Top 10 Best Toilet Papers 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Toilet papers are now the unavoidable part in our daily life and we all are conscious about the quality of the toilet paper. People are also conscious about the dry strength, wet strength and dissolvability of the toilet paper. Considering all the aspect, we reviewed several toilet papers and we have found out the best toilet paper of 2021 and reviewed them for you.

Best Toilet Paper for 2021 – Comparison


Product Name


Number fo Ply


Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper

8 Count (Pack of 3)


ANGEL SOFT Toilet Paper

12 Count (Pack of 4)


Cottonelle Ultra Big Roll Toilet Paper

12 Count (Pack of 1)


Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll Toilet Paper

20 Rolls (Pack of 1)


Seventh Generation Toilet Paper

12 Rolls (Pack of 4)


Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

24 Count (Pack of 1)


Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

24 Count (Pack of 1)


Amazon Brand - Presto! Toilet Paper

6 Count (Pack of 4)


Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper

24 Rolls (Pack of 1)


Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper

18 Count (Pack of 1)


Toilet papers are now manufactured with modern technology. They are not only user friendly but also environment friendly. Softness, thickness, dissolvability and many more characteristic make toilet paper best in quality.

We all need those kinds of toilet paper that dissolve very quickly and don’t make your home toilet jam. As we have different demands and choice, different brands manufacture the different toilet papers.

There are some people who are not bothered about the toilet paper what they are using. Different brands provide the different types of toilet paper. They vary from designs, color, and chemical materials.

Hence it is important to provide all the information together that will mirror you all the necessary info in front of you so that you can justify and choose your desirable one. This toilet paper will help you to find out the good toilet papers and make your bathroom rich with great quality products.

Top 10 Toilet Paper Reviews

Just read through our helpful top 10 toilet paper reviews and pick the good toilet paper for your toilet.

1. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toiler Paper, 105 Regular Rolls

When it comes to toilet papers, you do not want to miss out on the ultra-plush soft texture. However, most toilet papers come with a coarse property, and that coarseness prevents the paper from absorbing water correctly.

Let us introduce a product that comes with superior soft components; the Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper.

Best toilet paper

This product delivers premium quality soft and plush tissues with extra three cushiony and absorbent layers. It is always bothersome when the paper does not absorb properly and leaves a damp mess. But with the help of the Quilted Northern product, you will experience superior absorbance.

Furthermore, the paper comes with luxurious embossed textures as opposed to plain ones. This design will add surface layers so that the product can soak up water correctly. It is not only 3x thicker but also 3x more absorbent compared to the conventional ones.

If you are worried about toilet papers clogging your sewage system, this product will be the best option. It is safe for any sewage or septic system. You can also guess from this property that this product is flushable, and it will go down the line with only one flush.

Moreover, do not let the 3x thickness feature fool you. Since the manufacturer made it with soft and silky components, the three layers will be just the perfect amount without being too thick or heavy. Overall, you will experience rich softness without having to worry about compromising your sewage system.


  • You can get 4x more rolls than a regular product
  • Provides superior cushiony softness
  • No issues regarding absorbance
  • Luxurious embossed design provides thickness
  • Doesn’t harm your sewage system


  • The roll may be too wide to fit the dispenser
  • It may seem too soft at times

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2. ANGEL SOFT Bath Tissue, 48 Double Rolls

Are you searching for a toilet paper roll that will absorb water properly? It can feel very annoying when the paper does not soak up the water and disintegrates, leaving a huge mess. You can avoid such issues with double rolls. Let us introduce the best double rolls paper in the market, the ANGEL SOFT Bath Tissue product.

ANGEL SOFT Toilet Paper Bath Tissue

You will not notice such a perfect balance between softness and strength like this product. It has just the right amount of cushiony feeling to make it seem comfortable for usage. However, that softness does not come at the price of its strength to soak up water content correctly.

Moreover, it delivers a good quality value because each double roll tissue comes with 260+ ply sheets. This paper amount is enough to last you a reasonably long period. Hence, you will benefit from its functions and take fewer trips to the shop, saving both money and being efficient all at the same time has never been easier.

