Best Dual Flush Toilets: Top Reviews and Buying Guide

Do you know only 3 percent of the water on the earth is fresh?

With the rapid growth of population around the world, this limited amount of water is decreasing day by day. Right now, around 785 million people lack basic drinking water all over the world.

Shouldn’t we use this precious asset wisely?

As a positive initiative of saving water for the next generation, in 1960, a Japanese sanitary product manufacturer named Toto came up with the idea of the dual flush toilet. Later, both manufacturers and users from around the world appreciated the idea by manufacturing dual flush toilets and choosing those toilets for their needs.

Best Dual Flush Toilet in 2021 – Comparison


Product Name

Weight (pounds)

Water Consumption


WoodBridge T-0020


1.6 GPF

KOHLER K-3987-0


1.6 GPF



1.6 GPF

Toto MS992CUMFG#01



TOTO MS446124CEMG#01


0.8 GPF

American Standard 2889218.020


0.92 GPF

Anyone who prefers a dual flush toilet for his bathroom deserves appreciation. As a means of appreciation from our teams, we have written this content. Throughout this content, we will help people like you, who are planning for purchasing this type of toilet, buy the best dual flush toilet for their washrooms.

Here in this content, apart from reviewing the top dual flush toilets, we also have written a complete buying guide, answered a few most frequently asked questions, and discussed some other related topics. At the end of this content, hopefully, you can understand better what you have to buy, and you can be a better user of it.

5 Best Dual Flush Toilet Reviews

After researching a good number of toilets, which are also powered with a dual flush system, we made this short list of 5 top pick dual flush toilets.

Interestingly, we have selected these five from only three manufacturers, where mostly the Toto toilets dominate. Moreover, among these five you will get both standard and luxurious toilets for your consideration.

Let’s see what we got for you.

1. WoodBridge T-0020 Dual Flush Toilet

Probably this toilet is one of the finest toilets you have ever seen. This one is more than a toilet. Literally, this is a next-generation toilet in terms of features and outer beauty.

Best dual flush toilet

The renowned Canadian sanitary product producer Woodbridge manufactured this fantastic dual flush toilet. Woodbridge is well known to the people for the superior quality of their products. Apart from the outer beauty, you will get superior service while cleaning, flushing and sitting on the toilet.

Choosing this as a part of your bathroom, you can make your toilet cleaning and maintaining job easier. This toilet is featured with wide trapway, clean friendly surface, and most importantly has no corner and groove. After all, during your cleaning session, you can reach every point with toilet brush easily, and get your job done within just a few minutes.

To make your time on the toilet comfortable, the seat of this toilet has been placed on a comfortable height. Also, unlike other toilets, this one includes a toilet seat, which is also attached to the toilet firmly. Even after years of use, both will be just in their places.

For a hassle-free installation, the producer also includes special hand wrench tool with the toilet. Using this, you can tighten the bolts in the toilet’s backside easily. Apart from this, it also has a high-quality toilet wax ring and floor bolts that will ensure both attachment and beauty of the installation.

Highlighted Features

  • Toilet features a luxurious modern design and sleek look, also compliments with different styles.
  • The skirted trapway makes cleaning effortless and efficient for the toilet bowl cleaner.
  • Powered with stainless steel durable seat hinge that lasts for a long time.
  • The fully glazed powerful flush system does the flushing in a super quite way.

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2. KOHLER K-3987-0 Dual Flush Toilet

This one is another smart looking toilet for the persons who care most about their bathroom decoration. An American company named Kohler manufactured this smart bathroom tool.

KOHLER K-3987-0

Kohler established in 1873 and is best known for its plumbing products. After getting trust from the people, they increased their product line and now they also produce furniture, tile, engines and sanitary products.

This K-3987-0 toilet isn’t just good in terms of look, it has good features like class-five flushing technology, wide trapway, lever functioned flush, etc.  Moreover, using this high profile Kohler toilet you will surely enjoy leak free performance around the years.

It’s a two-part toilet with a separate bowl and flush tank. The bowl is round in shape and measures a standard size. Because of this round shape design, anyone can install this one inside of his spacious bathroom, smaller baths and powder rooms. Basically, it is a toilet that satisfies different groups of customers.

This Kohler toilet will do waste management in an excellent way. Manufacturer integrated a 2-1/8-Inch glazed trapway on the bottom end of the toilet. So, when you flush the toilet after use, all the waste will be smoothly moved from the bowl to your building’s main waste removing the line.

Moreover, you can install this without facing any difficulties. Kohler, the planner of this toilet, integrated DryLock Fast Install System in this model. As a result, you can ensure the no-leak installation of your toilet at your desired corner of the washroom in a fast and foolproof way.

Highlighted Features

  • Featured with industry leading innovative design that adds charm to the bathroom decoration.
  • A suitable and ideal selection for both compact and spacious bathrooms.
  • Dual-flush technology allows you to choose between a full or partial flush.
  • Can be installed simply with just three bolts.

