How to Clean a Toilet Tank

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Every toilet tank needs a good scrub after a given time. This is especially true if you want to keep your toilet free of bacteria, odor, and mineral rings. You can use commercial cleaners and a toilet brush to a great job.

Some people even choose to take it up a notch higher by adding bleach and to keep the toilet smelling fresh. Cleaning a toilet is easy. Use this guide to clean your toilet today and keep it smelling really fresh too.

Step 1: Apply Toilet Cleaner

In order to apply your toilet cleaner drain your tank. It is simple. Switch off your tank’s main inlet water supply from the shut off valve. Most valves are usually set on the wall behind your toilet.

When you are done, now flush your toilet. Hold the toilet handle down for a while to ensure that most of the water drains out.

If your tank isn’t so dirty it might need a basic disinfectant and that’s all. With built in stains, you might require something stronger. From mineral deposits, gunk, to mildew, apply bleach over the commercial cleaner.

The best way to apply the toilet cleaner plus bleach is to use a spray bottle. This will make sure the application is very even.

Tips to Keep in Mind when Applying a Toilet Cleaner

  • Pay attention to areas with dirt build-up.
  • Focus on the edges, sides, and bottom of tank.
  • Allow the cleaners to sit in your tank for 15+ minutes.

Step 2: Clean Your Toilet Tank

To clean your toilet tank, wear protective gloves. Toilets are usually full of bacteria and germs that wearing gloves will protect you from. If you are using bleach to clean your toilet gloves will help to protect your skin.

Now scrub your toilet tank using a toilet brush. You can also use an old toothbrush or a scrubbing sponge.

Focus on the areas with hidden dirt. Areas such as the joints, corners, and the bottom of the tank will harbor so much dirt. Scrub them as much until you are convinced that your tank is clean and that the grime is gone.

Step 3: Flush Out the Tank

With your tank scrubbed, you can now restore your water supply. Turn on the shut off valve and allow the water to fill up the tank. Flush your tank to rinse. If you find some stains you can repeat the same process.

If you don’t want to restore the water supply first, you can pour a gallon of water to the tank and then flush.

Simple Tips that Keep Your Toilet Clean

Cleaning your toilet tank is easy and so is keeping your toilet clean. Here are some tips that can help.

  • Flush your toilet after every use.
  • Use automatic toilet cleaners.
  • Develop a cleaning routine.


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