Unlike some other tissues out there, this one is relatively less expensive. Hence, even if you have a large family and need more rolls, it will not empty your pocket.

Additionally, it contains a standard size that will fit your bathroom paper towel dispenser correctly. Therefore, you will not have to purchase an extra dispenser just for one individual type of toilet roll.

Furthermore, it contains appropriate flushable quality and features. The papers will not get stuck to the sewage system. Since it will not block your septic system, you can remain tension-free. All in one, you will never purchase a different toilet paper roll if you get this one.


  • 260+ two ply-sheets are available
  • Fits any standard toilet paper holder
  • 48 rolls of paper will last a long time
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Two-ply may fall apart at times

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3. Cottonelle Ultra Big Roll Toilet Paper

Sometimes, the recognition and quality of a product’s brand matter. The brands with long time experience produce better quality products. One brand like that is the Cottonelle brand. This brand is known for its superior quality toilet paper rolls. Their Ultra Big Roll Toilet Paper is far superior to traditional toilet papers.

You can rest assured that this toilet paper will work perfectly to keep your family members happy. It will not leave a runny or non-absorbing mess because of its superior soaking abilities. Hence, your family members will observe a comfortable level of cleanliness.

Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Big Roll Toilet Paper

Furthermore, it comes with a unique CleanRipply texture with cushiony soft features. As a result of such design, it can provide a stronger yet softer soaking ability.

This perfect balance ensures that the toilet paper will be firm enough to not feel coarse against the skin. On the other hand, it will not be too soft to absorb water correctly.

Additionally, compared to conventional paper rolls, it provides 3X better thickness, strength, and absorbance. You will never reach for other papers once you start using this one. With paper rolls, the biggest concern is whether they will be safe and good enough for your septic system.

Fortunately, the manufacturer has created this big roll of toilet paper with keeping the cleanliness of the septic system in mind. Hence, you can rest assured that this toilet paper will not clog or jam the sewage/septic system, and long-time usage will not cause any excessive build-up of toilet papers in the pipes.


  • Get the ultimate comfort and freshness
  • Comes with a dimension of 36 x 12.54 x 7.64 inches
  • Superior strength, softness, and absorbance
  • Packs twelve rolls
  • CleanRipple texture helps it to soak water properly


  • The rolls are relatively smaller in size
  • Its papers may feel too soft at times

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4. Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll Toilet Paper

When it comes to purchasing top-notch toilet paper, consistency is critical. Meaning, whatever the product you choose, it should have an even distribution of quality paper throughout the roll.

Suppose you bought a paper roll which came with good-quality material. However, if the paper does not have the same quality in the middle or end portion of the roll, that will be a waste.

Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll Toilet Paper

To remedy this situation, let us introduce the Scott Toilet Paper. This product comes with superior septic-safe quality. Hence, it will not get stuck in the sewage line. The even distribution of softness throughout the 1000 sheets of the roll ensures that you receive the best quality.

Furthermore, two-ply toilet papers’ primary issue is the lack of safety and the worry of damage to your sewage system. You can avoid that issue because this product comes with one-ply paper.

Hence, no matter how many times you flush it down, you will not have to worry about clogging the septic line. Interestingly, you can even use this product in boats and RVs without a worry.

No matter where you are, Scott 1000 Sheets will be there to accompany you. Journeys will not be worrisome anymore because this longest-lasting toilet paper roll will provide you quality cleanliness; moreover, if you have been searching for sustainable toilet paper, then your search is over.

This product contains environment-friendly paper components. The Scott papers do not harm nature in any way. Since this company went green, it received recognition for such an initiative. Overall, you will be super impressed with this paper type and appreciate its feature.


  • 1000 sheets per roll of toilet paper available
  • Environment-friendly and reliable
  • Doesn’t damage your septic system
  • Usable in boats and RVs
  • Sustainable sheets with one-ply feature


  • Its single-ply attribute may not be convenient all the time
  • The tissue may shred too easily

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5. Seventh Generation Toilet Paper

We all love a brand that sticks to its roots yet adapts and updates its product according to the newer technologies as well as designs. The Seventh Generation brand does precisely that and so much more. Particularly, their 100% recycled Toilet Paper comes with superior and newer features.

