Mansfield Toilet Reviews – Brand Comparisons For Your Bathroom

Maintaining the sanitation of your home might seem like a tiring and challenging job. Whether you’re looking to move into a new home or trying to change the bathroom fittings in your current home, knowing which models to buy and its features are critical.

Best Mansfield Toilet Comparison


Product Name

Weight (pounds)

Water Consumption


Mansfield Plumbing 146.123.WHT Toilet


1.6 GPF

Mansfield 1319 Elongated Toilet Bowl


1.28 GPF

Mansfield Plumbing 1301


1.28 GPF

Among all the bathroom fittings and products out there, picking out the right toilet is essential as they tend to break apart and make a mess. No brand comes close to making aesthetic and functional models as Mansfield when it comes to this item.

Our compilation of Mansfield toilet reviews will introduce you to a series of items that will certainly elevate your washroom.

Top 3 Mansfield Toilet Reviews

Here is a list of 3 of the high profile toilets reviews that are currently being manufactured by Mansfield. Keep on reading to understand better each of the products, the advantages and disadvantages of owning them to know which one will suit your bathroom the best.

1. Mansfield Plumbing 146.123.WHT Quantum Round Front 1.6 GPF Pressure-Assist Toilet

The most precise indicator of the suitability of a toilet is its dimensions, precisely its height. In that sense, the 146.123.WHT is universal for all necessities due to its 14-1/2-inch bowl height with a round front.

Best Mansfield Toilet Reviews

Most generic toilets tend to consume a lot of water during use, which is both unnecessary, expensive, and detrimental to the environment. Mansfield’s proud creation is exceptional in this case as it uses up very little water due to having a mere 1.6 GPF and 6.0 LPF.

Among all the components that go into making a toilet, the most critical and fragile one happens to be the flush. Owning this unit will give you the comfort of having flush with excellent efficiency, which operates with the assistance of pressure through technology.

Although many toilets have a high level of aesthetic value due to unique color combinations, it makes them difficult to clean as it gets tough to identify the dirt. This unit comes in classical white color, which will help you identify dirt easily and clean it up quickly due to its ceramic body.

There isn’t much to discuss when it comes to the drawbacks of owning this device. The only issue that users might have with this product is how bland it seems in their washroom.


  • Universal height of 14 and a ½-inch
  • Low water consumption rate
  • Use of Flush Mate III flushing technology
  • Use of ceramic in product body


  • Lack of aesthetic features
  • No versatility in color

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2. Mansfield 1319 Adriatic Elongated Toilet Bowl

If you’re looking to install toilets in your office or in a commercial space, then this item will be the perfect fit for you. Very few toilets are on the same level as this product as it sacrifices aesthetics and cuts every possible corner to focus solely on functionality.

Mansfield 1319 Adriatic Elongated Toilet Bowl

Most toilets cannot function with other brands’ components, which might become a problem when it comes to replacements and parts availability. However, this machine comes with a 1-1/2” spud, which is compatible with most brands’ flush valves.

Although this product is best known for its functionality, it tries its level best to provide as much comfort as possible while maintaining peak level efficiency. Its 17” high bowl offers a great deal of comfort and ease in usage for people of all ages.

Also, most toilets tend to break apart, sustain damage, and leak due to cheap build materials like plastic. This product is different because it uses top-quality Vitreous China as the material for its exterior, which provides a high durability level.

One of the most annoying things about owning this unit is the need to make separate purchases often. Components that are pivotal for the product to work, including the toilet seat and flush valve, do not come with the purchase, and you’ll have to buy them separately for it to function.


  • Ideal for commercial use
  • 1-1/2” spud for flush valve universality
  • Use of Chinese Vitreous to make exterior
  • 17” high bowl for high compatibility


  • Toilet seat and flush valve require separate purchase
  • Consumes 1.28 Gallons in every flush

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3. Mansfield Plumbing 1301 Erie Wall-Mount Commercial Spud Toilet Bowl

Are you looking to add a modern touch to your home bathroom or a bit of finesse to your office washroom? Consider the “1301”; its wall-mount look is bound to elevate the aesthetics of your lavatory without having to spend a lot of money.

