How to Clean a Dirty Toilet – The Expert Guidelines

90% of disease causing germs and bacteria in our homes are found in the toilet. To keep these germs away and your loved ones safe, you need to keep your toilet clean. Develop a good toilet cleaning routine for your home and respect it.

If you don’t know how to clean your toilet, don’t worry, we are here to help. Use this simple DIY toilet cleaning guide and keep your home safe and free from any forms of illnesses. A clean home is an awesome place to live in always!

Cleaning the Dirty Toilet

Cleaning a toilet is very easy. However, in order to get the best results when cleaning a very dirty toilet, do follow these steps.

Step I: Get Prepared

Gather all the cleaning materials that you will need. The most important toilet cleaning materials include:

  • Hand Gloves
  • Eye Goggles/ Protectors
  • Toilet brush made of hard nylon bristles
  • Commercial Toilet Bowl Cleaner (with diluted hydrochloric acid).
  •  Disinfectant Spray

Step II: Start from Tank & Bowl


Shutoff the toilet water supply and flush out the water from the tank. Make sure all the water is flushed out. You can hold the handle down for a while to make sure that you get as much water as you can out.

Then apply the toilet clean in the tank while making sure that every dirty section is covered. From corners, joints, to the bottom of the tank, these are vital sections that need an even spread of the cleaner.


To clean the toilet bowl, first apply your Toilet Bowl Cleaner evenly. Apply the cleaner under the toilet seat rim and other hard to reach areas then allow it to work its way down to the bottom of your bowl.

You can use the toilet brush to spread it through or the spray bottle to have an even application. Make sure every section that you need to be cleaned is touched and pay attention to very dirty areas.

Now you can close the toilet seat back into position and allow the cleaner to soak for up to half an hour.

NOTE:The reason we need a commercial cleaner with diluted hydrochloric acid is simple. As an active ingredient, hydrochloric acid is good in tackling rust and a very dirty toilet might have piled up stains including rust.

Step III: Spray Disinfectant

While your toilet bowl soaks spray the disinfectant on the outside parts of the toilet. It is advisable that you start from the top all the way down. Make sure you include the tank and allow the disinfectant to sit for a while too.

Step IV: Clean Your Toilet

After 30 minutes break come back and start cleaning your toilet. Open up the toilet lid and follow these steps.

Work on the rim of the toilet first.

Scrub using toilet brush to reveal loose dirt.

Take your time as this is the grossest part.

Scrub for about half an hour until you’re satisfied.

NOTE: Using a brush with hard nylon bristles and a plastic handle is advisable. Metallic bristles will easily scratch your toilet bowl.

Step VI: Rinse Your Toilet

Take a bucket of water and rinse your toilet. You should pour the water in the tank and hold up the flapper manually to flush.

When rinsing, you can use hot water with a mild detergent. You can also keep scrubbing lightly the areas that still have stain.

If you are satisfied that the toilet is clean you can restore the water supply and flush once more. However, if you still want to add on the sparkle, you can always repeat the same cleaning procedure.

NOTE:Some people always advice you to use homemade remedies, well that might work but they are never targeted. The best part about a commercial cleaner is that you can always find one for your specific needs.


Clean toilets are also free from bad smell and odor. That’s why you should use the effective toilet cleaners. Check out the recommended toilet buying guide to get the right cleaner for your toilet cleaning needs.

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