Seventh Generation Toilet Paper

Their updated toilet paper comes with intriguing and newer patterns. While we all search for products that will work well, extra designs or patterns are never bad.

The Seventh Generation Toilet Paper comes with beautiful floral and butterfly patterns that will brighten up your mood. Such an upgrade will not reduce the paper’s quality in any way.

Additionally, if you are bothered by the artificial smell that comes with most toilet paper rolls, this product will benefit you. It does not contain any chemical that may produce a foul odor. Fortunately, all of their toilet paper rolls have botanical and natural ingredients. They even use 100% essential oils that make a soothing smell.

Moreover, the packaging quality of this toilet paper is excellent. The manufacturer really put their heart and soul into making them. You will not find much recyclable toilet paper packaging. This product contains recyclable materials. Hence, you will be doing your part of helping the environment if you purchase it.

Let us be honest; not all types of toilet paper may have pet or children-friendly components. If you want to ensure your family members’ and your beloved pets’ safety, you will need a trustworthy product like the Seventh Generation one.

All in all, this toilet paper will fulfill your needs, and you will be contributing to saving nature.


  • 100% essential oils provide natural scents
  • Contains botanical and non-toxic components
  • Recyclable paper reduces the amount of waste
  • Pet and child-friendly
  • You will get twelve rolls together if you purchase it


  • Not as fluffy or cushiony as some other products

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6. Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Toilet Paper

Are you tired of purchasing toilet paper that does not last very long? Even the most notorious ones will go poof after a few usage times because they do not contain a two-ply feature or a massive number of sheets. Here is our top choice for a long-lasting toilet paper – the Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper.

Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Paper

This product contains an irresistibly soft and cushiony feature. It will feel super lightweight and like a feather when you touch it.

However, unlike other toilet papers, they will not disintegrate once you use water. Hence, no more worrying about changing the roll after using it a few times because it comes with 5x more rolls.

Additionally, it contains another exciting feature – ordering availability through Alexa. If you do not enjoy the hassle of going from store to store to purchase daily necessities like toilet papers, this option will take your load off the shoulder.

Now, you can easily just command Alexa, and the Charmin toilet paper will be at your doorsteps.

Furthermore, no other company or brand will provide this level of commitment to sustainability and the environment as the Charmin one. They maintain a partnership with a leading environmental conservation company like the Rainforest Alliance, responsible for fighting deforestation.

Hence, you will also be playing a part in protecting nature if you purchase this paper.

Moreover, this toilet paper comes with clog-free properties. If you are tired of your sewage system clogging up due to toilet paper, this product will remedy that. Even the residential plumbers use the Charmin product because it is safe for your septic/sewage system.


  • The mega roll will last you a very long time
  • Its brand contains certification from the Rainforest Alliance
  • Clog-free and sewage/septic system-safe
  • Comes with ultra-cushiony softness
  • You can order it through a simple Alexa voice command


  • It may disperse fine dust when you use the papers

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7. Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Roll Toilet paper

So far, we have talked about multiple types of medium-sized toilet paper rolls. If you have a big family, such a small amount will not last you long, and you will have to repurchase papers after a short period.

Luckily, the Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Roll Toilet Paper comes with a superb 24 rolls, which contains six mega rolls of four packs and 284 sheets per roll.

Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Roll Toilet Paper

Compared to conventional papers, this one is 4x larger and will be sufficient enough to provide for your large family. Furthermore, it contains a two-ply system, and that thickness will be perfect enough to absorb water correctly.

Do not let the paper’s size fool you; the Charmin papers come with an irresistible softness that will blow your mind.

Moreover, it comes with a Roto-Rooter-approved certification. Meaning, the plumbers have tested this product in their home and labeled it as septic/sewage system safe. It will not clog your sewage pipes, and this perfectly flushable property will bless your bathroom experience.