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3. TOTO CST416M#03 Dual Flush Toilet

This time we bring you a product straight from the pioneer of the dual flush toilet. Toto is a Japan-based global brand. The brand produces both top notch products as well as standard designed products, this CST416M is a standard type product.


Moreover, along with the standard look and other functional features, the Toto toilet will also ensure the maximum utilization of stored water. The flush requires only 1.6 / 0.9-gallon of water per flush.

Sitting on this toilet, you can completely enjoy your time in the bathroom. The elongated front bowl together with the upgraded oval close seat will guarantee your comfort. Additionally, having a wide bowl you can do your cleaning with full of freedom and perfection. Because here you can reach every corner while enjoying the freedom of moving the toilet brush.

The use of dual flushing system will be more effective with this Toto toilet. The 2-1/8-Inch fully glazed trapway will always make sure you that each flushing completely washes out the waste from the bowl. If you can ensure clean bowl after every evacuation, then the toilet will give you a bacteria-free fresh look around the week.

Along with its functional features, you will also love the design of this toilet. Both the bowl and tank feature a modern stylish shape. Basically, the concave nature of both parts to each other gives the toilet a standing out from the crowd look.

Highlighted Features

  • Features Dual-Max flushing system to ensure maximum utilization of limited water.
  • Push button style switch let you operate the flush conveniently.
  • Spacious trapway helps you to keep the toilet clean and tidy after every use.
  • Comes with a simple installation system for hassle-free installation at any corner of the house.

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4. Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Dual Flush Toilet

This is our second selection from the brand you have already heard about. According to the Toto’s mission and vision, the company always want to fulfill the ever changing demand of the customers with their updated products. This Toto MS446124CEMG is a perfect example of that.

Toto MS992CUMFG#01

It’s a toilet that features some top-notch technological facilities that are really fantastic additions considering it’s a washroom device. Other than the regular toilet features, here you will have a remote controlling facility, aerated water spray facility, and a heated seat with temperature control feature.

This one-piece toilet features skirted design and high profile tank, which means here the flush tank is attached with the bowl of the toilet. This type of attachment gives the toilet a modern touch and enables it for unstructured space installation.

It’s a dual flushing system based toilet also powered with cyclone siphon jet flushing feature. In a combination of both, you will enjoy the ultra-high efficiency flow of water into the toilet bowl when you push the flush switch. Flush’s water flowing range is 1.0GPF/3.8LPF and 0.8GPF/3.0LPF.

This ultra-modern toilet also features Cefiontect ceramic glaze. The glaze is not only looks premium but also minimizes the habitation of debris, mold, and bacteria from sticking to porous. As a result, with just your regular flushing that you do after every evacuation or relieving yourself, you can keep your toilet clean.

Highlighted Features

  • Super-efficient dual flushing system helps you to maximize your water utilization and cut the bill.
  • The remote controlling system makes your use and operating of the toilet super easy.
  • Clean friendly surface with three different washing modes let you keep your toilet always clean.
  • Built-in air purifying system will add freshness to the ambiance of your toilet room.

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5. TOTO MS446124CEMG Dual Flush Toilet

It is our third consecutive selection from the brand Toto. Just like the sanitary industry, the manufacturer is dominating our short list of the top-rated dual flush toilet too.

TOTO MS446124CEMG#01

This Toto MS446124CEMG is out and out a white color toilet with a minimal yet standard bowl and tank design. Choosing this Toto toilet as your toilet room component, you can enjoy all the toilet facilities with convenient maintenance around the year.

Every time you clean this toilet, you will get some advantages from this toilet. This one is equipped with a Dynamax Tornado flushing system. The system utilizes 360-degree cleaning power to reach every part of the bowl. Because of this facility, stains can’t grow even in the less visible corner of the toilet bowl.

A common problem that almost all toilet users face is debris and mold adhere to the toilet surface and make the toilet dirty. To prevent such adherence here the manufacturer manufactured this toilet’s surface with Cefiontect ceramic glaze. Because of this prevention layer, you need to do just schedule cleaning.

Another issue that is also common in many toilets is, the flush of the toilet makes much noise during the flushing. But, in this toilet, the bowl has been designed in a way that, it can reduce water flow resistance and turbulence that ultimately results in a quiet flush.

Highlighted Features

  • The skirted design enhances the elegant look of the toilet and adds an additional level of sophistication.
  • 360 effective cleaning technology ensures proper cleaning of the toilet.
  • Here the dual flush requires minimum water as well as produces minimum noise.
  • The Cefiontect powered surface resists stains and bacteria and promotes freshness.

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What Is Dual Flush and Why Do We Need It?

Dual Flush System

Dual flush is a type of flushing system that functions through different channels for cleaning different types of waste from the toilet bowl. A toilet that is programmed with dual flush technology has two dimensional switches.

In this respect, if the switch is pushing or pressing one, it will have two different parts, one is smaller than the other. Inversely, if the switch is a lever one, it has two stoppages one for half flushing and another for full flushing.

How Does A Dual Flush Toilet Work?

