Best Bidet Toilet Seat Reviews 2018 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

As days go by and by, everything seems to advance in such an amazing way. Washroom issues have not been left behind we have had the development of Bidet which is the sure way to go.

Think about saying goodbye to the rolls of toilet papers. The first thing that closes your mind is how is that possible? Bidets deliver a stream of water at variable pressure to replace the tissues.

That’s where the best bidet toilet seat chart below can give you a good head start. It will help you quickly select the high quality bidet seats that will best work for you!

Top 6 Bidet Toilet Seats Comparison





Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Bidet Toilet Seat


Ellegantz GenieBidet Seat


Luxe Bidet Neo 120 - Self Cleaning Nozzle


Hibbent Elongated OB106 Toilet Bidet Seat


Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat


BB-600E BioBidet Ultimate Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets




Using Bidets have numerous benefits. First, you will cut down the cost of the tissues. Another thing that you might be not aware of is that to flush all that TP consumes numerous gallons of water. So you will also be cutting down on the cost of water.

Bidets also have some incredible health benefits. To our beloved sisters using the Bidet reduces chances of urinary tract infections. Also, it reduces hemorrhoidal issues by a large scale.

Must Know Tips When Looking for the New Bidet Toilet Seat

​Toilets come in different designs. It is the beauty of these designs that add up for a variety of choices to go with. From round toilets to oval toilets you can choose almost anything that suits your needs and also your designs. One interesting design is the bidet toilet.

​A few years back many home owners didn’t really like bidet toilets. They thought it came with so much luxury that a toilet didn’t quite deserve. Today the views are different and many home owners are now embracing bidet toilets more and more every passing day.

And if you choose to go with this type of toilet the one thing that you could find quite challenging is how to choose the quality Bidet Seat. Well here are a few handy tips that you should know for you to get a great seat on your luxury bidet toilet today.

​Know What a Bidet Toilet Is

​What’s a bidet toilet? Knowing the toilet allows you to know the right seat for it (toilet seats often go with toilet shapes). A bidet “looks” more like a standard toilet.  It is a bit lower and designed to freshen you up after use.

What this means is that there is no need for a tissue paper. But because having a complete bidet toilet is expensive and the device is bulky for most toilets and bathroom spaces, inventors found the right solution in a bidet seat.

​With such a seat on top of your regular toilet; you will easily enjoy the same functionality (no need for a tissue – let bidet seat do the job). Most modern types of bidet seats come with several nozzles, heating feature, drying option, and massage functionality.  This has made them very hygienic, space friendly and gentle both to your skin and the environment too.

Considerations When Buying a Top Bidet Toilet Seat

These factors will help you narrow down to the best of the Bidets.There are numerous things that influence the type of bidet seat that you buy. Below are such factors that we used to filter the Bidets.

Adjustable Pressure

You might consider using different pressures. A good Bidet has settings that you adjust using a dial. I find the low pressure setting comfortable and sufficiently cleans up, but if you desire some more pressure, you can use the high-pressure setting.


Materials that make the Bidets are of the essence. Look out for steel, for example, it is a material which does not allow bacteria to penetrate through. If it is plastic, it must be high-grade plastic.


It is important that you check the price and compare to the quality of the Bidet. Some Bidet might seem cheap but are trading off so much quality with the price and also some retailers exaggerate the prices. The Bidet should be affordable by all means according to how well you are endowed with cash.


A warranty is important. The reason is you never know what might happen during shipping. Some mishap may develop, and it will show up sometime soon. Manufacturers who give warranty are sure that they develop quality products.

These factors will help you narrow down to the best of the Bidets.There are numerous things that influence the type of bidet toilet seat that you buy. Below are such factors that we used to filter the Bidets.

​Water Temperature

Many people love bidet seats because of the convenience of having warm water for the cleaning purposes (when cleaning themselves after using the toilet). Having the right water temperature for your use therefore is very important. Water in bidet seats is heated in two major ways (through mini water heating system unit or by being tied directly to a hot water line).

​The Ease of Usage

​How easy is it for you, your loved one, or an elderly family member to use the bidet toilet? Often the ease of use is very important as it prevents you from having to be around to explain to anyone how to go about their business. A self-explanatory mechanism is therefore very vital for all. You don’t need tech-know-how to use a toilet. That’s just gross! Simple and easy is the best.

