Best Toilet Seats For 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

One of the key items you will find in any washroom or bathroom space is the toilet seat. And chances are that you’re going to be using this seat at least once in a day.

The best toilet seats are not only comfortable to use, they also tend to last a long time. They can add radiance to your washroom depending on the color and style you opt for.

Best Toilet Seat for 2021 – Comparison


Product Name


Weight (pounds)


KOHLER K-4636-0 Elongated Toilet Seat



BEMIS 1500EC 000 Elongated Toilet Seat



Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat



TOTO Transitional SS114#01 Elongated SEAT



Potty Round Toilet Seat

Wood composition


Delta Faucet Round Toilet Seat


MAYFAIR 13EC 000 Round Toilet Seat



BATH ROYALE Premium Elongated Toilet Seat



MAYFAIR 1848SLOWB 000 Elonated Toilet Seat



Elongated Toilet Seat with Lid



Having identified the difficulty most people face when shopping for a new toilet seat, we’ve come up with a list of the best products available at the moment. This will save you the struggle of browsing through so many models and brands.

But before we start exploring each one of these products, let’s see what’s the need of a seat for your toilet in the first place.

Benefits of Using Best Quality Toilet Seat

Although price is always an important consideration when purchasing any item for the home, it’s always a good idea to focus more on quality.

Benefits of High Quality Toilet Seat

This is because the best quality products will always provide greater value for your money. In the case of a toilet seat, here are four major things you stand to gain when you go for quality.

Great Design

Whether you’re in the market for an elongated seat or a round one, purchasing a good toilet seat can revamp the appearance of your bathroom. This is because these seats feature different kinds of designs.

This gives you the opportunity to choose the perfect size, style, and color that blends with bathroom design.


Since your toilet is a place of relief, you want to make sure it’s comfortable and easy to use.

Buying a good toilet seat will make you feel very comfortable and relaxed whenever you “climb the mountain”. This is true especially for the padded options. For the chilly days, you can opt for a heated seat to keep you warm.

Some seats are raised making it great for elderly people or those that are physical challenged.


Another benefit of using a toilet seat as opposed to using none is the fact they are a whole lot easier to clean. They are also designed to be more hygienic, which makes them generally safer.

So if you really care about cleaning hygiene, then getting a seat for your toilet is a must. It does a really good job at keeping the germs and bacteria away.


The good quality toilet seat will last you a long time, so you can be rest assured you will get great value for your money.

Top 10 Best Toilet Seats in 2021

After researching the top models in the market, we’ve come up with a list of the most popular toilet seats out there.

1. KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Elongated Toilet Seat

These days, many toilet seats showcase more handy and nice features than what you may think of or even imagine. Sometimes, these features may even be things you never knew you needed.

The Kohler K-4636-0 elongated toilet seat is made from upgraded polypropylene plastic that is resistant to fading, chipping, and stains but feels more comfortable than the previous version of the product.

Best toilet seat

With the recent increase in Innovative technology and subtle styling has made the Kohler Cachet one of a kind toilet seat.

Consequently, this unit is a great fit for most elongated toilet models. The elongated toilet cachet features special or unique design rubber bumpers to firmly hold it securely in place for your safety.

These special technologies integrated into the elongated toilet cachet prevent the seat from slamming, and enable fast and simple installation and cleaning processes. In addition, the ergonomic contours present in the toilet seat provide comfort and stability.

One nice present in this cachet toilet is the Grip-Tight bumper which brings together the seat and the lid tightly affixed to the toilet to avoid any accidental slips.

Most especially, for users with little children who struggle to climb the toilet, the elongated design of the bowl ensures a comfortable, ergonomic fit on posteriors of many sizes.

Another important feature in Kohler K-4636-0 elongated toilet seat is the Q3 Advantage design for quiet-close and quick-release functions making cleaning and maintenance processes easy and fast.

The product will go along with users of different tastes, coming with different colors and designs. It’s budget friendly with easy-to-install process.


  • Material made from durable polypropylene plastic
  • Comes with quick-release hinges
  • Grip-tight bumpers for extra stability
  • Quiet-close lid to avoid slamming noise
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Ergonomically contoured for greater comfort
  • Stain, chip, and fade resistant


  • Not suitable for heavy people
  • Don’t often come along with screws
  • Only perfect for elongated toilet bowls

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2. Bemis 1500EC 000 Wood Elongated Toilet Seat With Easy Clean & Change Hinge

This is one of the most trusted and perfect toilet seats that you can rest assured of. It’s made from a strong and stylish wood material and one of the top-rated brands in the plumbing industry.

