Best Pressure Assisted Toilets – Reviews & Buying Guide (2020)

When it is about buying a traditional toilet, probably you will get a bunch of textual and verbal suggestions around you.

But, the situation goes slightly difficult when you want to buy a best pressure assisted toilet for your house or office space.

Choosing a pressure driven toilet is undoubtedly a wise decision, because this type of toilet saves water, which is crucial for saving our earth and keep it ecologically balanced. Basically, choosing the pressure powered toilet, you are leaving better space for both next user and generation, as these toilets are both environment and user-friendly.

However, if you have already taken the wise decision and are looking for detail suggestion to conquer the challenge of buying the high profile pressure assisted toilet successfully, we can assure you that you are in the right place.

Through this content, we will introduce you with four popular sets of the right pressure assisted toilets, and also let you know the advantages, functional features and the validation of purchasing of a pressure powered toilet

After doing some intensive research, we have narrowed down this list. This list consists of four products from three different manufacturers. As these are all pressure powered toilets, one thing you will find common is, they all function through compressed air and water.

Other than this mutual feature, you will get to know more about functional features as well as complementary features of every product. 

1. American Standard 2876.016.020 Yorkville

American Standard is a popular name in the sanitary industry. In three out of each five houses in America, you will find at least a product of American Standard. Our first pick of this short list is from this renowned manufacturer.

Like the other products of the producer, here this Yorkville pressure assisted toilet also ensures excellent service for the users with a stylish design and finishing, around the years.

Best Pressure Assisted Toilet

This elongated toilet features an ‘Ever Clean’ surface both the inner panel and the outer panel of the toilet. This surface area inhibits various types of bacteria, mold, and mildew that mainly cause stain and odor, and keeps the toilet always fresh and clean for the further use.

All over the body of this American Standard toilet has elegant design and finishing. Installing this inside of your washroom area, you not only feel relaxation of evacuation, but also can enjoy the beauty of your interior ambiance. Here the white color easily matches with any bathroom setup.

Apart from the smart design and finishing, here are two more things that add a stylish vibe to the toilet room, one is the pressing silver lever, and other is the collection of four bolt caps. Additionally, the lever is convenient to operate after every evacuation, and the caps keep the rough and tough look of the installed nuts under their smooth coverings.

Highlighted Features and Benefits

  • Standard design suits any interior of houses, hotels, airports and stadiums.
  • The fully glazed 2-1/8-Inch trapway ensures fast and smooth vanishing of the waste.
  • Effective 25 psi - 80 psi range working pressure will make the cleaning faster and efficient without using much water.
  • The ‘Ever Clean’ surface makes sure your regular cleaning effective and less laborious.

2. Kohler K-3505-0 Pressure Lite Toilet

Since 1873, Kohler has been providing exceptional products and services for the customers’ home and lifestyle needs to improve their living conditions, this K-3505-0 classic toilet is an example.

This pressure assisted toilet is a good selection for both household and commercial usage. Anyone who has this toilet will enjoy all the essential toilet room benefits under the warp of a standard decoration friendly outer.

Kohler K-3505-0 Pressure Lite Toilet

This toilet has a polished standard body shape with the dimension of Length 30-1/2-inch, Height 29-3/4-inch, and Width 21-1/4-inch. Considering this dimension and body structure, anyone can easily choose for his washroom, it will fit with both modern and traditional washroom settings.

One problem with using pressure driven toilets is, they make noise during the flushing period. Here the manufacturer accumulated a quit performance feature to ensure efficient flushing with minimal sound. So, you don’t have to be bother even if you use pressure assisted toilet instead of traditional toilets.

Apart from the noise cancelation feature, you will also get ample water area for cleaning purposes. It has 12-inch (305 mm) x 10-inch (254 mm) of water surface area. For normal using of the toilet, this covering range is enough to keep the toilet neat and clean for the next person.

Highlighted Features and Benefits

  • Kohler K-3505-0 requires only 1.6 gallons of water for a single flush.
  • Features an elongated well-shaped bowl for relax sitting during the evacuation period.
  • Polished chrome trip lever will ensure proper flow of compressed air and water for complete cleaning.
  • 12-inch wide rough in will make a smooth way for the water to flow with the waste to the toilet sewage line.

