Glacier Bay Toilet Reviews – Do They Really Worth your Money?

A toilet is one of the most important things in a household. Without a good toilet in the house, there will never be any peace among the people. So it is of the utmost urgency and importance that you choose a right toilet that’s not only good-looking but is also good at its job.

Best Glacier Bay Toilet 2021 – Comparison


Product Name


Water Consumption


Glacier Bay N2420 Toilet


1.6 GPF

Glacier Bay N2430E Toilet


1.28 GPF

Glacier Bay N2316-BLK Toilet



Glacier Bay N2316 bisc  Toilet


1.6 GPF

We are sure you have heard of Glacier Bay – it’s a very popular company owned by Home Depot and loved by consumers all over the world. Countless Glacier Bay toilet reviews go into extensive comparisons. But in this review, we are going to keep it short and quick.

Hopefully, you will like the information and the suggestions we provide you right here about this popular yet affordable brand.

Top 4 Glacier Bay Toilet Reviews

To help with your research, we have listed 4 of the most popular Glacier Bay toilets for you. Check them out to see which one is the one for you.

1. 1-piece High-Efficiency Dual Flush Elongated Toilet in White

This is a floor-mounted one-piece toilet that comes at the most affordable price and runs with the greatest efficiency. Seriously, this white porcelain toilet is the simplest and yet the best at its task.

One piece High Efficiency Dual Flush Elongated Toilet

It has a very simple aesthetic – the white color goes with everything to give your toilet a very elegant and clean look. This is the classic toilet.

The seat of the toilet bowl is oblong. You will get the highest level of comfort on this seat. There is adequate space for just the right level of posture balance without making you feel woozy. It comes with a dual flushing technology that helps you save water and keep the bills low.

Installing this toilet is super easy – being a 1-piece bowl, not much hassle is required to set it up at all. Another thing you will love about this toilet is that it will take minimal effort to clean.


  • Saves water
  • Has a dual flushing system
  • 1-piece is simple to install
  • An elongated toilet seat that provides a good level of balance


  • The top and the seat are both unstable

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2. 2-piece 1.0 GPF/1.28 GPF Elongated Toilet in Biscuit

This is a modern two-piece toilet that will look fresh in the usual bathrooms that don’t have a lot of fancy decors. It is a perfect toilet for simple households that don’t want to waste too much time or effort in replacements or fixes.

Two piece Elongated Toilet in Biscuit

2-piece toilets are generally more durable than one-piece setups. This one will take you a bit more time during installation, but that is the last time you will need to do any extensive work on this toilet because there won’t be much need for any reparations.

The seating bowl is elongated, which is a good thing because it’s a comfortable seat with enough space for you to balance yourself on it without even thinking about it. If you have kids in the house, then the elongated seat of this toilet will be great for them to practice.

Also, we must mention that the color of this 2-piece is slightly beige in the shade. The company calls this color ‘biscuit’ because it has a bit of some warm tone that helps add a bit of character to your toilet space.


  • A 2-piece set that is more durable and stable
  • Beige color makes it a bit more interesting than the regular plain whites
  • Elongated toilet seat is more comfortable to sit on


  • The flush doesn’t work because the float doesn’t stay in place

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3. 2-piece High-Efficiency Dual Flush Elongated Toilet in Black

If you want a break from the monotonous porcelain white of the usual toilets you see in every home, office, and store, then this jet black 2-piece dual flush toilet had been waiting just for your eyes to find it.

Glacier Bay Toilet Reviews

No, really, this jet black toilet is a vision to look at. Especially because it shines so nicely. We’ll tell you right off the bat that this toilet bowl will need more delicate cleaning than the other ones just so that the shine never goes away.

But looking at this seat again, we’d say that the extra effort is going to be worth it. Because not only is this seat a good color, but it also is a very good system, all complete with the high-efficiency dual flush technology that will save water and cut your bills down slightly.

The elongated oblong seat of this toilet is stable and comfortable. This will hold your back straight and consequently encourage a good bowel movement.

Another thing we love about this toilet is that it is a 2-piece system that will last you longer than if it was a single piece toilet.

The floor-mounted installation of this toilet will take a bit more time, but we think that’s irrelevant in this case. Once you get the toilet all set up, it won’t give you any more trouble at all.


  • Excellent eye-catching color
  • Has an elongated seat for your maximum comfort
  • 2-piece system that is durable and stable
  • The floor-mounted fixture will give you very little trouble
  • Comes with a dual flush system to keep water wastage down


  • Will require a bit more care during maintenance and regular cleaning

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4. Glacier Bay 2-piece 1.1 GPF/1.6 GPF High-Efficiency Dual Flush Elongated Toilet in Biscuit

Now we have another great toilet, but this time it doesn’t come in any fancy attention-grabbing color. This is a Glacier Bay toilet with dual flush technology that’s easy and convenient to use.