It contains a dimension of 20.1 x 9.6 x 12.4 inches. And its width is perfect for standard toilet paper holders. Hence, no need to worry about purchasing an additional holder to match the toilet paper roll size. Whatever holder you have in your bathroom or home will be perfect for it.

Unlike other toilet paper rolls, it contains environment-friendly components. The papers come from recyclable materials, and they will not cause nature any harm. Therefore, you can also play a small part in saving the environment by purchasing this toilet paper.


  • 24 rolls and 284 sheets per roll available
  • Boasts irresistible softness
  • Width of this paper is perfect for any regular holder
  • Sports longevity
  • Two-ply feature ensures durability


  • May seem too dusty during usage
  • Some people may find it too strong and coarse

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8. Amazon Brand – Presto! Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

There are not many companies that create toilet papers from sustainable components. Suppose you are concerned about deforestation and unsustainable material production damaging our nature. In that case, you need a reliable company that promises to save the environment and delivers that promise.

Amazon Brand - Presto! 308-Sheet Mega Roll Toilet Paper

A trustworthy company like that is the Presto brand. Their Ultra Soft Toilet paper comes with components that the manufacturer has sustainably sourced. They have ensured that the pulp sourcing does not cause damage to nature.

Such a manner of using a controlled level of sources helps to reduce the deforestation process significantly.

We understand that some toilet papers are not suitable for all living types. If you live in an RV, not all paper rolls will provide you the same level of comfort as you will experience in a household. Instead, you might get a headache because they may clog your septic system, leaving the RV to a complete mess.

Fortunately, you can say goodbye to clogging mess because this product comes with septic-safety properties. And these will not leave your bathroom in a mess. It will be the perfect type of bath tissue for both your house and your RV. Hence, you will not have to purchase separate types of paper rolls anymore.

It is always better to get a toilet paper bundle that will not only be budget-friendly but also last you enough time so that you do not have to run from store to store.

There is always a concern of a drop in quality when you try to purchase such bundles. However, we assure you that this 2-ply 24 mega rolls toilet paper will save you that hassle.


  • Less amount of lint production
  • 24 mega rolls will last a long time
  • Perfect for RVs because it is safe for the septic system
  • Comes with a two-ply feature
  • Pulps contain sustainable sourcing components


  • The paper may seem too thin

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9. Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper, 24 Counts

Charmin is a reliable company that has been producing excellent toilet papers over the years. Their experience in this field provides the customers with superior quality paper rolls. Among many of their superb products, the Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper takes the frosting.

We all know how amazing washcloths can feel. Their softness really provides comfort. Fortunately, the Charmin 24 Counts toilet paper also comes with a unique washcloth-like texture.

Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper

Unlike the conventional flat toilet papers with no texture, this one will absorb water properly and clean better. You can rely on this product to not leave a runny mess in your bathroom.

Furthermore, when it comes to purchasing paper rolls, there will be no other options better than the Charmin one. It comes with a 2-ply double roll option, and you will get 24 rolls with 308 sheets per roll.

This amount of paper will last you long enough not to repurchase it often. Hence, it will be the perfect paper roll type to provide a long-time service for your family.

Additionally, what sets it apart from the conventional papers is the Roto-Rooter Approval feature. Meaning, many plumbers have tested this toilet paper, and they approved it as being clog-free. If you are worried about excessive toilet paper jamming your septic system, this one will remedy your worries.

Besides all these features, it provides a superior quality softness. Do not let the previously mentioned texture feature scare you into thinking it will be too rough on your skin. This product will prove you wrong because it comes with an irresistibly cushiony feeling that will leave you feeling satisfied, wanting more.


  • 4X stronger than conventional toilet papers
  • Washcloth like cleaning and strength available
  • 6 mega rolls or 308 sheets per roll available
  • Roto-Rooter Approved product
  • It will not clog up your septic system


  • The size may seem small compared to other papers

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10. Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet paper, 18 Rolls

If you live alone or with a small family, then the previous-mentioned small and medium roll bundles will be of no help. You will benefit more from the Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper, 18 Rolls.