​The Heated Seating

​In cold months such as winter, going for a long call and having a cold seat can be tough as opposed to having a warm seat. Always consider a bidet seat that can be warmed up. A warm toilet seat is very vital especially if it comes with the ability to be turn off or on whenever needed.

​Heated Air Dry

​This is another very important feature to look for when looking for the right bidet toilet for your use. It is the best way to preserve trees, maintain an eco-friendly environment, and to have a less clogged toilet. This one single option will eliminate the need for toilet paper use or any other un-friendly paper.

​Easy Installation

Additionally, you want a bidet seat that won’t cost you so much to install. Many people who use bidet seats testify to have them installed without the need of an expert. This is very important and quite helpful when indeed you want to save some dollars that could come in handy on settling bills.

​On/ Off Sensor

​Safety button is especially very important for homes with kids. It will help you to keep your kids safe and avoid any fatal accidents. Let’s face it – bidet toilets use power and any accidental power on for longer periods could be dangerous for anyone and especially those who are still learning the difference.

Other bidet seats come with additional mechanisms that you could like such as deodorizers, and simple to watch visual manual on the sides. This makes them easy and odor free to use always.

​Best Bidet Toilet Seat in 2018 - Reviews

If you were to start the research process, it might take you forever. Our team is reducing that trouble for you and the following Bidets are top of the notch products. Among the available Bidet, the ones listed in this article stood out.


​1. Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Toilet Seat

Best Bidet Toilet Seat

Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Toilet Seat is a clean home solution for many homes.

The design is awesome, and it is getting some quite impressive numbers on the wish list and purchases.

Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Toilet Seat


This bidet from Astor is one that depends entirely on hydraulics. When making a decision on buying equipment for my house I am very sensitive to the impact it will have on my electricity bill, the lesser, the better and an absolute no extra bills is a hell yeah for me.


Affordable it is, you will not stretch your finances too much. If we put the fact that it will help you save on toilet paper, you will admit that it will end up being very cheap in the long run. It might end up being a money making machine if you were to imagine you never installed it.


The ergonomic design sees to it that it is easy to use. When first installing it I did not call a plumber as it easily fits into the existing installation. Also, there are no electrical connections to worry about.


Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat is a premium quality bidet. High-grade plastic is the material that makes this bidet making it durable, no leaks and rust. Also, it is easy to clean it up.

​2. EllegantzGenieBidet Seat

EllegantzGenieBidet Seat
EllegantzGenieBidet Seat

The EllegantzGenieBidet Seat Bidet has much to offer. It is the ideal Bidet for the entire family.

The design is such that it fits most of the elongating toilets. Dual nozzles retract at the press of a button ready for action.

The nozzles are self -cleaning to ensure they are fresh and clean at all times. Free from dangerous bacteria that can cause possible infections.

Perfect Cleaning

EllegantzGenieBidet Seat is suitable for both males and females. It will help you clean up like never before with a spray of clean, safe water at ambient temperature. My family has never been happier, same to other families from which I get feedback.

Contoured Seat

A contoured seat ensures that you are comfortable in there. The seat also positions you perfectly so that the stream hits just the right places. It also incorporates a slow sliding lid.

Installation Hardware Included

This Bidet on purchase comes together with the installation hardware. You will not have to go looking for the appropriate hardware which will mean some extra cost. The installation is particularly fast and easy.

​3. Luxe Bidet Neo 120 - Self Cleaning Nozzle

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 - Self Cleaning Nozzle
Luxe Bidet Neo 120 - Self Cleaning Nozzle

Self Cleaning Nozzle is one of the Bidets that scream out for attention. It has its place right there at the top among the best Bidets.

All the components on the Luxe Bidet Neo 120 - Self Cleaning Nozzle are premium components.

These include some high-pressure valves with metal or ceramic cores. The pipes are of braided steel, all of these components enhance durability.

Great Aesthetics

White and blue color finishes make this popular bidet seat one of the most appealing. The settings control knobs have a chrome coating that makes it even more appealing.

It is a number one seller for families, and the reason is pretty simple it delivers and when majority vote matters most of the family members settle on it.


You will get to enjoy an 18 months warranty on purchasing this Bidet. Once you register online with them, they extend the warranty. Also, they give fulltime customer support for all your questions and concerns.

