Best American Standard Toilet Reviews & Buying Guide

American Standard is a well-admired brand all over the United States of America, and that’s all because of their amazing contribution towards making the experience of using toilet better than ever.

People have different preferences, different criteria and different conditions when it comes to installing a toilet inside the bathroom, and it’s quite obvious since each of us lead quite a different life than others. This is where American Standard aces the test. It has something for everybody.

Best American Standard Toilet – Comparison


Product Name

Weight (pounds)

Water Consumption


American Standard 2886.216.222


1.6 GPF

American Standard 2034.014.222


1.6 GPF

American Standard 2002.014.020


1.6 GPF

American Standard 2862056.020


1.6 GPF

American Standard 270AD001.021


1.6 GPF

Yes, we’re talking to you. Your preference is never a big issue; we have reviewed five of American Standard’s most well-performing toilets here that are definitely going to meet your expectations. Well, they have to, as they’re the best American Standard toilet in their divisions.

Top 5 American Standard Toilet Reviews

1. American Standard 2888.216.222

For most people, the main concern always seems to be the flushing system, and this is exactly the attribute that makes American Standard 2888.216.222 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Right Height Round Front Two-Piece Toilet the good American Standard toilet. Yes, the best model of the top toilet brand.

Best american standard toilet

It’s a two-piece toilet with elongated bowl. For flushing, chrome-plated push button actuator is located on the top of the tank. The seat is not included; you’ll have to make a separate purchase.

EverClean surface helps with proper cleaning and keeping it hygienic all the time. The surface is glossy like mirror, so molds and stains can’t remain for long.

The flushing system is cleverly engineered too for the cleaning purpose. In order to make it high efficient, the manufacturers went with siphon that works with jets. The jets are connected with the bowl. When the actuator is pushed, the system gets activated and the siphon forces a full flow of water to wash all the waste down.

And then there’s the pressurized rim. The structure of it uses air pressure to force powerful flush. Water is stored inside the air-tight chamber to prepare it for an intense dispersion.

Now, this system is engineered with H2Option double-flush feature toilet to make flushing more convenient and less water consuming in times. You can either use the option of light flush that uses 1 gallons of water per flush; or the heavy flush where 1.6 gallons of water is used per flush. The heavy flush can evacuate up to 1000 grams of waste.

The installation is super-easy and quick, thanks to American Standard’s speed-connect design. The bolts and grommets come pre-assembled so that you don’t have to spend hours assembling parts from the scratch.

Highlighted Features

  • Chrome-plated push button actuator is included on the top of the tank.
  • Features jet-powered siphon for direct water discharge.
  • Pressurized rim structure ensures powerful force of water.
  • H2Option double-flush system discharges water at two different paces.
  • Speed-connect design saves time on the installation process.

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2. American Standard 2034.014.222

How about a toilet that doesn’t clog every now and then like your old toilet and every other toilet you’ve ever come across? Sounds impossible?

American Standard 2034.014.222

Well, judging from the way American Standard 2034.014.222 Champion-4 Right Height One-Piece Elongated Toilet is structured, it’s really not that impossible. At least, not with this one.

It’s a one-piece toilet with elongated bowl. The seat is not included. Since the bowl and the tank are joined together, mounting the toilet doesn’t take much time.

High efficiency means powerful flush, keeping that fact in mind, manufacturers included 4-inch accelerator flush valve within its system. Usually, even many of the good brand toilets don’t exceed the limit of 3 inch; so having a 4 inch valve is indeed a pretty big deal.

And yes, you guessed it; the force is much more intense since the valve is wider. It uses 1.6 Gallons of water per flush.

This toilet is named champion for a reason. It’s particularly structured to eliminate the constant clogging issue. The fully-glazed trapway is wide-open, can move waste 70% massive than industry standard. They claim to test the trapway and the force of flush with a bucket of golf ball, and human waste is not even nearly as stiff as that; so you can already guess how effective the waste washing system is.

Also, keeping the toilet clean is super easy because of its EverClean surface. EverClean surface is designed particularly to make removing even the stubborn stains easier with one super flush. Complete hygiene is guaranteed by its antimicrobial built.

As it says on the name, the toilet is manufactured with accurate measurements to give it the right height, which makes it an ADA compliant toilet as well; easily approachable by everybody.

Highlighted Features

  • 4-inch flush valve forces stronger flush.
  • The wide-open trapway and the flushing system can evacuate massive amount of waste at once.
  • EverClean bowl surface is too glossy for stubborn stains to remain on a spot for long, its antimicrobial feature contributes in maintaining the hygiene.
  • It is ADA compliant, easily approachable by everybody.

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3. American Standard 2002.014.020

What customers really want to see in their toilet is not a secret to anyone. And the brand American Standard understands that too.

American Standard 2002.014.020

As an outcome, they brought out Champion-4 series with fascinating models like American Standard 2002.014.020 Champion-4 Right Height Elongated Two-Piece Toilet and the one mentioned above it.

It’s a two-piece toilet with elongated bowl. Chrome plated trip lever is mounted at the front of the tank. The seat is not included.