Glacier Bay 2-piece High Efficiency Dual Flush Elongated Toilet

If you care about the environment and the size of your electric bills, then it would give you great relief to know that the dual flush system takes care of both of those factors peacefully. The small flush will release a 1.1 GPF of water, while the bigger one will have a GPF of 1.6.

This is the toilet of the 21st century. It’s a modern system that doesn’t make too much of itself. The simple color of the toilet will keep it well adjusted with the rest of your bathroom.

All necessary pieces for installation will come in the package itself. You won’t have any trouble getting it all together. However, it is a 2-piece set, so it will require a bit more time in general. But once it’s all set up, you won’t have to do anything more for it than regular cleaning each week.

It has the new feature of a QuickConnect Installation System that makes the setup so easy that even a first-timer can do it without breaking a sweat just by following the manual guide.

This is as low maintenance and as low profile as it gets. If you like minimal appearances, then this slightly beige toilet set up is the one for you.


  • Modern, simplistic design
  • Has a quickconnect installation system
  • Two levels of water pressure – 1.1 GPF and 1.6 GPF
  • Comes in a beige color that doesn’t catch stains so easily


  • Doesn’t come in any other color

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Why Glacier Bay?

Glacier Bay because we love efficiency. There are many variations of toilets that Glacier Bay has, but something common in all of them is efficiency and low price rates.

These Glacier Bay toilets will help you save something every step of the way. First of all, they cost less than similar products from other brands, so you’ll save money at purchase.

Secondly, these toilets use the right amount of water for flushing systems. There won’t be a big waste of water every time you flush, and that’s always a good thing for the environment.

Lastly, we’ll say that the designs are also a great reason for the appeal of the Glacier Bay toilets. There are many models with many different appearances, and there’s plenty of options for both the minimalists and the maximalists.

What Makes the Glacier Bay Brand Popular?

With Glacier Bay, what you see is what you get. There is no behind the scene scheme to make you pay more for less. Their products are always top-notch.

This is a trusted company that has been serving the masses for years – it has a great range of bathroom fixtures that are reasonably priced and well adjusted to deliver quality service over time.

There is a great variety of designs among the products and a wide scope for varied functionality to make your work more convenient and much easier. The company does its research to make an extensive range of fixtures at a low cost.

Once you start going through the catalog, you will find everything you need and more. You will find modern technologies like the dual flush system and also the more conventional technologies both under one roof.

There will be no more roaming around through stores – Glacier Bay will be your last stop for super affordable high-quality fixtures that are as functional as they are impressive to look at. These fixtures are built to last, and you won’t have to get a replacement any time soon.

This is the best deal for those who are on a budget and also those who aren’t – this is why the Glacier Bay products are so popular among the people.

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing a Glacier Bay Toilet

Buying a toilet requires a few simple factors to be taken into account. We’ll go over them right here so that you feel fully confident while making the inquiries for the purchase.

Types of Toilet

1-Piece: These will be installed at a low position – so these will be nearer to the ground. That making these toilets especially convenient for the children in the house.

The whole toilet arrangement comes in a single piece that’s easy to clean, install and position. We recommend this if you have a small bathroom and kids in the house.

2-Piece: This is the most common type of toilet. The tank and the bowl are separate, and the tank is installed above the toilet bowl. Installing this one will take a few more nuts and bolts, but two-piece toilets are the ones that you can most rely on at the end of the day.

These toilet seats are at a regular height that’s convenient for everyone’s use and good for children to get used to. We generally recommend these if space is not an issue.

Shape of the Toilet Bowl

Round: Round ones are for small bathrooms – these are good enough for the task but might be a bit uncomfortable at times.

Oval or Elongated Bowls: These, on the other hand, require a bit more space for installation. These bowls are more comfortable, stable, and easier to clean.

Which Glacier Bay Toilet Is the Best?

Among all the five we have talked about, our top favorite is the Glacier Bay 2-piece 1.1 GPF/1.6 GPF High Efficiency Dual Flush Elongated Toilet in Biscuit. This is a 2-piece beige-colored dual-flush floor-mounted toilet in an elongated shape that ticks all the right points of approval.

It will serve you a long time without any hassle – it’s a simple but efficient toilet for a home that values efficacy more than luxury, so we think this is the one for most people.

