual amount of shaking of the pipe.

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8. Saniflo 023

The Saniflo is known for being a self-contained toilet which not only is a right size but also uses a very low amount of water. It is exclusively made as a half bathroom for residential applications. As a result, it can fit into small spaces.

This toilet has a vertical pumping mechanism which is almost 9 feet and the horizontal mechanism that is about 100 feet. This Saniflo toilet also allows for the sink to be connected with the toilet.

Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet

Another feature it has is that it uses a low amount of water which is just 1 gallon per flush. This is very low for the price of the toilet along with its other features. Also, the Saniflo toilet also has a very stylish and modern looking seat features that have chrome hinges included.

This Self-contained type of toilet also features a fair number when it comes to the GOF as well as the LPF. It not only has a fairly small tank, but it also does not create a loud sound when the user flushes.

The flush system is not exactly anything exceptional, but it does the work right. With Saniflo’s flushing technology, this toilet can flush out any amount of residue with as little as only 1 gallon per flush. This saves users a ton of water. Thanks to this feature, the product can be termed as environment-friendly.

When it comes to design, the Saniflo self-contained toilet has a great design and a beautifully made seat that compliments the overall structure of the toilet. Its outlooks along with the size make it very easy to fit into any small space as well as any theme a bathroom has.

Overall, the Saniflo not only has a good way of saving water along with other useful features but also is very stylish. The balance of its advantages and impressive performance is enough to make it the good American toilet out there.


  • Has a stylish feature.
  • Uses a very low amount of water.
  • Low use of water results in a lot of saved water.
  • Self-contained type of toilet.


  • Ejection line might be flawed.
  • Might have water leaking issues.

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9. American Standard 2889216.020

The American standard toilet has a lot of features that make it an excellent option for your home. This toilet has a combination bowl and also has a tank that is included with it. The overall size of the toilet is about 12 inches. It also features a pressure assisted siphon jet action and features a dual flush system as well.

Regarding the surface of the toilet, it is referred to as the Ever clean surface. This keeps away any sort of growth of stains and smell that might have the slightest possibility of causing molds, bacteria or mildew on the surface.

American Standard 2887216.020 H2Option Dual Flush Elongated Toilet

These toilets are available with a wide range of customizable features starting from the mounting to the shapes. It is available as wall mount as well as a floor mount method. The best part about the American Standard toilet is that it can be tailored to the users’ needs.

The dual flush offers a gravity fed flushometer valve system. Along with the adding, if FloWise water-saving models, this toilet will be able to give users the usefulness of a toilet that is high efficiency and low consumption without lessening the condition of the other features. The flow rate is as low as 1.6 GPF which is only the heavy flush.

This toilet features the H2Option which has a siphonic action technology and uses way less water than most regular 2 pieces that exist in the market. This feature also eliminates more bulk and makes sure that the flush is very quiet. The tank has a dual-flush actuator on top. This H2option system also features a 1 gallon per flush.

Meanwhile, the dual flush also allows this toilet to use an average of 25 percent less water than a regular 1.6-gallon toilet which has a single flush system. The toilet also has a Power Wash pressurized rim where water can be fed. This rim specifically helps scour and wash the bowl of the toilet properly.

Overall, this toilet is a good option for if you are okay with buying a 2-piece toilet system.


  • Powerwash rim.
  • H2Optiom dual flush system.
  • Consumes less water than regular toilets.


  • Two-piece toilets are harder to clean.
  • The floating cup seems to submerge in the tank instead of floating.

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10. American Standard 2467.016.020

This product of the American Standard is about 12 inches with a pressure assisted siphon jet action. It has an ever clean surface which inhibits the growth of any sort of smell or germs that might stick to the toilet seat.

The flow rate of this toilet is 1.6 gallons per flush. It is also found in other versions that are 1.28 gallons. This toilet has a great look and won’t look out of place in your bathroom.

American Standard 2467016.020 Right Height Elongated Pressure-Assisted Toilet

Moreover, this guy is very environment-friendly with its water saving mechanism and can help in minimizing the water usage of the toilet overall. The looks along with the classic white color make it a must-have for your washroom.

