Best Corner Toilets 2021: Top 3 Reviews & Buying Guide

When it comes to tight space, corner toilet is definitely the perfect choice to go with.

However, the experience with the toilet won’t be that perfect anyway if you fail to choose wisely. Which for sure can happen as a lot of people don’t know that much about high profile toilets’ features.

Best Corner Toilet – Comparison


Product Name

Weight (pounds)

Water Consumption


Sheffield Corner 2-Piece Toilet


1.6 GPF

American Standard 270BD001.020


1.6 GPF

American Standard 270AD001.020


1.6 GPF

But you don’t worry about that, we got your back with a few suggestions we have here.

Top 3 Best Corner Toilet Reviews

1. Renovator’s supply Corner Elongated White Dual Button Flush Toilet

The fact that always got in the way of you buying an elongated toilet for your small bathroom, Renovator’s supply Corner Elongated White Dual Button Flush Toilet proves it wrong. Yes, it’s an elongated toilet that fits small bathrooms just fine.

Corner Elongated White Dual Button Flush Bathroom Toilet

Elongated toilets are always just a dream for many people because they require lots of space to be installed. Thanks to this model’s minimalist design, that requirement won’t be a problem anymore. Corner toilets are aimed for making the best use of tight space, which helps with providing enough space for the elongated bowl in this case.

The toilet is structured with vitreous China, Grade A kind; in order to make it durable enough to withstand possible damage and heavy load. Yup, won’t break unless you smash it really hard with a hammer.

They chose pantone color for the surface so that it doesn’t look weird with all the other things present in the bathroom. The Reno-Gloss finish takes care of stains and mold formation. Stains can’t remain longer on the surface because of the finish, and it’s too glossy for scratch marks as well.

The manufacturers have been super considerate with the flushing system. It includes a double-flush system in order to force not more than the needed amount of water in situations. Yes, the feature introduces strong flush that forces 1.6 gallon of water and light flush that forces 0.8 gallons; making sure not a drop of reserved water goes to waste. For Flushing, comes with a push button on the top of the tank.

The toilet is constructed following EPA water conservation guidelines. You can easily rely on it for a convenient service.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides with the benefits of the elongated bowl on a small surface.
  • Grade A vitreous China structure ensures durability.
  • Reno-gloss finish protects the surface from stubborn stains, molds and scratch marks.
  • Push-button is included on the top of the tank for flushing.
  • The double-flush system executes water in two different amounts fitting the situation.

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2. American Standard 270BD001.020 Cadet 3 Right Height Round Front Two-Piece Triangle Toilet

As it says in the brand’s name, American standard’s all time main concern has been to deliver toilets that would always provide with the satisfaction users desire to have while going for them. American Standard 270BD001.020 Cadet 3 Right Height Round Front Two-Piece Triangle Toilet is no different. The same brand, the same level of devotion in manufacturing which is quite visible in its features.

American Standard 270BD001.020

It is a two-piece toilet, the bowl and the tank comes separately. Features a round bowl. Doesn’t include a seat, you’ve to make a separate purchase for that.

The bowl is constructed with good quality vitreous China. The China used in its manufacturing is the easy-to-clean type, meaning you won’t have to worry about the formation of stubborn stains and molds. Debris gets off the surface pretty easily with a wipe and strong flush. Antimicrobial surface is featured so that bacteria don’t mistake it for a free estate to establish a full-functioning colony.

Also, the use of vitreous China makes the toilet durable, it doesn’t get damaged easily. It is built following the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant design for the convenience of all users. Yes, anybody can use this recommended toilet.

The good corner toilet must have a quality arrangement for flushing, which is evident in this toilet’s flushing system. It includes an oversized 3-inch flush valve to provide with better flush without needing excessive amount of water. The toilet only uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

Chemical resistant flappers are featured so that you can easily add chemical agents into the tank for cleaning purposes.

It’s obvious that the bowl and the tank have to be attached since it’s a two-piece toilet, so there’s a chance that the parts might come separately and in several boxes.

Highlighted Features

  • Two-piece toilet with no seat attached.
  • Antimicrobial surface constructed with vitreous China to ensure hygiene and durability, easily cleanable.
  • The round bowl is ADA compliant.
  • Flushing system includes chemical resistant flapper inside the tank and oversized 3-inch flush valve to help with flushing without wasting water.

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3. American Standard 270AD001.020 Toilet

American Standard 270AD001.020 Toilet gives the answer to the question why this brand is admired all around America. It’s clear from the features; this toilet is structured with exactly everything one would want to see in their corner toilet.

American Standard 270AD001.020

This toilet is constructed with vitreous China, the popular material used in toilet construction. They use Grade A China material so that you don’t have to worry about its durability, the toilet will last for years. Vitreous China surface also helps with cleaning. Debris can’t remain on the smooth finish for long, which makes wiping and scrubbing to get rid of stains easier.

The tank might look like average triangle corner toilet tanks, but don’t let the structure fool your eyes. This triangular tank is American Standard’s one of the best features. It’s trade exclusive; can be fitted anywhere and everywhere, perfect for both small and big bathrooms.

But its main attraction is the flushing system. It’s obvious; the good corner toilet would definitely come with an arrangement which makes sure that no amount of water goes to waste. This toilet does the same, but with more.

It includes the brand’s remarkable Cadet flushing system that features valves, which particularly work to force powerful flush without needing too much water. The water consumption rate of the flush is like 1.6 gaffs (or 6.0 Luff), which is very low compared to many other toilets’ flushing system out there.

