Best Portable Toilet For Road Trips – Review and Top Picks

Are you planning a road trip, but don’t want to worry about finding a restroom along the way? Look no further! We’ve researched and compiled the perfect list of the best portable toilets for road trips. Stay clean and comfortable on your journey, without having to worry about where to find a restroom. Keep reading to find out the best portable toilet for your next road trip.

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Top picks

Zensuno Emergency Potty (3 Pack, Age 4-6)

Zensuno Emergency Foldable Portable Disposable Hygienic Instant Potty for Kids Toddlers Small Children and Babies, Great for Road Trip, Camping, Traveling, Hiking and Car Essential (3 Pack, Age 4-6)

This amazing product is a must-have for all parents! Made with high strength high stiffness corrugated cardboard, these portable, foldable, and lightweight travel-sized potties are perfect for families on the go. Setup is a breeze – it only takes a few seconds to unfold and it takes up minimal space, easily fitting in the glove box or car seat back pocket. Your children will love them too – there’s no need to visit smelly and dirty public restrooms.

And you’ll be glad you have them in the car for emergencies. Don’t leave home without them!

Arciton Portable Toilet, Blue

A ARCITON Portable Toilet Car Camping Toilet Indoor & Outdoor Commode,Travel Potty,Portable Toilet for Car,Camping,Hiking,Boating,Long Road Trips,Traffic jam (Blue)

This new style portable toilet is perfect for any outdoor adventure. Made of sturdy PP Eco-friendly plastics, it can hold up to 550 lbs and easily be carried around. Its seat belt design keeps you secure, even on bumpy roads, and its ergonomic design makes for a comfortable and odor-free experience.

Not just a car toilet, it can be used indoors and outdoors for pregnant women, the disabled, kids, or adults. It’s easy to use – simply wrap the collection bag, put the cushion underneath, open the toilet lid, and pull out the collection bag after use. The package includes the portable toilet, replacement bags, a cleaning brush, a non-slip mat, and a user’s manual.

Make your journeys more comfortable and easier with this versatile, sturdy portable toilet!

TRIPTIPS Portable Toilet

TRIPTIPS Portable Toilet Foldable Toilet for Car Camping Toilet Travel Toilet Portable Toilet for Camping

This amazing Portable Folding Toilet is perfect for camping, hiking, boating and long road trips! It folds down to just 2 inches thick and is incredibly easy to carry. It can also be used as a stool, trash can, storage box and even an indoor toilet for people in need of care. Setup is a breeze and it’s compatible with any 6-8 gallon bag for easy clean up.

It comes with a waterproof handy bag, manual and toilet all included in the package. Make your journey more comfortable and easier with this portable folding toilet!

ToiletA ARCITON Portable Toilet for Camping, Tent, Hiking, Boating, Road Trips, Traffic Jam, Home

A ARCITON Portable Toilet Camping Toilet Foldable Toilet for Car Indoor Outdoor Commode Travel Toilet Portable Toilet for Camping,Tent,Hiking,Boating,Long Road Trips,Traffic jam,Home

The new style portable toilet is the perfect solution for your needs. This high quality PP plastic toilet is designed to be sturdy and comfortable, with a rectangle seat that offers more room front to back and can hold up to 400 lbs. It is also washable and easy to clean, making it ideal for keeping your hygiene at top level.

The toilet is foldable and can be used in any car, van, SUV or truck, making it a great choice for long road trips, camping, hiking, boating, fishing or beach trips. It is also great for pregnant women, the disabled, or elderly people.In addition to being a toilet, this folding portable toilet can also be used as a seat, storage box, trash can, or a stool.

It comes with 20 replacement bags and is compatible with any 6-8 gallon replacement bags.This product is a great value and comes with a worry-free warranty and friendly customer service. Get your new style portable toilet today and make your journey more comfortable and stress-free!

PAHTTO Portable Camping Toilet

Portable Camping Toilet, PAHTTO Travel Toilet For Adults, Porta Potty with Female Urination Device and Disposable Urinal Bags for Camping Hiking Traveling Long Road Trips Boat

Are you looking for a perfect portable folding toilet for camping, traffic jam, traveling, boating, long road trips, or any other emergency? Look no further! This lightweight, compact portable toilet is the perfect companion for all your outdoor needs. At only 2.2Lb and 2.

1 inches high when folded, it is easy to carry and store in even the smallest of spaces. The toilet is made of ABS Eco friendly plastics, offering a smooth and washable surface that is easy to clean. Plus, the widened toilet seat provides a comfortable experience.

The toilet also comes with a variety of useful accessories, including a waterproof handy bag, toilet trash bags, disposable urine bags, and a female urination device with a carry bag. The urine bags are equipped with SAP water-absorbing polymer substance that can absorb urine, vomit, or other liquid waste and turns it into odorless, spill-proof gel, leak-proof and easy to use.This portable toilet is the perfect solution for all your outdoor needs and is sure to provide you with the comfort and convenience you need. With its lightweight, compact design and its useful accessories, you can rest assured that it will meet all your needs.

How To Choose Portable Toilet For Road Trips

When choosing a portable toilet for a road trip, consider size, weight, and portability. Look for one with a waste tank capacity of at least 4 gallons, and a water tank capacity of at least 2 gallons. Make sure it is lightweight and easy to transport, and also check for good ventilation and odor control.


Our portable toilets are perfect for road trips, providing you with the capacity you need to ensure your comfort and convenience. Our toilets are made with high-quality materials and feature a durable design that can handle even the most rigorous road trips. With our toilets, you don’t have to worry about capacity, or worry about the conditions of the toilet over time.


Portable toilets are a great option for road trips, as they offer the convenience of a restroom without the need to find one. To ensure your portable toilet is durable and safe, check that it is made of high-quality materials, has a secure locking mechanism, and is easy to clean. With these considerations in mind, you can rest assured that your portable toilet will be able to handle even the longest road trips.

Ease of Setup

If you’re looking for the perfect portable toilet for your next road trip, look no further! Our toilets are designed with ease of setup in mind – they feature a quick and easy assembly process, with no tools required. Plus, they are lightweight and compact, making them perfect for travel. Enjoy your next adventure with a state-of-the-art portable toilet!


A portable toilet is a great option for long road trips, providing convenience and comfort. Check the features of the toilet, such as weight capacity, size, capacity, and ease of use, to ensure you have an enjoyable experience. Also be sure to look for features such as a battery-powered flush, a sealed tank, and an odor-eliminating air freshener.

With these features, you can be sure to have a comfortable and sanitary restroom experience.


1. How often should the portable toilet be emptied during a road trip?

The frequency of emptying a portable toilet during a road trip will depend on the number of users and the duration of the trip. Generally, it should be emptied every two to three days if the toilet is being used regularly.

2. Are portable toilets safe to use in areas with extreme temperatures?

Yes, portable toilets are designed to be used in extreme temperatures. They are insulated and come with heating and cooling systems, depending on the model. Additionally, many portable toilets on the market are designed to be both flame and weather-resistant.

3. How much does a portable toilet for road trips typically cost?

The cost of a portable toilet for a road trip can range from around $50 to $1,000 or more, depending on the type and features.

In summary

The best portable toilet for road trips is a must-have for any traveler. It offers convenience, comfort, and peace of mind while on the road. It is essential to research the different types of toilets and read reviews to ensure that you are selecting the best option for your needs.

With the right portable toilet, you can ensure a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable road trip.

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