Clean Waste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet Review

Have you ever gone out for an adventure with the family and do as it is the norms in our family help yourselves a hefty serving of a meal? Then some hours later in the middle of the fun, your son gets the call of nature.

To avoid the weirdness that comes with the lack of a toilet, I recommend you get your family a clean waste go anywhere portable toilet.

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The clean waste anywhere portable toilet is a high profile toilet. You might be wondering how I can afford to call it high profile and this is because it is the toilet that the US Marines use. Anything military grade is a product that should get its due share of worthy praise.

I owe you the reasons for deciding to buy this toilet at first was because it is what the Marines use. Eventually, I have come to learn its numerous benefits.


The clean waste anywhere portable toilet offers a compact design. To carry it with me all I do is collapse the legs, and it occupies the least space at the back of my SUV. You will not believe it when I say it weighs at only 18 pounds.

Once set up it looks like a little three-legged stool. That is how compact it is, and by being so, it is a convenient and reliable portable toilet.

Comfort height

Height is a sensitive feature of all the portable toilets. The design is meant to serve both adults and kids equally. So the height should not be discriminative. The height of the clean waste anywhere portable toilet is perfect for all.

Did I mention that I have one that we use in the family during the camping outings?  No one in the family experiences any difficulties whatsoever with the height.

Maximum weight

The maximum weight that the clean waste anywhere portable toilet can take is 500 lbs. If you ask me, I will tell you that they pass the test of weight. I guess on a general view if we were to look for the heaviest people we would find them in the military, so yes this toilet is strong enough.

A three legs lock design see to it that the clean waste anywhere portable toilet stands all types of terrain. It maintains stability.

No assembly required

To set up the toilet, you require absolutely no tools as there is no assembly work to do. All you need to do is an easy task of unfolding the legs and locking them in place using the leg locking mechanism. Anyone can do that.

The no assembly required feature Clean Waste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet Reviewmakes it an easy to setup choice of the portable toilets. Your little kid will be doing it after several attempts.

Privacy tent

With the clean waste anywhere portable toilet, you get enough space for the privacy tent. While using the privacy tent you can afford to stand and take care of business is a cool collected way.

The privacy tent is the feature that makes it an anywhere portable toilet. I set up whenever I get the need. No one has the time to wait for the next convenient spot.


  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Convenient
  • Easy to set up
  • Comfortable


  • Not completely water proof

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there waste bags included with the product?

A:  Yeah there is, one the waste bags are used you will need to replace them

Q: How do you get rid of waste?

A: It is easy all you need to do is remove the waste kit and dispose it of

Q: what is the maximum number a single waste kit can accommodate?

A: I would recommend one though it is purely a personal choice.

Final verdict

A toilet in the current times is essential during those adventure trips as is a tent. This portable toilet is also a means by which you install a sense of responsibility to your kids. Owning one will do you and your family much good and peace of mind while out in the woods, for instance, having some fun moments.

The clean waste anywhere portable toilet will give you a range of all the amazing features that you desire. Durability, comfort and a sense of dignity all are a product away. Now is the time to make that purchase.

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