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Welcome to the blog post about the best toilet spray with frankincense! It’s no secret that the smell of a bathroom can often be unpleasant, leaving us feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable. That’s why we’ve spent hours researching and testing to bring you the ultimate toilet spray with frankincense that will make your bathroom smell delightful and inviting. We’ll share why frankincense is such an amazing and effective odor-eliminator and provide reviews of the top products on the market.

Our goal is to help you find the best toilet spray with frankincense so you can enjoy a pleasant smelling bathroom and never feel embarrassed again.

Top 3 toilet spray with frankincense – The Winners!

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Poo-Pourri Original Citrus 9-Ounce Refill Bottle and 1.4-Ounce Refillable Bottle Original Citrus is a great way to keep your bathroom smelling great! The unique blend of essential oils create a barrier that traps embarrassing odors and leaves a refreshing citrus aroma. The refillable bottle is perfect for traveling and can be reused for years.

Enjoy the pleasant scent of oranges, lemons, and limes without any of the harsh chemicals.

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Poo-Pourri Original Citrus 9oz & 1.4oz Refills

Poo-Pourri Original Citrus 9-Ounce Refill Bottle and 1.4-Ounce Refillable Bottle Original Citrus

This product is perfect for people on the go! With the set-includes of a 9-ounce refill bottle and a 1.4-ounce original citrus, you will be able to save money and the planet by refilling the 1.4-ounce bottle.

You won’t be stuck in an embarrassing situation with the 9-oz and 1.4 oz, and you can take along with you wherever you go! Up to 450 applications in the 9 oz refill bottle and up to 70 uses in the 1.4 oz bottle, you will be able to use it discreetly on the plane, at work, or anywhere else! Leave the bathroom smelling better than you found it with this perfect on-the-go product!

Poo-Pourri 1.4oz Set

Poo-Pourri Original Citrus,Lavender Vanilla, and Tropical Hibiscus 1.4 Ounce Set

Make bathroom breaks a pleasant experience with the Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray set. This set includes three 1.4 oz bottles in Tropical Hibiscus, Lavender Vanilla and Original scents, so you can choose the scent that you like best.

With the Before-You-Go Toilet Spray, you can spritz the bowl before you go and nobody will ever know! This long-lasting spray is made with essential oils and other natural compounds, and it is never tested on animals. It’s good housekeeping approved, so you can trust that it will work. Keep your bathroom smelling fresh and make sure you have a pleasant experience every time you go with the Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray set.

Gya Labs Frankincense Spray 100ml

Gya Labs Frankincense Spray for Skin Care and Stress Relief - Face Mist Spray To Relieve Skin and Improve Mood - 100 Unrefined Essential Oil Spray and Body Mist for Dry Skin - 100ml

Our Frankincense Spray is the perfect blend of earthy and balsamic aromas, providing a grounding and calming scent that is perfect for aromatherapy. Whether you’re looking to reduce breakouts on your face or soothe dry skin on your body, this spray is ideal for skin care and mood balance. With natural ingredients cultivated from Ethiopia, our frankincense spray is extracted to perfection and can be used as an aromatherapy mist to relieve stress and tension.

Enjoy a clearer headspace and renewed confidence with a light spritz of our Gya Labs Frankincense Essential Oil Spray.

DUDE Bombs Toilet Spray – 2.5oz Forest Fresh

DUDE Bombs Toilet Spray - 2.5 oz Spray Bottle – Forest Fresh Toilet Spray with Pine and Cedarwood Essential Oils - Stank Eliminator Up to 150 Dumps

Dude Bombs Spray is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to make sure their bathroom exits are never embarrassing. From the creators of DUDE Wipes, this innovative non-aerosol spray bottle uses 100% infinitely recyclable materials and natural essential oils to blast away odors. Before you drop your bomb, just pump a couple sprays in the toilet, let it rip, and enjoy your deuce without worry.

With DUDE Bombs Spray, you can literally walk around like your poop don’t stank. Get ready to join the revolution and feel fresh after that morning coffee – no more secondhand stank!

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Spray, 2 Fl Oz, Citrus

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray, Original Citrus, 2 Fl Oz - Lemon, Bergamot and Lemongrass

Say goodbye to smelly bathrooms! Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray is the perfect solution for eliminating bathroom odors before they begin. This unique essential oil formula contains a delightful scent of Lemon, Bergamot and Lemongrass to leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. To use, simply shake well and spritz 3-5 sprays into the toilet bowl on the water’s surface before using the toilet.

With 2 Fl Oz of product, this cruelty-free formula is Leaping Bunny Certified and provides up to 100 uses per bottle. Not only does it work wonders in the bathroom, but it’s great for combating strong laundry, nursery and trash bin odors too. Get Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray today and leave the porcelain throne smelling better than you found it!

How To Choose Toilet Spray With Frankincense

Toilet spray with frankincense is easy to choose. Look for a spray that is natural and contains 100% pure frankincense oil. Avoid those with synthetic fragrances or artificial dyes. Make sure the spray is gentle on the skin and the environment, and certified cruelty-free if possible. Finally, check the spray is suitable for the type of toilet you have.

and myrrh

When using our toilet spray with frankincense and myrrh, please ensure you check for any possible allergies or sensitivities before using. We recommend consulting with a doctor or allergist before using to ensure your safety.


Our Toilet Spray with Frankincense Scent is perfect for keeping your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. This powerful spray will leave your bathroom smelling like frankincense, a plant-based aroma that is known for its calming and relaxing properties. Our product is safe for your family and the environment, and is designed to leave your bathroom smelling clean and refreshed.

We understand how important it is to have a pleasant smelling home, so check out our Toilet Spray with Frankincense Scent today!


Frankincense has many beneficial properties and is often used in toilet sprays to help keep your bathroom smelling fresh. Prices for toilet sprays with frankincense vary based on the brand and size of the product, so it’s best to check with your local stores for the most up-to-date prices.


to understandFrankincense has many beneficial properties, making it a great addition to our toilet spray. It is an astringent, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial agent that can help to clean and purify any surface. Its calming and uplifting scent can also help to freshen any bathroom.

We only use high-quality and natural ingredients in our toilet spray, so you can be sure that you are getting the best possible product.


reviewsWhen purchasing a toilet spray with frankincense, it is important to read customer reviews to ensure satisfaction. Reviews can provide insight into the product’s scent, strength, and overall quality. Additionally, reviews can inform potential buyers of any potential issues with the product, such as its effects on sensitive skin, improper spray delivery, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of using toilet spray with frankincense?

Using toilet spray with frankincense can provide a variety of benefits, including reducing odors, eliminating bacteria, and providing a pleasant aroma. Frankincense is known for its strong and soothing scent, which can help to create a pleasant atmosphere in any bathroom. The antibacterial properties of frankincense can also help to reduce the spread of germs and keep the toilet clean.

Additionally, frankincense has natural antiseptic properties which can help to reduce the risk of infections and other illnesses.

2. Does the scent of frankincense last long after use?

Typically, the scent of frankincense can last for several hours after use, depending on the type of product used and the environment in which it is used.

3. How often should I use the toilet spray with frankincense to maintain its effectiveness?

It is recommended to use the toilet spray with frankincense daily to maintain its effectiveness.

In summary

In conclusion, the best toilet spray with frankincense is the one that offers a great combination of cleaning power, pleasant scent, and affordability. It should also be easy to use and safe for the environment. With all these factors in mind, it’s clear that frankincense-based toilet sprays are an excellent choice for keeping your bathroom clean and smelling great.

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