Also, there’s another fantastic thing about the flushing system is its unique POWER WASH rim. Instead of just forcing water to do a basic flush, Power Wash system scrubs the stains away to save you the extra chore later.

It’s a two-piece toilet, the bowl and the tank don’t come joined together.

Highlighted Features

  • Trade exclusive triangle tank fits everywhere.
  • Vitreous China body is durable and easily washable.
  • Comes with PowerWash rim to execute powerful flush that sort of does the job of scrubbing at the same time, and flushing doesn’t require excessive amount of water.
  • The bowl and the tank come separated.

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Best Corner Toilet Buying Guide

Still having trouble making decisions? Nothing to worry about actually, it’s pretty normal to get confused when you have to choose one toilet from several options. In this situation, you can proceed to a decision by considering the following issues.


Now you may wonder, well how many purposes would a toilet serve for other than coming handy for dumping waste? Well, in this case, you’re getting it completely wrong. By purpose we mean, where do you wish to mount it?

The location and the area do matter. You see, corner toilets might be aimed for fitting tight spaces, but not all are constructed the same way. Some structures probably won’t fit the corner, or you yourself might not want them there. Some designs don’t suit all the locations. So, you have to think all these stuff through beforehand.

Then comes the measurement. As already mentioned above, not all corner toilets are constructed following the same measurements. So measure your targeted area first, and then search for a great toilet that fits it.

Sitting Convenience

You wouldn’t want to bend extra mile while sitting on the toilet seat, would you? We know, nobody would; neither would they want to not be able to use the toilet correctly due to its improper height. Have to be careful about that, check the height before settling with an option.

Also, keeping user’s convenience in mind, manufacturers are mostly constructing ADA compliant structure nowadays. It’s better to go with those toilets since they’re convenient for everybody.

About the good toilet seats, many toilets include them, many don’t. There’s no harm in purchasing a toilet without a seat, but finding one that perfectly fits your toilet can be a challenging task. So, purchasing one with it will surely save you a lot of browsing later on.

Again, round and elongated, both bowl options are available for corner toilet. The choice is all yours, both bowls come with their own set of privileges.

Construction Material

The material plays a great role in a toilet’s service for two reasons. For one, the durability of the structure depends on it, and so does the proper cleaning. Vitreous China is a popular option in this regard because it’s durable and debris can’t remain on it for a longer period. However, the possibility of easy cleaning gets higher, as the surface gets glossier.

Flushing System

How delicate this issue can get, it doesn’t have to be explained to anybody; everybody knows. So, check out the flushing system beforehand.

Wasting is never a good thing, especially when it’s a natural resource like water that we can’t survive without. Many manufacturers are implying technologies to reduce the amount of water required for a powerful flush. It’s best to go with a minimalist design that supports that concept.

Also, the design of the tank, how the features inside it take care of the whole situation is some important things that mustn’t be ignored while you’re searching for the best.


The toilet is directly connected with plumbing, so wrong mounting can lead to a number of horrible situations. In order to avoid such a disaster, it’s important that you know what you’re doing.

Sometimes the bowl and the tank come joined as in one-piece toilets, sometimes separated as in two-piece toilets. Because of the structure, two-piece toilets require more work than one-piece toilets; however, you have to be careful in every situation.

One can easily estimate how the installation process will go for a particular model, but still, they can always take help from manuals, websites and guidelines. For your convenience, we have mentioned some necessary steps right here, under this guide.

What we were trying to say is, be sure of the installation process before you make up your mind.

Installation Process for Corner Toilets

Although there might be some alteration in the process for different toilets, the basic steps are all the same. If you’re willing to install it on your own for the first time and feeling nervous about it, don’t. Just follow these steps.

Step One.

Make sure nothing is leaking and no old remnants of the previous toilet are still there. Also, turn off the water supply before proceeding.

Step Two.

Take the necessary measurements and mark the required spots with a pencil. Use a measuring tape or scale for this purpose.

Step Three.

Take the wax ring and place its smooth side over the toilet flange. Carefully press it for a firm mount on the spot.

Step Four.

Take the anchor bolts and pass them through the tapered side of the ring. The toilet is supposed to be pinned to those bolts.

Step Five.

Toilets usually feature installation hole at the bottom. Align those holes with the bolts pointing out of the ring. Now, slowly lower the toilet.

Step Six.

After placing it, press it gently to settle the toilet in its place. Complete the task by inserting needed nuts and washers onto the bolts, and fixing them permanently with the help of a wrench. In the end, add the caps on the top of the bolts.

Step Seven.

Adjust and settle the tank by repeating the same process again with the tank and the rear top of the bowl. You have to place the tank over the bowl first in case it’s a two-piece toilet.

Step Eight.

Now take the seat and attach it with the bowl.

Step Nine. 

In order to enable water supplying, join the water tube with the tank. But don’t turn on the supply after this very step.

Step Ten.

Take grout or caulk for giving a finishing touch to the installation. Apply them on the mounting spots where the filling is needed. And with that, your work for installation is done.

Final Words

Since you decided to rely on us for such an important decision, it was our responsibility to guide you to the right choice.

And in order to do that, we picked several options, added some tips for purchasing convenience and even discussed the installation process, just so that we can provide you with every possible detail one would need for buying the best corner toilet.

We hope our recommendations toilet will work for you.

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