Top 3 Best Ceramic Toilet Reviews and Buying Guide

If you don’t have the top-quality toilet that matches the atmosphere of your bathroom, it can give you the creeps. The code is simple: ‘If you want the right bathroom decor, get the Right TOILET.’

However, with lots of options around, finding the best ceramic toilet can give you a hard time, especially if you’re a first-time buyer.

Top 3 Ceramic Toilet – Comparison


Product Name

Weight (pounds)

Water Consumption


WoodBridge T-0001


1.28 GPF

American Standard 2403128.020


1.28 GPF

Toto CST474CEFGNo.01


1.28 GPF

Don’t have any clue which toilet is the right one for you? Well, this is where I play my role.

I’ll make sure you can choose the perfect ceramic toilet for you that will save you money, water and give you the most convenient feedback,

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the reviews.

Best Ceramic Toilet Reviews

Here are the top 3 ceramic toilet reviews. They have been running best seller in the marketplace for a long time. Read the reviews thoroughly and choose the one toilet you need,

1. The Woodbridge T-0001

If you want to give a premium yet standard look to your bathroom, choosing the Woodbridge T-0001 is a wise idea. The sleek design and poshness it holds will not fail to attract the attention of guests. It’s just the perfect match your bathroom needs.

Best Ceramic Toilet

When it comes to compactness, the Woodbridge T-0001 is a gem. Elongated-bowl toilets usually need more space than round-bowl ones. However, Woodbridge T-0001 holds a different stance. The toilet successfully blends in with limited space.

If your bathroom is a bit smaller in size, you won’t even feel that the toilet is taking a big space — a perfect toilet for the perfect bathroom.

Usually, toilets come with corners and grooves, which can give you a hard time cleaning. When the germs, debris, molds and mildews grow in the corners, cleaning all those things is pretty much stressful.

Grab the Woodbridge T-0001 instead. This amazing toilet, compared to others, does not come with any corners and grooves. As a result, you’ll be able to reach it to clean very easily.

Besides, the skirted trapway creates a sleek look on the toilet, which also helps for easy cleaning.

The seats that the toilet set includes is pretty soft. If the toilet lid whams the toilet seat, it’s less likely to have any damage. Besides, the seat comes with a long-lasting steel hinge which increases its durability.

When it comes to the flushing system, the Woodbridge T-0001 gives the ultimate flushing experience with less water consumption toilet experience. It uses an average of 1.28 gallons of water per flush to clean all the solid waste in the bowl. At the end of the month, you’ll see you’ve saved a lot of water and your water bill.

Older toilet types usually make a lot of noise during flushing. It is an awkward experience, to be honest. Well, you can have your solution with the Woodbridge T-0001. It comes with a fully glazed flushing system that offers you a super quiet yet powerful flushing experience.

Highlighted Features

  • The toilet comes with a sleek and posh design which will catch everyone’s eye.
  • It comes with a great compact shape which ensures it blends in even with limited space.
  • Cleaning is easy as the toilet doesn’t have any corner or grooves. Besides, it has a skirted trapway which gives you the room for easy cleaning.
  • On average it uses up to 1.28 gallons of water per flush which lets you save water and your water bill.

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2. American Standard 2403

If you want a very comfortable toilet, you can choose the American Standard toilet, Cadet-3 2403.128.020. First off, as the toilet is Cadet-3 certified, you won’t have to question its quality. Secondly, The American Standard 2403 has scored 9.5 for the comfort it offers.

American Standard 2403.128.020

Giants like Kohler and Toto have scored 9 when it comes to comfort. But those that scored 9 are pretty expensive. In this case, American Standard 2403.128.020 has got the game.

You’ll find lots of toilets in the market which come with unmatched height. If you sit on those toilets, your legs may feel uncomfortable as well as your joints.

The American Standard 2403.128.020 arrives with ADA features that give the product the height which matches with your comfort zone. It’s high enough so that your legs and knees can relax.

For extra comfort so that you can sit with ease and convenience, the toilet boasts a wide width soft-close seat.

When it comes to the flushing system, it is always best for you to pick the toilet that uses the least amount of water for flushing. If that’s not the case, your eyes may get bigger by seeing the water bills at the end of the month.

The American Standard 2403.128.020 makes sure the water doesn’t get wasted at all. It has a WaterSense certified single flush option that uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. As a result, this will leave your water being saved, and you’ll have fewer water bills. Don’t underestimate the flushing performance though. Each flush is powerful enough to wash off all the solid wastes inside the bowl.