This product has just the correct number of rolls and sheets per roll to appropriately cover your family’s needs. This product comes with 18 rolls with 286 sheets per roll. Such a large amount of paper will last a long time.

Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper

Furthermore, you will also notice both unique and classic Charmin toilet paper features alongside a massive paper quantity. This one is, in fact, approved by Roto-Rooter.

Hence, you will not have to think twice about your septic system clogging up or breaking down. This toilet paper will not ruin your sewage system even after long-time usage.

Furthermore, if you suffer from wipe burns, then the papers will be perfect for you. Sensitive people always have a hard time dealing with toilet papers that contain rough edges and chemical components. But that won’t be an issue because the Charmin product includes a touch of soothing lotion per sheet.

This unique touch of lotion technique provides a soothing and relieving feeling from excessive burn. You will be able to keep your sensitivity in check because this paper roll does not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals.

The manufacturer creates this product with natural components so that it does not inflame or irritate the skin.

Nobody knows better than the experienced dermatologists when dealing with such irritation-prone and sensitive skin issues. Dermatologists have tested the soothing lotion that this product uses in each sheet. It does not contain any irritating agents, and approval from dermatologists backs up this claim.


  • Dermatologist-tested and free of irritating agents
  • Contains soothing lotion per sheet
  • Gentle and cushiony like cotton pads
  • Clog and septic-safe toilet paper


  • The rolls do not contain enough sheets
  • It may not last very long

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What to Look for Before You Buy?

One of the most common and must-have household/bathroom products is toilet paper. Since you may end up using it every day of your life, it is essential to ensure the paper’s quality and features. We will be listing the basic toilet paper features that will benefit you down the line when you purchase them.


Such a common necessity like toilet papers come in many types so that you have a vast option to choose from whenever you need it. There are primarily three types of papers available.

  • Virgin

If the papers do not contain recycling components and manufacturers use freshly cut trees to produce them, that is known as virgin toilet papers. Before turning them into paper rolls, the trees require chipping, pulping, and bleaching by machines.

This type is readily more available since it is a cheaper option. However, it may pose to be a detrimental option for our environment.

  • Recycled

To remedy the previous type’s problems of damaging the environment, most manufacturers have developed the recycling method or paper production.

In this process, old and used papers/newspapers are collected, and then those are mixed with warm water until a pulp is formed. Next, machines process these mixtures for removing ink before drying them out for turning them into rolls.

  • Bamboo

Recycling paper is not an easy task, and it takes a long time to do so. If small business owners use the recycling method to produce toilet paper, they will have to wait a significant time for new production.

Fortunately, bamboo stalks come to the rescue. Unlike trees, bamboo grass does not require replanting because it regrows when someone cuts it.

Hence, if you are looking for inexpensive yet environmentally sustainable toilet papers, you can go for the ones made with bamboo.

Ply Count

Generally, toilet papers’ count ranges from one to four-ply. It is a way of measuring how many layers each sheet of the roll contains. Since a higher ply count means better thickness and absorbing abilities, you will need to go for two or more ply counts if you want the paper to absorb water better.

Additional Features

  • Roll Size

Various types of toilet paper roll sizes are available. If you want to purchase in a bundle, it is better to go for a larger paper roll. For example, The Charmin is an excellent company with various sizes like 18 or 24 rolls. That massive amount of paper will last you a very long time.

  • Hypoallergenic

For people with sensitive skin, the artificial scent of papers or the chemical components can become irritating. You can avoid such issues by choosing the Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper, 18 Rolls. It contains a dermatologist-tested lotion that helps to soothe irritated skin.

  • Septic-safe

One of the primary concerns of choosing any toilet paper is whether it will be safe for your septic system. The Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll Toilet Paper comes with non-clogging features. Hence, it will be suitable for your septic system.

How Long Is a Toilet Paper Roll?

Although there is a standard size of most toilet paper rolls, it is safe to assume that may vary. The standard length of any toilet paper roll is 3.7 inches which is equivalent to 0.3 feet.

