Best Shower Head in 2019 – Ultimate Guide & Reviews

Are you confused to select the high quality Shower Head to buy that meets your needs? Finding the best shower head for the money can be a challenging task as there are numerous shower heads available in the market offering tons of features and technical specifications from many different reputable manufacturers and you reach out thousands of shower head reviews offline and online daily. So, choosing the best one isn’t as easy as it seems.

Here we’re to take the stress out!

Editor's Pick Shower Head Comparison






Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra-Luxury 3-way 2 in 1 Shower-Head



Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head



Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head

Antique Brass

Speakman plastic

H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Polished chrome

Rainfall High Pressure Disassembly Capacity Shower Head



HotelSpa 30-Setting Ultra-Luxury 3 way Rainfall Shower-Head


Stainless Steel

Gpm Niagara Chrome Handheld Massage Showerhead


Stainless Steel

Niagara Earth Massage Handheld


Stainless Steel

Waterpik SM 653 CG Original 6-Mode Massage Handheld Shower



Delta 75700WH Seven-Spray Hand Shower_

Delta 75700WH Seven-Spray Hand Shower



The following in-depth analysis of shower head units will assist you to find answers to all your indecisions, confusions and questions that get around your brain when you think about which shower is best to buy and figure out what the ​quality shower head is to suit your needs.

Remember, only a great shower head with the right amount of water flow, steady temp, and adjustable setting can offer you an amazing shower experience.

No worries! Just go through.

10 Best Shower Head Reviews

​1. Hydroluxe Full-ChromeUltra-Luxury 2 in 1 Shower-Head

Best Shower Head

Manufacturer Hydroluxe

Product Details

This shower head is considered one of the ​good shower head models with a very reasonable price range.

The use of this shower head is as easy as turning a lever. The bracket that holds the shower head can tilt up and down so you can adjust the angle of the spray head quickly.

Hydroluxe Full-ChromeUltra-Luxury 2 in 1 Shower-Head

When the both heads are on, no matter where the diverter is set, you’ll get good water pressure. It’s also possible to remove the handheld from the top and replace after use. There are about five different settings (Power Rain, Massage, Stay-Warm Mist, Water-saving Economy Rain and Pause) on the head and wand, for whatever spray you feel like.

The water pressure remains pretty good even though you remove the flow restrictor. You’ll get equal water pressure even if both shower heads are on. With the changing of the settings, the pressure will fluctuate accordingly. But if you turn one of them off, the other gets even stronger.

It’s a great option! Hot, cold or a mixture of both, whatever the temperature of water you like, the flow control mechanism in a shower head controls the flow of all water. It comes with everything needed to install, even plumber’s tape.

Outstanding Features

  • 24 unique water flow patterns and five different spray settings
  • Mounted shower head with three settings
  • Multiple settings are possible to run at once. Two heads be operating at one setting
  • Includes shower arm, bracket, meter hose and shower head
  • 6 feet long completely flexible hose
  • Simply by turning the lever on the main head, the water flow is possible to change
  • The removable upper head can be adjusted up & down, the lower one in every direction
  • Removable water regulator
  • Very easy to install and tools aren’t needed
  • Strong water flow
  • Withstanding ‘pause’ mode
  • Looks like chrome finish, although it is plastic


  • Plastic configurations, but it's not flimsy and very sturdy and durable. The hose that connects the movable 2nd shower head is made of metal and built nicely.
  • Lacks pressure when on dual shower setting, but you can solve it easily by removing the flow control (between pipe and wall), and water will come out beautifully.


Ten years from Interlink Products International, Inc. (See Seller Warranty Description)

​2. Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head

Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head
Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head

Manufacturer Culligan

Product Details

If you like to feel relaxation after a shower, in your choices Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head should come first.

This shower head is exceptional in every aspect. Its powerful filtration system can treat up 10,000 gallons of water reducing 99% of chlorine and also eradicates sulfur from the water.

A shower with softening water surely helps you to improve eczema and other skin and hair conditions. Five different spraying modes will determine your comfort level when showering. Its anti-clog rubber nozzle resists mineral deposits.

This shower head is made of chrome plated plastic. It has ball connections so that it can swivel in any directions left to the right as well as up and down. The amount of water flow is high. Certified by NSF, this shower head provides your family a very pleasant shower experiences.

