Best Bathtub Shower Surround – Review and Top Picks

Are you looking for the perfect bathtub shower surround? Look no further! We have the best bathtub shower surround on the market today. Our high-quality product is made from durable materials and is built to last. It is easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware.

Plus, it is available in a variety of colors and styles to fit any bathroom décor. With our bathtub shower surround, you can transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis.

Top 3 bathtub shower surround – The Winners!

Editor’s choice

This Swan STMK963662.010 Solid Surface Glue-Up 3 Panel Bathtub Wall Kit is an excellent choice for any bathroom remodel. It features a 36-in L X 62-in H X 96-in H design, and is constructed from a durable white solid surface material for long-lasting use.

The kit includes three panels and all the necessary hardware for easy installation. With its sleek look and easy installation, this bathtub wall kit is sure to make any remodel look great!

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Top picks

Swan 3 Panel Bathtub Wall Kit, 36x62x96, White

Swan STMK963662.010 Solid Surface Glue-Up 3 Panel Bathtub Wall Kit, 36-in L X 62-in H X 96-in H, White

This classic yet timeless Subway Tile 3-Piece Wall Surround Kit is the perfect way to add a touch of style to your bathroom. With two side panels, one back panel and two corner soap dishes, installation is a breeze. All you need to do is simply glue the panels up over any existing surface and you’re all set! Plus, you don’t have to worry about grout, mold, or mildew as this kit is virtually maintenance-free and easy to clean.

Not to mention, it’s also easier to install than tile, making it ideal for remodeling. Get the classic look of Subway tile in your bathroom today with this 3-Piece Wall Surround Kit!

Transolid SWK603696-48 Shower Wall Kit, Biscotti Marble

Transolid SWK603696-48 SaraMar 36-in X 60-in X 96-in Glue 3-Piece Shower Wall Kit, Biscotti Marble

Give your home a modern, chic update with Saramar’s Wall Panels! These easy to install panels come in two different sizes (72-in and 96-in panel height) and feature a beautiful and realistic 4-in x 8-in subway tile pattern without the hassle of grout. The walls glue right over existing surfaces, making them perfect for both remodeling and new construction. The Saramar solid surface material is color all the way through, so it’s scratch resistant and repairable.

Plus, kits include three wall panels, two color coordinated inside corner trim pieces, wall panel 100% silicone adhesive and interior sealing silicone so you have everything you need for a successful installation. To ensure you make the right choice for your project, sample kits are available in white/gray and tan/brown color options.

-3DreamLine DL-6145L-01-3

DreamLine 30 in. D x 60 in. W x 75 5/8 in. H Left Drain Acrylic Shower Base and QWALL-3 Backwall Kit In White, DL-6145L-01

This QWALL-3 Shower Backwall Kit is the perfect addition to any bathroom. It includes a 30 in. x 60 in.

Single Threshold Shower Base and QWALL-3 Shower Backwall kit with a White color and Left drain configuration. The base installation is direct to studs and the floor surface is a SlipGrip textured surface for slip-resistance and safety. The QWALL Backwall is made of Acrylic/ABS material and is designed to be installed over a solid surface, not directly against the studs.

The sidewall can be trimmed-to-size for shower base installation from 29 7/8 in. to 40 1/2 in. with a height of glass not exceeding 72 7/8 in. This kit is cUPC certified and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the SlimLine Base and a Limited One (1) Year Warranty for the QWall Backwalls. Get this kit for your bathroom today for a high quality and stylish addition to your home.

Swanstone TI50000 Glue-Up Wall Kit, 32″x60″x59.625″, White

Swanstone TI50000.010 Veritek Glue-Up 5-Panel Bathtub Wall Kit, 32-in L X 60-in H X 59.625-in H, White

The TI-5 kit is the perfect addition to any bathroom. It’s designed to fit areas from 29-32-Inch D x 53-60-Inch W x 59-5/8-Inch H, giving your bathroom the stunning look of real tile without the hassle of grout to clean. The kit includes one back panel with a molded-in soap dish, two corner panels, two side panels with molded-in shelves, and two apron strips.

