Best Kohler Toilet Reviews in 2021 – Guide & Comparison

When you think about the most glamorous appliances in a home, a toilet may be the last thing that comes to mind. But this doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of the most important assets in any household.

And as such, investing in the right product is essential if you desire to have a comfortable toilet experience.

When it comes to quality and style, there are very few brands that stand out in the world of modern toilets. And one of them is Kohler.

If you’re looking for the best Kohler toilets, then look no further because we cover everything you need to know about finding the best models for your home needs.

10 Best Kohler Toilet For 2021 – Comparison


Product Name

Weight (pounds)

Water Consumption


Kohler K-3819


1.6 GPF

KOHLER K-3609-0


1.28 GPF

KOHLER 3989-RA-0


1.6 GPF

Kohler 3810-0


1.28 GPF

Kohler 528554 K-3713-0 Toilet


1.28 GPF

KOHLER K-3851-0


1.28 GPF

Kohler K-3978-0


1.6 GPF

KOHLER K-3837-0


1.28 GPF

KOHLER K-3950-0


1.28 GPF

KOHLER K-3551-0


1.28 GPF

Why Only Kohler?

There’s no doubt Kohler is one of the highest rated brands in the industry. But have you ever wondered why there’s so much noise about the brand?

For what it’s worth, Kohler is not just a favorite brand for wealthy buyers. But it actually offers the best of quality and performance.

They have a product line that features some of the best models in the market at the moment. So the decision to go for a Kohler toilet is definitely a good one, and you will surely not regret it.

There are many things you stand to gain from purchasing a Kohler toilet. And one of them is the style and elegance it brings to your bath space.

The company toilets are not just like any other toilet. Apart from their normal toilet functionality, they come with various classic design elements that make them stand out from the crowd.

Another reason Kohler models are so good is their innovative flushing approach that speeds up water flow. Their smooth and touch less design also ensures you do very little maintenance.

The use of tramways and canister valves also ensures there’s nothing left on the bowl when you flush the system. This allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

In addition, Kohler toilets are easy to install, especially when compared to other standard toilets. They are designed with everyone in mind – kids, adults, seniors, as well as those that are physically challenged.

Although most Kohler products are in the high price category, you will also find a good number of high quality medium priced models.

Top Kohler Toilets – Review

For many years, the name Kohler has been associated with most of the best bath items in the market. From sophisticated toilets to affordable compact models, Kohler boasts of a huge product line that consists of some of the top toilets available

1. Kohler K-3819-0 Toilet

Picky customers are usually faced with striking a balance with design and performance. Even though we all want a toilet that will not disappoint, some people also make comfort and fashion a priority. If you belong to such category of people, then you might want to consider the Kohler K-38190 Toilet.

The Kohler K-38190 is basically a two-piece elongated modern toilet that comes in various color designs and price options, with black having the highest price tag and probably the finest design in the collection.

Best kohler toilet

To be more exact, there are up to seven different color you can choose from depending on your preference and bath décor. However, they are all the same model.

Like many models with elongated seats, the Kohler K-38190 is quite comfortable to sit on and also has a height that makes it convenient for most people.

It features a unique flushing technology – the Classic Five – which uses pressure to provide a crystal clear flush as well as a clean bowl every time you use the appliance. At 1.6 capacity, this unit ensures efficient use of your water and makes sure the waste stays down after being flushed.

It will also interest you to know that the toilet is quite easy to set-up. All it needs is a 3-bolt installation. In other words, even if you’re not a DIY expert, you will still find it simple to install as long as you follow the clearly laid-out instructions on the manual.

The smooth surface of the toilet makes it very easy to clean and helps to prevent the growth of mold.

Finally, the Royal classic design of the unit makes it an ideal choice for all those who desire a toilet that would enhance the aesthetic appeal of their bath space.


