Best Camping Toilet Reviews 2018 – The Complete Buying Guide

Answering the call of nature can be a sticky affair especially when at a place where there is no loo near. But it doesn't have to be the case anymore.

These ​​​best camping toilets will have you covered whenever and wherever. Which is your worst experiences, I have one of mine that I can never in this word share with anyone.

Don't worry pal because science has brought us some amazing products. There has been the development of portable toilet that serves the purpose of a toilet just like the real toilet at home. With features that make them convenient and safe.

That’s where the ​top pick camping toilet chart below can give you a good head start. It will help you quickly select the ​superb camping toilets that will best work for you!

Best Camping Toilet Comparison





Camco 41541 Portable Toilet


Stansport Portable Folding Toilet


Reliance Fold-To-Go Portable Toilet


Reliance Products Hassock Self-Contained Toilet


Palm Springs Outdoor 5 Gal Portable Outdoor Camping Recreation Toilet



Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve Portable Toilet






There is a wide variety of the portable toilets, and in these reviews, we are helping you find the best for the money and the serviceability.

Getting yourself a ​high quality camping toilet is a cool thing that shows you care and at the same time it is a smart way of taking care of business.

The Camping Toilet: A Simple Guide to Getting the Right One

​A camping toilet is a portable toilet. In short it can be used on the road. You can carry it in your car to a picnic session in the woods, camping, and hiking among other things. Long car trips where you’re sure not to come across a toilet easily or when travelling with kids who ease themselves frequently, and if you have ill people around camping toilets will be a very reliable remedy.

​Benefits of a Camping Toilet

​But many people love a camping toilet for much more than just a specific reason. For instance they keep camping sites clean as they prevent people from easing themselves anywhere. By maintaining hygiene, they also keep communicable illnesses at bay. Above all that, the ​good camping toilet keeps you safe as they keep you off the bushes when the need to ease yourself arises.

​Types of Camping Toilets​

​Camping toilets come in very many types. You could choose one that is convenient for you at that particular time. Some of the most common types of camping toilets include bucket toilet, collapsible toilet, and portable flush toilet. Let’s take a look of how each and every camping toilet looks like.

​The Bucket Camping Toilet

​Bucket camping toilet is the most common type of camping toilet. It is the least expensive of all and very ideal for people who are working on a budget/ have limited money to spend on a toilet. Bucket camping toilet is simple to make. It is a simple toilet seat that fits on a specially designed bucket.

The bucket becomes the main compartment used for holding the waste and could range or come in the common 5 gallon paint buckets. Even so, the bucket camping toilet is equally stable. It doesn’t tip easily as other camping toilets would. Indeed it is quite sturdy and firm with the ground as its base.

​The only deal breakers that this type of camping toilet has are, it is too tall for kids, it is not flushable, and it doesn’t come with a lid. If you need a lid for your bucket camping toilet, the best you can do is to improvise.

To keep odor from the bucket camping toilet away, you can always do the following things whenever.

  • Improvise a form of lid
  • Keep it outside camping tent.
  • Use biodegradable toilet paper.
  • Use toilet additives and eliminate smell.
  •  Empty the toilet as often

​The Collapsible Camping Toilet

​Next is the collapsible camping toilet. This toilet derives its name from its collapsible legs. The legs can easily fold up together especially when the toilet is not being used. Because of its easily to fold legs, the collapsible camping toilet is usually very easy to carry around through trips as it ensures the toilet takes up a minimal space.

​When setting up your collapsible camping toilet on camp, all you need to do is unfold the collapsed legs and place your toilet over a hole on the ground or better still an ideal catch waste bag.

​However, you should use it cautiously as the three legs never provide the sturdiness required. All the same, they are still cool toilets to go with.  Again remember, the smell from this type of toilet can also be very pungent. Thus the collapsible toilet can spell disaster if kept within the camping tent or trailer.

​The Portable Flush Camping Toilet

​Finally, we have the portable flush camping toilet. This is a modern designed camping toilet known for its high style sturdiness and all your camping toilet needs.  They come in different sizes and the shorter models are especially very ideal for camps where kids have been tagged along.

Nonetheless, the best part is these toilets can be flushed. Just like a normal flushing toilet. The toilet comes with a contained area where the waste goes to. This makes it the easiest camping toilet to dump. And because of its design, the portable flush camping toilet has so many advantages above the other models.

  • It is very sturdy / stable
  • It is easy to use even for kids
  • It has a self-contained waste area
  • It is hygienic and easy to dump.
  •  You can easily contain without additives (comes with a lid).

Considerations to Make when Purchasing New Camping Toilet

​Not all portable toilets perform exactly the same. And not every buyer can afford the priciest camping toilet. So when buying, make a wise choice and go for something that suits your needs. Here are some top tips to go by.

Water Consumption

Water consumption is essential. If the place that you will be going for camping does not have access to water, it might mean some extra weight. The good thing about some of these toilets is that they are completely waterless.


