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If you’re looking for a way to be more environmentally friendly while still taking care of your bathroom needs, then you need to check out the best green toilet paper. Not only is it made from recycled materials, but it is also soft, strong, and highly absorbent. In this blog, we’ll explore the many benefits of using green toilet paper and show you why it’s the best choice for your family.

So read on to learn more about why going green is the way to go when it comes to your bathroom needs!

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This Renova Ultra Soft 3-Ply Toilet Paper Rolls, Luxury Originals, Green is a great choice for your bathroom. It is made of 3 layers of soft and absorbent tissue that will provide a luxurious feel. Plus, it is made with a green dye that is eco-friendly, making it an excellent choice for the environment.

Enjoy a luxurious experience with this toilet paper roll!

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Renova Ultra Soft Toilet Paper, Luxury Originals, Green

Renova Ultra Soft 3-Ply Toilet Paper Rolls, Luxury Originals, Green

This pack of six rolls of juicy lime green toilet paper is perfect for adding a splash of vibrant color to your bathroom! It’s 100% safe, tested under dermatological and gynaecological control to ensure there are no dyes, marks or stains on your skin. It’s also made of premium quality virgin pulp with 3-ply, 140 sheets per roll and each layer is colored lime green. Plus, the cylinders are black colored and lightly scented with sandalwood for a pleasant scent.

And it’s septic-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about clogging your system. Get this luxury toilet tissue roll and brighten up your bathroom today!

O Green Tea TP, 3-Ply 78 Mega/132 Double Rolls

O GREEN TEA toilet paper, 3 PLY (6 Pack of 12 Rolls ) = 2 Ply 78 Mega Rolls = 2 Ply 132 Double Rolls, Made using organic green tea leaves with 100% Indonesian Virgin Pulp, Sustainable, Soft and Strong

Introducing O GREEN TEA Premium Toilet Paper, made with certified organic green tea from South Korea and packed with Vitamin A and carotene to nourish your skin. It is unbleached and undergoes high temperature sterilization to keep sensitive skin healthy and clean. Made of the finest 100% virgin pulp, the paper is soft and clean without dust or flyaways.

Plus, it’s 3-ply for extra cushioning and dissolves easily in water, making it clog and septic safe. Get the best of nature and comfort with O GREEN TEA Premium Toilet Paper!

RENOVA Toilet Paper Crystal GREEN 2Pk

RENOVA Toilet Paper Crystal 2 Rolls Per-Pack - GREEN Toilet -

Add a bit of luxury to your bathroom with Renova’s Lime Green Toilet Paper! This 2-pack of citric lime-colored rolls is sure to brighten up your bathroom and is made of premium 3-ply virgin pulp with 140 sheets per roll. Not only is it safe to use, but it also is dermatologically and gynaecologically tested and won’t leave any dye, mark, or stain on your skin. It’s also septic-safe and lightly scented with sandalwood, so you can enjoy a luxurious bathroom experience!

Renova Red Maxi TP, Green

Renova Red Label Maxi Toilet Paper, Green

Are you looking for a way to add some color and fragrance to your bathroom? Look no further than the ‘Sexiest Paper on Earth’ – Renova Red Label toilet paper! This luxurious toilet paper is colored in vibrant shades of red, orange, yellow, lime green, blue, pink, and light pink, and is lightly wood-scented. It’s also incredibly soft and strong, with a unique embossed drop shape texture. What’s more, it’s skin-friendly, as it’s tested under dermatological and gynaecological control, and made of 100% Virgin Pulp.

It also comes in jumbo rolls, featuring 180 sheets per roll. And if you want to complete the look, you can get a matching collection of facial tissue and paper towel. What’s more, this toilet paper makes for a great gift for any occasion! So why not give the ‘Sexiest Paper on Earth’ a try today?

Marcal MRC6079 Toilet Paper, 48 Rolls

Marcal - MRC6079 Toilet Paper 100% Recycled - 2 Ply White Bath Tissue, 336 Sheets Per Roll - 48 Rolls per Case Green Seal Certified Toilet Paper 06079

Marcal’s 100% Premium Recycled 2-Ply Embossed Toilet Tissue is a great solution for anyone looking for a high-quality, eco-friendly toilet paper. Each roll contains 336 sheets of white, chlorine-bleach free toilet paper that is soft, absorbent, and virtually lint-free. The tissue is also septic safe and Green Seal Certified! With its perforated and embossed sheets for added strength, this toilet paper is sure to make the bathroom experience enjoyable and mess-free.

Plus, you can feel good knowing that it is 100% recycled, sustainable, and exceeds EPA guidelines for post-consumer recycled content. With 48 rolls of bathroom tissue included in each case, you won’t run out of toilet paper anytime soon!

How To Choose Green Toilet Paper

Green toilet paper is made from recycled materials or bamboo, and is an excellent choice for those looking for a sustainable option. Look for toilet paper with a high percentage of recycled content, or certified with FSC or EcoLogo. Choose brands that are chlorine-free and use natural dyes. Compostable and biodegradable options are also available.


Toilet paper is generally not recyclable, however green toilet paper can be made from recycled materials and is therefore more environmentally friendly. When purchasing green toilet paper, make sure to check the product labels for information on the materials used and their recyclability.

Environmental Impact

Green toilet paper is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional toilet paper. It is made from recycled materials, such as bamboo and sugarcane, and is biodegradable. When choosing green toilet paper, it is important to check its environmental credentials – make sure it is certified by a reputable organization, such as the Forest Stewardship Council.

Additionally, check that it is made from sustainable resources and is certified as FSC-certified paper. Finally, ensure that it is made without any chemical additives or pollutants. By choosing green toilet paper, you can help reduce your environmental impact and make a positive contribution to the planet.


When buying green toilet paper, comfort is an important factor that should be taken into account. Look for toilet paper that is soft and highly absorbent to ensure a comfortable experience. Additionally, check for certifications such as Forest Stewardship Council or Rainforest Alliance to ensure that the product was made with sustainable practices.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is green toilet paper more environmentally-friendly than regular toilet paper?

No, green toilet paper is not necessarily more environmentally-friendly than regular toilet paper. It depends on the specific materials used in production and the manufacturing process. For example, some types of green toilet paper use a higher percentage of recycled materials, while others are made from sustainably-sourced materials and use energy-efficient production methods.

2. Does green toilet paper contain any additional antibacterial or antimicrobial properties?

No, green toilet paper does not contain any additional antibacterial or antimicrobial properties.

3. Is green toilet paper more expensive than regular toilet paper?

No, green toilet paper is not typically more expensive than regular toilet paper.

Final Thought

The best green toilet paper is a great choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact while still enjoying a comfortable and effective toilet experience. It is made of recycled materials, requires less water and energy to produce, and is still strong and absorbent. With all these benefits, it is no wonder why green toilet paper is becoming a popular choice for eco-conscious consumers.

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