  • Elegant design
  • Easy to clean
  • Efficient flushing technology
  • Different color options


  • Expensive

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2. KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron Toilet

If this is not the first time you’re shopping for a Kohler toilet, then chances are that you’ve heard a thing or two about the K-3609 Cimarron. It is undeniably one of the most popular toilet solutions you will find in the market today.

In fact, some of the promising models out there were probably inspired from this one. This makes it a “wanna-have” for many homeowners, especially those who are well acquainted with Kohler.

KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron Toilet

Like the first two items on the list, the K-3609 Cimarron is a two-piece elongated toilet that provides a lot of room for your posterior.

It comes with a highly efficient flush system that consumes less water when compared to a traditional toilet. This makes it really useful in the long run as it reduces your water bills. Even though it might not be the most affordable model out there, this water saving toilet feature makes it a great bargain.

To be more exact, the unit has a GPF of 1.28 which can save you up to 16000 gallons of water annually. Interestingly, the low GPF doesn’t affect the toilet performance in any way.

In fact the addition of the AquaPiston Technology makes flushing a whole lot easier. More so, comfort height feature guarantees a relaxed experience.

Thanks to the canister flush valve, you can achieve either full or partial flushing. The partial flushing also helps you to save more water. Overall, this is another wonderful product by Kohler.


  • Water-saving
  • Efficient flush system
  • Clogging hardly occurs
  • Comfort height


  • Requires significant space to set-up

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3. KOHLER 3989-RA-0 Highline Comfort Height Two-Piece Elongated

This list would probably not be complete without mentioning the Kohler Highline. The model has been a favourite for a lot of users owing to its elegant design and efficient water system.

It has managed to stand out in the line of Kohler toilets with double flush systems. The toilet features a two-piece elongated bowl which doesn’t only have a unique design but has a superior functionality.

KOHLER 3989-RA-0 Highline Comfort Height Two-Piece Elongated

Given the compact design of the appliance, it would work in almost any bathroom setting. So you have absolutely nothing to worry about even if you have a limited space.

The unit incorporates Class Five Performance technology which provides reliable power for removing waste completely. It is also designed to save you a lot of water. The toilet basically uses either 1.1 or 1.6 gallons of water with its double flush capacity. This helps you to save a lot on water bills annually (1.28GPF).

Another feature of the tank that makes it less demanding on space is the positioning of its lever. Instead of a top level like you will find on similar units, the Kohler Highline has its lever on the side. This makes extra storage space available in your bathroom.

To crown it all, this unit is available at a reasonable price despite its stately design and superior functionality. It will definitely make a great buy and we are sure you won’t regret having such a toilet.


  • Excellent height
  • Quick powerful flush
  • Water saving
  • Great price


  • Not suitable for public bathrooms

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4. KOHLER 3810-0 Santa Rosa Toilet

If you prefer a one-piece toilet over other options, then you might want to consider the Kohler 3810. This unit is the ideal choice for homeowners who are more interested in comfort and style.

Interestingly, the model comes in various designs which leaves users with many options to choose from. Depending on your bath décor and personal preference, you can opt for any one of the color choices such as black, white, almond, dune and others.

KOHLER 3810-0 Santa Rosa Toilet

In fact, saying the Santa Rosa has the most appealing design in the Kohler line up would not be further from the truth. If you ever had difficulty cleaning a two-piece toilet, then you don’t have anything to worry about as the Kohler 3810 is quite easier to clean.

Even more, it does its job pretty well. Its efficient flushing system ensures there’s complete removal of faeces from every part of the bowl. The addition of the AquaPiston canister also makes the bowl refill really fast.

Unlike the standard 1.6 gallons, this unit uses only 1.28 gallons which makes it consume less water than a traditional two-piece toilet. The toilet also seems to prevent clogs which is one of the major reasons why it is very easy to clean. However, the flush system may not be as quiet as you would expect.


