Best Portable Chemical Toilet – Review and Top Picks

Are you looking for the best portable chemical toilet? Whether you’re camping, travelling, or in need of a reliable toilet for a worksite, you need a portable chemical toilet that is durable, easy to use and transport, and easy to maintain. This blog post will explore the features and benefits of the best portable chemical toilet on the market, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right one for your needs.

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Porta Potty for Camping (1 Pack)

Portable Toilet Powder. Outdoor Toilet. Neutralize Odor/Fast-Acting Gel. Safe & Easy to use. Emergency Toilet Chemicals, Porta Potty Chemicals Degradable. Go with Porta Potty for Camping (1 Pack)

This product is perfect for outdoor lovers looking for an easy and eco-friendly solution for their emergency toilet needs. Our absorbent gel sticks are fast-acting and come in a pack of 10. Each stick can treat 0.

5 to 1 gallon of liquid waste and contains 20g of gelling powder to eliminate odor and absorb the liquid waste. The camping toilet chemicals will turn liquid waste into a solid gel within 2-3 minutes, and the eco-friendly gel will naturally degrade within 7 days by soil compost or within 5 days under direct exposure to sunlight.This product is suitable for all your situational camping bathroom needs, such as camping toilet bags, portable car potty, pop-up privacy tent, wag bag, camping bathroom, portable showers, porta potty adult outside, portable folding toilet, and porta potty for camping.

And it’s also great for emergency preparedness, making it a must-have for your emergency toilet kit. Plus, it’s safe for both adults and children to use, making it an ideal addition to your portable camping toilet, portable toilet bags, privacy tent for outdoor toilets, and more.

Godora 30P ECO Poo Powder

Godora 30 Packs ECO-Friendly Poo Powder, Portable & Fast-Absorbing Camping Toilet Chemicals, Rapidly Biodegradable Eco Gel for Portable Toilet, for Outdoor Portable Bedpans & Emergencies

If you’re an eco-conscious traveler looking for a solution to your outdoor toileting needs, look no further than our poo powder! Our poo powder is a great solution for outdoor portable toilets, portable bedpans, and other human and pet liquid waste. Each box contains 30 packs that can process 620ml/0.16 gal of urine, and half a pack is enough for an adult.

This poo powder quickly coagulates liquid waste into a gel within 2-3 minutes and naturally degrades within 7 days. You can also lock in bad odors with a few simple steps, emitting a light lemon fragrance. And, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can buy our poo powder with confidence!

TPS Power Sports Portable Toilet

TPS Power Sports Portable Toilet Flushing Splash-Free Dumping Camping Toilet Anti-Leak Water Pump Large Capacity Waste Tank Travel Toilet Quick and Easy Setup

This portable travel size toilet is perfect for camping trips, boating, fishing, or any other outdoor activity. It has a powerful flushing system with a 5.2 gallon water tank, and a 6.

3 gallon waste tank, allowing you to flush 40+ times without worrying about plumbing or external hookups. The high-density polyethylene construction makes it leak-proof and odorless, while the splash-free rotating pour spout allows you to empty the tank quickly and easily. Plus, the home-like seat and lid provide maximum comfort and convenience.

With this portable toilet, you’ll have all the convenience of your own bathroom while enjoying the great outdoors.

Camco TST MAX RV Toilet Treatment | 64 oz (41172)

Camco TST MAX RV Toilet Treatment | Features a Biodegradable Septic Safe Formula, Comes in an Orange Citrus Scent, and is Ideal for RVing, Boating, and More | 64 oz (41172)

This product is essential for RV and marine holding tanks – it is an ultra-concentrated formula that eliminates odors and helps break down waste and tissue in your waste holding tank. Just 2 oz. can treat up to a 40-gallon tank and the odors are stopped for up to 7 days.

It is RV and marine approved and does not contain any dangerous ingredients such as pesticides, biocides, or the toxic formaldehyde-releasing ingredient, bronopol. The product has a fresh orange scent which makes it all the better. Plus, it is proudly made in the USA and comes in a 64 oz.

bottle. Don’t wait to get your hands on this essential product for RV and marine holding tanks!

Portable Toilet Digestant & Deodorizer – 1 Gallon

Portable Toilet Porta Potty Chemical Waste DIGESTANT & DEODORIZER - 1 Gallon/Fresh Scent (Up to 42 Doses per Gallon)

Royal Flush is a revolutionary waste treatment system that helps reduce toilet waste and control odors! It contains powerful liquifying enzymes and bacteria that attack waste, oils, and soap residue on a molecular level, breaking them down and destroying odors without the use of formaldehyde or other harmful chemicals. Plus, Royal Flush is non-caustic, non-toxic, and biodegradable, making it a safer and more economical waste management option for portable toilets, pit toilets, marine and RV holding tanks and more. On top of that, it also provides a pleasant fragrance and dye aid to treat and disguise waste.

Try Royal Flush today to eliminate waste and odors naturally!

How To Choose Portable Chemical Toilet

Choose a portable chemical toilet based on the number of people who will use it. Consider the size of the toilet, the type of waste disposal system (e.g. chemical or septic tank), and the tank capacity. Finally, look for features like a flushing system, waste tank level indicator and an odour trap.


We understand the importance of reliable portable chemical toilet capacity. We are proud to offer products that are designed to provide maximum capacity and convenience. Our toilets are made with durable materials that can withstand all kinds of weather and usage, making them perfect for any outdoor event or application.

Our toilets are easy to clean and maintain, so you can trust that they will provide years of safe and reliable service. Thank you for considering our products.


Portable chemical toilets provide a convenient and hygienic solution for places where traditional toilets are not an option. When shopping for a portable chemical toilet, be sure to check its portability, capacity, convenience features, and maintenance requirements. You should also consider if the toilet needs to be installed or if it can be easily moved and stored.

Finally, check the materials used to ensure durability and long-term use.


Our portable chemical toilets are designed to provide you with a reliable and durable solution for your sanitation needs. Every toilet is constructed with high-quality materials and is rigorously tested for durability. We are committed to providing you with a safe and comfortable experience, so rest assured that your purchase will last.

Maintenance Requirements

.Regular maintenance of your portable chemical toilet is essential for hygienic and efficient operation. Be sure to check the toilet regularly for proper tank and bowl levels, cleanliness, and any necessary repairs.

If any issues are found, contact your local service provider for assistance.


1. What type of waste can be disposed of in a portable chemical toilet?

Generally, only human waste and toilet paper should be disposed of in a portable chemical toilet. Non-biodegradable items such as food, hygiene products, and paper towels should not be disposed of in a portable chemical toilet.

2. How often should a portable chemical toilet be emptied?

Most manufacturers recommend that portable chemical toilets be emptied at least once a month.

3. What type of cleaning materials should be used to clean a portable chemical toilet?

The most appropriate cleaning materials to use for cleaning a portable chemical toilet are a disinfectant, a brush, and an appropriate detergent.

On a final note

The best portable chemical toilet is an invaluable tool for adventurers, campers, and anyone in need of a reliable and hygienic toilet solution. It is lightweight, easy to assemble, and simple to use. With its robust construction and durable materials, the best portable chemical toilet offers a convenient and safe way to go to the bathroom in a variety of situations.

Its versatility and portability make it the perfect choice for any outdoor or remote location.

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