Top 3 Best 12-Inch Rough-in Toilet Reviews for 2021

Like our homes need different types of furniture as decor, our bathroom needs the perfect looking toilet too.

You cannot ignore your bathroom just because it’s a ‘bathroom’, can you?

Obviously, just like you want everyone to admire other areas of your house, you want them to admire your bathroom as well.

Just like getting the perfect spice can make food delicious, getting the perfect toilet can change the whole aura of your bathroom even if you have a small space.

Best 12-Inch Rough-In Toilet – Comparison


Product Name

Water Consumption

Weight (pounds)



1.6 GPF



1.28 GPF


American Standard 270BA001.222

1.6 GPF


Nowadays, the 12-inch rough-in toilets are the most common ones with the most standard looks. However, you want the best of the bests, don’t you?

Well, if you have made up your mind and you don’t know which one to buy, this is where my help comes in. I’m here to give you all the know-how and dos-don’ts you need. Today, I’m here with the 3 best 12-inch rough-in toilets available in the market.

So, why wait anymore? Let’s see what I have got for you.

The 3 Top 12-Inch Rough-In Toilet Reviews

I love three toilet brands Toto,Kohler and American Standard for their extraordinary build quality, compact design and beautiful look. They’re the brands that are ruling the toilet industry in the market right now.

I’ve reviewed 3 top 12-inch rough-in toilets here. Two of them belong to Toto and the last one is from American Standard. Check the reviews and choose the one that suits you best.

1. Toto CST744SL

The toilet brand, Toto, is always known for its simple but innovative designs. The brand’s loyalty is unquestionable.

If you like Toto brand, you may want to have a look at Toto CST744SL. It comes to ensure longevity, durability and quality with a high profile and concealed design.

TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet

It boasts the G-Max flush technology that has 125% wider flush valve than the standard ones. As the flushing system comes with a high-quality siphon jet, you’ll be able to get increased water flow while flushing.

This feature draws the water into the bowl more quickly than any of its competitors in the market. Just with one single push, the flush gulps in all the waste completely, making sure they stay down all the time.

Most of the toilets in the market give poor feedback while they use a lot of water. It leaves you with unwanted results while at the end of the month you’ll get more water bills on your hands. Toto CST744SL’s flush system does its job perfectly with just 1.6 gallons of water. The less consumption of water saves you money at the end of the month.

Like always, Toto didn’t fail to make this model complaint to ADA. Which means, the rim height and the seat you’re getting is taller than the standard toilet sets, allowing you to use it with ease and comfort.

One of the best features of Toto CST744SL is, it follows the Disabilities Act accessibility guideline of America. People of every age group will be able to use without the need for additional adaption or specialization.

Highlighted Features

  • G-Max flush technology that has 125% wider flush valve than the standard ones. With the siphon jet, you’ll be able to get increased water flow while flushing.
  • It has a high profile and concealed design and maintains the best quality to ensure longevity and durability.
  • It takes only 1.6 gallons of water to clean all the wastes in one flush. The less use of water saves water itself and money.
  • Compliant to ADA, the Toto CST744SL gives you the perfect rim height and seat so that you can sit on it comfortably.

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2. Toto Vespin II Two-Piece Toilet

Toto Vespin II two-piece toilet comes with the powerful and efficient double cyclone flushing technology. You’ll have increased efficiency of the flush as the mechanism forces two gets.

Toto CST474CEFGNo.12 Vespin II Two-Piece High-Efficiency Toilet

The toilet quickly fills the bowl and gulps in all the waste inside it within a blink. It gulps in the whole amount of waste just by using 1.28 gallons of water per flush. As it doesn’t need much water, you’ll have your money saved.

When stains, molds and mildews team up together to harm your bathroom, it not only makes the toilet look dirty but also destroys its quality. Due to the lack of anti-stain features, most toilets fail to last longer. Plus, you have to spend a lot of cash to buy stain remover.

Toto Vespin II Two Piece Toilet comes with SanaGloss ceramic glaze that prevents stains from growing on the insides and outsides of the toilet. It also prevents the growth of molds and mildews and destroys the odor that causes bacteria.

This feature also adds an advantage as you won’t have to struggle a lot to clean your toilet. With the SanaGloss feature around, your toilet will look nice and shiny for years.

The toilet set comes with a very compact design toilet for small bathroom. If you have a small space in your bathroom, it won’t be a problem. You’ll find it very comfortable because of its universal height.

Highlighted Features

  • The toilet uses only 1.8 gallons of water to clean all the waste. Such less consumption of water will save you money.
  • The bowl gets filled up with water more quickly than other toilets and forcefully takes all the wastes in one flush.
  • The Sanagloss ceramic glaze makes sure your toilet stays stain-free and gets prevented from mold and mold and mildews. Thus, your toilet stays nice and shiny for years with durability and longevity.
  • The toilet comes in a very compact design. So, if you’re limited in space, it won’t do much of a problem so set this toilet up.

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3. American Standard 270BA001

When you’re talking about the leading brands in the toilet industry, you cannot ignore American Standard. Like Toto, this brand has been in the market for years and still holding its dominance. It’s offering innovative designs, and with time, it’s also bringing revolutionary changes in its technology.

best 12 inch rough in toilet

Though there are toilet cheap range models and expensive models of the toilet from American Standard, if you want higher performance with fewer clogs at a great price, you can try American Standard 270BA001.

This Cadet-3 toilet comes both in one piece and two-piece toilet model.  The toilet boasts elongated and round front bowls. It doesn’t matter if you have a small space inside your bathroom. American Standard 270BA001 comes with great compactness. It will not only fit inside your bathroom but will enrich the decor with its style as well.