  • Comes with Comfort Height
  • Elongated shape
  • Comes with toilet seat
  • Easy to clean
  • Less water usage


  • Can be a bit noisy

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5. Kohler K-3713-0 Toilet

Another wonderful model in the Kohler line-up that will provide good value for your money is the K-3713. The unit comes with many interesting features that make it stand out as one of the top rated Kohler toilets in the market at the moment.

The unit boasts of an efficient flushing system that leaves nothing behind every time it’s engaged. It comes in various color options from which you can select the perfect match for your bathroom décor. The use of Vitrious China material for its construction makes it elegant and long lasting.

Kohler K-3713-0 Toilet

It might also interest you to know that the unit is verified by WaterSense so you can rely on its quality and performance. The budget-friendly toilet price also makes it a very attractive option if you’re concerned about cost.


  • Efficient flushing system
  • Affordable price
  • Water-saving
  • Great quality


  • Not so elegant

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6. KOHLER K-3851-0 Cimarron Toilet

Another Kohler toilet that has gotten a lot of attention is the K-3851 Cimarron. It is one of the best options you can find especially if you are more concerned about performance. The toilet has received a lot of positive reviews by users, so you can be rest assured you will get what you pay for.

The K-3851 is a two-piece round front toilet that boasts of low water consumption. To be more exact, it uses 1.28GPF, which is common with many high end models. It is also verified by WaterSense, so you can rely on its quality and performance.

KOHLER K-3851-0 Cimarron Toilet

To enhance its flushing power, the K-3851 uses AquaPiston technology which ensures there’s nothing left behind everytime you push the flush lever. It gives the bowl a thorough cleaning thereby maintaining the whiteness and making maintenance a whole lot easier.

The canister is designed to be durable and leak free. So you can expect the unit to last you a long time. Even though it has a white color, it won’t fade easily provided you maintain the toilet properly. The comfort height feature works for both adults and kids, as well as elders and those with disabilities.


  • Durable Canister Design
  • Easy and fast installation – thanks to its Drylock system
  • Efficient flushing
  • Suitable for small and powder rooms


  • Expensive

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7. Kohler K-3978-0 Wellworth Elongated Toilet

Another wonderful Kohler toilet that has won the heart of many users is the K-3978 Wellworth Elongated Toilet. The product is one of the top rated Kohler models going by the huge number of positive reviews it has received. So it should come as no surprise that we decided to feature it on this list.

But just to clear all doubts, let’s see if the unit is really worth your money.

Kohler K-3978-0 Wellworth Elongated Toilet

First of all, the toilet has a compact ergonomic size which makes it the ideal choice if you have a small bathroom. No need to opt for a hanging toilet, as you will find the perfect fit with this unit.

As the name suggests, this is an elongated toilet, but it doesn’t take up much space as one would expect. It provides a Comfort Height Seating which makes it suitable for everyone. This ensures you have a comfortable experience.

The compact design of the toilet also provides enough room for your legs while sitting down. Like many high end models, this unit is equipped with an efficient flushing system – Class Five (R). This system ensures complete cleaning of your bowl anytime you use the flush lever.

As expected, it has a 3-bolt installation which makes set-up simple and fast.


  • Easy to install
  • Efficient flushing system
  • Water-saving (1.1 gallon dual flush)
  • Compact design


  • Doesn’t come with seat

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8. KOHLER K-3837-0 Devonshire Toilet

If you don’t mind paying extra for the good elongated toilet, then one model you should consider going for is the Kohler K-3837 Devonshire. Built for comfort and performance in mind, this unit comes with many interesting features that give you a good run for your money.

It comes with an elegant design that helps to add radiance of your bath space. You have the option of choosing from six different color options depending on your existing décor and style.

KOHLER K-3837-0 Devonshire Toilet

These include ice gray, sandbar, almond, biscuit, black and black, and white. The beautiful color options and the sophisticated technology adopted is largely responsible for the high price tag of the toilet.