3. Zurn Z5572 Pressure Assisted Toilet

This Zurn Z5572 dual-flush toilet is an innovative, ideal solution for the commercial toilet and sanitation needs. Zurn is an American based global manufacturer and industry leader for providing water solutions for large organizations.

Like their other products and services, this toilet also offers an innovative feature, which is the high performance ‘Eco Flush’ technology. Moreover, the toilet is also blessed with siphon jet flush action, 2-1/8” fully glazed trapway, roomy front rim and an all-around simple yet standard outlook.

Zurn Z5572 Pressure Assisted Toilet

Installing this toilet in your washroom, you can minimize your water consummation thus your annual utility expense. Unlike a normal toilet, this one requires 30 percent less water for its function. Which means, with the same amount of water if a normal toilet operates 3 times, your toilet can function almost four times.

The pressure assisted tank in the back panel will help your toilet to get ready for the further usages. After finishing your defecation, when you press the lever this tank will deliver maximum pressure to transfer the waste from bowl to the sewage line, so that the toilet remains fresh always, just like it is before the use.

Both the down panel and the tank have smart white color finishing. In addition, there is a silver color lever on the top right side of the tank. This combination of all over white and a piece of silver will easily go with almost all type of bathroom arrangements.

Highlighted Features and Benefits

  • Ultra quiet technology reduces the noise of flushing.
  • Features operating pressure range of 20-80 psi for quick and complete cleaning.
  • Elongated front rim will let you sit on the bowl with complete control and relaxation.
  • Included bolts caps keep the nuts safe from water and rust, so solid attachment with the floor is guaranteed.

4. American Standard 2462.100.020

This one is the second selection of our short list from a manufacturer you already have known about. The producer has been producing some of the industry’s best toilets for more than 137 years, this one is not an anomaly.

In this American Standard toilet, together with the smart finishing, wide water surface area, close-coupled flushometer tank, you will get the opportunity to keep your toilet clean using less amount of water every time you want.

American Standard 2462.100.020

Choosing this toilet for your regular use at your house or office, you can ensure the efficient use of water. The toilet utilizes 31-Percent less water. It requires only 1.1 –Gallons of water per flush. So, it will also cut your yearly utility bill.

Both the outer side and inner side of the toilet are featured with ‘Ever Clean’ smooth surface structure. As a result, during regular cleaning, you can easily remove any stain and dust with just simple toilet brushing. Additionally, this kind of surface is hardly affected by the satin causing bacteria.

This American Standard two-piece toilet comes with a speed connect tank/bowl coupling system. The system allows users to install their toilets with minimal labor and complexity. Moreover, it also features a chrome lever which is easy to install and operate.

Highlighted Features and Benefits

  • This white toilet will give you a decorated and fresh vibe around the week preventing the growth of bacteria.
  • Pressure powered siphon jet flush action helps fast removing of the waste.
  • Spacious bowl will let you enjoy your evacuation and help you clean every corner thoroughly.
  • The fully glazed 2-1/8" trapway ensures smooth transfer of the waste from the toilet bowl to the house waste removing the line.

How Does A Pressure Assisted Toilet Work?

Pressure assisted toilets are a new form of the toilet that functions differently from the standard gravity-fed toilets.

Since their introduction, these toilets come a long way over the years with the development of efficiency and noise reduction.

Though some changes have happened to the functionality of the pressure driven toilets comparing with the initial ones, the basic way of operation remains unchanged. Let’s see how does a pressure driven toilet work.

In general, a pressure assisted toilet uses compressed air to transfer the waste from bowl to the trapway, where a traditional gravity fed toilet solely depends on the gravity force to do the same job.

A pressure powered toilet looks like a traditional one from the outer side, but in inside the former one has a sealed plastic pressure tank instead of a pool of water. The tank of pressured powered toilets is the engine or center point of operation.

Inside of the tank, there are air and water, during the water refilling cycle, when the water gets into the tank the air inside the tank gets compressed and powered with extra pressure.