Outstanding Features

  • Included filter with 10,000-gallon filter capacity
  • Anti-clog rubber spray
  • Five spray settings
  • Reliable and easy to install
  • Excellent water power setting
  • Water saving and removable flow restriction
  • Extremely affordable
  • Meets EPA Water Sense certification standard and certified by NSF International against ANSI Standard 177


  • Water leakage-just ensure that the product is firmly attached to the water pipe.


Limited five years warranty from the manufacturer. You’ll enjoy this warranty only if you purchase the product from an authorized distributor (To see Seller Warranty Description, please click here )

​3. Speakman S-2005 High-Pressure Adjustable Shower Head

Speakman S-2005 High-Pressure Adjustable Shower Head
Speakman S-2005 High-Pressure Adjustable Shower Head

Manufacturer Speakman

Product Details

If you like to give a premium looking to your bathroom as the world’s best hotels and resorts the Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream High-Pressure Adjustable Shower Head is a wise choice. Its adjustable high-pressure shower head with three different intensity and pattern settings (intense, massage and combination) allow you to customize your showering experience.

For a regular shower rinsing of suds and shampoo, the intense setting is great. The massage setting is preferred without wasting water after you’ve had a long day. Proper installation of the units offers a powerful and consistent spray. Adjusting with the knob on the side is easy.

Any stream Technology enables it to be high versatile. Even at lower water pressure, you’ll get a satisfying shower experience as the unit amplifies the water pressure through the nozzle. It is made of a special lightweight engineered plastic and available in three gorgeous finishes.

It requires only three steps to be fully installed. 50 full coverage spray jets and eight types of pulsating jets surely give you the experience of a regular shower or a soothing soak under the rain or a massage-whatever you like to enjoy.

Outstanding Features

  • Anystream technology
  • Easy to operate
  • Removable flow restrictor
  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • Elegant and luxurious looking
  • A variety of powerful spray pattern
  • Durable construction using solid brass
  • Powerful spray performance even at low water pressure
  • Flow rate 2.5 gallons per minute
  • Gorgeous finishing- brushed, polished chrome and nickel


  • Shower head leaked immediately after installation, but you can easily solve it by applying thread seal tape to the threads of the pipe before screwing on the head.
  • Somewhat more expensive


Limited lifetime warranty

​4. H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Manufacturer Chromo Inc

Product Details

If you like to experience a true rain shower while listening to music, H2oVibe Rain Shower head is the best choice. The shower itself is very powerful. It's large and wide diameter gives you a relaxing shower experience with entire body coverage.

It swivels 360 degrees in every direction-up-down, side to side. The shower head is very well built, and water comes out evenly with a peaceful rain feeling an effect. The blue tooth speaker also has a phone function and works with any phone.

The Bluetooth capabilities have a far range. You can use the detachable speaker anywhere in the house or outdoors for that matter since it’s completely waterproof. It has excellent sound quality. Its noise reduction feature will provide you crystal clear audio streaming. The installation of the shower head is very easy.

Outstanding Features

  • Three times more spray power with extensive coverage
  • Feel every shower a luxurious spa-like experience
  • Ultra-wide & powerful water pressure
  • Intensified noise reduction
  • Crystal clean sound quality and detachable speaker
  • Three times more spray power than a standard shower head
  • Connects wirelessly up to 33 feet away
  • Very incredible battery life
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Incredibly easy & fast installation


No volume control on the speaker.


Warranty information is available on the manufacturers (Chromo Inc) website.

​5. Rainfall High Pressure Disassembly Capacity Shower Head

Rainfall High Pressure Disassembly Capacity Shower Head
Rainfall High Pressure Disassembly Capacity Shower Head

Manufacturer SomovWorld

Product Details

This superior rain shower head makes you feel like you’re naturally bathing in the rain. Its large and wide surface for full body coverage will give you best relaxation and Spa-like shower experience. The water pressure is great. With the water restrictor, it gives a very nice steady stream of water.

Without the water restrictor, it provides a virtual flood of water. Detachable water restrictor allows you to get excellent performance both at high and low water pressure. It features 90 Powered Anti-Clogging Silicone Jets that prevent lime and hard water deposits in the shower head.

You can easily adjust the direction of the water spray up and down, side by side for maximum comfort. Its high-quality construction makes it more durable and long lasting that will fulfill the needs of the whole family year after year. Its glossy look and elegant design contribute to outstanding view of your bathroom.