Given the contemporary look of the model, it can fit into any bathroom setup, whether traditional or modern. So you absolutely have nothing to worry about when it comes to aesthetics.

The color most people usually go for is black, which happens to be the most beautiful and expensive option in the series. However, other color options are great as well; it all depends on your preference and need.

Despite having a narrow bowl (12-inches), the K-3837 still manages to be comfortable for everyone in both sitting and standing positions – this can be attributed to its elongated design. The compact sizing of the unit makes it suitable toilet for small spaces bathroom.

Installation is also pretty easy. The tanks come already pre-installed. To complete the set-up, all that is required is a 3-bolt installation, which is quite simple even for someone without a DIY experience. All you need to do is to follow the clear instructions in the installation manual.


  • Compact ergonomic design
  • Easy installation
  • Durable construction
  • Comes with Comfort height


  • Requires extra space to set-up

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9. KOHLER K-3950-0 Tresham Toilet

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing toilet system to one that is more elegant and performs better, then you can’t go wrong with the KOHLER K-3950-0 Tresham.

This elongated two-piece toilet comes in more than 12 beautiful color options which gives you a larger pool to choose from. You will never be frustrated again about not finding the perfect color match for your bathroom.

KOHLER K-3950-0 Tresham Toilet

The toilet has a GPF of 1.28 which makes it water-saving. You will no longer complain about exorbitant water bills.

Like the previous model, this unit also uses AquaPiston technology which helps to greatly improve its flushing efficiency. It is also leak free and easy to install.

Interestingly, the model is certified by WaterSense and thus meets the guidelines required by EPA.


  • AquaPiston flushing techology
  • Great price
  • Easy to install
  • Durable design
  • Numerous color options


  • Not suitable for small bathrooms

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10. KOHLER K-3551-0 Archer Toilet

If you are operating on a tight budget but still desire a toilet that will perform well, then you might want to consider the KOHLER K-3551-0. The two-piece elongated toilet comes with a GPF of 1.28 which helps you save a significant amount from your water bills.

To be more exact, you can save 20-30 percent on your annual water bills. Isn’t that impressive?

KOHLER K-3551-0 Archer Toilet

It comes in various color options without any difference in the price offerings. So you can choose the design that appeals most to you and boasts the elegance of your bathroom.

The unit cones with a Comfort Height feature which makes it suitable for everyone. The addition of AquaPiston technology helps to greatly enhance the flushing efficiency of the toilet. It delivers enough power to get rid of even the heaviest waste.

Its canister design also is leak free while the Drylock system allows for quick and easy installation.


  • WaterSense certified
  • Powerful single flush system
  • Durable unit
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Comes with Comfort height


  • Not suitable for public bathrooms

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What to Consider Before Buy

In order to ensure you spend wisely, there are certain key factors you want to consider in order to determine if a particular toilet is right for you. Let’s quickly look at each one of them.

Water Consumption

Water consumption is critical when choosing a toilet unit. This is because a huge percentage of the water in your home is used for flushing.

A typical flush basically requires up to 1.6 gallons of water. Thus choosing an inefficient unit can greatly increase your water bills.

Shape and Size

Another important consideration you need to make when purchasing a Kohler toilet is the shape and size of the unit. And this also applies to any other brand.

This is because both shape and size play a huge role in determining the level of comfort the toilet provides as well as the amount of space it will take up in your bathroom.

Most Kohler toilets usually have an elongated shape or a compact one which may be round or square. The elongated seat toilets tend to occupy more floor space than the compact ones. Most of the time, this is usually around 2-inches.

As a result, the compact round face toilets may be referred when there’s need to save space as in the case of a small bathroom. However, in terms of comfort, elongated seats tend to do better.


Another thing you may likely consider when purchasing a toilet is the style.

There are basically two styles available – the one-piece and two-piece style. This doesn’t only apply to Kohler toilets but other brands as well.

