Best Toilet Seat 2018 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Whatever happens in closed doors of your cloakroom is something you do not want to discuss in public. Allow me just to dwell on it, as I steer you through why it is very necessary to select the best for optimum use and hygiene being the naturally frequently visited place.

When I had a caesarean surgery done to me, my hubby had to refurbish the best toilet seat as it was way beyond my reach I would strain to subject myself to great danger.

List of Top 10 Toilet Seats







Allmax AX015 Elongated Slow Closing Toilet Seat



Heavy Duty Comfort Round Toilet Seats



Mayfair 9401NI 568 Solid Bamboo Toilet Seat



Bemis 1500EC346 Molded Wood Toilet Seat



KOHLER K-4648-0 Stone Wood Toilet Seat




Ellegantz GenieBidet Elongated Toilet Bidet Seat




Mayfair Soft Toilet Seat Easy-Clean Design



Brondell L60-EW LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Elongated Toilet Seat




Bemis Elongated Plastic Toilet Seat




Premium Slow Close Round Toilet Seat



This was due to the bowl size, but I have since then learned much about toilet seats. I hope I will not sound proud, but my bungalow has several washrooms fixed with quality seats that are splendorous in comfort, ease of cleaning and antimicrobial qualities.

Here are some top of the line toilet seats available for consumer use that are safe and a good value for your money. It would be worthwhile taking your time for this insightful in-depth analysis.

New Toilet Seat Buying Guide: Simple Things You Never Knew

​Do you want to buy a toilet seat for your home? Toilet seats are great in keeping the toilet clean and hygienic and also in ensuring that odor is limited. They are also easy to use and prevent outside littering.

​To get the good toilet seat, there are a number of things that you should always be aware of. We have compiled every important details that can give you a great seat for your use without a breaking a sweat while observing your ​​right flushing toilet design too.

​Three Main Types of Toilet Seat that We Have

​The type of toilet seat that you will go for is basically determined by the shape of your ​good toilet bowl. There are three major categories of seat for the toilets that we have owing to this consideration. They include the following.


​Like the name suggests oval toilet seats come in an oval or egg like shape. They are easy to tell as they make up some of the most common seat design shapes for the ​quality toilets that we have today. Oval shapes often require the freedom of space when installing their bowls. They are also some of the most comfortable toilet seats that we have today.


​The round shape is “as round as they get” and uses very limited space. Round toilets are some of the most affordable and so are their seats. This is the easiest shape to recognize and will take you so much limited space of use to install. Like oval shapes, the ​top round toilet seats to buy also come with hinges to fasten them properly across your toilet’s design too.


​Rarely will you come by an oblong shaped toilet. Well they are not entirely common as many designs of this kind come from customized designs and will go with double cyclone flushing toilets. They are however very ideal and also forms one of the ​good toilet seats reviews and designs to always go for.

Top Tips to Consider When Choosing the Right Toilet Seat

​In order to put your money into good use, you should always make the right considerations when buying the top rated toilet seat. Here are some of the most common considerations that you must always make.

Nature Of Material

​Plastic and wood are commonly used to make toilet seats, plastic being the most preferred since it rarely breaks and splinters free. Wood is also a good choice because it's strong and remains firm even under much stress.

​However, there are other high-end models made of synthetic materials that are of good quality and durable.

Hinges Quality

​I would recommend hinges that are good quality, quick release that opens and closes gently and quietly and convenient in use. It should also be easy to clean not to accumulate germs.


​Toilet seats vary in style and shape. Apparently, they are either round or an elongated oval shaped. They can be cushioned or heated depending on your taste. Also, the market offers both the modern, sleek and comfy design versus the traditional design.

Personal Needs

​What are your needs? What kind of a toilet seat do you have in mind? What is the bowl height that would be convenient for you? Can you access the replacement parts if need be? What color do you want?


​The budget offers both low-cost and high-cost toilet seats. The expensive models are good art, quality, durable, made for your comfort and convenient in use. This creates the difference between basic seats and ultra chic toilet seats.

​The Color of the Toilet Seat

​​The color of the seat you choose for your toilet plays a great deal. It adds beauty to your home design and also boosts the satisfaction of having your favorite hue even in the least liked section of the house. Great color also adds the aura of comfort when using the toilet. Color taste and preferences however differ from one individual to the next. But some of the most common toilet hues to go with include black, white, or other pastel colors.

​The Material of Manufacture

​What has your seat been forged out of? I must admit that the type of material that the seat for the ​​top rated toilets is forged out of determines the durability of your toilet. If you want to enjoy a great toilet lifespan and the value for your money, this is one factor that you must keep in mind. Some of the ideal seat manufacturing materials include plastic, wood, high impact plastic, composite wood, and cushioned seat.

​The Price of the ​​Top Pick Toilet Seat

​You don’t want to spend much more than you can afford. The best you want to do is get something that works pretty well with your budget. The seat’s pricing is therefore a very important consideration. You should always make sure that you get what lies within your budget. The KOHLER K-4648-0 Stonewood Molded Seat for instance makes Amazon’s best sellers list and also ranks as one of the ​top pick seats for your toilet in 2018 because of its high affordability.