Other toilets use lots of water but fail to take in a good amount of waste. Sometimes, you got to push the flush button multiple time to clean the waste. It will not only be a hassle for you but also will waste a lot of water. Besides, at the end of the month, you’ll be left with an increased water bill.

Get your hands on American Standard 270BA001 instead. With its flushing system, you can clean all the waste in one go. Just push the flush button once and you’ll see the bowl gets filled with water quickly. Then it forcefully gulps in all the wastes.

It uses only 1.28 gallons of water, and this means you’ll have less water usage and fewer water bills at the end of the month.

Highlighted Features

  • It gives you higher performance with fewer clogs at a great price.
  • The product comes with great compactness, so fitting it anywhere in a limited space won’t be a problem.
  • You’ll find both round bowl and elongated bowl toilets with this model, so choose the one that suits you.
  • It uses only 1.28 gallons of water to flush all the waste in each push. It saves you water and money at the end of the month.

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Things to Consider While Buying New 12-inch Rough-In Toilet

Now that you’ve decided to buy the good 12-inch rough-in toilet, you need to ask yourself whether you know how to pick the right one.

The reviews can help you, yes, however, there are some features you should always look for if they’re in their places correctly.

Well, to make sure you don’t end up having the wrong toilet, give this part a read. I’ve discussed here the things you need to consider before buying a 12-inch rough-in toilet.

Bowl Shape

You’ll find toilet bowls in two different shapes: The Round Bowls and The Elongated Bowls. The round bowls are considered to be the standard ones. If you have limited space in your bathroom, choosing the round shape bowl is a wise decision.

On the other hand, elongated bowls come in generally two inches longer at the front to make sure you get added comfort. To set an elongated toilet bowl in your bathroom, you need a bit longer front end so that it doesn’t interfere with any door, drawer or other objects.

Bowl Height

The distance that you can measure from the finished floor to the top of your toilet bowl before the actual toilet seat is considered as the bowl height. Look for the ADA friendly toilets that come within the range of 17 to 19 inches in height. It will give you much comfort, especially on your knees and back.

Keep in mind, adding a toilet seat will add ½ to 1 inch in height.

Flushing system

As for flushing system is concerned, it is divided into 3 different categories: The Standard Flush, Dual-Flush Toilet, and Siphonic Toilets.

Standard flush will offer you the traditional single-lever flushing system. To generate flushing pressure, this type of flush uses simple gravity and water height.

On the other hand, dual-flush systems are best known for their water conservation system. If you’re looking for more into efficiency, dual-flush is the one you need.

The reason it is called the ‘dual-flush’ is that it has two types of flushing system. You’ll get the option to perform a full flush with 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Or, you can perform a partial flush which will need .8 gallons of water per flush.

Siphonic toilets come with an S-shaped drain trap. The waterways fill up with water as you flush the toilet. The tank pours a huge amount of water quickly inside the bowl, which creates a Siphonic reaction. Thus, you’ll have a powerful flush which will empty the bowl rapidly with force.

You’ll find Siphonic toilets to come in both standard and dual-flush configuration.

Toilet Designs and Styles

When you’re talking about the toilet designs and styles, you’ll find mainly 5 categories: One-Piece Toilet, Two-Piece Toilet, Corner Toilet, Rear Outlet Toilet, and the High Tank Toilet.

As the name says it, the one-piece toilet is constructed as one piece. Unlike others, you won’t find the bowl and tank to be separated; rather it creates a seamless look as the whole structure is fixed as one.  As this toilet as fewer gaps and crevices, you may find it easier to clean.

The two-piece toilets will offer you the traditional style and almost everyone uses this. The one you’re using right now in your home is most likely to be a two-piece toilet. While the tank is bolted to the bowl, you’ll find the tank and the bowl to be two separated parts.

If you’re having limited space or a half bath, you should go for the corner toilet. It is very compact and will fit easily into a corner to make sure you’re getting more floor space.

If you want to set a rear outlet toilet, rather than connecting through the floor, you need to connect it by plumbing through the wall. It is very famous in Europe, but nowadays it’s gaining huge popularity in the United States as they can be easily installed in most areas of the bathroom.

Want a vintage look with the combination of modern functionality? Get your hands on high tank toilets. Unlike every other toilet, the tank isn’t connected to the bowl. Rather it hangs from the wall above. Once you pull the chain, the water will be released from the tank down into the bowl. Later, it goes away through the drainpipe.

Frequently Asked Questions about 12-Inch Rough-in Toilets

  • Do the Toto toilets come with any warranty?

Ans. All the Toto toilets come with a 1-year warranty offer. For more info, I suggest you contact your dealer.

  • Is it true that the American Standard 270BA001 doesn’t come with a seat?

Ans. Yes, unfortunately, this model doesn’t include a seat, so you have to buy it separately.

  • What does the term ‘Cadet 3’?

Ans. Cadet 3 is a series of toilets known for its fantastic and high-quality performance. If you find a Cadet-3 toilet, buy it with your eyes closed.

Final Words

I know you may find it hard and confusing when you want to pick the right 12-inch rough-in toilet. However, with the right guideline, the job would be easier.

As I always want you can get the best of products, I’ve reviewed 3 best 12-inch rough-in toilets available in the market. Also provided a comprehensive toilet buying guide.

If you’ve read the article thoroughly, you shouldn’t have any problem deciding which one to choose.

You can also check out other articles on this site for more information.

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