The two-piece toilets tend to be more popular and usually consist of separate tanks and bowls which are connected together, while the one-piece exists more like a single unit. The latter is usually less expensive but may not be as sleek as the one-piece design.

Since there is no seam or space between the bowl and tank in a one-piece toilet, there is little room for bacteria. This makes them generally toilet easier to clean.

Tank Size and Valve

Another thing that might likely come up when purchasing a toilet is the tank capacity. Although this is not something you need to be overly concerned about but it’s still a good idea to have it in mind.

You want to consider the size of the tank flush valve since it’s responsible for releasing the water from the tank whenever you flush the system. A larger flush valve is desirable as it results to higher water flow rate which makes flush more powerful and efficient.

This way, there’s little chances of residue since the water will be flowing with a greater force. Luckily, all the items we’ve reviewed above meet this criterion, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Flush System

A critical consideration to be made when shopping for any type of toilet, whether it’s Kohler or any other brand, is the flushing system.

There are two major flush design – the gravity flush and the pressure assisted flush toilet. Kohler toilets basically use any one of these systems.

As its name indicates, a gravity flushing toilet relies on the weight of water for its flushing action. It accomplishes this through water siphoning. This method is simpler and older than the use of pressurized air. They are also quieter and less expensive but less powerful.

On the other hand, the pressure assisted system uses pressurized air to force water into the toilet bowl anytime you engage the flush lever. This ensures a powerful flush and leaves little-to-no chance for clogging to occur.

However, toilets that are based on this system are usually noisy and tend to be more expensive than the gravity flushing systems.

Are Kohler Toilets Reliable?

Choosing the correct toilet for your convenience is not an easy task. Everybody searches for a toilet that will be durable and provide longtime service. So far, we have talked about different types of Kohler products, which brings us to this critical question of whether it is a reliable brand.

When it comes to choosing such an essential and vital necessity like a toilet, it is always better to go for a brand that knows what they are doing. Not only do their toilets come with superior quality, but they also ensure an extensive level of durability.

Furthermore, they push the limits of technology by introducing new and innovative designs frequently.

Moreover, when it comes to sustainable sourcing of materials, you will not find a better toilet company. They produce energy-efficient and environment-friendly products that contribute to securing our nature from its current water crisis. Hence, we can assure you that Kohler toilets are reliable.

Is Kohler a Good Toilet Brand?

Kohler is a good brand and the absolute best choice if you search for the most iconic bathroom and toilet fixtures. No other toilet brand will provide you the same level of durability and quality as the Kohler one. Here are the reasons that will change your mind as well.

Quality Check

Maintaining the same level of superior quality products all year long is a commitment. Not all brands can keep up with such tasks, and some even go under because they cannot keep up with the demand and quality.

All your misconception about expectation vs. reality will change because Kohler constantly improves and develops newer technologies to keep up with people’s demands.

International Success

It is always such a bummer when you instantly like a product but cannot purchase it because the brand did not receive much international recognition and does not ship to your country. Kohler is not only famous in the US but also overseas.

Social Responsibility

People are aware of the damage that the low-quality product causes to the environment now more than ever. Hence, Kohler creates not only energy-efficient products but also uses eco-friendly materials.

What Toilets Are Better, Kohler or Toto?

The two most popular companies when it comes to durable, quality, and efficient toilet products are Kohler and Toto. It is natural to find yourself in a dilemma when choosing between these two. Hence, we will provide our expert opinion on which company is the better one.


When it comes to toilet fixtures, durability and longevity matter the most—both Kohler and Toto manufacture excellent products with superior materials. Vitreous China material is the core component they use in most of their products.

Waste and particles do not stick on this material much; hence, both brands employ this material.

Flushing Performance

Since both the Kohler and Toto companies use the same type of material, let us look into their toilet’s flushing performance. The Toto toilets contain both the G-max flushing mechanism and the Cyclone flushing system. Additionally, they also have an E-max flushing system that comes with eco-friendly properties.

