Duravit Toilet Reviews: Top 3 Picks & Buying Guide

Duravit is a famous German brand started and established in Hornberg, Germany during 1817.

The manufacturer offers a wide range of sanitary products including toilets, washbasins, washbowls and bathroom furniture.

One of the best sides of Duravit collections is its products are simply beautiful that add charm to the bathroom decoration.

Best Duravit Toilet of 2021 – Comparison


Product Name

Weight (pounds)

Flush Type


Duravit 2157010005


Dual Flush Toilets

Duravit 2226090092


Dual Flush Toilets

Duravit 0113010001


Power Flush Toilets

Basically, Duravit’s products are a good combination of outer beauty and inner quality. Apart from these, whenever you need particular bathroom furniture for your toilet, you will have ample options to choose from.

However, among all other products of Duravit, toilets get special attention of some people around the globe. For those people, who are planning to install a toilet made by Duravit in their washrooms, we have reviewed three different Duravit toilets here. After the review, you also get to know what to look for when you are buying a Duravit toilet.

Top 3 Duravit Toilet Reviews

Considering users’ needs, we featured 3 Duravit toilets from three different categories. Among these three, you will get a luxury one, a space saver, and finally a budget toilet. Keep reading Duravit toilet reviews to know about the key features and how these toilets will benefit their users.

1. Duravit 2157010005

Among our selected three products, this one is the smartest. This Duravit toilet is for the individuals as well as organizations, who want to install some high-end toilet inside of their bathroom space. It is a better option both for household and 3-star or 5-start hotels usages. This modern piece of toilet also comes with dual flushing system and 12-inch proper rough-in measurement.

Duravit 2157010005

The toilet is out and out a one-piece toilet. This one-piece configuration gives the toilet a uniform, smart look. Additionally, it is overall a white color toilet. This white outer design on the simplified structure will definitely add a vibe of smartness to any type of bathroom setup and decoration.

A dual flush system is installed inside the tank part of the toilet. The system not only saves water but also cuts the utility bills. Therefore, choosing the perfect toilet, you are doing something good for your environment as well as your pocket!

It’s a floor mountable one-piece toilet. So, during the installation, you don’t have to deal with many screws, nuts, and bolts. Simply making holes on the floor, you can install it. Nevertheless, as it’s a one-piece toilet it’s heavier than the normal ones, so you have to move the toilet with care.

Here the toilet bowl is rectangular in shape. Because of this rectangular shape user will feel extra comfort while sitting on the bowl. The bowl extending out an extra 1-1/2″ compared to a round configured toilet bowl.  Basically, these extra inches are the reasons behind the comfort.

Highlighted Features

  • It’s an ultra-modern and comfortable solution for your bathroom needs.
  • Dual flush technology will provide you options for both 1.32 or 0.92 gallons flushing.
  • This one-piece toilet guarantees you simple floor installation.

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2. Duravit 2226090092

This Duravit Starck 3 Series toilet looks more like a comfy seat than a toilet! It’s a wall mountable toilet. So, if you feel the need for more space or want to give your bathroom a decorated spacious look, even if it is not so much wide, you can go for this toilet. It’s a toilet that has all the bathroom facilities under the warp of a compact size.

Duravit 2226090092

This toilet from the Duravit comes with wall mounting facility, also has an overall pure white smart finishing. As a result, wherever of your toilet room you install this, it will look good. Especially the hanging feature gives this toilet a charm to match with any type of washroom setup.

Installing this Duravit toilet, you can ensure a better time for you and your family members in the bathroom. Here the elongated bowl will make sure that whoever sits on it can sit with ultimate ease and relaxation. It has an extended region for providing this comfort.

In this toilet set, you can choose both half flush and complete flush for the toilet cleaning. Having this facility, you can minimize the amount of water you consume in a month, thus you can cut your water bills too. For a full flush, the toilet requires 1.6 gallons of water, and it needs only 0.8 gallons for a half flush.

For tackling any unwanted damage with perfection, the maker also includes durafix with each toilet set. Using this repairing material, you can repair your toilet without leaving any visible spot.

Highlighted Features

  • The toilet will meet your washroom needs without taking much space.
  • Along with space, it will save your water allowing you to use two different flushing options.
  • Durafix will take care of the fitness as well as the beauty of the toilet.

