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Introducing the best natural toilet spray, a revolutionary product that eliminates odours and freshens the air without any harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances. This superior product is made with only natural ingredients, making it safe for the environment and gentle on sensitive skin. With its pleasant, natural scent, this toilet spray is an excellent way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and inviting.

Our comprehensive review will provide all the information you need to decide if this toilet spray is the right fit for you and your home.

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This Hemlock Park Bathroom & Toilet Spray is perfect for eliminating odors in the bathroom! It is made with natural essential oils, including sandalwood, and comes in a 4 oz glass spray bottle. The spray is easy to use and will leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

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Hemlock Park Bathroom & Toilet Spray | 4 oz Glass Spray

Hemlock Park Bathroom & Toilet Spray | Essential Oils Naturally Stop Odors (Sandalwood, 4 oz Glass Spray)

This all-natural room and bathroom spray is perfect for keeping odors contained in your home. Handcrafted in small batches in the USA with organic ingredients, it’s made with white sage leaves and plant-based oils. The 4 oz apothecary bottle creates a fine mist that fills a room with a light and fresh aroma with just 2-3 sprays.

Plus, the bottle is refillable. Quality and satisfaction is guaranteed with easy full refunds if you don’t love the aroma. Spritz the bowl before each use and enjoy the fresh smell of the Easy Spray!

Hemlock Park Bathroom & Toilet Spray | Blood Orange Sage, 4 oz Glass Spray

Hemlock Park Bathroom & Toilet Spray | Essential Oils Naturally Stop Odors (Blood Orange Sage, 4 oz Glass Spray)

Introducing the Easy Spray, the perfect tool for keeping your bathroom smelling fresh and clean! This handcrafted product is made in small batches in the USA, and comes in a refillable 4 oz glass spray bottle. The ingredients are pure and simple, using organic ingredients like white sage leaves and plant-based oils. And with a quality guarantee, you can rest assured that you’ll be satisfied with the light and fresh aroma.

Spritz the bowl before each use for a contained odor, or use it as a room spray for those tough moments. Get the Easy Spray and keep your bathroom smelling great!

Muse Bath Flush Ritual Toilet Spray – 2 Pack, 8 oz

Muse Bath Apothecary Flush Ritual - Aromatic & Refreshing Toilet Spray, Use Before You Go, 8 oz, Infused with Natural Essential Oils - Aloe + Eucalyptus + Lavender, 2 Pack

Muse Bath Flush Ritual is the perfect way to freshen up your bathroom experience. This pre-poop toilet spray utilizes natural ingredients such as Aloe, Eucalyptus and Lavender essential oils to create a soothing ritual. Each bottle lasts up to 400 uses and helps to trap odors beyond the bathroom, such as laundry, nursery, and trash bin odors.

Plus, the plant-based, vegan, and cruelty-free formula is certified safe, chemical-free, and paraben & EDTA free. A perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, the Muse Bath Flush Ritual is sure to be appreciated.

Smells Begone Air Freshener Spray – 4oz

SMELLS BEGONE Essential Oil Air Freshener Bathroom Spray - Eliminates Bathroom & Toilet Odors - Made with Essential Oils - Eucalyptus Mint Scent - 4 Ounces

Keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean with Essential Oil Bathroom Spray! This special formulation is designed to eliminate odors before they even start, while freshening the air at the same time. It’s easy to use; just two sprays in the air for a quick visit, and four sprays in the bowl for longer visits. Plus, it’s made with plant-derived ingredients and a blend of essential oils, and is proudly made in the USA.

Best of all, it’s safe around pets and children, so you can use it with peace of mind. Get rid of those nasty odors and freshen up your bathroom with Essential Oil Bathroom Spray!

Fresh Wave Spray & Air Freshener (2 Pack)

Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator Spray & Air Freshener, 8 oz. | Pack of 2 | Odor Absorbers for Home | Safer Odor Relief | Natural Plant-Based Odor Eliminator | For Furniture, Fabrics & Trash

Fresh Wave Spray is the perfect odor eliminator for your home! This natural air freshener is packed with plant-based ingredients like lime, pine needle, clove, anise, and cedarwood oils and is great for getting rid of strong odors from pets, smoke, and garbage. It’s also an instant deodorizer that can be used on shoes, closets, furniture, backpacks, and more. Plus, it’s earned a Safer Choice label from the EPA, so you can feel good about using it around people, pets, and the planet.

Get Fresh Wave Spray today to keep your home smelling fresh and clean!

How To Choose Natural Toilet Spray

When choosing a natural toilet spray, look for ingredients like essential oils and plant-based fragrances. Avoid aerosols and synthetic fragrances, as they can be filled with harsh chemicals. Look for biodegradable ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. Lastly, check reviews to ensure the product works effectively.


Our natural toilet spray is the perfect way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. It is made with natural essential oils and safe, non-toxic ingredients, so you can rest assured that it is safe for your home and family. Each spray is also formulated to provide a light, pleasant scent that will last for hours.

Try our natural toilet spray today and experience a pleasant and refreshing scent every time you use the bathroom.


Our Natural Toilet Spray is made with ingredients that are safe for you and the environment. It is free of harsh chemicals and fragrances, and contains natural essential oils, plant-based surfactants, and natural preservatives. All of these ingredients are carefully selected to ensure a safe, effective, and environmentally-friendly product.


We offer a natural toilet spray that eliminates odors with natural ingredients. Our product is safe to use and leaves your bathroom smelling fresh. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with its performance.

Try it today and experience the difference!

Application Method

For optimal results, make sure to shake the Natural Toilet Spray bottle before use and spray evenly over the toilet bowl and seat. Leave for a few minutes and then flush. Repeat as needed for a fresh, clean scent.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of ingredients are used to make natural toilet spray?

Natural toilet spray typically consists of essential oils, witch hazel, and water. Some recipes may also include vegetable glycerin, vodka, or rubbing alcohol, and can be scented with additional essential oils like peppermint, lavender, tea tree, or lemon.

2. Does natural toilet spray effectively mask odors?

Yes, natural toilet spray can effectively mask odors. Many natural toilet sprays contain essential oils that create a pleasant scent that can help to mask unpleasant odors.

3. Is natural toilet spray safe for septic systems?

Yes, natural toilet sprays are generally safe for septic systems. However, it is always best to check the instructions on the product to make sure it is safe to use in a septic system.


The best natural toilet spray is a great way to add a pleasant scent to your bathroom without the use of harsh chemicals. It can also help to reduce odors, keep your toilet clean, and prevent the spread of germs. With a variety of scents available, it is easy to find the perfect natural restroom spray for your needs.

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