Mansfield Plumbing 1301 Erie Wall-Mount Commercial Spud Toilet Bowl

Plumbers have great difficulty installing pipelines to toilets as most of them require them to bring pipes up from the floor, which can be quite tasking. Having this toilet will come with the feature of setting up a rear outlet, which will allow you to connect to it with an extension through the wall easily.

Using the toilet can often prove difficult for those having handicaps or disabilities, and there are seldom such products that have universality in the application. However, this unit by Mansfield is truly unique as it has the approval of the ADA, and people with physical disabilities can use it comfortably.

It may seem that installing a toilet as hi-fi and modern as this might seem like a daunting and complicated task. Nonetheless, this item comes with a comprehensive and thorough instruction manual that will help you install this in a jiffy.

The most significant inconvenience that can come from using this product lies in its painful user experience. This issue originates from the fact that the toilet cover of this item is hard and incomplete, which will either have the users replacing it or relieving themselves on a very cold surface.


  • Wall-mount for a retro look
  • User-friendly for users with disabilities
  • Approved by the ADA
  • Rear outlet for easy connection to pipelines


  • Toilet cover is uncomfortable
  • Comparatively heavy for a mounted toilet

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What Makes the Mansfield Brand Popular?

Mansfield is widely popular among consumers because of how at ease they make people feel from the moment they purchase one of their toilets. From its stellar performance to impeccable durability, they are certainly one of the better brands out there.

All the toilets of Mansfield go through assembly and manufacturing within the United States of America, to begin with. With no hassle of overseas import, finding replacements and spare parts for their products is more accessible and convenient than their competitors.

And all of Mansfield’s toilets are eco-friendly due to their economical use of resources. Consuming 20% lesser water than most similar items, they do not waste any water while also maintaining a superior efficiency level.

Unlike most toilets, the products by Mansfield avoid using cheap materials for their body and prefer to go for more premium ones. Instead of going for plastic, these units use either ceramic or vitreous china to ensure that they have a high longevity period.

Most toilets tend to focus on functionality and are aesthetically appealing and feel kind of bland in washrooms. However, Mansfield units are hugely popular because they are aesthetically pleasing as they sport a modern design and grants you the option to choose from a large variety of color and theme combinations.

Another significant factor about the toilets by Mansfield happens to be how affordable they are. Some of the more similar products of the qualities they provide usually are quite expensive compared to which they are more affordable and offer more value.

Things to Consider before You Buy Mansfield Brand Toilet

All of Mansfield’s toilets are a great pick, and each model has something unique to offer. To truly find the unit that fits your requirements the best, go through these factors and get a good idea about them.

Type of Toilet

Various factors come into play when selecting the right type of toilet for your bathroom. Among them, the most critical and crucial one happens to be the space of your bathroom.

If you’re running short on space, then a one-piece toilet will be more convenient for you. On the other hand, if you have a spacious bathroom, then it’s best to opt for the comfort of a two-piece unit.

Setup Procedure

It’s important to know the layout of your bathroom before you decide to look into the toilet’s setup procedure. The rough-in measurement and the pipe location plays a pivotal part in setting up the toilet.

Rough-in measurements help determine the distance from your washroom walls to the flange, which should be ideally 12”. On the other hand, knowing the placement of the pipelines will help you determine how best to connect the toilet to the waterworks.

Pattern of the Bowl

The shape of the bowl of the toilet highly depends on your bathroom space. User comfort is also dependent on the pattern of the bowl.

Short spaces normally require a shorter toilet bowl so that it can easily fit in without creating any sort of inconvenience. Meanwhile, having a larger bathroom space means a more comfortable user experience.


Design plays a very vital role in the longevity of the product itself. Sub-sectors among this factor includes material and the finish of the item as well.

Among all the materials available, Mansfield prefers to use Vitreous China because they are extremely sturdy and is perfectly suitable for color and coating as well. Ceramic can also be a perfectly suitable substitute as it also increases the aesthetics of the product too.