The toilet seat can match any elongated toilet design when fixing into the toilet hole and it will ensure comfort is sustained when sitting on the toilet coupled with the elegant design that will give you a feel of paradise.

Bemis 1500EC 000 Wood Elongated Toilet Seat

Materials used to make the toilet seat is durable with a rust-resilient washer bolt that can match various elongated toilet bowl design. In addition, it gives a warm feeling when sitting on. The shining appearance hardly fades away after prolonged use.

Another special feature that makes installing easy is the white-theme which is as a result of its non-bending simple shape nature. Despite the unique feature, the price will worth it and give you greater value for your money.


  • Made from a durable material
  • Affordable to purchase
  • Boast of comfort
  • Give a warm feeling
  • Styling design
  • Resistant to scratch and chip


  • Perfect for only elongated toilet design

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3. Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat

This one toilet seater is known for its decorative feature giving you a toilet experience like never before. The seat can match any hinge toilet especially the 4 to 7 inches ones.

The toilet seat gives a soft and comfortable feeling with easy installation and de-installation process produced from a top grade polypropylene material. This gives a warm feeling as a result of being thermal resistant and also capable of repelling harsh stain.

Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat

For heavyweight people, they can sit on the toilet without causing any damage because the seat can withstand a weight capacity of up to 400lbs and also is perfect for people with backbone issues.

It may also interest you to know that no noise is produced everytime you close the seat. In addition, the unit is very affordable. In fact,  it is one of the most budget friendly options on the list.

However, like many units in the market, the Royal Premium also has a few downsides. The most noticeable one is the fact that it’s only suitable for toilets with round bowls. So if you have a toilet that has a different shape,  you will need to go for a more suitable model.


  • Well-detail instruction that makes the installation process easy
  • Decorative appearance blends well with most toilet
  • Can easily be uninstalled
  • Made from a durable material
  • Offers optimum comfort


  • The toilet seat is stable to some extent
  • May not be used by little children

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4. Toto SS114 01 Elongated Toilet Seat 

If you’re looking for a toilet seat that is built with hygiene and comfort in mind, then you can’t go wrong with the Toto SS114 Elongated Toilet Seat.

It comes with a unique feature – Softclose system – that helps to prevent door slamming. This allows for easy closing and prevents any unconscious accident when used.

Toto SS114 01 Elongated Toilet Seat

However, the molded bumper gives additional safety during usage coupled with fast installation process as a result of the mounting bolt which enables the installation to be easy.

The ergonomic design of the seat helps to ensure you have a comfortable toilet experience. It also adds to the aesthetics of your toilet and bathroom generally.

Although the unit is basically designed for elongated toilets,  it will also work with the round shaped ones. Just make sure the seat dimension fits with that of your current toilet bowl.


  • Molded bumpers for extra security
  • Made from a strong and glittery polypropylene material
  • No door slamming due to Soft Close.
  • Soft Close also prevents an undue accident.
  • Comes with all necessary installation material
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Can match both round and elongated toilet shape


  • The plastic bolt produced might need retightening most often

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5. TOPSEAT 6TSTR9999CP Round Toilet Seat 

For a family with kids and cannot afford an extra toilet, this product will serve such purpose. Because it is designed for both adult and toddlers.

The toilet seat comes with an elegant design that comprises of a glittery wooden material that is resisting to stain and scratches. The smooth finish also make cleaning a whole lot easier and fast.

TOPSEAT 6TSTR9999CP Round Toilet Seat

The SoftClose feature of the seat makes it comfortable and safe to use. It ensures there’s no cold feeling as frequently observed with many plastic models.

This makes the seat soothing to your skin no matter the weather condition or what time of the year it is.

It will also interest you to know that the seat is equipped with chromed hinges which makes it very smooth to close the cover. This ensures no noise is produced when you use the toilet seat. It also ensures the unit is secure.

In addition, customers are impressed with the durability of the product as well as its simple and fast installation process.

Overall, this is a wonderful product. It promises to provide great value for your money.


  • Produced from glittery wood material
  • Suitable for adult and children
  • Resistant to dirt/ scratch/stains
  • SoftCose for a warm feeling
  • No door slamming due to the presence of the hinge
  • Easy to install with simple instructional materials and hardware


  • The space in-between the seat is too wide

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6. Delta Faucet 801903-WH Toilet Seat 

This product is new in the market and you will hardly find any review on it. However, digging deeper, we we’re amazed at its quality and the value it offers.

One of the major perks of this seat is its easy installation process. Without even having a previous DIY experience, you will still be able to do a good job.

Anybody at home can easily use the toilet seat including seniors and little children

Delta Faucet 801903-WH Toilet Seat

More so, it doesn’t produce any noise, which makes it even suitable for the tender ones.