Special Features of Glacier Bay Toilets

Some of the latest technology that the brand has incorporated into their latest models make these toilets as desirable as super high-end toilet brands. But the good thing is that Glacier Bay keeps their prices low, so the

There is the Quick Bay Connect System that makes their installation simple and super fast. This is a bit of a general category feature.

We are more impressed with its WaterSense and ADA certification, which states that these toilets use 20% less water than other toilets and thus save energy and bills.

Then there are also impressive extra features like an antimicrobial glaze put on the porcelain and a concealed trapway, which is incredibly easier to clean and take care of on a regular basis.

Glacier Bay Flushing Systems Explained

Your toilet is useless if it doesn’t flush properly. So this is one of the first things that you should check after choosing a toilet based on how it looks on the outside.

Fortunately, Glacier Bay does not make subpar products – so you will never have to face any problems about such basic duties of a toilet as flushing. There are, however, some things that you need to know about their flushing mechanisms.

So, there are two main kinds of flushing systems. One is the pull-handle flush, and the other is the push button flush.

Pull handles are a bit traditional in style, but they are still quite in demand. These handles work plainly – when you pull them down, they flush. With these, you won’t have any amount of control over the amount of water that the flushing takes up.

On the other hand are push buttons. These are more modern and more common these days.

Push buttons let you control the amount of water for the flush. There are two variations within push buttons – single push buttons and dual push buttons. Single buttons will let you control the water, but you will have to get the dual pushbuttons for greater and better control.

With dual pushbuttons, one button will release a small but adequate amount of water. The other button will release much more water at every flush. These double push buttons are rapidly rising in popularity because they are very durable, and more importantly, they help us save water and cut down on utility costs.

Comparisons with Other Brands

All Glacier Bay products have an advantage over the other brands that sell similar faucets and fixtures because they are always reasonably priced. Glacier Bay makes great quality entry-level products for those who are starting a new family and those who are looking for a generally good value for their money.

They also provide great extra facilities without charging extra for each of them. The overall value of Glacier Bay fixtures is greater because they cost less and last longer.

Maintaining the porcelain is easier because of convenient features like the trapway and the antimicrobial glaze that many of these fixtures have on them.

Installation of Glacier Bay Toilets

Installing a Glacier Bay toilet is not very tricky – they are installed more or less in the same way that any other toilet would be installed.

You will need to bring your bag of hardware along for this. All you need is a wrench, a putty knife, a spirit level, and a connection line for a direct link with the water supply for the installation.

Glacier Bay will supply every other piece of hardware necessary for the completion of the installation process. A detailed manual guide will also be provided, and you can consult it to understand the parts and the step-by-step instructions.


Disconnect the water supply by turning off the valve of the supply line. Flush the old toilet, remove water from the tank, and then remove the old toilet. If you had a two-piece toilet before, you would need to disjoin the two parts before removing them from the wall.


The toilet bowl goes first, and then the toilet tank.

Put the floor bolts in their designated places, and while doing so, make sure that they are in proper alignment with the wall. Then install the wax ring into place, position the toilet bowl over them and bolt it in by regularly keeping an eye to make sure that they are perfectly aligned.

After this is done, install the tank (if you have a two-piece) by using gaskets and then passing the bolts through the slots.


Get the water supply back on after you’re done putting everything together, and check for leaks.

Note: We have provided a summarized version of the installation process by highlighting only the main points. For better and more consistent guidance, we highly suggest you constantly consult the manual guide instructions while setting up the toilet.

Toilet Maintenance Tips

When it comes to toilets, you really have to put effort into keeping up its hygiene.

Clean Regularly

You have to clean your toilet regularly. Use a mild cleaner – a mild soap or something natural like vinegar or baking soda. Pour this into the toilet bowl and use a brush to scrub the porcelain thoroughly after every two days at least.

Fix Leaks Immediately

If there are any leaks in the lines, you have to get it fixed right away! Otherwise, water will constantly keep dripping out of it, and bacteria will collect in that area of constant dampness.

Don’t Throw Random Things in for the Flush 

Another obvious thing that we often take for granted is what we flush down the toilet.

If you want to avoid doing the grossest thing of your life, that is, unclogging a clogged toilet, then you have to remember that you absolutely cannot flush anything other than feces, tissue paper, and urine through the toilet. You shouldn’t even throw the paper into it.

These are the three major tips we have for you, and we absolutely must press again that each of them is followed strictly to avoid germs from spreading and getting you and your family sick.

Final Words

All Glacier Bay toilet reviews, without exception, will tell you how good these toilets are, and you have the massive consumer pool to attest to that.

So, if you want a high-quality toilet at an affordable price, then you must get a Glacier Bay toilet for yourself. We hope the article has helped to narrow down some of your options. With that, we end it here – good luck!

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