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3. Duravit 0113010001

It’s called a value product from the producer Duravit. This classic designed toilet is also a budget deal considering our other two selections. Duravit 113010001 can be an option for you if you are looking for a budget deal with essential performance features. The toilet features, single flushing system, attached body structure, a classic look, etc.

best duravit toilet

This Duravit product looks different because of its redesigned beauty. It comes with a rectangular form with rounded edges along with the classic washbasin shape. After all, it’s a design that will be a perfect placement inside of any standard bathroom.

It is important that your picked toilet maintains sufficient distance from the rear panel wall. For the assurance of proper measurement, the producer manufactured this toilet with 12-inch rough-in. Though in the market you will get both larger and shorter rough in-toilet, this is the most popular one.

During the installation, the user of this toilet can get his job done with just a few simple steps. The toilet is featured with floor installation facility, which is one of the easy toilet installation methods. Also, the toilet is a one-piece toilet. Overall, following the instruction manual, you can install it within a short time.

A well-designed lever has also been added to the tank for the flushing of the toilet. This is a single flush toilet, though you will not have different options for cleaning different amount of waste like a dual flush toilet, here you will enjoy complete cleaning toilet every time you flush the toilet.

Highlighted Features

  • 12-inch long rough in will help you to mount the toilet maintaining a comfortable distance.
  • Easy-to-operate flushing switch every time supplies enough water to get the toilet completely clean.
  • The ‘bowl and tank’ attached design of the toilet guarantees hassle-free installation.

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Duravit Toilet Buying Guide

Normally, when you narrow down your favorite toilet manufacturer, your task of buying a toilet becomes super easy.

However, still in some cases, especially when the chosen brand has a lot of product lines, it remains a matter of concern.

Hopefully, going through the following buying guide you can navigate through the all Duravit toilets and choose the right one for yourself.

Considering Factors before Buying a Duravit Toilet

Your Budget

Duravit produces products for a different group of customers. The manufacturer has some budget product lines as well as pricy products. Mainly, the price of a Duravit toilet is determined by its outer design and inner features. In general, the pricier a particular toilet is, the more quality it contains.

However, it doesn’t mean that the decision of buying a budget toilet is not wise.

Basically, even a mid-range budget toilet of a prime producer is good enough to provide years long service. So, you should choose a model that satisfies your budget range.

Design, Color and Shape

Just like other manufacturers’ product in the market, here you also get a good number of options to choose from. As, both the selection of design and color totally vary from person to person, it’s hard to suggest the best, in this case, you should prioritize your bathroom setup.

On the other hand, you must choose the shape that you can install comfortably in your allocated space. So, it will be best to measure the place even before going for the consideration of toilet models.

Wall Installation Vs Floor Installation

Duravit toilets come with both floor and wall mounting styles toilet, it is your duty to decide which one will be best for your bathroom.

Normally, toilets with floor mounting facility are easier to install compared with another one. And, for a wall mounted toilet, you must leave some space beneath the toilet.

Seat of The Toilet

In most cases, considering all the sanitary brands out there, the manufacturer doesn’t include a seat with the toilet. In this case, the user has to buy it separately. Toilet seat is a must have part of a toilet set so it’s better to ask before finalizing any model of toilet.

How to Fix Your Loose Duravit Toilet Seat?

Toilet seat gets loose after constant closing, opening and sitting on it.

However, if you are a DIY enthusiast you can tighten your toilet seat by yourself following some simple steps. In most of the cases, you will need just a screwdriver.

But, if you find only a screwdriver is insufficient to your job, you may need some other tools that include a flexible wrench, a ratchet wrench with a deep socket, pliers, or other special tools that come with the toilet seat tightening kit.

Step-1: Expose the Bolts

In the beginning, you have to unscrew the bolts that tightly secure the seat with the toilet bowl. Here, while unscrewing, you will find some bolts are covered with a plastic layer and some are not. if you find the bolts covered, first expose them.

Step-2: Primary Tightening

If you find the exposed bolts with slotted heads, then tight them using your screwdriver. During tightening, if the bolts rotate freely then use pliers to clutch the nut thread on to the mounting bolts just from the beneath of the toilet. Now you can tighten with perfection.

Step-3: Secondary Tightening

However, if required, you can also tighten the mounting nuts from the below panel of the toilet. To do this, under the toilet bowl, rotate the seat following a clockwise motion, keep doing this until it’s tight enough.

Moreover, if you want, you can use a ratchet wrench with a deep socket to tighten these bolts.


Since 1887, Duravit has been satisfying people’ toilet needs with their products. So even if you choose a random toilet from this manufacturer, you will not be disappointed.

However, as you have gone through our Duravit toilet reviews and known more about the manufacturer now, hopefully, you can make even a better choice from this premium toilet brand.

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