The mere fact this product is from Delta is another reason why anyone would want to purchase it. The company is well-known for having a consistent track record when it comes to the quality and value of the product they deliver to the public. So don’t hesitate to put out your money for the 801903-WH if you find it attractive and suitable for your toilet bowl. You will likely wish you had come across such a seat earlier.


  • Suitable for any age group
  • Easy setup process
  • Gentle closing
  • Affordable


  • Screws may loosen up after sometime

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7. Mayfair Soft Round Toilet Seat 

This is another common toilet seat in the market that comes with some really nice features. As such, it’s one of those products you will like to buy or at least recommend to a friend.

The seat is made from wood with a glittery finish that adds to the elegance of your bathroom décor. The choice of wood also makes it strong and more resistant to stains and scratches especially when compared to its plastic counterparts.

Mayfair Soft Round Toilet Seat

However, frequent exposure to water can degrade the seat sooner than expected. So you should be careful not to allow too much water to get to the toilet seat whenever you use it.

As earlier indicated, the seat can blend with various bathroom decorations, which makes it even more attractive if you are the type that’s overly concerned about style. There are various color options available, so you can easily pick one that fits into your existing design.

You will definitely love the toilet seat because it comes with a unique design at the back of the seat pad with a special vinyl top and wooden material. This will greatly improve your comfort when observing the natural call.

Before going to the market to purchase this product, ensure you took the right measurement of your toilet because the hinges are of standard dimension and are not adjustable.

You may not like the fact that the seat is not quiet when closing and you may find it a bit difficult to install compared to similar units in the same category. Despite these, the Mayfair Soft is still one of the best options you can find when looking for a toilet seat that will not disappoint.


  • Cushion back padded with vinyl and wooden material
  • Different Colors for different bathroom styles
  • Available at a great price point
  • Easy to clean
  • Elegant design


  • Not quiet

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8. Bath Royale Premium Elongated Toilet Seat

Another quality toilet seat that offers great value for its price is the Bath Royal Premium. One of the first things you will quickly notice about this toilet seat is its startling design which adds a lot of elegance to your bath space

In addition, the seat is very easy to install. Even if you don’t have a lot of DIY experience, you will still be able to get the job done as there isn’t really much to do.

Bath Royale Premium Elongated Toilet Seat

Another reason why this toilet seat is cherished by many users is the fact that it’s made from a top-grade polypropylene material makes it to be both long-lasting and comfortable to use.

Some toilet seats tend to degrade when wiped with a harsh chemical product. Luckily, this is not the case with the Bath Royal. The seat is capable of resisting strong chemicals and stains. This makes it to keep looking new for a long time.

It will also interest you to know that the seat comes with specially padded bumpers which allows for weight distribution. This makes it suitable even for people that are heavyweight.

Like many top end models, this product also comes with SoftClose which ensures quiet closing and opening of the toilet cover. As earlier indicated, the design is another aspect of the seat that makes it stand out.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with installation material and hardware
  • Matches well with bathroom décor
  • Strong and comfortable


  • May not be very stable

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9. Vive Raised Toilet Seat 

Another wonderful seat that has received a lot of positive ratings in the market is the Viva Raised Toilet Seat. As the name suggests, this unit is a raised seat which makes it comfortable and accommodating to more users.

The integrated handle makes it even more convenient especially when you need to remove the seat for cleaning. It blends in with most regular toilet design especially those with an elongated shape. However, it’s still necessary to make sure it fits with your current bowl before making any purchase.

Vive Raised Toilet Seat

You have the option to remove the handle especially when you need to create more space on the platform. The seat supports both kids and adults. It can accommodate up to 250 pounds weight which is pretty much for most body size.  So this should work perfectly with your household toilet.

Again, the raised height is another feature that makes the seat even more attractive.  You can stand or sit and still feel comfortable. No need to worry about the unit cracking. Overall, this is a wonderful product. You can expect to get good value for your money.


  • Not heavy
  • Very portable
  • Comfortable
  • Quick installation
  • Raised handle


  • Not suitable for people who weigh above 250 pounds
  • Handle is priced seperately

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10. Anti-bacterial Plastic Elongated Toilet Seats 

One of the most vital requirements of a toilet seat is to be germ-free. With this toilet seat, you can achieve that and even more. Without mincing words, this is one of the high profile elongated toilet seat you can get in terms of quality and performance.

You can rely on the product to keep a safe and clean comfort spot. When purchasing the toilet seat, you have the option to choose between two screw type – metal and plastic. Whichever one you decide to go for will depend on your preference and need.