Toilets can give you a hard time as they grow stains, molds and mildew pretty often. You may have to struggle a lot to clean those stains, molds and mildews.

Get your hands on the American Standard 2403.128.020 instead. Its quality is now teamed up with EverClean surface, which prevents the growth of stains and odor-causing bacteria. Also, it destroys molds and mildews and prevents their growth.

As for compactness, the American Standard 2403.128.020 is an ultimate example. The toilet has an amazing shape that can fit in even inside a small space. Your toilet will perfectly match with its compactness, that’s for sure.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with the ultimate comfort zone for you, scoring 9.5 overall. The toilet has an ADA certified height which will make sure your legs and knees are relaxed.
  • The flushing system only uses 1.8 gallons of water per flush that saves you water and water bill.
  • It comes with EverClean surface, which prevents stains, molds, and mildews.
  • It has a great compact design that allows it to fit even in small spaces.

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3. Toto Vespin II

If you want to spend your money on the right product, Toto Vespin II is worth it. It boasts a stylish and seamless design which makes it a premium looking toilet.  Its compactness will make you go wow. You’ll be impressed to see how it perfectly blends in inside your bathroom.

Toto CST474CEFGNo.01

The manufacturers crafted the toilet with Vitreous China coating, which gives the toilet a shiny, tough and dense look while holding its poshness and glaze.

While other toilets may cause discomfort to your knees and joints for their uncomfortable height, the Toto Vespin II is an exception. In total, the toilet measures 28-½ inches in length, which gives your knees enough room to be relaxed

Plus, the toilet is ADA compliant, which makes it the perfect toilet for everyone including people who have physical limitations and disabilities. So, the next time your granny wants to go to the bathroom, there’s nothing to worry about.

To make sure you can get extra comfort, the Toto Vespin II comes with an elongated toilet bowl. You should know that the elongated bowl toilet is more preferable than the ones that come with round bowls. The bowl adds an entire 1-½ inch so that you can have easy and convenient.

Furthermore, elongated bowls will allow you to perform easy-cleaning as you get easy access to every nook and cranny.

Are you stressed about cleaning the toilet? Toilets can give you a hard time as they lose their shine very quickly. Not anymore with the Toto Vespin II though. It arrives with SanaGloss finish which keeps the toilet shiny while maintaining its mirror look for a long time. So, what’s making you wait? Get your hands on the toilet right away.

Highlighted Features

  • The toilet boasts a compact design for which it fits anywhere, even in limited space.
  • It comes with an ADA compliant structure. The height lets your knees and joints have the room to remain relaxed.
  • It has a fine elongated bowl with an extra 1-½ inch so that you can sit on the toilet with extra comfort.
  • The SanaGloss feature maintains the shine of the toilet for a long time while giving it an amazing mirror-look.

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Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Ceramic Toilet

So, you decided that you need to replace your toilet. But have you considered the things you should look for before buying one? If your answer is no, you should give this section a thorough read. Here are the things you should look for before buying a ceramic toilet.

Is the Toilet ADA Compliant?

Being an ADA compliant toilet has its pros. If you go for the mainstream regular toilets, you may end up hurting your knees and joints. It is because regular toilets do not come with a comfortable height. As a result, once you sit on them, your knees and legs can’t keep them relaxed.

The ADA feature makes sure the toilet has the perfect height that meets everyone’s demand. The height will give enough room to your legs and knees to relax. Plus, this feature makes sure people with physical limitations can use the toilet with ease.

How is the Flushing System?

Check the flushing system toilet out and see if it needs less amount of water to wash off all the solid wastes. Back in the old days, toilets used to use up at least 3 gallons of water per flush. It would not only waste water but also would waste a lot of money as the water bill raises.

Get yourself the toilets that use up about 1.28 gallons of water per flush. At the end of the month, you’ll save water and water bill.

Which Bowl Should You Choose?

Toilets come with types of bowls: There are the elongated bowls, and the other one is round bowls. Round bowls take less amount of space while the elongated ones cover an extra space. However, I would prefer the elongated ones over the round bowls as elongated bowls are comfier. The bowl is quite wide which is a plus for everyone.

Final Words

If you’ve gone through the article, your search on the best ceramic toilet might just end here. Here I’ve discussed the products that have mind-blowing feedback. All of them are amazing, and each one holds its uniqueness.

Now it’s all up to you to choose which toilet is the best for you.

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