Choosing a Toilet Seat for Your Bucket Camping Toilet

A camping toilet is simply a portable toilet. There are many areas where camping toilets can be used. Some of them include on long car trips where you’re sure you won’t come across a toilet easily, when travelling with small kids who would love to ease themselves frequently, if you have ill people around you and for festivals that are held across parks.

Benefits of a Camping Toilet

But campers love a camping toilet for more than one specific reason. Usually they have camping sites to prevent people from easing themselves everywhere. This might cause communicable illnesses and is never hygienic. It also provides safety when easing yourself as you don’t have to rush into the bushes. Above all that it gives controlled easing for the lot.

Types of Camping Toilets

There are very many types of camping toilets that campers could go with. They include the bucket toilet, collapsible toilet, and portable flush toilet. These three are common but we won’t talk about all of them. Today, I will only talk about choosing a toilet seat for your bucket camping toilet.

What is a Bucket Camping Toilet?

In order to understand the whole process, we must first understand what a bucket camping toilet is. A Bucket Camping Toilet also known as Luggable Loo, Commode Bucket, Bucket Potty, or Potty Toilet is one of the simplest camping toilets to make.

It is basically a toilet seat that is placed on top of a specially made bucket. Most buckets are paint buckets. Most campers prefer the 5 gallon bucket as it is standard is measurements, sturdy, and highly portable. Indeed I have used it before and it doesn’t tip.

Bucket toilets cannot be flushed. It uses the single bucket compartment. The worst part about a bucket toilet is that they smell fairly pungent. Because of this the best place to keep them is outside the camping tent.

When using bucket toilets, using a biodegradable toilet paper and additives to control the smell is often advisable. Buying a removable liner for you bucket toilet is cool as it makes cleaning a rather easy process for the cleaner.

Choosing a Toilet Seat for Your Bucket Camping Toilet

Like we have seen above, a bucket camping toilet will require a toilet seat. If you have to choose a toilet seat for your camping toilet there are very many considerations to make. They include the following.

Determine the Shape

There are three main shapes for replaceable toilet seats; oval, round, and oblong. Most buckets will be round in shape. Pick a round toilet seat. Make sure it goes with the design of the bucket you choose for your camping toilet. Round toilet seats are still the standard for most homes, and they’re the toilet seats you see around most often.

Choose Mount Type

We have two main mounting types for your toilet seats. It is important that the toilet seat be mounted as it secures the seat in place. You could use the traditional bolt-and-nut mount or an integral bolt and nut. The latter can be frustrating to remove, as the nut must be drilled out to remove the seat even within our own backyards too.

Choose the Material

There are three types of materials that your camping toilet seat could have. They include plastic, wood or a cushioned seat. The choice here lies with you. Cushioned seats are however, hard to keep clean and are never ideal for camping sites. Natural wood is warmer but easily stains or gets damaged. Plastic will come in very many hues for you.

Know Your Budget

It is important that you buy something that you can afford. It is also important that you know the pricing of your toilet seat. Knowing your budget will allow you to easily come down to the best choices to go with. You can range on prices, designs, and avoid impulse buying. This is important as camping toilets are rarely used.


A bucket camping toilet is simple in design. Because of this, many people who have used it before will tell you to pick a simple toilet seat too. Well that’s your choice to make. However, choosing something durable will save you money in the long run.

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