Best Glue For Undermount Sink in 2023

Are you looking for the best glue for undermount sinks? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll discuss the various types of glue available and how to choose the best one for your undermount sink. We will also provide tips on how to install the sink correctly and safely, so you can be sure your sink is securely attached to your countertop.

Top 3 glue for undermount sink – The Winners!

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This product is perfect for the customer looking for a high strength, durable construction adhesive. The Gorilla Max Strength Clear Construction Adhesive is a great option, offering a 9 ounce cartridge that provides a strong and permanent bond to almost any material. It is a versatile, water-resistant adhesive and can be used indoors or outdoors.

It is also easy to apply and clean up with water.

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Gorilla Max Strength Clear Adhesive, 9oz Cartridge, (1)

Gorilla Max Strength Clear Construction Adhesive, 9 Ounce Cartridge, Clear, (Pack of 1)

Introducing the most powerful construction adhesive on the market: our Ultimate Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive! This product has been proven to be twice as strong as Gorilla’s Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive, offering superior quality and durability. It dries crystal clear, is 100% waterproof, and works even under water. This adhesive is incredibly durable in all weather situations and is also repositionable, gap filling, and paintable.

It’s also easy to dispense and use, making it a great choice for all your construction projects.

Vance Ind. QNUMSG 8pk Rect. w/ Epoxy Glue

Vance Industries QNUMSG 8-Pack Undermount Studs, Rectangle with Epoxy Glue

If you’re looking for a secure and reliable way to install an undermount sink without drilling, Vance Industries has the perfect solution. This complete installation kit includes 8 each of studs, clips, wing nuts, lock washers and a .25 ml tube of epoxy glue.

It’s a great choice for both stone and solid surface countertops. With Vance Industries, you can rest assured that your sink will stay securely in place with no drilling required.

Vance 8-Pack Undermount Studs w/Epoxy Glue

Vance 8-pack Undermount Studs - Round with Epoxy Glue

This 8-pack of studs, clips, wing nuts, and lock washers is the perfect choice for any stone or solid surface countertop project. It includes everything you need to get the job done, plus a .25 ml tube of Epoxy glue for easy installation.

This versatile set is sure to make any countertop project quick and simple.

Premium Sink Clips 10-Pack Kit

PREMIUM Sink Clips-10 Pack Kit, Undermount Sink Clips, Sink Brackets, Bathroom Sink Clips, Kitchen Sink Clips, Epoxy Sink Clips, Sink Clip, Heavy Duty Sink Clips

Our sink clips are the perfect solution for anyone looking to easily and effortlessly install their Undermount Kitchen or Bathroom Sink. With a 1000lb capacity and anti-corrosion coating, our heavy duty steel clips provide a secure and durable hold – all without the need for any special tools or expertise. Plus, each purchase includes 10 premium sink clips, so you can get the job done while saving money too!

Akfix Construction Adhesive 9.6 Oz.

Akfix High Tack Construction Adhesive - Waterproof Bonding for Heavy Building Materials, Floor, Tile, Concrete, Stone, Metal, Mirror, Ceiling Sound&Thermal Isolation Panels |Outdoor&Indoor 9.6 Oz.

Are you looking for a heavy-duty adhesive that can bond a variety of materials together? Look no further than Akfix High Tack Adhesive. This universal adhesive has been specifically formulated to bond extreme heavy building materials together with superior ultimate bonding strength of 350 kg / 10 cm. It works better than regular construction adhesives.

The Hybrid High Tack Polymer adhesive comes in a 10 oz bottle and can be used with a caulk gun or applied with a knife. It is suitable for strong mounting and pasting of all heavy materials. Akfix adhesive is applicable to all types of surfaces, including moist and wet surfaces.

It is perfect for repairs and construction on cement, marble, miracle, ceramic, stone, tile, granite, etc.Akfix adhesive also features excellent primeness and is over-paintable. It saves time for applicators with its short press time and is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors as a waterproof adhesive. Plus, it is environment friendly and does not contain isocyanate, solvents, acids, or halogens and has no offensive odor.With more than 200,000 sqft of production plant and exports to over 108 countries, Akfix has become a preferred choice for both professionals and amateurs. If you have any questions about the product, simply contact the manufacturer and they will be more than happy to help.

How To Choose Glue For Undermount Sink

Choose a glue that is waterproof and flexible, such as polyurethane or silicone, to ensure a secure installation. Measure the gap between the sink and countertop, and select the correct size of glue for your project. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation and drying time.

Adhesion Strength

to understandWhen installing an undermount sink, it is important to ensure a secure fit and strong adhesion. To check the adhesion strength, use a level and check for any gaps between the sink and the countertop. Make sure the sink is flush and level with the countertop, and that there are no gaps.

Additionally, you should use a sealant or caulk around the edges of the sink to improve adhesion.

Gap Filling Capacity

When selecting an undermount sink, it is important to check the gap filling capacity to ensure a secure and stable installation. The gap filling capacity is a measure of how much space the sink can fill between the countertop and the sink. If the gap filling capacity is too low, it could lead to an unstable installation, meaning the sink could detach from the countertop.

Make sure to check the gap filling capacity before purchasing an undermount sink.


When installing an undermount sink, waterproofing is an important step. Make sure to check the sealant around the edges of the sink, as well as the sealant around the drain and pipes. Additionally, check the caulk around the countertop, and inspect the sink for any signs of water damage.

Proper waterproofing will help protect your sink from water damage and keep your kitchen looking great.

Heat Resistance

.When purchasing an undermount sink, it is important to check its heat resistance. Look for a sink made of materials like stainless steel, copper, granite, or quartz, as these materials are highly heat resistant.

Additionally, look for a sink with a thick base and walls, as this can help to insulate heat and protect your sink from the effects of high temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of glue is best for attaching an undermount sink to the countertop?

The best type of glue for attaching an undermount sink to a countertop is a high-strength silicone adhesive. This type of adhesive is designed to provide a strong bond between the two surfaces, and is also waterproof, making it suitable for use in wet areas such as a kitchen or bathroom.

2. How long should the glue take to set before the sink is usable?

The amount of time it takes for the glue to set will depend on the type of glue used. Generally, it should take between 8 and 24 hours for the glue to set up properly.

3. What is the best way to clean up excess glue when installing an undermount sink?

The best way to clean up excess glue when installing an undermount sink is to use a utility knife or razor blade to carefully scrape away the excess glue. After scraping away the excess glue, use a damp rag to wipe away any remaining residue.


The best glue for an undermount sink is a waterproof adhesive that can withstand a wide range of temperatures and conditions. It should provide a strong, permanent bond between the sink and the countertop and be able to resist any water or moisture that may come into contact with it. Additionally, it should be easy to apply and dries quickly.

With all these features, the Loctite PL Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive is the ideal glue for installing an undermount sink.

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