This toilet also has a great range of features that can be easily modified and customized according to the buyer’s expectations and necessities. Despite being a 2-piece toilet, it is very modern in its features and other qualities.

Overall, this version of the American Standard toilet is a pretty great toilet with good features despite being a two-piece toilet.


  • Has a Pressure assisted flush system.
  • Is easily customizable with a wide range of alterable features.
  • Can be floor mounted as well as wall mounted.
  • Is very cheap.


  • The bolts are loose in some parts.
  • Poorly manufactured.

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11. Kohler K-3889-0

I must say that, the Kohler Highline is a very comfortable toilet. This toilet has a comfort height that makes sitting on the toilet very easy. It has 10 inches rough in.

However, the supply line is not included. The Kohler Highline also has a class five (R) which gives a great bulk waste and flushing performance. It has the best in class bowl and cleanliness mechanism.

Kohler K-3889-0 Highline Comfort Height Toilet

There is a three-bolt installation which is the pre-installation system of tank bolts. This cuts down a lot of time which can be saved from the bolt’s installation time. With its clean and classy design, it can perform very efficiently.

This Highline can conserve water, and it combines both style and function. It features a 1.28 gallons per flush system which is a relatively good number. Yearly, it saves up to 16,500 gallons which is a lot considering the regular wastage of water any other toilet.

Despite having such a massive consistency of water savings, it does not sacrifice any flushing power of the toilet. This is a huge win for users.

The seat which is elongated and is up to a chair height can ensure a very comfortable use for users of all ages and heights. The features of this toilet make sure the toilet gives exceptional performance and value to the users.

Overall, other than the price, this toilet is perfect when it comes to the features. Also, the makers have made sure that makes it is an environment-friendly toilet.


  • Great design and is very stylish.
  • Comfortable chair height which is perfect for all users.
  • Ensures water saving without lessening the power of the flush.
  • Has a 10-inch rough in.


  • The toilet is very highly priced.

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12. TOTO CST454CEFG#01

It’s a two-piece toilet with a beautiful design that stands out. Unlike the regular TOTO models, this toilet is uniquely designed to fit in, but also stand out in any bathroom theme there is.

The tank of the toilet has a container to bowl the gasket. There is also the tank to bowl the hardware and the bold toilet caps. This toilet features TOTO’s uniquely tailored Tornado flush which is a hole-free rim and has dual nozzles. This thing creates a sort of centrifugal washing action which helps in rinsing the bowl more efficiently.

TOTO CST454CEFG#01 Drake bathroom-hardware

It includes CEFIONTECT which is an exceptionally smooth glaze that prevents particles from destroying the ceramic. This feature along with the Tornado Flush helps in lessening the amount of the water needed to clean along with the chemicals that would be used.

The universal height has a very comfortable seating position which also features a left-handed lever system. The TOTO Drake is ADA compliant and meets the EPA Water Sense that meets the standards. Additional items that buyers might need can be purchased based on what they need. It has a 1.28 gallons per flush.

Overall, this toilet has the features most of the TOTO single piece toilets have. But despite having two-piece mechanisms, it works perfectly as a modernly styled toilet.


  • Has a tornado flush system.
  • The toilet is EPA compliant.
  • Saves a lot of water.
  • Left-hand lever system.


  • Flush is too loud.

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Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Best Toilet

When looking for the right toilet, there are a few things that should be considered. Because there are so many options out there, it is tough to trust yourself to make the right decision. On top of that, as changing toilets is not an easy task, most get nervous and just go for a safe option.

Despite how you feel about picking yourself a proper toilet, we have a list of things that you should consider before you choose the toilet that you think is right for you.

Bowl Type

The bowl type is something that might make all the difference. There are two types of bowls – elongated and round.

The round ones have water coming up way more than the elongated ones. Most toilets seen these days are elongated. While there are no major differences when it comes to its purpose, the round bowl does take up more width. However, some users think the elongated bowls are harder to use.

Flushing Type

There are several flushing types out there. But today we will talk about the pressure assisted toilet and the gravity fed types of flushing. The height of the toilet gravity-fed flush system relies on the force of gravity to flush.

