Best Toilet Auger – Top 5 Reviews & Buying Guide For 2020

Your beautiful active best toilet can get a block at any time. In some circumstances, the plunger is not suitable enough to deal with the heavy clog. You need something better, something more powerful that can remove the blockage or clog easily. The best toilet auger is beside you to solve the heavy blockage problem of your toilet.

The good toilet auger provides professional services rather than the traditional one. How can you get the right toilet auger and how you can know what is the best one, is also another problem. All of your problems you can solve by going through this review with the buying guide.

1. RIDGID 59802 K-6 DH Toilet Auger

If your toilet is stuck with the heavy blockage, you need a powerful auger like RIDGID 59802 K-6 DH Toilet Auger. This toilet auger is beautifully designed to make it user-friendly with high functionality. You can choose this toilet auger for the safest as well as the fastest cleaning.

Best Toilet Auger

You may face your toilet is loaded with heavy clogs and creating the heavy blockage. RIDGID 59802 K-6 DH Toilet Auger is designed in such a way so that is can break down the clogs and it does not make any harm to your toilet. This is a high-quality toilet auger. You will see a large vinyl guard handles to make your working process easier.

There is also a resistant tube along with a drophead in its structure. Saving the porcelain is important and the vinyl guard is used for that. The handle of the toilet auger needs to be strong enough to have a powerful cleaning. This toilet auger also comes with a strong handle. The drophead is used to clear the block.

This product is designed and manufactured in the US. The product comes with high-quality materials to clear stoppages, rags, etc. The sides of the pipes are also cleaned with this toilet auger. You will enjoy the snap-on attachment to cables.

The cables of the toilet auger are knit resistant. You need to become careful at the time of using if you are new users of the toilet auger. The professional will not face any difficulty. So, you will enjoy the fresh and clean toilet if you have the RIDGID K-6 Toilet Auger. So, no more tension with the blockage of the toilet.


  • Highly designed for powerful auger
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Provides the vinyl guard to prevent chipping
  • Clear the blockage effectively
  • Features knit resistant cable


  • You may face the head a bit bigger

2. Cobra Products 670398 Toilet Auger

If you are thinking of having simple, easy and functional toilet auger that can work effectively, Cobra Products 670398 Toilet Auger is the perfect suit for you. It can be your great helping hand if your toilet is blocked. This product is 3 feet long and it can be effective with the heavy clogs.

Cobra Products 670398 Toilet Auger

This toilet auger is made of steel. It provides a strong cleaning facility as it has the strongest structure made with steel. The blockage and heavy clogs can be easily broken with the help of this toilet auger. Cobra toilet ager is used in most of the household toilets as it cleans blockage easily. It is manufactured in China.

This product is easy to install and handling is very much simple. It clears the clogs and removes the blockage effectively. The molded plastic turning handle provides a safe cleaning to your toilet. The non-slip grip provides easier functionality at the time of cleaning.  To protect the toilet bowl this toilet auger features a poly safety tube.

So, there will be no scratching. The handle is made with plastic materials. The turning rods are effective and easy moving. The toilet auger features 3/8 inches by 3 feet high carbon spring wire. This toilet auger provides longevity. It is user-friendly and you can use it in a very easy manner.


  • Designed for most of the household toilets
  • Non-slip handle for effective functionality
  • More durable
  • Easy to clean and install
  • Features poly safety tube for preventing the scratching


  • Frequently use reduces the longevity

3. General Pipe Cleaners I-T6FL-DH Closet Auger

General Pipe Cleaners I-T6FL-DH Closet Auger is a professional toilet auger to make your toilet out of clog and remove the blockage. It provides simpler spinning methods at the time of cleaning. The clogs of the toilet will break down easily. Hence, this product can be your greatest option for making your toilet active once again.

General Pipe Cleaners I-T6FL-DH Closet Auger

This toilet auger comes with six-foot flex I core.  It is designed more uniquely to break the clogs and the blockage. There is an extra three feet cable in the handle of it. You can get this feature easily by clicking a button as well as pull the handle. So, this toilet auger makes your work easier. There is double spring flex I core cable in the toilet auger that works effectively. It can do the task easily what cannot be done with the plunger.

You always love those products that are not so costly and provide the most effective output. It is not so much costly but it does the heavy-duty. The other features that increase the functionality of the product are vinyl bowl guard, grip handle along with a turning handle. Like other best toilet auger, it features double spring constructions. The two layers Flexi core cable wrapped tightly to make it more effective.

It is made of high-quality materials. Thus it comes with a one year guarantee. So, you can be assured of the quality of the product. Steel tube material makes it stronger that will assist to clean the toilet easily.