Later, when a user flushes the toilet after the evacuation, the tank releases the under-pressured water. At this situation, the pressured water creates a forceful blast and soaks all the waste from the bowl.

Again, the tank refills with air when the inside water is ejected, and at the end of each flush, a fill valve automatically opens to refill the tank with the water.

However, this cycle of refilling and ejecting runs on until the tank faces any technical issues. Additionally, during the refilling and ejecting this pressure assisted toilet makes some noise, the decibel of this noise depends on the toilet to toilet.

Are Pressure Assisted Toilets Really Worth It?

Pressure assisted toilets are a premium form of toilet.

For getting this premium service, a buyer has to spend some extra bucks compering with the purchase of a traditional toilet.

The requirement of spending some extra bucks sometimes becomes a matter of concern to some buyers; they think does this toilet deserve the amount?

According to our observation, yes, the toilets worth your money. We have pointed out some facts below that validate the expense people make for buying pressure powered toilets for their home and commercial space.

  • This toilet minimizes water cost of the people functioning with less amount of water.
  • Takes just a few seconds to be ready for the next usage.
  • Easy to clean after every use.
  • Has standard outlook for installing in any interior.

Basically, the extra benefits that people get from the pressure powered toilets convince them to spend some additional money for the toilet.

However, we also discussed details of the key benefits of a pressure assisted toilet in the following section. Going through those, hopefully, you will get a clearer understanding of why really the toilet worth your money.  

Advantages of Pressure Assisted Toilets

The high profile pressure assisted toilet is the updated version of the normal gravity toilet. Just like other updated and modern things around us, this one also offers initial as well as some extra benefits to its users compering with the traditional toilets.

In the following section, we mentioned some key advantages that a user gets from using pressure assisted toilets.

Easier Cleaning

In a pressure powered toilet the removing of waste from the bowl is done with the help of extra force created by the tank. As a result, when a user flushes the toilet pressing the lever, the toilet gets clean within seconds.

This rapid cleaning also minimizes the chances of the odor. After all, it becomes easier for a user to leave the toilet in fresh condition for the next user. 

Good for Busy Places

These pressure assisted toilets are an ideal choice for a busy commercial place where the toilets are freaking busy around the clock. Because the toilets take less time to be ready for the next use, and with just simple flushing they look fresh. Indeed, a clean and odorless toilet is always expectable.

Minimize the Use of Water

Installing this pressure powered toilet in your house or office space, you can cut the volume of water you usually use. This type of toilet requires more than 30 percent less water for each flush comparing with the traditional toilets.

For instance, a flush of pressure powered toilet needs about 1.1 to 1.4 gallons of water where even a standard new toilet requires 1.6 gallons per flush, and many old toilets require 5 to 6 gallons!

Stay Always Clean

In the bowl of a pressure assisted toilet, a bulk amount of water stays after every flush. This collection water prevents the stain-causing bacteria and keeps the toilet fresh around the weeks. Also, because of this constant cleaning process, you will need just minimum labor for regular caretaking of your toilet.

No Condensation

The increase of humidity inside the bathroom reduces the freshness of the room. Here toilet’s two tank processing system will reduce condensation and sweat; and keep the room ambiance free from extra humidity.

Parts Stay Strong Around the Months

Normally, a pressure assisted toilet has fewer moving parts than other types of toilet. For this facility, there is less chance that any part of the toilet will break down or damage because of moving here to there. So, you will need less repairing and maintenance.

Good for Narrow Spaces Too

Though all of the pressure driven toilets are not small in size, there are some toilets that are small in size. So, if your allocated space for toilet room is not that much spacious, you can choose the small version of this toilet.

Summing Up

The best pressure assisted toilet costs a significant amount of money, so finding and purchasing the best one is important. Otherwise, you have to regret later.

Through the discussion of key features and benefits, we tried to make the challenging task of buying the high quality pressure assisted toilet easy for you. Whether you buy your toilet now or later, hopefully, your understanding of our discussion will lead you to choose the perfect one that will justify your needs as well as your spending.

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