​Additional Warranties If Available

​The good thing about warranties is that they offer a certain level of guarantee. They allow you to know if what you have bought is worth your money, if it is quality, of if it is not. Warranties will allow you to bring back the product for replacement in case of damages within a given duration. It will also allow you to get an after sale service where applicable and there by save so much money.

​The Users Personal Reviews

​Chances are that the seat that you are going for has been used by many other people before. If this is the case then it would only be reasonable that you hear what they have to say before you commit your money to the buy. Looking at user reviews is often recommended if you are looking for the ​top rated toilet seats for the elderly. They can easily help you in avoiding a waiting disaster and getting a safe and user friendly home toilet to use.

​The Shape of the Seat

​This is also very important. Indeed you want a seat for your toilet that’s the best fit for your toilet bowl. You must always make sure that you go for exactly that. It could be oval, round, or oblong. If you can’t tell what the shape is, you can always take out the seat’s lid and take a picture of your toilet bowl before showing it to the vendor. Remember only raised toilet designs have seats.

​How to Replace a Toilet Seat

​In case the seat for your toilet is worn out, damaged, or cracked, it will easily steal away the beauty of your toilet. You can always replace such a seat by following this rather simple DIY procedure.

  • Determine your type of toilet seat. Is it round, oval, or oblong?
  • Determine the type of material the seat is built out of. Is it wood or plastic?
  • Buy the right type of toilet seat and bowl. Measure your seat to get dimensions.
  • Clean the bowl, rim and the current toilet seat before starting to work on it.
  • Remove caps if they are still present / if still covering the bolts.
  • Loosen the nuts that hold the bolts in place use a wrench.
  • Take off the old toilet seat and lid once the bolts are loosened.
  • Take the new toilet seat and align it with the toilet bowl itself.
  • Replace the bolts in the holes and close the seat and lid.
  •  Thread in new nuts and tighten the nuts with the wrench.

Best Toilet Seat Reviews in 2018

Although, it may appear really easy to tell the ​​toilet seat due to my vast knowledge it very difficult. I will be indecisive because customers vary in needs, preferences, and their inclinations among others.

Since all are unknown to me, I would like to take you through the top of the game toilet seat models that I strongly believe would be of great help to you.

​1. Allmax AX015 Elongated Slow Closing Toilet Seat

Allmax AX015 Elongated Slow Closing Toilet Seat
Best Toilet Seat

An excellent addition to any throne room. It's a great option for un-quantitative value and low cost. Here are so key features you will closely identify with this unit:

After use, this seat closes smoothly to protect fingers from slamming and also keeps off germs and dirt.

As it touches down on the seat, this happens silently without causing any distraction.

Easy To Clean Plastic

Cleaning this unit has been made extremely easy as it smooth to easily wipe away dirt and dries very fast.

Elongated Seat

This is classy and modern too. The bowl has an enlarged surface unlike the rounded model for comfort and convenience too. The plus size persons are at peace to seat on it.​

Attractive Design

This a modernized unit that its sleek and comfortable with an attractive white molded smooth finish that blends in with your décor, appealing to the eyes and fine art.

​2. Heavy Duty Comfort Round Toilet Seats

Heavy Duty Comfort Round Toilet Seats
Heavy Duty Comfort Round Toilet Seats

There is something unique that captures my eyes anytime I set the on this model.

For a moment, the ocean-themed appeal makes me rethink on what it's used for. I love everything from the looks to function here are the basics of this unit:

Chrome Hardware

Has good quality hinges for easy installation that holds the unit intact without play. They have a quick release mechanism for opening and closing conveniently.


Although it is relatively easy to put the unit in place, it would be worth noting that a perfect fit is for the standard size round toilet seats which a majority fall under.


If what you see is really important, then this unit is made in a tasteful color with real seashells and seahorse. This is in a beautiful ocean themed glass and looks wonderful. I would recommend you try it out.

Heavy Duty Resin

Made of good quality such that it does not get stained, destroyed by abrasive bleaches and strong enough not to play even when under much weight.

​3. Mayfair 9401NI 568 Solid Bamboo Toilet Seat

Mayfair 9401NI 568 Solid Bamboo Toilet Seat
Mayfair 9401NI 568 Solid Bamboo Toilet Seat

Although toilet seat serve the same purpose, some give you more value than you expected just like what am about to introduce you to. Check out its amazing features:

Comes beautifully furnished with a mahogany finish, oak finish or walnut finish with is both colorful and trendy.

Any person who is not afraid to go different, this would be the ideal model for you.

Self-Alignment Hardware

Uses high-quality PVD brass hinges to fit in proportion the seat and the cover. Besides they have stainless steel screws that are rust and corrosion resistant. This makes it very durable.

Multi-Coated Surface

Has been well finished with no edges or splinter to make it comfortable for use even by small children. The surface is easy to clean with warm water and does not stain that adds to its popularity.


This unit has a one-year limited factory warranty from the date of purchase and return back period of 90 days should it be faulty in any way. This comes with free shipping.

