How to Buy a Toilet Online

Do you know how to buy a new toilet for your home? Here is a simple insightful step by step guide that will work wonders for you. Look through it before spending your hard earned money on a toilet.

Step 1: Set a Personal Budget

How much do you want to use for the toilet? This is the very first thing that you should know. Knowing the price will help you to easily shop for the popular toilet in terms of size, design, brand, and price.

Step 2: Measure the Rough In

The toilet’s rough in is the distance between the closet bolts and the wall at the back of your toilet. A small toilet if placed in a big rough in will leave so much space against the wall and the tank leaving everything that you set at the top to fall down. A big toilet will not fit. Make sure you measure the rough in to get the perfect fit toilet.

Step 3: Measure Toilet Space

Standard rough in stands between 10 and 14 inches, toilet bowls also differ in size. If you measure your toilet space it helps you to get the right toilet for the space. Remember, elongated toilets are best for smaller spaces – while round toilets will go to larger spaces.

Here are simple tips that will help:

  • Measure from the wall towards the closet bolts.
  • Make sure you measure up to the middle of the closet bolts.
  • Avoid using tape measure that’s made out of fabric.

Step 4: Check Toilet Ratings

A good toilet should be used for over a decade. Meaning it has to be of high quality. So check at the toilet’s rating before you buy. The good news is you have the internet technology now. You don’t have to walk around, simple log in online and check toilet ratings. Choose the best key word to look for. The best KW examples are these.

  • Toilet testing
  • Toilet performance
  • Toilet flush rating
  • Flushing performance

Step 5: Explore the Best Rebates

You need an efficient toilet. Old toilets will use more water and leave you with high bills. They will also break down really fast. Make sure you look for rebates with high efficiency. Look for the following new flushing toilet technologies.

  • EPAs Water Sense Technology
  • Double Cyclone Technologies
  • Programmed toilets with flushing options to choose from.

Step 6: Order Your Toilet

When you have found your perfect toilet online you can go ahead and pay. Many online websites will include toilet shipping costs. You should find out if the price is inclusive of the shipping costs or not. If not, please factor in toilet shipping costs.

Buying the right flushing toilet for your home shouldn’t be headache any more after reading this. You must know by now that, when in need of a flush toilet the most basic thing to look at is the toilet’s overall performance.


To get the best performer going with top toilet reviews from different websites such as the ​Toilet Rated blog would be a big advantage as they have already outlined the basic for you to go with.

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