Special Features of Mansfield Brand Toilets

Mansfield toilets have a plethora of qualities that make it stand out from its competitors. Each of the features is unique and greatly enhances its performance.

Right off the bat, Mansfield’s toilets are revolutionary through the presence of Magna Flush. This unique quality ensures that they can flush efficiently while maintaining a low level of GPF.

These units also contain a feature known as Glazed Trapway, which ensures smooth waste disposal and grants protection from clogging. Finally, they are also known to use a type of glazing called PuraClean, which makes the unit look brand new even after a few years’ use.

Mansfield Brand Toilet Flushing Systems Explained

Very few flush systems are as unique and efficient as the ones Mansfield applies to manufacture their toilets. This performance difference occurs due to the presence of Magna Flush in these units, a one of a kind feature that isn’t present in any of their competitors.

The Magna Flush flushing system ensures these toilets perform efficiently without any kind of issues whatsoever. It uses pressure to release water into the bowl, and it effectively disposes of the waste while maintaining the lowest possible GPF levels.

In short, the toilet flushing system of Mansfield ensures quick disposal while being economical in resource usage.

Comparisons with Other Brands Toilet

A comparison among the toilets which Mansfield manufactures and the ones of their competitor brands show their products to be the superior one. They simply hit all the right boxes, including their build, performance, aesthetics, and price point.

First of all, the most obvious difference you will see between a toilet by Mansfield and other competitors is the glaring difference in the build quality.

While most brands choose to go for plastic or second-rate materials, Mansfield makes their toilets with either ceramic or vitreous china, both more durable and premium alternatives.

The visual differences don’t end there as the aesthetic differences are too noticeable as well. Whereas most other toilets are available in dull colors and uninspiring designs, Mansfield tends to play with various color combinations and designs, making their models stand out easily.

No competitors come close to Mansfield’s toilets in terms of performance simply because of their superior efficiency. Whereas most toilets start clogging after a particular time, these units have a smooth waste disposal system and ensure minimal use of water.

As we can see from the above comparison from different angles, it is evident that Mansfield toilets are a better choice than other brands. If anything, it will ensure that you won’t have to call the plumber regularly.

Installation of Mansfield Brand Toilets

Installing toilets might seem like a complicated and messy affair, which you may instead want to leave in the hands of the plumber. But when it comes to Mansfield toilets, you can easily set it up yourself if you’re aware of your purchased model.

Knowing the model of your Mansfield toilet will be helpful in installing it as you’ll know exactly where you want to best place the unit. Being aware of your toilet’s make will help you understand whether it is compatible for mounting on the floor or the wall.

Now that you know where to mount the toilet, find the best inlet for connecting the toilet to the house’s sanitary pipelines. If your toilet is wall-mounted, then position it according to the pipes’ placement and if it’s floor-mounted, connect it via an extension pip.

Finally, make sure the components are appropriately fit into the toilet before you start operating it. These parts include the toilet seat and a flush, which, if not connected properly, can end up ruining your washroom and damaging the unit as well.

With that final step, the installation process of your Mansfield toilet is complete. Not only is it very simple, but it also saves you a lot of money.

Toilet Maintenance Tips for Mansfield Brand

Maintaining a toilet by Mansfield is relatively easy, especially due to its use of PuraClean coating. Just use a basic cleaning agent from time to time, avoid cleaning agents, and the unit will not sustain any type of damages easily.

Keep a few essential points in check when using these products as they tend to be the main reason behind them getting damaged. Do not be careless and throw alien objects into the unit as it will damage and clog it up.

Finally, be on the lookout for leaks, and in the event there are any leaks, fix it immediately. Keeping a leaky toilet unchecked will prompt further problems in the future.

Final Words

Well, there you have it! Hopefully, our Mansfield toilet reviews have given you an idea of exactly what to expect when purchasing products from this brand.

All that is left to do is head over to the hardware store and find the model that best suits your needs. Your washroom is going to look more aesthetic than ever!

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