Retractable Nozzle

A guarded gate covers the nozzle while it I not in use. Upon turning off the water, the nozzle retracts. A cleaning feature keeps the nozzle clean by thoroughly rinsing it. The manufacturer uses some great physics, so the nozzle is protected and safe from bacteria.

​4. Hibbent Elongated OB106 Toilet Bidet Seat

Hibbent Elongated OB106 Toilet Bidet Seat
Hibbent Elongated OB106 Toilet Bidet Seat

The operating principle for this one is similar to the others. Hibbent is among the leader manufacturer of Bidets.

They guarantee affordability and quality. Hibbent pushes the cleaning experience even further.

Bubble water washing feature gives you a smooth sensation. It tickles in a nice way and at the same time do a nice clean up.

Heating Device

It incorporates a heating device just in case you want water with temperatures higher than room temperatures. This feature does not make it electric as the lever operates by hydraulics.

Dual Nozzles

Dual nozzles operate independently, one for the bidet and the other for rear cleaning. These nozzles make this Bidet versatile as you can switch between the two modes easily.

I mean you can clean up using one mode and use the other to wash the rear region.

Easy To Install

All that you have to do to get the Bidet functioning is Overlap it to the existing installation. It is such easy, and it comes with standard plumbing pipes that fit in perfectly with the existing plumb work.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bidet Seat

​There are a number of questions that people ask before they think of buying a bidet toilet. Here are some of the most vital ones. They have been sampled from many customer reviews and could help anyone who is just trying their hand on a bidet toilet seat for the very first time.

​Should I Consider the Material a Bidet Seat is Made Of?

Yes, you should. It may not play such an important role but it is still very important for longevity and comfort during use. Most bidet seats are made of different grades of plastics but some come with special treatments or wood. Wooden bidet toilet seats come in two main types, molded wood (with laminate finish) and the treated solid wood. However, laminated seats aren’t the best for humid bathrooms like solid wood or plastic would be.

Why Should I Buy Treated Plastic Bidet Seats?

​Like we have as mentioned above we have special treatments. These treatments on a bidet toilet seat are meant to prevent staining, growth of mold, and also mildew. Because of this, they inhibit the spread of bacteria and prevent the cause unpleasant odors. The seat also allows for an easy clean up (you can use just a damp bidet-cloth and you are good to go).

​What are Soft Closed Lids?

​Many toilet seats have the soft close lid option today. Although they are pricier than standard close lids they are ideal and convenient for use. Soft closed lid allows you to just tip the seat past perpendicular position and it closes itself slowly, quietly, and automatically. Therefore, in case you prefer that your bidet toilet seat is put down after use; a soft closed lid makes this more practical and extremely enjoyable to do especially when kids sleep.

​Why Should I Use a Bidet Toilet Seat?

The bidet seat is basically a washbasin. It saves you the need of using a toilet paper as it performs a similar job. Bidets use a stream of water to clean up your anal and also genital area after you have used a toilet. This leaves you with more hygiene, and a simple and easy process to go with.

​What is Other Important Considerations When Going Bidet?

Well if you are looking for a bidet toilet seat, you can also check out the capacity of the reservoir water tank, the convenience and the safety length of the bidet seat nozzle, the direct battery life on the remote, and warranties or discounts where they apply. This will leave you with a great toilet seat.

How Should I Know If My Bidet Seat Will Save Energy?

Many energy efficient toilet seats will come with an indication of tests. They should have clear pointers that they have been tested and have been found to have met the energy efficient regulations. Always watch out for such before buying your bidet seat. You can also ask your vendor to show you before you pay up.

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Check this video below to see the benefits and installation of a bidet toilet seat:

Final Verdict

The above recommended best bidet toilet seats meet both quality and affordability. You and your family will have a better lifestyle, more healthy and economical. No more regular trips to the doctor. You will also learn that it is a fast and easy way to care of business in the washroom.

Doctors recommend that people such embrace the Bidets and you don't need just any Bidet but a Bidet that will give you value for your money. Materials that make these Bidets are Premium giving you incredible durability and they pass the safety standards.

When buying a bidet seat, you should acknowledge the presence of very many brands. You should also keep in mind the need to look through customer reviews and also the basic desire to have the right references and recommendations from loved ones always. All these will play a key role on the type of bidet seat that you get.

The right bidet seat can be found in almost every place that you choose to buy from. However, it is very important that you have a clue of what you need before you set online to shop for your bidet seat any time of day.

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