The Veritek surface is made to last, with no coating to chip or crack, and the color runs throughout. Installation is quick and easy with the included kit, and no need for a faucet or tub. The design also includes built-in shelves on all three walls, so you can easily store your toiletries.

With the TI-5 kit, you get the elegance of real tile in a durable, low maintenance package.

Transolid SWK483672-21 Shower Wall Kit, White

Transolid SWK483672-21 SaraMar 36-in X 48-in X 72-in Glue 3-Piece Shower Wall Kit, White

If you’re looking to add a luxurious, modern touch to your home, you won’t want to miss out on Saramar Solid Surface Wall Panels! These wall panels are designed with a beautiful 4-in x 8-in subway tile pattern without all the hassle of grout. They’re also easy to install and trimmable to custom fit, making them perfect for remodel or new construction projects. Plus, the Saramar solid surface material has color all the way through for a renewable, scratch resistant, and repairable surface.

Each kit includes three wall panels, two color coordinated inside corner trim pieces, wall panel 100% silicone adhesive, and interior sealing silicone, and is available in 72-in and 96-in panel heights. To ensure your decision, sample kits are also available under model # SAMPLE-SAR-WHT (white/gray color options) and model # SAMPLE-SAR-BRWN (tan/brown color option). Make your home the envy of your friends and neighbors with Saramar Solid Surface Wall Panels!

How To Choose Bathtub Shower Surround

When choosing a bathtub shower surround, consider the size of your bathroom. Measure the space you have to work with and decide what style and material you prefer. Once you know the dimensions and style, it is easy to find the perfect surround for your bathroom.


When selecting a bathtub shower surround, it’s important to measure the dimensions of your space and ensure the surround will fit properly. Additionally, you should consider the material, style, finish, and any other features that are important for your desired look. Make sure to check the warranty and installation instructions before making your purchase.


When selecting a bathtub shower surround, it is important to consider both the material and the style. You should check if the material is waterproof, durable, and easy to clean. Additionally, you should make sure the style will match your bathroom’s aesthetic.


When looking for a new bathtub and shower surround, it is important to consider the price, quality, and size that best fits your needs. Compare prices from different suppliers, and make sure to read customer reviews to ensure you get the best product for your money. Additionally, measure your space carefully to make sure your new surround will fit correctly.

Installation Process

Installing a bathtub shower surround requires careful planning and attention to detail. Before beginning the installation process, make sure to check the area for levelness and check the measurements of the surround to ensure it fits in the desired space. Additionally, confirm that all necessary tools and materials are gathered, and that the walls and area are clean and prepped for installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best material to use for a bathtub shower surround?

The best material to use for a bathtub shower surround is solid surface, such as acrylic or stone, as it is durable and easy to clean. It is also available in a variety of colors and textures, so you can find a surface that fits your desired aesthetic.

2. What are some common design considerations for a bathtub shower surround?

– The size of the space and the type of shower/tub unit. – The height of the walls and the materials to be used. – The type of shower head, faucets, and valves to be used.

– The type of tile, grout, and sealers to be used. – The type of drain, whether standard or linear. – The type of shower door, whether framed or frameless.

– The type of shower enclosure, whether to be built-in or prefabricated. – The type of shower fixtures, such as showerheads and body sprays. – The type of shower floor, whether to be tile or solid surface. – The type of shower wall paneling, whether to be tile or solid surface. – The type of shower accessories, such as shelves, towel bars, and soap dishes. – The type of showerhead, whether to be handheld or wall-mounted. – The type of lighting, whether to be recessed or surface-mounted.

3. How long does it typically take to install a bathtub shower surround?

The installation of a bathtub shower surround typically takes 2 to 4 hours.

In summary

The best bathtub shower surround is one that is both durable and easy to maintain. It should provide excellent insulation and be able to withstand the rigors of daily use. It should also have a variety of designs and colors to choose from, allowing you to create the perfect look for your bathroom.

With these features in mind, you can be sure to find the perfect bathtub shower surround for your needs.

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