​4. Bemis 1500EC346 Molded Wood Toilet Seat

Bemis 1500EC346 Molded Wood Toilet Seat
Bemis 1500EC346 Molded Wood Toilet Seat

This is a top choice any consumer would go for thanks to its remarkable features and the fine work of the manufacturer to give it a glassy finish that resists chipping, scratching and easy to clean.

This gives it more than its primary role of lowering and raising the toilet seat.

The hinges can be semi-permanently removed to allow for easy cleaning of the entire unit.


The Bemis 1500EC346 fit all elongated bowls hence getting replacement when the unit wears off is not any hassle. It can fit in any other standard brand of toilet seats so long as it has an elongated oval shape.


Fully loaded with installation hardware to make it easy for putting in place and have the perfect fit for the bowl and cover. It's very convenient too.

Bowl Height

Its height is approximately 19" very comfortable for the seniors, people with limited mobility or those that have undergone surgery recently. Not straining or bending which may hurt.

​5. KOHLER K-4648-0 Stone Wood Toilet Seat

KOHLER K-4648-0 Stone Wood Toilet Seat
KOHLER K-4648-0 Stone Wood Toilet Seat

Ever wonder what to place in your guest rooms?

This ​toilet seat is your perfect solution that gives you confidence when placed for your guests use no matter their caliber. The reason why I would purchase these is in its distinct features:

Compression-Molded Wood

Gives it use an exceptional feel and look you cannot afford to ignore. It does not crack or break under pressure making the unit be of help to you for long.

Plastic Hinges

They have been made to precision for quality and to ensure they give a slow closing or opening of the toilet cover gently and silently. They also prevent the seat from crashing into the toilet bowl.

Color Options

While a customer can simply brush off a product because of its color, the manufacturer has significantly reduced this by availing a range of color a potential customer to choose from many of which blend in with your interior design.


Highly compatible with the most standard on a piece and two piece toilet designs which essentially makes it more versatile.

Top Six Frequently Asked Questions about the Top Toilet Seat

​Even so when looking for the ideal seat for your best toilet there are a number of toilet related questions that you will still come across. They include the following.

​What exactly is a Toilet Seat?

​This is the hinged unit / section of the main toilet consisting of a round or oval open section. It is often found at the top of the toilet bowl. ​It is common with raised toilets and comes in form of a lid. The lid has its middle seating area bored. The seat lid is bolted on to the bowl of the toilet and properly set in a comfortable sitting position. The squat toilet is the only toilet without a seat.

​What is a Toilet’s Standard Dimension?

​A standard toilets dimension is often 12 inches. However, some experts have also gone with 10 inches and 14 inches too. And with the introduction of the ADA specifications and recommendations most seats must be no less than 17 inches and no more than 19 inches too. The most vital distance in a toilet is usually the rough-in, (distance between the floor drain and the wall).

​What is the Top Toilet Seat Made Of?

​There are a number of materials that the ​top rated toilet seat can be made of. The decision often lies with the property owner. However you can always do your own make up when you purchase the property. In doing so the materials that you could choose for your seat includes plastic, wood, ceramic, high impact plastic, or cushioned seat. Our top choice the Allmax AX015 Elongated for instance is made of high end durable plastic.

​What Do You Do Before Buying a New Toilet Seat?

​When buying a new seat always measure the seat to either find the perfect replacement or the right design for your new seat.  Here is the simplest way that you could follow to measure your toilet seat.

​Measure by holding the measuring tape at the center front of the toilet bowl; then stretch the measuring tape to the center of the hinges. The hinges are usually at the post holes. Follow this by marking the shape of your seat. Then finally relay all that information to your seat’s vendor. Take a picture of the pan.

​​Which is the Perfect Seat to Choose?

​The ​good toilet seat to choose from will depend squarely on what your design is or what you’d prefer for your newly installed toilet shower seat design. However, the ​right seats are basically determined by their shapes. This means you would easily find out if you either have an oval, round, or oblong shaped toilet by just looking at it.

​What are the Standard Toilet Bowl Sizes?

​​A seat for the ​good toilets lies on top of a toilet bowl. This means that the ​perfect seat must take up the shape of the bowl. And since there are a number of shapes, the most significant thing when buying a toilet’s seat is taking the correct measurements – just like we have seen above. Therefore keep in mind to measure from the front of the bowl to the middle of the screws of your home flushing toilet.

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Final Verdict

Much may have been said about the best toilet seats most of which may be due to disappointment, previous experiences or just hearsay.

I tell you for sure; you can never get any better deals not only in features but also in quality, no matter how you shop around, you are hunting for a unit other than the fore mentioned.

The price may be slightly higher but comparable to the value you get it can never be equated. They are swimming in their world where other brands may take years to get nearer. I am calling you to try out any of these units and am sure you will soon find the need to replace other old seats in your house.

​​We believe that choosing the ​market-leading modern home toilet seat is no longer a problem. It is rather important that you follow this simple guide ​every time you choose to buy a seat for the toilet. You can also recommend it to your loved ones through sharing. This is the best way to ensure that out toilets are the best.

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