Anti-bacterial Plastic Elongated Toilet Seats

However, either of the two should be able to help you set up a stable and comfortable platform. The seat is made from a quality plastic material which helps to prevent bacterial growth and make cleaning a whole lot easier and simpler.

The addition of the QuietCost feature helps to prevent the slamming of the seat cover thereby preventing noise. You will also be impressed with the ergonomic design of the unit which doesn’t only complement the appearance of the whole toilet but also provides a comfortable platform for you.


  • Prevents bacteria growth
  • QuiteClose helps to prevent door slamming
  • Ergonomic design for comfort


  • Only suited for elongated toilet design

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Things to Consider Before Buying A High Quality Toilet Seat

As earlier indicated, finding the perfect toilet seat can be a daunting task, especially if you’re in the market for the first time. In order to ensure you get the right product, there are certain things you need to look out for.

Let’s quickly look at each one of them.


One of the most important considerations to make when purchasing a toilet seat is the type of material the product is made of. The major options available are plastic and wood. Any of these materials will suffice as long as you choose the right model.

However, to determine the best overall material for your situation, there are some variables that will come into play.

First is comfort and maintenance. In order to ensure you have a good experience, it is very important to go for a seat that is comfortable. Wooden seats are usually warmer even in the winter. This makes them less shocking to your skin when you sit to drop some rockets.

On the other hand, plastic is cold to touch, even when it’s very hot outside. To get around this, you can opt for a heated plastic seat.

In terms of durability, plastic generally tends to last longer than wood even though the latter is sturdier. Wood seats degrade faster especially when exposed to a lot of moisture. Their paint may also come off easily.

Apart from being more durable, plastic also tends to weigh lesser, but it is likely to crack with time.

To sum it all up, wooden seats are generally more comfortable than their plastic counterparts, and this is simply because they are warmer. They are sturdier and thus more suitable for heavy use.

However, plastic seats cost lesser and may last longer when hard. Also because of their lightweight, they are more convenient to carry about.

Regardless of the material you choose, make sure you go for quality, because that is what plays the most important role at the end of the day. Both types of materials are generally good provided you choose the right model.


Another important thing to look out for when purchasing a seat for your toilet is the kind of hinges that comes along with it. This is necessary to ensure the comfortable operation of the toilet seat as well as its fit. As such you need to pay attention to the quality of the hinges.

Low quality hinges are usually not strong enough, and as such would need to be replace sooner. These hinges may snap often and cause the toilet seat to slam down. Apart from the tendency to damage in a short time, the noise produced when the seat slams down against the bowl can be really annoying.

So in order to save yourself some money in the long run, make sure you go for a toilet seat that comes with quality slow closing hinges. This will ultimately enhance your overall experience.

Round or Elongated

Choose a toilet seat that matches the shape of your bowl. The two major options available are the round seat and elongated seat.

The seat dimension must fit with that of your current bowl as well as the bolts and screws that are provided for installation. Other factors that may likely influence your decision is the height and style of the seat.

But ultimately, you must get a seat that fits your toilet bowl.


Another thing you might want to look out for when purchasing a toilet seat is the weight and portability. This might not be a major concern if you don’t plan to ever take the seat outside.

It is also possible that not every member of the home would want to use a seat when they “poo-poo”. So having a toilet seat that is easy to set up and remove is essential. In this case, you want the seat to be lightweight – something around 4 pounds or less.

For the mount, you can opt for standard bolt and nut as it is usually easier to install and detach.


Comfort is another important thing to look out for when purchasing a toilet seat. Since you are likely going to be spending some minutes in the room, you want to be comfortable as ever.

One of the features that helps to greatly improve the comfort of a toilet seat is the padding. This is important especially for people with injuries. However, there are also situations where a firm seat would be more appropriate. It all depends on your needs.

Personal Needs

What are your needs? What kind of a toilet seat do you have in mind? What is the bowl height that would be convenient for you? Can you access the replacement parts if need be? What color do you want?


The budget offers both low-cost and high-cost toilet seats. The expensive models are good art, quality, durable, made for your comfort and convenient in use. This creates the difference between basic seats and ultra chic toilet seats.

Which Toilet Seats Are Better Wood or Plastic?

Getting yourself comfortable while you’re doing your business is essential. Not only does it make using the toilet a more relaxing experience, but it also shapes the overall outlook of the bathroom. However, deciding on which type of seat is better than the other is a very personalized decision, so we’re going to leave this up to you.

To help you make the decision, we’re going to list down a range of factors that affect wooden and plastic toilet seats.