On the other hand, Kohler toilets have an AquaPiston flushing mechanism, which is efficient but not as excellent as the Toto brand’s G-max system. Another problem with the AquaPiston is that it creates louder noise.


Since Toto brand’s superior G-max flushing system helps remove debris from the bowl correctly, you will not worry about cleaning the bowl so frequently. Kohler, on the other hand, may require frequent cleaning.

Overall, it is safe to say while the Kohler toilets contain superior quality in certain aspects, the Toto ones are far better.

Installation Tips

After purchasing a Kohler toilet, the next thing you will need to do is install the unit. As earlier indicated, these toilets are easy to install and anyone can do it.

Although Kohler toilets generally have a similar installation process, we still advice you to follow the instructions that are laid out in the installation manual that comes with the particular model you purchase.

It is important to note that even though these toilets all come from the same manufacturer, they do not all have the same design. So you can expect their set-up to differ.

Below are some useful tips to help you achieve authentic successful installation.

  • First and foremost, be sure to follow the safety tips that come with the product you purchased. This is extremely important and we cannot emphasis it enough.
  • Observe all local plumbing and building codes.
  • Get all the tools you will need in one place. Depending on the unit you want to install, you will likely require a putty knife, adjustable wrench, hacksaw, sponge, level, replacement wax seal and a tape measure.
  • Before you begin installing the new toilet, turnoff and disconnect your water supply. Get rid of any water that might be remaining in the tank and bowl before removing the old unit.
  • Avoid removing the unit with force. Instead rock from side to side to loosen the seal after removing the bolts that secure it.
  • Use a putty knife to remove the old wax seal and wipe away any remaining wax with a sponge or rag. Then place the new wax seal and secure the new bowl to the floor.
  • To avoid leakage, don’t move the toilet after the wax seal has touched the flanch.
  • Be careful not to tighten the nuts to avoid damaging the product.
  • After setting up the bowl, reconnect the water supply.
  • Before connecting the water supply to the tank again, make sure you check for leaks. If you spot any leaks from the valve, then make the needed adjustments before reconnecting the source to the tank.
  • Make sure you install the best quality toilet seat according to the manufacturer instructions to avoid having issues later.

Finally, if you don’t feel confident enough to undertake the installation on your own, then consult a professional plumber to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can use these toilets?

A: Kohler toilets are designed for everyone. It all depends on convenience and individual preference. These toilets are suitable for both kids and adults, as well as seniors and people who are physically challenged.

It’s always a good idea to evaluate the particular product you have in mind in order to ensure it has the right type of features you are looking for.

Q: Are these easy to install?

A: Absolutely. One of the concerns most people have when purchasing home appliances of this kind is the ease of installation. Luckily, Kohler toilets are generally easy to set-up.

Most of the items on this list require a 3-bolt installation making it easy for anyone. In fact there are some that come with pre-installed tanks which greatly simplify the whole process and saves you a lot of time.

Q: Where can I get this products?

A: Each one of these items can be purchased via our website by simply following the corresponding product link provided.

Q: What is the good Kohler toilet?

A: This is a tough question. We consider all the items top contenders for the prize. However, you may find some models more suitable for a particular application. It all depends on your needs.

Q: Does size matter when choosing a toilet?

A: Yes, it does. Before putting out your money for any product, you need to make sure the toilet will be able to fit into the available space in your bath.


Whether you are looking to revamp your bathroom or simply upgrade to a more functional toilet, choosing the best model can make all the difference.

Hopefully, with our review of the best Kohler toilets in the market, you have everything you need to get something that will provide good value for your money.

The products discussed here do not only represent the best in Kohler line-up but are also among the best generally. Kohler has always been known for setting a pace, so it’s no surprise these toilets have been trending for a while now.

Let us know if you have any questions about any one of these products. We will be glad to help you out.

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