Outstanding Features

  • Excellent performance at high or low water pressure
  • Removable water restrictor
  • Self-cleaning nozzles
  • Swivel brass ball joint
  • Easy, fast and tool free installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Anti-leak design, durable and long lasting
  • Made of ABS material and lightweight
  • Chrome polish finishing


No disadvantage found


Warranty information is available on the manufacturer’s (SomovWorld) website.

​6. HotelSpa Ultra-Luxury 3 way Rainfall Shower-Head

HotelSpa Ultra-Luxury 3 way Rainfall Shower-Head
HotelSpa Ultra-Luxury 3 way Rainfall Shower-Head

Band Name HotelSpa

Product Details

To enhance your in-home shower experience with luxurious shower head, there is no other choice except HotelSpa 30-Setting Ultra-Luxury 3 way Rainfall Shower Head. This shower head can easily serve two people at the same time.

You can use both the shower head separately or simultaneously whatever you prefer. Its 5 feet long metallic hose is very flexible. Its metallic hose fittings, as well as ball joint, ensure its durability. The fitting on the back of the main shower head is also metal.

If you want a lot of water flow, you can easily remove the water regulator. The feature you’ll surely like most are that both the shower head have customizable settings. Its conical brass hose nut is easy to install, no need to hire a plumber or any expensive tool.

It features an Angle-adjustable overhead bracket, 30 full and combined water flow patterns, chrome finish expensive look and much more. Both the shower heads offer six settings that control the water flow.

Outstanding Features

  • Both showers heard possible of using separately or both together
  • Six-setting chrome face four-inch shower head and hand shower
  • Rub clean jest with anti-swivel nut
  • Water saver
  • Thirty combined and full water flow patterns
  • Each shower setting include: Power Rain, Hydrating Mist, Pulsating Massage, Rain/Mist, Rain/Massage and finally water saver Economy Rain
  • 5 feet long super flexible metallic hose
  • Multi (3 way) water diverter


A bit more expensive in comparing its great quality this rate is ignorable.


Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty is applicable only if you purchase the product from an authorized distributor. (To see Seller Warranty Description, please click here )

​7. GPM 2.0 Niagara Chrome Handheld Massage Showerhead

GPM 2.0 Niagara Chrome Handheld Massage Showerhead
Gpm Niagara Chrome Handheld Massage Showerhead

Brand Name Niagara Conservation

Product Details

If you like an excellent addition inside your bathroom at the lowest price, you can keep GPM 2.0 Niagara Chrome Handheld Massage Shower head at the top of your list. This is one of the most popular low-flow shower head.

Its flow control technology serves you a greater water force even at lower pressure. It’ll not only save your water heating bill but also save water. Its chrome-plated finishing is corrosion resistant which will keep it in great condition after years of heavy use.

Oval-shaped slot in the bracket prevents the shower head from accidentally twist right or left due to the force of the water- thus getting water all over your bathroom floor. The ball joint enables you to adjust the spray left or right.

The hose is made of metal (stainless steel), extremely flexible and a full 6 feet long. This extra size makes a difference, especially in a full-size tab. It offers three different jet settings- Niagara, Shower, and Power. The first setting- Niagara has a regular even shower spray with great pressure.

The middle setting- Shower is a smooth even spray rainfall pressure. The third setting- Power is an extremely intense pressure that forces the water through nine streams on the shower head that would work well on a knot in your back.

It's an even pressure depending on the intensity of the setting. Removing the screen at the bottom of the handle of this best shower head, you’ll receive unrestricted water flow from your water supply. This is a gorgeous-looking, wonderfully-performing handheld shower head at the lowest price.

Outstanding Features

  • Water saver-flow rate 2.0 gallon per minute which saves 20% more water than a standard 2.5 GPM shower head
  • Corrosion-resistant, high-impact abs thermoplastic body
  • 6 feet, tangle-free extremely flexible stainless steel hose
  • 9-jet adjustable turbo massage: settings from forceful to gentle
  • Non-aerating spray
  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • Fits all common shower head arms
  • Easy to install and maintenance-free
  • Pretty high quality considering the price
  • ANSI specifications


  • Does not come with sealant tape
  • Different flow settings can be difficult to adjust, but you can fix the mechanism by loosening the nozzle before entering the shower.