Well, you do not want a toilet that looks like a piece of junk even though you will be using it for camping. A touch of sleek styling on the toilet will do you better than harm.

Material Of Construction

The materials that the manufacturers use for constructing the toilets need to be light weight. Lightweight, in this case, does not mean compromising on quality. You can look out for materials such as ABS plastic.


The weight is the major factor that determines portability. What you need to do is find the weight that will feel comfortable for you to carry with you. Some toilets come with an accompanying backpack to ease carrying.


​An ideal camping toilet could cost you more. However, it might also come with much other additional functionality say the ease of use, high style, and ability to keep odors at minimum. Always consider the pricing and compare it with your personal budget to get something affordable.

​Ease of Use

​Is your toilet easy to use? That’s a question you will meet every day. Users love something that they can handle easily. A camping toilet is not a permanent toilet. In fact it is temporary. The more reason you should find one that’s really easy to work with. It should be easy to set up and also to take down. Additionally, it should be very easy to empty without any type of a mess.


​How portable is your toilet? Camping toilets are also called portable toilets. If a camping toilet lacks this ability then it doesn’t qualify to be a camping toilet. They should be easy to carry around. Very heavy toilets and large toilets are therefore not ideal from any front. Always look for something small and pretty easy to fold up.


​One factor many people consider is odor in an open space. It could rise fast especially if your camping toilet has no lid. The ability of a toilet to keep odors at minimal is vital. It is important in leaving you with a healthy environment even around a tiny car, campsite, picnic, home, or truck.

Recommended Camping Toilet Reviews

After selecting a range of potentially ​top rated camping toilets and taking them through some testing for features authentication, I came up with a list of the top rated camping toilets.

​1. Camco 41541 Portable Toilet - 5.3 gallon

Best Camping Toilet

Camco 41541 Portable Toilet - 5.3 Gallon is one of the toilets that give you the best value for your money.

Consider getting yourself a Camco 41541 Portable Toilet - 5.3 Gallon to make the fun a continuous process with no interruptions.

Camco 41541 Portable Toilet - 5.3 gallon

Quality Materials

The manufacturer makes this toilet from high-grade polythene. The construction is robust to ensure that the toilet is durable. I am enjoying some quality camping time since acquiring one.

Good Capacity

The capacity of the Camco 41541 Portable Toilet at 5.3 gallons is very impressive. We use this toilet for the entire family while out for some good time.


It weighs only 11.5 pounds. At 11.5 pounds just anyone can carry it making it very portable. When time comes for everyone to grab at least a thing my son grabs it without complaining.


You are aware that the odor from the toilet can also make you uncomfortable. This toilet comes with a feature that seals off the odor and it also feels comfortable to sit on the toilet. Also, it has some latches so that it does not collapse.

​2. Stansport Portable Folding Toilet

Stansport Portable Folding Toilet
Stansport Portable Folding Toilet

The Stansport also qualifies as an outstanding toilet for camping. It is so far the simplest of all of the portable toilets.

Simple design yet very convenient. Also, it is among the most affordable of the portable toilets.

Easy Disposal

It features some plastic bags as the containers for the waste. To dispose of all you need to do is detach the plastic bag from the sit which is easy to do. The toilet comes with six such plastic bags.

Steel Legs

The support system is sturdy. The legs are of steel. We know that steel has some great tensile strength so there will be no chance of it crumbling under the weight. It accommodates all range of persons.


For purposes of transportation, all that you do is fold the steel legs. By folding up, the manufacturer sees to it that it occupies minimal space let's say in your boat. This toilet is the perfect one if you have space issues.

Light Weight

The construction is quite simple to meaning that it weighs so little. Apart from the steel legs, there is nothing else that adds weight to this toilet. It weighs only 2.9 pounds.

​3. Reliance Fold-To-Go Portable Toilet

Reliance Fold-To-Go Portable Toilet
Reliance Fold-To-Go Portable Toilet

Reliance fold to go is a portable toilet that will meet optimal sanitation when you are out camping.

Reliance gives optimal performance anywhere anytime that will ensure for some great fun.

Leg Locking System

The collapsible legs without a locking system are catastrophic. The solution to pending danger is the locking system that makes the legs sturdy to stand the weight.


The Reliance Fold-To-Go Portable Toilet is collapsible. So for storage purposes you just collapse it down to occupy the minimum space and it also incorporates a carry handle to enhance on portability.

Doodie Bagging System

A Doodie bagging system makes this toilet easy to clean up. After using it, you just get rid of the double doodie bag. The fact that the bag is not permanent takes sanitation a notch higher.​


The Reliance Fold-To-Go Portable Toilet is affordable, and also the doodie bags are affordable. The overall cost of the toilet is in the range of cheap. You have no excuse when it comes to the price.