The toilet is constructed with durable vitreous China. Although it’s a popular choice among people for durability and cleanliness, American Standard’s own EverClean finish still makes this particular toilet several times glossier with the help of silver-ion additive, and because of that stubborn mold doesn’t stand a chance. Also the surface being antimicrobial has a great impact on its hygiene.

For flushing, it features 4 inch accelerator flush valve that provides with more flushing speed than most of other toilets out there, even faster than many of the best ones. Besides, the valve being extra-large contributes to making the wash more efficient and less water-consuming.

It is also the champion of washing large mass down the bowl. The bowl is connected with siphon trapway that’s fully glazed and wide-open. The trapway is capable of evacuating mass 70 percent bigger than industry standard. So, you won’t have to worry about constant clogging either.

The toilet is structured keeping everybody’s convenient in mind, so it’s ADA compliant. Yes, even people with disabilities can easily sit on it and use all the features.

You get the privilege of American Standard’s Speed Connect feature as well. It includes tank to bowl coupling kit so that you don’t have to spend much time for linking these two parts. Bolts and grommets come pre-assembled to speed up the process.

Highlighted Features

  • Speed-connect structure makes installation process less time consuming.
  • Introduces EverClean surface with silver-ion additive to eliminate the chances of mold formation.
  • 4-inch flush valve is included for high efficient flush.
  • Wide-open trapway can handle waste 70% more massive than industry standard.
  • ADA compliant structure.

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4. American Standard 2862.056.020

Are you tired with the typical toilet design and want a new outlook? Well, American Standard 2862.056.020 Fairfield Elongated One-Piece Toilet is constructed to fulfill that wish of yours. And of course, along with fantastic features that are obviously your topmost priority.

American Standard 2862.056.020

It’s a one-piece toilet with elongated bowl. Unlike many other toilets, this one comes with its own seat and lid, and that also made of durable solid plastic. And since this particular model is available in more than one color, seat and lid included with it are also of the same color. A polished chrome actuator is attached at the side of the tank.

It is also designed keeping the need of high efficient flush in mind. 3 inch flush valve is included inside that forces powerful flush in order to take down even the largest mass; and that without needing to use excessive amount of water. Yes, this toilet uses only 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

Even the bowl structure plays a great role in executing a strong flush. It features siphon action elongated bowl that makes water movement extremely rapid, just as you’d expect from a high efficient flushing system.

The toilet is manufactured with high quality vitreous China. China makes the structure durable, and its glossiness fights against stubborn stains. Molds don’t stand a chance before its smooth surface and powerful flush forced by the system’s large flush valve.

The toilet is built following low profile design; you won’t have to go through any additional step of tightening bolts to position the tank and the bowl correctly. The installation process takes less time because of this. Also, as the seat and the lid come attached, so attaching them isn’t a difficult job either.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes its own seat and lid.
  • 3 inch flush valve and siphon action bowl contribute to force high efficient flush.
  • Vitreous China structure makes the toilet durable and helps with proper cleaning.
  • Low profile design saves time on the installation process.

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5. American Standard 270AD001.021

We mentioned generic design, minimalist design; why not talk about the best American Standard toilet for small bathrooms as well?

Yes, American Standard manufactures toilets keeping every person’s necessity in mind, and that means the ones requiring to fit their toilet in small areas too.

American Standard 270AD001.020

Usually elongated toilets don’t fit in small bathrooms as they take up more space than the ones with usual round bowl design, but American Standard 270AD001.021 Cadet 3 Right Height Elongated Two-Piece Triangle Toilet brings the privilege of elongated bowl right to the area with limited space.

Flushing system is fantastic as usual, like all other popular American Standard models. It features 3 inch flush valve that is intentionally oversized in order to force high efficient flush without consuming excessive amount of water. The system uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

Moreover, the flapper it features is chemical resistant, so you can experiment with any cleaning agent you want.

Its main attraction is the tank shape. To make it a perfect fit for corner installation, the tank is structured following triangular design. The actuator is mounted on the side of the tank and easily approachable by anybody.

The toilet is built with best quality vitreous China. Vitreous China makes the structure durable enough to withstand heavy damage. Also, like many other American Standard toilets, it features EverClean surface that doesn’t let stains remain on the surface for long. Additive used on the surface makes it antimicrobial, so you won’t have to stress much about its hygiene either.

As it says in the name, it is manufactured keeping the ideal standard for height in mind; so that everybody can easily sit on it without feeling uncomfortable, even the users with disabilities. Yes, this toilet is ADA compliant.

The process of linking the bowl and the tank is super easy. The seat doesn’t come attached.

Highlighted Features

  • Triangle shaped structure fits accurately at corner and saves space.
  • Oversized 3 inch flush valve forces 1.28 gallons of water per flush.
  • Chemical resistant flapper can handle any kind of chemical agent.
  • EverClean surface made with vitreous China takes care of proper hygiene and stain removal.
  • It is ADA compliant and the height is convenient for all types of users.

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How to Find and Buy the Best One?

Type of Toilets

The first thing that need to be sorted out is this, what kind of toilet do you need?

