Best 2 Ply Toilet Paper For Septic Systems Reviews

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Are you looking for the best 2 ply toilet paper that’s both soft and effective while also being gentle on your septic system? Look no further! We’ve done the hard work for you, researching and testing the best options on the market to bring you the perfect balance of comfort and septic system compatibility. Read on to find out the top picks for the best 2 ply toilet paper for septic systems!

Top 3 2 ply toilet paper for septic systems – The Winners!

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This Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper is the perfect eco-friendly choice for your bathroom. It is septic safe, biodegradable, and made with soft, quick-dissolving 2-ply sheets. Each roll contains 300 sheets and there are 24 double rolls, making it a great value.

Plus, it is made with sustainably sourced bamboo, so you can feel good about your purchase!

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Caboo Tree Toilet Paper, 2 Ply, 300 Sheets/Roll, 24 Double Rolls

Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper, Septic Safe, Biodegradable, Eco Friendly Bath Tissue with Soft, Quick Dissolving 2 Ply Sheets (300 Sheets Per Roll, 24 Double Rolls)

Are you looking for an eco-friendly toilet paper alternative for your home? Look no further than Caboo Tree Free Toilet Paper! This toilet paper is made from sustainable grown bamboo, a fast growing grass, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional tree-based bath tissue. It is biodegradable and septic safe, perfect for motorhomes and marine sanitation systems. Plus, its hypoallergenic and BPA-free, making it gentle on sensitive skin.

It is also soft and strong 2-ply, giving you the perfect combination of bamboo’s strength and soft fibers. Each bulk pack contains 24 double rolls with 300 sheets per roll, and Caboo toilet paper is accredited by the BRC Global Standards, FSC, ISO 14000, and is proudly panda friendly. Make the switch to an earth-friendly option today with Caboo Tree Free Toilet Paper!

Panda Toilet Paper 24 Mega Rolls

Panda Premium Soft & Strong Toilet Paper | Mega Rolls | Septic-Safe | Eco-Friendly | 24 Rolls

Introducing STROFT, the ultra-premium toilet paper that is so soft and so strong, you’ll have to make up a word to describe it! STROFT comes in MEGA ROLLS with 24 rolls per package and 308 2-Ply sheets per roll. You can enjoy 3X thicker sheets for an even more luxurious and comfortable experience compared to leading value brands. Plus, STROFT is septic safe and sustainable, so it’s easy on your septic system and the environment.

On top of that, it is made in the USA with Panda’s eco-conscious tree-saving technology. With fewer tree fibers used in the manufacturing process, you can enjoy a high quality and absorbent product with every roll. Try STROFT today and experience the luxurious softness and strength for yourself!

Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue (4 Rolls) for RV, Camping & Marine

Freedom Living Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue (2-Ply, 4 Rolls, 500 Sheets each) For RV, Camping & Marine, Biodegradable,-Natural Alternative to Septic System Treatment Chemicals, Cleaner

Are you tired of dealing with smelly, blocked toilets or septic tanks? Our Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue is here to help! With this product, you can enjoy more fun, leisure time and quality time outdoors with your family. Our toilet tissue will dissolve immediately after use, making it perfect for RVs, tiny houses, off-grid living, boats, yachts, and more. Plus, it’s made of 100% biodegradable materials and comes in a value four-roll pack (2 ply) with 500 premium sheets.

Enjoy peace of mind and never worry about using nasty chemicals, enzymes, or chlorine tablets ever again. Stock up on your next trip or vacation and enjoy the best toilet tissue around!

Boat/RV Toilet Paper, 12 Rolls, 2 Ply

Boat and RV Toilet Paper Septic Safe Tissue Toilet Quick Dissolving 12 Single (1) Rolls for Marine and Travel Camper Systems Camping Biodegradable Supplies Dissolve and Tank Safe | TP Bulk Pack 2 Ply

Our dissolvable toilet paper is the perfect solution for your next boat, RV, camping, or fishing trip! Our septic-safe tissue paper dissolves faster and better than standard tissue paper, so you can use it in a porta potty, bath, marine holding tank, or portable waste tank with ease. Plus, it’s soft yet strong 2-ply design is lightly textured for optimal cleanliness and is dye and fragrance free. Moreover, our exceptional quality toilet paper is made to only strict, tested, trade-secret standards.