​4. Reliance Products Hassock Self-Contained Toilet

Reliance Products Hassock Self-Contained Toilet
Reliance Products Hassock Portable Lightweight Self-Contained Toilet

Reliance Products Hassock Portable Lightweight Self-Contained Toilet is a byproduct of innovation and a drive to offer nothing but the best.

This toilet gives me all the reasons that I need to rank it in the top five.

Toilet Paper Carrier

Just to make sure you do not forget the toilet paper. The Reliance Products Hassock Portable Lightweight Self-Contained Toilet has a toilet paper carrier where you tuck your paper just to be on the safe side.

Easy To Clean

This toilet incorporates some features that make it easy to clean. First, it has an inner bucket which is removable so you can remove it to dispose of waste. Also, it is compatible with a Doodie bag which makes it, even more, easier to cleanup.


Portable toilets have the obligation to meet the standard of lightweight. The Reliance Products Hassock Portable Lightweight Self-Contained Toilet is not an exception. It will cover you for all of your camping trips.


Five years warranty! That is too much time for any manufacturer who is hiding some underlying defects. Imagine a whole five years to check on defects, and most likely you will find none.

​5. Camping Toilet By Zimmer - 5 Gallon Portable Toilet

Camping Toilet By Zimmer - 5 Gallon Portable Toilet
Camping Toilet By Zimmer - 5 Gallon Portable Toilet

Zimmer has done good to develop an awesome product that covers all of the outdoor activities.

It will eliminate the need to check on exactly what and how much food you take. You can now afford some wild fun.


The Camping Toilet by Zimmer is durable as high-grade polythene completes the body. High grade polythene sees to it that the toilet is sturdy enough to take the impact that you will exert. Also, it is scratch resistant.

Awesome Capacity

This perfect camping toilet by Zimmer has a capacity that makes me compare it to the normal household loo. With a capacity of 5 gallons for the waste water and 3 gallons of fresh water, you get the feel of a loo at home.

Easy To Clean Up

It features a detachable tank which sees to it that whenever you need to clean up or treat the toilet you do it without a hassle. Two side latches see to it that there are no leakages by securing the tank firmly to the toilet.


At 6.5 inches, the height is comfortable for each and everyone in the family. The height sees to it that you don't struggle to get to use the toilet.

​Frequently Asked Questions about Camping Toilets

​Camping toilets are hard to choose. Many people don’t even know what they are. Here are some of the questions that many people ask about camping toilets.

​Why Must I get a Portable Toilet for Camping?

​You don’t stop camping simply because you have visited a single place. Many people who love to camp, love adventure and will explore more options. It would be costly having to buy a toilet every time you go camping. Having a portable toilet is therefore very ideal especially when it comes to cutting the overall cost.

​Where Can I get the Top Quality Camping Toilet Today?

​Toilet can be found in hardware, mall, or even in a vendor shop. However, with improved technology today, you don’t even have to physically move around to find a great camping toilet, Hell no! All you need to do is browse the net and you will find tons of brands and designs that will serve your needs over ecommerce shops.

​What Color Should I buy for My Camping Toilet?

​Taste and preferences when it comes to color differs. The type of color you need may not be the ideal one for the next guy. So choose any type of color that really appeals to you. Bucket camping toilets for instance doesn’t have to come with definite color or hue to choose from.

​Which Type of Camping Toilet is the Very Best?

​Well that should depend on your money, budget, and needs. As it stands out a toilet that’s easy to dump is also very ideal and so is one that can also contain the odor without any forms or additives. Additives will add cost and this could mean spending more. But by far and large the portable flushing toilets should be more superior.

​For How Long Can a Camping Toilet Last?

​Camping toilets have different life spans. However, the length of time that your camping toilet will last depends squarely on how well you take care of it. A portable flushing toilet that’s not well taken care of could last a shorter time than a bucket toilet that can be replaced anytime. Therefore how you maintain your toilet is the key.

​Where is the Best Place to Set Up a Camping Toilet?

​Well depending on the type of camping toilet that you have, you could opt to set up your camping toilet closer to your tent or further off. The odor would play a big role in determining where your camping toilet should sit. But avoid setting up your camping toilet inside the tent as much as you can.

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Final Verdict

The materials that the manufacturers are using to make these toilets are high-end materials that ensure durability and safety.

The price range is one that makes them affordable from the cheapest amongst them to the most expensive, for the most expensive you will find that it has some extra features that its cheaper counterparts does not have but it will depend on what you want and what you can afford.

Generally, there is no way you are not finding the best camping toilet that suits your need and your pocket too.

There is the sure way to take care of business that can become pretty messy at the least and maybe even worse it can be very embarrassing. The ratings for the products also agrees with the facts am giving that they are the best.

​It is important that you take care of your ​​​perfect camping toilet so well that it gives you the value for your money. Always choose a camping toilet according to your budget so that you don’t spend more.

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