10-years guarantee

​8. Niagara Earth Massage Handheld

Niagara Earth Massage Handheld
Niagara Earth Massage Handheld

Manufacturer Niagara Conservation

Product Details

If you wish to have a decent low priced shower head featuring versatile style, you shouldn’t skip Niagara Earth Massage Handheld shower head. It comes with all metal constructions and very durable.

The hose is very flexible and lays flat against the wall. It offers a nice gentle spray or stronger massage. It uses less water-1.5 gallons per minute as opposed to standard 2.5 gals per min. That means it will cost you less.

Its flow-compensating technology saves water and money while enhancing pressure, performance, luxury and appearance. The adjustable shower head is very easy to turn. Good water pressure, regardless of it being a low-flow shower head. It’s an excellent deal for the money.

Outstanding Features

  • 1.5 GPM flow rate remains consistent regardless of water pressure.
  • Reduces water consumption up to 40%
  • Tangle-free 6 feet long hose
  • Non-removable flow compensator
  • Water sense labeled
  • 9-Jet adjustable turbo massage settings –gentle to forceful
  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • Chrome finish
  • Easy to install without hand and maintenance free
  • Corrosion resistant high-approach ABS thermoplastic body
  • ANSI specifications


Nothing found


10-years manufacturer warranty

​9. Waterpik Original 6-Mode Massage Handheld Shower

Waterpik Original 6-Mode Massage Handheld Shower
Waterpik Original 6-Mode Massage Handheld Shower

Manufacturer Waterpik

Product Details

This ​shower head comes up with exclusive OptiFlow technology which ensures you to enjoy an incredibly satisfying shower at any level of water pressure.

Even at low water pressures, this shower head can deliver a great water force and good coverage.

Its six spray modes, including the original shower massage, give you the freedom of changing gently to high-pressure massage setting depending on your mode. If you want a lot of water flow, you can easily remove the water regulator. Its handheld design, adjustable and five feet hose allows you plenty of freedom in the shower.

The hose is made of quality material that that ensures its durability. Its high stylish design and attractive chrome finish surely bring a great look to your bathroom. You don’t need to hire a plumber to replace your existing shower head because of its easy installation process.

Outstanding Features

  • Six spray settings- a gentle spray to a high-pressure
  • Flexible and easy-clean 5-foot shower hose
  • OptiFLOW technology for maximum water flow
  • Adjustable-angle bracket for easy positioning
  • Strong, durable mount
  • Easy to operate and install
  • Ergonomically well designed
  • Affordable price


  • Large and bulky
  • Water leakage from the side of the adjustment ring


Lifetime manufacturer's warranty

​10. Delta 75700WH Seven-Spray Hand Shower

Delta 75700WH Seven-Spray Hand Shower
Delta 75700WH Seven-Spray Hand Shower

Manufacturer DELTA FAUCET

Product Details

This shower head is an excellent option if you like a low-flow unit with the power of conventional shower head. Its 2.5 GPM flow rate provides you a constant water flow. 72-inch hose is very flexible.

This versatile seven spray massage hand shower provides- fast, slow and full massage, complete and fine sprays, champagne spray and an energy-saving spray.

It offers an ergonomic, comfortable handle. Multiple massage sprays bring the feelings of luxury, as well as a convenient stream setting for shampooing hair or soaping up. Its anti-clog feature removes any mineral from water supply which enhances the durability of the shower head.

It offers an extra-long six feet tangle-free flexible hose with a vacuum breaker which prevents dirty water from being siphoned back into your fresh water supply. The shower arm mount allows for hands-free showering. Its slider allows you to control the flow all the way down to zero gpm.

Outstanding Features

  • Ergonomic shower handle
  • Latest style seven-spray/massage handheld shower
  • Anti-clog nozzle to eliminate mineral deposits
  • Easy-turn spray dials
  • Internal waterway and double check valve
  • Shower arm mount
  • 6 feet tangle free super flexible hose.
  • Installs in minutes; wrench or pliers required
  • Includes shower arm mount
  • White finish


No complaints


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Check this video below to see the installation process of a american standard toilet:
Video Source: You Tube

Final Verdict

All of these shower head performs well and without any confusion meets the criteria for being one of the ​​​top rated Shower Head. Having gone through this review, you’ll now surely have a better idea to choose a super shower head with best offers at accessible price points.

Surely you’ll get what you pay for.

So. Are you going to buy the recommended shower head that will meet your standards and budget?

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