Best Toilet Brush For Toto Toilet in 2023

Are you looking for the best toilet brush to help keep your Toto toilet clean and sparkling? Look no further! In this blog, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the top toilet brushes designed specifically for Toto toilets. We’ll discuss the features and benefits of each, as well as how to choose the right one for your needs. With the right brush, you can keep your Toto toilet looking and smelling great!

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Fuller Brush Toilet Bowl Mop – 18 ½”

Fuller Brush Toilet Bowl Swab – Soft, Scratch-Free Toilet Bowl Mop – 18 ½” Overall Length

For those looking for a reliable and easy-to-use toilet cleaning tool, the Fuller Mini Toilet Mop is an ideal solution. Built with a 15-inch, rigid plastic handle and generous tuft of sanitary synthetic yarn, this mop is designed to last for years. It’s the perfect way to keep your hands away from dirty water and clean your toilet bowl quickly and easily, even in those hard-to-reach areas.

With its premium quality construction and sanitary design, the Fuller Brush Mini Toilet Mop is the perfect tool for keeping your toilet clean and sparkling.

ASOBEAGE Toilet Brush, Deep Cleaner Silicone Set, No-Slip Handle, Flexible Bristles, Quick Drying Holder (White)

ASOBEAGE Toilet Brush,Deep Cleaner Silicone Toilet Brushes with No-Slip Long Plastic Handle and Flexible Bristles, Silicone Toilet Brush with Quick Drying Holder Set for Bathroom Toilet(White)

This silicone toilet brush is the perfect solution for those looking to achieve a deep, professional clean in their bathroom. Its TPE material head is designed to never wear off and maintain its shape, so you can get perfect cleaning results in one operation. The brush is also designed to reach hard-to-reach areas, so nothing gets left behind.

And with its breathable holder base, you can dry it quickly and keep the base clean. Plus, you can hang it on the wall without needing to drill, or just put it on the floor. Get professional-level cleaning for your toilet today with this silicone brush!

Toto MS920CEMFG#01 Washlet G400, Cotton White

Toto MS920CEMFG#01 1.28-GPF/0.9-GPF Washlet with Integrated Toilet G400, Cotton White

Introducing the WASHLET bidet seat toilet with integrated dual flush toilet with 3D Tornado Flush technology. This revolutionary toilet is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. It offers front and rear warm water cleanse with five adjustable temperature and pressure settings, so you can find a setting that suits your preferences.

The CEFIONTECT glaze and PreMist function gives the toilet bowl a lubricious quality that helps prevent waste from adhering. Enjoy the luxury of auto open and close lid and seat with heated seat, warm air dryer, and air deodorizer for added comfort. It is Universal Height, ADA compliant, WaterSense certified, and CAL Green compliant.

Trap Diameter:2-3/4 inch. Get the WASHLET bidet seat toilet with integrated dual flush toilet with 3D Tornado Flush technology and enjoy the ultimate in bathroom comfort and convenience.

Marbrasse Toilet Brush 2 Pack

Marbrasse Slim Compact Bathroom Toilet Bowl Brush with Holder for Bathroom Stroage - Toilet Brush Sturdy, Deep Cleaning, 2 Pack

This Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder with 7pcs Bathroom Gap Brushes is the perfect choice for a deep clean and a durable construction. Made with ABS and PP materials, this brush is flexible and durable, so it won’t hurt your toilet and will maintain perfect cleaning. Additionally, the hemispherical brush head design ensures deep cleaning under the rim and other hard-to-reach places, while the comfortable non-slip handle design eliminates the need to press for perfect cleaning.

With its space-saving design, it fits into tight bathroom areas and the holder is hollow designed to keep the brush airy and quick-drying. Plus, it measures 2.75″ diameter x 14.

8″ high, so you can easily tuck it away. Get your deep clean and durable construction with this Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder with 7pcs Bathroom Gap Brushes.

BOOMJOY Toilet Brush Kit – White

BOOMJOY Toilet Brush and Holder Set, Silicone Bristles Bathroom Cleaning Bowl Brush Kit with Tweezers, Bathroom Accessories with Aluminum Handle - White

Introducing the TPR Bristle & Aluminum Rod toilet brush from BOOMJOY! This brush is perfect for scrubbing and removing stains on your closestool surface, with little to no scratch marks. You don’t have to worry about it wearing and tearing with its upgraded aluminum rod material that is rustproof. The brush head is also washable and dries quickly after cleaning.

An added bonus is the invisible tweezers that help you quickly remove hairs and other particles. With the authentic BOOMJOY brush, you can be sure of its brand quality and reliability. It also comes with a no-spill high-quality PP thickened base that won’t tip or collapse easily, keeping your bathroom clean and looking good.

Get this brush today and keep your bathroom sparkling!

How To Choose Toilet Brush For Toto Toilet

When choosing a toilet brush for a Toto toilet, consider the brush size and shape that best fits the toilet bowl, the bristles and handle material, and the handle length. A brush with a curved or angled head can help reach hard-to-clean areas. Soft bristles are best for porcelain toilets, while stiff bristles are better for stoneware toilets. Lastly, choose a handle that is easy to grip and long enough to reach down into the toilet bowl.

Bristle strength

When choosing a toilet brush for your TOTO toilet, it is important to consider the bristle strength. A brush with too stiff of bristles could damage the toilet bowl, while a brush with too soft of bristles may not be effective at removing dirt and debris. Look for a brush with medium-firm bristles to ensure optimal results.

Handle length and shape

When shopping for a toilet brush for your Toto toilet, be sure to check the handle length and shape for the best fit for your needs. Different handle lengths and shapes can provide more ergonomic and comfortable cleaning, so be sure to find the brush that’s perfect for you.


For the best toilet brush for your TOTO toilet, check out our selection of quality toilet brushes designed to provide effective and efficient cleaning. With a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes available, you can find the perfect brush to match your toilet and cleaning needs. Shop now and enjoy our great prices!

Type of material used

When purchasing a toilet brush for your TOTO toilet, it is important to check the type of material used. Look for a brush made from durable materials like stainless steel or plastic. This will help ensure that your brush is long-lasting and effective.


1. What type of bristles are used on the Toto toilet brush?

Toto toilet brushes typically use soft, nylon bristles.

2. Is the Toto toilet brush designed to be used with a specific cleaner?

No, the Toto toilet brush is designed to be used with any kind of cleaner.

3. Does the Toto toilet brush come with a holder for storage?

No, the Toto toilet brush does not come with a holder for storage.

Final Thought

After thoroughly reviewing the various options available, the best toilet brush for Toto toilet is the OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush. It is designed to be discreetly tucked away after use and has a comfortable handle, head bristles and sturdy construction to help you keep your Toto toilet clean and hygienic for years to come.

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