Why does the size of the paper matter? The length size of toilet paper rolls come in handy if you want a clearer idea about how much time it may take before the next purchase.

For example, the Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll Toilet Paper comes with a  larger length than the conventional ones. It is the same case with most of the products that contain a thousand sheets per roll.

On the other hand, most of the Charmin toilet rolls contain the standard length. You may also have to note that if the length is bigger, there may be fewer sheets.

It is always better to check the roll size beforehand because most household toilet paper holders contain just enough space for the standard size. If the roll size does not match that, you may have to either purchase smaller rolls or get a bigger holder.

How Long Does Toilet Paper Last?

Even though the question of how long your toilet paper will last comes with the answer that it depends on you, some statistical data suggests that it may last you approximately two weeks if you maintain and follow the same routine.

But we all know it is impossible to follow the same routine when it comes to using toilet paper every day.

Therefore, you may need to check how many family members you have and how frequently you end up using papers. Depending on that, it is always better to choose bundles that come with more giant rolls.

For example, the Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper one comes with 105 regular size rolls. That is enough for a small or medium family.

On the other hand, if you have a larger family, you may opt for the ANGEL SOFT Bath Tissue product because it comes with 48 mega rolls. Compared to the 105 regular rolls of the previous one, these may last longer.

Which Brand of Toilet Paper Is Best?

Since there are numerous brands of toilet paper available, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. But from our top picks, we believe the Charmin papers are the best ones in the market. Not only do they have spectacular varieties of paper size, but they offer quality features too.

For example, their Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper with 18 Rolls is our favorite pick. We have seen many sensitive people suffer from choosing the wrong toilet paper that caused them severe irritation. The best solution for that is not to stop using papers altogether, but to replace your old one with the Charmin one.

It comes with a dermatologist-tested lotion feature; each sheet contains a touch of this soothing lotion that will help calm down your sensitive area and skin.

Furthermore, it does not contain any harmful chemicals that may react badly to the skin once you use the paper. Other products of this brand also come with clog-free, sustainable components and ease of use features.

What Kind of Toilet Paper Is Best for Septic Tanks?

Compared to conventional toilet papers, it is always a better option to pay for ones that come with septic-safe features. Let us face it; nobody wants to deal with a clogged septic tank. Hence, it is always better to choose septic-safe paper for your bathroom.

A brand that has been creating clog-free papers for years is the Charmin brand. They have manufactured various types of toilet paper rolls, but all those products have one thing in common – they will not clog your septic line and make your life harder.

Their papers boast a balance of softness and strength without jamming up the pipelines. Furthermore, their sustainable paper components do not contain any toxic chemicals that may cross-react and cause damages.

Hence, you will be able to flush them away without a worry in the world. When it comes to getting a septic-safe paper roll, no other brand will do the job as well as Charmin.

Do I Need Special Toilet Paper for My Septic System?

Yes! When it comes to protecting your sewage/septic system, you will need unique papers that come with a septic-safety tag and features. Maintaining your septic line may not be an easy task, but it will become not only more complex but also expensive to clean it when low-quality toilet papers clog it up.

Therefore, let us talk about the Charmin brand. Their toilet papers are widely known for providing clog-free features. Plumbers have tested out the papers and given the brand Roto Rooter-Approval. One of the primary purposes of a septic system is to provide a better quality of biodegradation.

Since the Charmin toilet papers are septic-safe, they will settle in the tank properly for biodegradation. One of the best qualities about their paper is its heavenly combination of softness and strength. Why is that important?

It is soft enough to be soothing and gentle on your skin. Furthermore, this toilet paper contains a higher ply count that prevents the paper from disintegrating easily.   Hence, it will be the perfect type of toilet paper for your septic system.

Final Words

Depending on different types of brands, toilet papers come with many unique characteristics. No matter what size of rolls you choose, our list of the best toilet papers will not let you down.

But if you are asking us, we suggest the Charmin brand. All of their papers are septic-safe and environment-friendly. Hence, you will be purchasing quality papers and saving nature with your small contribution at the same time.

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