But when it comes to the pressure assisted one, it uses force. Instead of a water tank, there is usually a pressure tank for the toilets that use this flushing system.


Price is crucial when it comes to buying a toilet. Although there are expensive toilets that have many eye-catching features, there are also many cheap toilets that serve its purpose along with giving some extra perks.

However, some brands that sell cheap toilets with interesting features have been accused of using cheap materials. If the price is not an issue for you, keep your eyes open for a toilet that has all the features you need.


Design of a toilet is very important. When you are about to decorate your bathroom, the toilet seems to be like the throne of the room. The first thing everyone notices when they enter your bathroom is the toilet. And so, it is important to pick the right one.

Usually, the toilets that can fit into any theme of decoration is a good toilet. Other than that, look for structures that do not have too many edges but is also not curvy as a whole. These end up being very hard to clean, causing you to waste a lot of time in the maintenance of your toilet.

Overall size

Make sure to check the size of the toilet. Sometimes, buyers pick toilets that are beautiful and will go well with the rest of their bathroom materials. But they end up returning it as it doesn’t fit. So, before you go shopping for toilets, make sure to check how much space you have to fit it in.

Water Consumption

Anything that is environmentally friendly is a good investment. So, when buying yourself a toilet look for water saving toilets that have a GPF and LPF of around 0.9-1.28. This will help you save tons of water per year.

Benefits of Using a Flushing Toilet

The perks of a flushing toilet are endless. Although most people have one in their house, there are others who think it is not essential. And because it costs more, they are doing themselves a favor by not getting flushing toilets in their home. But this is a wrong way of thinking.

Not only are there benefits of getting a one, but it will also keep you away from diseases and illnesses.

Below are a few benefits users get from using these toilets:

It Increases Hygiene

Flushing toilets are hygienic themselves and they also enhance the cleanliness of it. With every flush, there is a right amount of water that washes away all the residue left and pretty much cleans up after you.

Not only that, with new techniques being invented to enhance the flushing like the dual flush systems, it’ll use less water as well. Because of these reasons, flushing toilets can increase the hygiene of the toilet.

Comfort and Cleanliness

Flushing toilets are usually designed in a way that is made to be comfortable to use for people of all age.

Not only this, but it is also made in a way that everything surrounding the valve is easy to clean and maintain. Overall, the flushing toilets take care of cleanliness as well as the comfort of the user.

No Worries of Any Bad Smell

Because flushing toilets can flush out all the residues easily, there is no need to worry about the bad smell.

This is a significant concern as the smell in the bathroom will eventually make it feel damp and gross overall. Hence, the flushing system of toilets plays a significant role in making sure there is no bad smell left in the room.

Highly Convenient

Flushing toilets are highly suitable to use and can be floor mounted as well as wall mounted toilet in some cases. These toilets are very easy to use and usually have a button that needs to be pushed, and all the residue gets flushed out. This saves you a lot of time.

Reduces Any Sort of Waste Spreading

Because the flush system can suck in all kinds of residues be it big or small, there is no chance of any waste materials spreading when it comes to flushing system toilets.

Lessens Illness and Disease

Because the flushing toilets can get rid of residues so quickly, there is less chance of any residues staying back or being stuck in the inner portion of the toilet.

It also means there is a low chance of this residue spreading germs and bacteria. The reduced existence of these germs can result in lesser illnesses and diseases that are caused by these germs.

Best Toilet Brands in the Market

Certain brands in the market are doing much better than other brands in terms of design as well as features. Let’s take a look at a few of these brands that you can check out:


TOTO is a reasonably good brand when it comes to toilets. This brand has some unusual features when it comes to its one-piece ones as well as its two-piece ones.

This brand of toilet appliances has what is called a “Tornado flush” which does not require any holes. Despite it looking like the flush needs more water than required, the toilets take up an average of around 1.28 gallons per flush.

Overall, buyers can check out this brand if they’re looking for something unique in their budget.

Convenient Heights

This brand specializes in making toilets that are of certain height. Most are made to be of heights that are reasonable, but at times it is tailored for people who are tall or senior citizens.

The toilets of this brand are very good at being water saving toilets.