We already mentioned that there are two channels in dual flush system switch, between these two, one functions for cleaning liquid or a simple cleaning, other is used for complete cleaning. A user when he operates the small switch or first stoppage of the lever, a small amount of water flows to the bowl from the tank to clean the bowl’s waste.

Moreover, when a user pushes the large switch or moves the lever till the second or last stoppage, a large amount of water flows from the tank to the bowl for cleaning the hard waste. Simply, when you urinate, press the small switch and after evacuation press the large one.

Why We Need A Dual Flush?

This dual flush technology was developed by Japanese sanitary product manufacturer TOTO in 1960. After that, sanitary product manufacturers all over the world adopted this technology in their products too as it has some positive aspects. Some points on how a dual flush system benefits users are listed below.

  • Dual flushing system saves the water.
  • Dual flushing system cuts users’ monthly water bills.
  • Ensures proper utilization of stored water.
  • It reduces the incidence of clogs.
  • Overall, good for the present and future generation.

What to Consider Before You Buy a Best Dual Flush Toilet?

Just like our other household and office belongings, there are some factors that determine the quality and performance of a toilet. Below we mentioned such dominant factors of a toilet, you can consider all or some of them analyzing your needs and requirements as a buyer.

Shape and size

Toilet bowls are primarily come in two shapes, round and elongated toilet. In these two, round bowls follow a circular motion design where the other follows an oval or rectangular shape.

In general, the round shape bowls are slightly smaller than the oval or rectangular shape bowls.

However, while deciding the shape and size of your toilet, you must follow the measurement of the place where you will install it.


Nowadays, the bathroom becomes one of the places in a house or office that we care about much and want to keep it as decorated and clean as possible.

Considering the customers’ taste, manufacturers also design their products with different designs. These designs start from a standard look to some ultra-smart look that makes a set of toilet most decorated piece of art in the bathroom!

Moreover, technology has become a part of the toilet design and development in recent time. You should choose a particular design considering your taste, your overall toilet room ambiance and most importantly your budget.

Waste management

Waste management mainly involves all the activities we have to do for keeping our toilets clean all the time. In this respect, there are some toilets that require only simple cleaning or flushing, others require a little higher degree of cleaning.

In general, features like slippery surface, all around flushing system and spacious trapway make a toilet competent for providing better cleaning service and for being fresh for every next user around the day.

Function of the flush

Here all the toilet we have featured in our list as well as reviewed were dual flush toilets. Apart from this dual side functional feature, you may consider some additional facilities that a flush system can provide.

There are some flushes that make less noise during operation, some supply water from 360 degrees, and some others are programmed with remote control technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we have collected some of the frequently asked questions about the function and use of dual flush toilet and answered them sensibly.

As a potential user of dual flush toilet, you will definitely find these answers informative and helpful to develop your overall understanding of a set of the dual flush featured toilet.

1. How does the dual flush system work?

Ans. Below we have described the dual flush toilet mechanism for a lever operated dual flush tank.

a. Parts of The System

Inside the system of a dual flush tank, there is a fill chamber and a flush chamber. Fill chamber fills the tank with water, it stops filling when it reaches the desired level. Later the flush chamber transfers the water from the system to the bowl.

b. Mechanism of Full Flushing

When the handle is pressed fully the siphon pulls up the water and passes it through the folded diaphragm washer. In this situation, gravity takes over and let the water flow continuously until the tank is finished.

c. Mechanism of Half Flushing

For half flushing, the manufacturer designed the stem with few extruded cuts in the stem, these cuts allow the air to enter into the siphons.  As a result, the water only gets out till the level where the cuts end because no gravity works to push the remaining water from the tank after that.

2. Is it difficult to install a toilet on my own?

Ans. Installing a toilet is not a very challenging task. All you need to assemble the right toilet tool and follow the instructions to the point. In general, two-piece toilets are easy to install than the one piece toilets. This is because the latter one is heavier than the former one.

However, before installing any toilet, make sure that you have chosen the right rough-in toilet for your bathroom.

3. Do dual-flush toilets include toilet seats?

Ans. Just like other types of toilet, such as compact toilets for small bathroom, pressure assisted toilets, it totally depends on the manufacturer. Some suppliers provide toilet seat and cover with the toilet, on the other hand, the users have to buy it separately.

Nevertheless, there are some toilets that have in-built seat and covering system which is firmly attached to the toilet body.

4. Can half flush really clean the toilet?

Ans. Yes, it can. Toilet flushing technology has developed a lot and the main focal point of this development is maximum utilization of water. In some cases, in a dual flush toilet, you can clean the bowl waste completely by pressing the half flush button.

However, in extreme case, if you think half flush doesn’t clean your toilet properly, you can move to the complete flushing.


Again, we are appreciating that you have decided to consider a dual flush toilet for your bathroom needs.

Indeed, if you can buy the best dual flush toilet for your bathroom, you are not only doing something better for the environment but also saving your expenses!

However, we wish you can now successfully turn your consideration into a purchase.

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