Yes, we need toilet for only one activity, but because of the differences in our manners of living and many other reasons, one particular design doesn’t work for everybody. So, you better decide beforehand what toilet would suit your condition.

There are toilets for big area; there are corner toilets to fit in smaller spaces. Sometimes the rough-in measurement gets in the way. Some are not fit for young people in the house, and the matter of any kind of disability has to be given priority too. Consider your issues and think which one would work the best for them.

One-piece or Two-piece Structure

This is the feature that might not seem like a lot in general eye, but is very important when it comes to the decision of purchasing.

The bowl and the tank come separately in two-piece toilets. Necessary bolts are included in the package so that you can easily connect them on their own. Many times they come with their own coupling kit too for this purpose.

One-piece toilet saves that trouble for you. The bowl and the tank come pre-joined. Many times, manufacturers go with a minimalist design while structuring a one-piece toilet, which adds more to the benefits.

However, both structures have their own fair share of advantages and disadvantages. So, you can’t really call one structure better than the other. You must check the privileges one particular toilet type offers before making the final choice.

Bowl Shape

Bowls can be either round or elongated. While round bowl is a traditional type that has been around for decades, elongated bowl gained the admiration of many customers despite being a very recent addition to the toilet family.

Round bowls are good. They don’t take up much space, and with decent construction, you’ll be quite satisfied with the service. This shape is most convenient for kids, because wide bowl might not be comfortable for their rear if they still somehow manage to sit on them. Bowl’s round shape is perfect for small anatomy.

On the contrary, elongated bowls are a delight for the adult members in the house. Heavy bodies feel most relaxed when additional support is present there. This is exactly what elongated bowls do; the shape is little stretched particularly keeping this situation in mind. The structure doesn’t always keep reminding you that the bowl is touching the skin, like the round bowl does.

However, they have some cons too. Not suitable for children, and not for small area either. Yes, in case you’re planning to mount the toilet in a short area, you might have to cut out on the will of relaxing on an elongated toilet seat unless you’re going with a corner toilet.

Yes, there are some corner toilets that feature elongated bowl.

Flushing System

Now, this is something that makes a lot of people nervous while making the decision of selecting a toilet. It’s a feature that can’t be ignored or compromised at any cost. Because if the flushing can’t be done right; well, we can only feel sorry for you.

The flushing system consists of most parts in the whole structure. It starts from the valves situated inside the tank and ends at the rim.

The size of valve plays a big role in making the flush high efficient. Though traditionally 2 inch valves are used for executing decent flushes; 3 inch valves are always the better choice if you’re willing to make some actual worthy investment, especially if they happen to be oversized. And if the valve in toilet happens to be bigger than 3 inch counterparts, do you even need to guess the capacity.

Then come the jets, which are mainly responsible for executing water into the bowl. Never compromise on the jet’s capacity, even better if the toilet happens to include duel-jet system.

Now, we all know how valuable water is. Why should waste gallons and gallons of water every time you have to make your waste disappear out of the sight? This is why you should go with a system that will clean the whole bowl accurately without needing excessive amount of water to do so.

Good thing is, companies are getting more aware every day about the issue, and they’re standing up for it, which is clearly visible in most of the recent toilets in the markets. Almost all the good models are engineered with a system that focuses more on making the flush high efficient rather than just pouring as much as they can.

Well, thanks to manufacturers’ continuous research, there are plenty of toilets available in the market that introduce flushing at two different pace in order to ensure utmost convenience of the customer and to make the best use of water.

There are several types of flushing system available in modern-day toilets. The most popular one is the traditional tank raising one; tank is the one here that volunteers to force water. In some toilets, it’s not the tank that pressurizes water but an additional chamber is installed to do the same.

Lots of current models feature a flushing system that doesn’t make a noise while doing its job.

Cleaning Convenience

Yes, this has to be another major concern while looking for the best thing out there. Surface has a big impact on the toilet’s cleanliness. Make sure your money is going after something that can be kept clean and tidy all the time, not something that will start looking horrible after couple of months’ use.

Glossiness makes it harder for stains to remain on a particular spot. So, a surface with smooth finish is always a wise choice in this case. It’s even better if the surface happens to be antimicrobial.

The Height

You have to be careful about this as well. Everybody’s anatomy doesn’t contribute in the same way, so that has to be kept in mind while choosing a toilet. Also, there are toilets out there that are ADA compliant, so that even people with disabilities won’t have to face any difficulty while approaching the seat.

The Seat

There are toilets that come with their own seat, other times you will have to make a separate purchase for that. The problem with separate purchasing of a seat is, you have to be very careful in order to find the perfect fit, which is not the case with the toilets that include seats. But this doesn’t mean toilets without seats are any less fantastic than their counterparts.

What’s Now?

Our plan was to bring you some of the current best American Standard toilets, so that you can make the best investment of your hard-earned money.

Names mentioned in the list are picked keeping all kinds of preferences in mind, so that everybody can find at least one that will fit their criteria. The features are elaborately discussed to help you make the right decision.

And you can always take the help of the ultimate guide attached above if the whole deal still seems confusing to you.

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