Kohler is a very famous brand not only when it comes to toiletries and bathroom appliances. With very stylish designs and interesting features added to it, Kohler is in the top of their game.

These toilets also have a great range of customizable qualities. The Kohler brand toilet make the toilets at a chair height which is perfect for people of all ages. But the drawback of this brand is that it is a little high priced compared to the other options in the market.


Woodbridge is a good brand for the interesting features that it has. Sizewise, this brand produces fairly small toilets. Although this might be a let down to some, most prefer a small toilet to get something that fits everywhere.

It has a flush system called the dual flush system which has a pushdown system for light flush and pulls up for a full flush. Overall, the price is reasonable, and buyers can get features such as soft close seats and dual flush with it.

Swiss Madison

Swiss Madison is a rather low-priced brand when it comes to its toiletries. Their toilets mostly have many features that regular brands sell at a higher price. Starting from soft closing seats to a low gallon per flush rate, this brand has it all.

The best feature Swiss Madison toilets have is the dual flush system. Through this system, users can pull up the flush button for a full flush and can push down the button for a light flush.

Be it light of full, the water used per flush is only around 0.8-1.28. Overall, this brand is a very good choice within a cheap price range.

Easiest Way to Keep Clean Your Toilet

Families have been scrubbing toilets for decades, and so each family pretty much has some sort of traditional way they clean their toilets.

However, today we will give you an idea of how you can clean your toilet without any witchcraft or your family’s secret techniques.

At first, start with gathering all the items you will need. These will include the following;

  • Toilet cleaner like Vixol
  • Toilet cleaner brush
  • Cloth/Paper towels
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Toilet bowl cleaner brush
  • Hand gloves exclusively for cleaning toilets

Now that you have your materials, its time to start!

A good way to save time is by dividing your work into 3 small steps. At first start by cleaning the outer portion of your toilet. Mix one cup of Vixol with two cups of water and then spread it all over the toilet.

Then, after leaving for about 2 to 3 minutes, start scrubbing with your toilet cleaner brush. After completing this half way, start with your toilet bowl.

Spread your toilet bowl cleaner all around the inner portion of the toilet as evenly as possible. Now, as you keep scrubbing the outer part of your toilet, the filter you put in the bowl will settle in.

By the time you are done with the outer portion, the inner part will have the cleaning material all settled in. After this, scrub the inside of your toilet using the toilet bowl cleaning brush. Scrub carefully and evenly. If you notice some stubborn stains on the toilet, do not worry.

This is where the paper towels come in handy! As most people don’t like using a cloth (no matter how many times it is cleaned later), you can use paper towels to scrub those stains out.

But remember to NEVER flush these towels in the toilet. This might get it clogged and create an embarrassing situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a suitable height for everyone?

A: While it depends on the users, the suitable height that can be considered for everyone is the chair height toilets that are available in the market.

Q: What exactly is the function of a dual flush system?

A: The dual flush system provides you with the privilege of two types of flushing system. One is a light flush which can be used when the flush button is lifted.

On the other hand, the other is the full flush which is used by pushing down the button. This dual flush mechanism is part of water saving toilets which can save you approximately 2000 gallons of water.

Q: What should I look into while buying a new toilet?

A: It is better to buy toilets that have a smooth glaze on the ceramic in the inner portion of the toilet. This is a major benefit for anyone as this layer prevents the ceramic underneath to stay safe and not get damaged easily.

Q: What is the difference between a small tank and a large tank?

A: The large tank and small tank do not make any major difference as the mechanism inside is still the same. However, some users claim that the small tanks have a louder flushing sound.

Q: Do Water saving toilets cost way more than regular toilets?

A: Water saving toilets do cost more than a regular one and for obvious reasons. But the plus point is that it will save you gallons of water per year, meaning that it serves its purpose reasonably well and it eventually makes you a profit.

Final Words

Eventually, the choice of which toilet to buy depends on you.

Although these above-listed high quality toilets are among the best toilets, we have still made sure to portray both the pros and cons so that it is easier for you to decide. If you use the information in the above article correctly, you are sure to find yourself a toilet that is perfect for you!