How to Choose the Kohler Toilet Considering Type

It isn’t a lie that recent innovations have had a significant role on even how our bathrooms look today. Today, we have a renewed sense and personalization of toilet designs that has had a huge impact on our decision making when we are thinking of purchasing any type of bathroom accessory including the Kohler Toilet.

With its contemporary bold look, the Kohler has become a brand to identify with. Even so choosing a suitable toilet to go with has still posed so many challenges to buyers. Here is a simple guide that will help you to discover the very ​quality Kohler Toilet for your personal use and the needs of your home or property too.

Questions to Get Started on a Kohler Toilet

Here are a few basic questions that will help anyone who wants to buy a Kohler Toilet to get started.


Who is your toilet for? Is it for the kids, guests, or the master? This question influences the type of features that you will go with for your toilet.


Are you building a new home, remodeling, or replacing the toilet? Replacing a toilet goes with the same type but remodeling could change type.


Who will be using the toilet? Are they elderly people or people living with disability? Toilet heights differ and it’s vital to get the right height.


Do you want a toilet with a customized cleaning system? Many people don’t like cleaning the toilet alone so they would want a trigger system to.


What is your bathroom style? An off style Kohler Toilet will leave your bathroom looking really ugly. This could possibly even lose property value.

How to Choose the ​Top Kohler Toilet

There are very many factors that you should keep in mind if you want to get the ​good quality Kohler toilet for your use. They include the following.

The Number of Toilet Pieces

The basic definition of the toilet type is forged from the number of pieces that make up the toilet and how the toilet is installed (on the floor or on the wall).

Two Piece Toilets

This is the most common type of Kohler Toilet. It is found in both residential and some commercial property. It comes with a separate tank and bowl. The two are assembled together to create a full toilet. The two piece Kohler Toilet usually requires a separately sold seat.

One Piece Toilets

This type of toilet is usually crafted from a single piece f ceramic. They are rate but have some of the most attractive designs. Usually the bowl and tank are often integrated.

Therefore there is never a seam between the bowl and tank. It is easier to keep clean. The one piece Kohler Toilet comes with an integrated seat so you don’t have to buy the seat separately like before.

The Kohler Toilet Style

There are many types of Kohler Toilet designs that will also move you to the type you choose to go with. These styles and designs are often unique and make the use of the toilet really easy. They include the following.

Leading Edge Design

This is an innovative tankless design that will leave your toilet with a smooth running style statement along the edge and overall design.

Automatic Cleansing

This includes the bidet functionality and personalized cleansing. This makes cleaning your Kohler Toilet a really easy and enjoyable task.

Adjustable Settings

From heated seats and warm water cleansing to automated flushing adjustable settings are some of the best designs and styles that a Kohler Toilet boasts.

The Area of Fitting

Depending on the size of your bathroom and where your Kohler Toilet can be fitted, you could find you could get another type to go with called the Wall-Hung Kohler Toilet. This is ideal for bathrooms with limited space.

It features a sleek, easy, to clean design. It has a hidden in wall tank and only the bowl and the flush plates are mounted in the wall. This gives a streamlined profile. The profile saves up to 12 inches of space.


Choosing the ​top Kohler Toilet depending on the toilet type can be quite intriguing most especially if you understand what you are going for. Therefore know your needs, bathroom space, design, and hopefully the number of users.

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