Best of all, when you subscribe and get it on regularly, you can save with our bulk 12 pack! At Better Boat, we’re a family owned American business committed to making premium quality boat and RV care and cleaning supplies, so you can trust that our dissolvable toilet paper will exceed your expectations.

TanksFreedom Living RV Toilet Paper (8 Rolls, 500 sheets) – Biodegradable Septic Tank Safe

Freedom Living RV Toilet Paper (2-Ply, 8 Rolls, 500 sheets each) - Biodegradable Septic Tank Safe Rapid Dissolve Toilet Tissue for Camping, Marine, RV Holding

Make sure your leisure time is truly enjoyable with Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue Paper. This 100% biodegradable tissue paper is perfect for RV’s, tiny houses, off-grid living, boats, yachts, marine, camping, hiking, eco retreats, composting toilets and other septic tank users. Each roll contains 500 sheets of soft yet durable tissue paper that won’t rip or tear.

Plus, it dissolves completely in mere minutes. Our value eight pack offers great savings and allows you to stock up for your next trip or vacation. Enjoy total peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to use nasty chemicals, enzymes, chlorine tablets, bacteria or other nauseating cleaner solutions.

Check out our Septic Tank Drop In Tablets to manage your tank’s odor and performance.

How To Choose 2 Ply Toilet Paper For Septic Systems

Choose 2 ply toilet paper that is labeled “septic safe” or “septic tank friendly”. These products are designed to break down quickly and not clog your septic system. Look for a product that is made of recycled paper, as this is the most biodegradable type of toilet paper. Lastly, avoid using too much toilet paper at once.


.Our 2-ply toilet paper is designed for use in septic systems and is designed to be extra flushable. We use quality materials to ensure maximum performance and clog-resistance.

Our toilet paper is also tested to ensure that it is safe for use in septic systems. We recommend you check the flushability of any new toilet paper before using to ensure it is compatible with your system.


We recommend 2 ply toilet paper that is designed for septic systems. To ensure biodegradability, check for certifications such as the FSC or the Rainforest Alliance, which certify that the product is sustainable and meets environmental standards.


Our 2-ply toilet paper is designed to offer superior absorbency while still being safe for septic systems. To ensure the highest level of absorbency, we recommend checking for thickness and softness before purchasing.


We offer 2-ply toilet paper specifically designed for septic systems. Our toilet paper is strong and absorbent, providing a comfortable and hygienic experience. We guarantee the best quality and price, so you can be sure you are getting the most value for your money.

Shop now and enjoy the benefits of our 2-ply toilet paper!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does 2-ply toilet paper last in a septic system?

This depends on the size of the septic tank, how many people are using the toilet, the quality of the toilet paper, and how often the septic tank is pumped. Generally, two-ply toilet paper will last several weeks or months in a septic system.

2. What are the benefits of 2-ply toilet paper for septic systems?

2-ply toilet paper is more efficient for septic systems because it breaks down easier than 1-ply toilet paper. The two layers of paper separate more easily when wet, allowing the toilet paper to disintegrate more quickly and reducing the chances of clogging your septic tank. Additionally, the extra layer helps to absorb more liquid, which can reduce the amount of water needed to flush your toilet and help maintain a healthy septic system.

3. Is 2-ply toilet paper safe for all septic tank systems?

No, 2-ply toilet paper is not safe for all septic tank systems. Septic tanks require toilet paper that is single-ply and breaks down quickly. Many brands of 2-ply toilet paper do not break down quickly enough and can cause clogs in the system.

On a final note

In conclusion, the best 2 ply toilet paper for septic systems is one that is made of 100% recycled materials and is certified septic safe. It should also be extra thick and absorbent to ensure that it will break down quickly without clogging pipes. Brands like Charmin Ultra Soft and Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare are excellent choices for anyone looking for a good quality, septic safe 2 ply toilet paper.

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