One of the most prominent and most personal differences between a wooden and plastic seat would be its outer look. This is a factor that relies entirely on the overall look of your bathroom.

The wooden seat sends off a more classic and rustic look while keeping a premium touch. On the other hand, the plastic seats show a more modern and futuristic look to your washroom.


If you’ve sat on a plastic toilet seat during winter days, you won’t be new to the dreadful sharp cold feeling. Comfort and warmth is one place the wooden seat has quite an edge; even during the winter seasons, the seats remain comparatively warmer.

On the other hand, most modern toilet seats with plastic covers come with a heating element. Thus, they cancel out the advantage that the wooden seats boast. Overall, comfort still is a factor that will greatly depend on your sitting comfort preference.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

Having a wooden toilet is a bit of an issue when it comes to cleaning. These wooden seats are thoroughly laminated with a water-resistant sealant to ensure the wood doesn’t get damp. However, there is still a small chance that the laminate may fade out or develop a crack. Thus, ending up ruining the wooden board overtime.

Such a situation is very unlikely to happen with a plastic seat. Instead, the seat would further be able to take on very strong chemicals without any effect.

Perfect Time To Replace Your Toilet Seat

There is no such thing as a “perfect time” to replace your toilet. You are most likely to replace a seat when it gets damaged. You may also want to change the seat when the finish becomes dull and no longer complements your bathroom decoration.

Since most of these toilets have a white color, you may have issues keeping them for too long, as white tends to get stained easily. White toilet seats are generally replaced sooner than other color options.

How to Keep Toilet Seat Clean

The idea of cleaning a toilet might not sound cool, but it’s something you should do if you want to maintain proper hygiene.

No one likes to use a dirty toilet. And given the fact that most seats are white in color, a little stain can easily make the whole bathroom become unpleasant for everyone. So in order to keep the place looking clean and neat, proper cleaning is necessary.

How to Keep Toilet Seat Clean

Below are some steps you can take to keep your toilet seat clean and white;

  • Before you start cleaning the toilet seat itself, start by wiping the top part of the lid and the inside.
  • Next, wipe the seat. Make sure you don’t bypass the underside of the seat as this is usually where the nasty urine odors emanate from. So focus more on this part especially where the bolts are situated.
  • Avoid using harsh bathroom cleaners as most of them are laden with abrasives which can leave scratches or stains on the seat. Instead use clean water and mild soap.
  • To scrub the hinges you can use a scrubby sponge or soft cloth (preferably microfiber).
  • If possible, consider detaching the seat at least once in a week for a deeper cleaning.

Some Installation Tips

The best way to install a toilet seat is to follow the instructions given in the installation manual. However, there are some additional preparation that you can make in order to ensure everything goes smoothly. Let’s look at them.

  • Make sure the toilet seat size matches that of your bowl. This is why you need to compare the dimension of the seat with that of your bowl before purchasing the item.
  • Have your tools ready. Except where specified that you need another toilet tool, you are more likely going to need a wrench to set-up a new table seat. You may also need a screwdriver depending on the seat hardware.
  • Make sure the existing toilet bowl and rim is clean. The seat is probably going to be clean since it’s brand new.
  • If the seat has bolts or screws, you will need to remove the plastic caps covering them before using your screwdriver.
  • Follow all the steps on the manual to the core. If you are not confident enough, then invite a plumber.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum weight capacity for these seats?

A: A normal toilet seat usually supports up to 300 pounds weight. However, you can confirm from the product specification just to be sure.

Q: What do I need to clean my toilet seat?

A: To clean a toilet seat, you need water and a mild soap. This is also effective against germs. Avoid using bathroom cleaners as most of them are usually harsh and abrasive. They can damage the surface of the seat in the long run.

Q: What causes the color of a toilet seat to fade?

A: Most of the time, the issue could be traced to the kind of cleaning product you are using. Some cleaning products may contain abrasive substances such as aerosol or bleach. Such chemicals can scratch the surface of your toilet seat and cause the color to fade. This is why we recommend using just water and mild soap.

Q: Where can I get these products?

A: You can get any one of these items by simply following the corresponding product link provided.

Q: What is the good toilet seat?

A: It is difficult to tell. All the products reviewed above are top contenders for the ultimate prize. It would be very difficult to choose one without sounding biased. So go ahead and pick any one you think will best suit your needs. You will not be disappointed.


Finding the best toilet seat for your home can be a big challenge given the huge number of models out there. But with the right information, the process can be a whole lot easier. Hopefully, we’ve covered everything you need to know about finding the right product.

Getting a good seat for your toilet will ensure you have a comfortable toilet experience and also help to improve the overall appearance of your bathroom.

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