  • The handle comes with an extra three feet cable
  • Features double spring flex cable
  • Effective to clear the clog and blockage
  • Features vinyl grip handle
  • Comes with down head


  • The extension is difficult to use

4. General Wire SpringI-T6FL-DH

General Wire SpringI-T6FL-DH is a conventional toilet auger that is very much effective. It is a highly integrated toilet auger. Sometimes your toilet becomes inactive with the heavy clog or waste blockage. The blockage makes the toilet inactive and it also makes life inactive. This efficient grade toilet auger makes the better unclogging to your toilet.

General Wire SpringI-T6FL-DH

The manufacturers maintained the quality of the products and so it is given the one year warranty. The tightly coiled steel comes with the two layers. It also provides the 49 strand wire rope. The resistance of the tool is also important to kink. This feature also provides super resistance.

This toilet auger comes with the down head construction. The total length of this auger is 6 feet long. You will get three feet telescoped inside the tube and you can use it at the time of needs. Vinyl grip handles help to hold it tightly and it provides more effective cleaning. The die-cast aluminum turning handle is different from the other toilet auger. There is also a vinyl bowl guard to protect the bowl from being scratching.


  • Provides down head construction
  • Provides 6 feet length
  • Features vinyl grip handle
  • Features aluminum turning handle
  • Vinyl bowl guard to protect the bowl from scratching


  • The extension is difficult to use

5. MIBOW Drain Snake Cleaner Drain Auger

If you are searching for an extra-long auger that will remove the clog in a better way, just check MIBOW Drain Snake Cleaner Drain Auger. It is a high-quality clog remover. It removes any kind of clogs and debris in a great fashion. It has other uses like sinks, basins, showers and many more.

MIBOW Drain Snake Cleaner Drain Auger

It is flexible and comfortable to use. This toilet auger with a unique design can gain your reliability with its performances. The steel spring makes it stronger. The user-friendly design makes this toilet auger more accessible. It can go to the narrow and curves area of your toilet.

It can be usable with the high temperature. The handle of this auger comes from silicone materials. The silicone materials provide resistance against the high temperature. Thereby, you can use boiling water at the time of cleaning the toilet.

The user-friendly model makes it easier for usages. You don’t need the plumber and you can do it simply. This can save time and money. You need to follow some instruction at the time of unclogging the toilet. You need to insert the drain through the tube of the toilet.

Most of the clogs occur in the p-trap area. The auger provides a convenient easily clog clearing process to grab the hair. It is a flexible tool to clean the drain. The toilet auger is extremely light so that you can carry it easily. The handle grip is also simple at the top part of the product and it makes the effortless cleaning.

The flexible tool has drain cleaning burrs that snag & pull out hair, food, garbage & other obstacles that cause a clogged drain. The dimension of this product is 11 x 8.5 x 1.7 inches. The weight is only 6.4 ounces. The performances of this toilet auger are remarkable.


  • Extra-long toilet auger
  • Provides flexible & bendable wound-steel
  • Comparatively easier to use
  • You can save time and money using this toilet auger
  • Accessible to the narrow and curve part of the toilet


  • The extra-large body makes some problem in some cases

What you will you consider when buying a Right toilet auger

The top-quality toilet augers always come with some common but important characteristics that are needed to consider before buying one toilet auger.

Perfect length

The length of the toilet auger varies as different companies come with a different model, different functionalities. But most of the companies come with the six feet length toilet auger. You can go with the size as it is the ideal size of most of the auger companies.

The length of the toilet auger is always important. Don’t waste your money by buying extra-large or extra small toilet auger. If your toilet length is higher; you need the extendable length toilet auger.


You don’t want to use your toilet auger for a little period. For the longer use, the warranty provides more safety use of the product. At the time of buying, you need to check the warranty of the product.

Wire cable

The wire cable core is the most common of the high-quality toilet auger. The wire cable core with the twisted functionality can be your preference at the time of buying a toilet auger.


Materials are always important for any kind of product. It enhances the functionality of the product along with longevity. High-quality material will make your toilet auger more effective and make stronger.


Most of the toilet augers of our list are cost-effective. With this reasonable price, you are getting the most functional toilet auger.


It is useless if you cannot use the toilet auger at the time of need in a proper way. So, you will select the toilet auger that is easy to use and install and provides comfort at the time of cleaning the toilet.


A question can arise that what is the need for the auger as there is a plunger. A plunger can fail to work effectively with the heavy blockage or clog. When the plunger gives up the attempts, the auger starts the works. It is very much effective against the heavy clog and it can clear through the remote part of the toilet as well as the curving area of the toilet. People are not willing to spend their money on the toilet.

The best toilet auger comes at a reasonable price. This review is done considering the customer design and the performances the auger provides to the customers. This review also comes with the buying guide. Why are you making late to select the auger of your toilet as you have all the necessary options available in this review?

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