How to Convert any Toilet to a Low-Flow Toilet Easily and Save Money

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Are you worried about your water bill and save your water? Do you want to reduce your wastage of water? Then you can convert your regular toilet into a low flush toilet. A low flow toilet usually takes less than 4.5 liters per flush where normal toilets take more than 6 liters water per flush.

Are you thinking about how you can convert your normal toilet to a water-saving toilet? This article will provide you a broad description of how can convert your toilet to a low flow toilet.

What Is Low flow toilet and why you will convert it?

Usually, there are two methods that low flow toilets follow. They are gravity and pressure assistance. A low flow toilet uses less water than the regular toilet. In the 1990s, The US first introduced it to the world. In low flow toilets, water flows from tank to bowl. Gravity and pressure tank helps to carry the waste.

The main purpose of converting regular toilets to low flow toilets is saving water. One thing that you know better is saving water is saving money. It will help you to save about 30% of water. Hence, it will save about 70 gallons monthly, 840 gallons yearly per person. If you have more members in your family you can easily understand the amount of water that can be saved. Are you still in doubt to have a low-flow toilet?

What are the advantages of a low flow toilet?

Low-flow toilet both saves time and water. It reduces a significant amount of water rather than using a normal toilet. By saving water you can save around $120 per year for a person. The most important question may arise in your mind.

Does low flow toilet last long? The answer is very simple. You can use it without any tension for about 30 years. It is available for newly constructed homes. If you are using a regular toilet, you can also convert it into a low flow toilet.

What Are the Procedures to Convert Any Toilet to Low Flow Toilet?

If you set your mind to convert your toilet, there is needed a few, easy and simple modifications. It is very easy to install a low flow toilet. If you are conscious about how to convert any toilet into a low flow toilet, you just need to follow the following procedure.

1. Turn off the Water Supply

First of all, you have to turn off the water supply. You have to clean the toilet. Then flush the toilet. To work properly you need to remove the lid of the toilet. There will be a handle lever attaching a chain. You have to disconnect the end of the chain.

2. Install a New Adjustable Flapper

In this stage, you have to remove the old flapper. In the toilet’s fill tube there will be flapper ears on both sides. Simply unhook the ears of the flappers. You have to hook new flapper’s ears to install a new flapper.

According to desired water flow rates, collect the flapper. You have to rotate a dial the number setting on the valve’s body to set the valve of the flapper. There are a minimum and maximum dial number.  1 and 9 are consequently for the minimum and maximum water volume.

The manufacturers also build their flapper according to the amount of water per flush. You can select the amount by choosing the specific model. Considering all the aspects you can choose your flapper and adjust it with your toilet.

You can do your experiment until the toilet matches with the perfect setting. Make sure that the water of each flush contains enough water to wash away the waste.  You have to be also careful about water volume.

3. Install a Water Container into the Tank

It will be good to buy a tank bag or you can use a plastic container or bottle. You have to fill the container with water. Then put it to the water tank of the toilet. It will save water as it contains a fixed volume of water. As it saves an equal amount of water of its size, you have to be careful about the size. It is because to get enough water per every flush.

4. Cycle Diverter

You have to install a cycle of the diverter to save more water. It will save water by regulating the filling cycle. It connects the fill line and overflow tube. It usually saves water at the time of filling water. Place the lid of the toilet into the proper place.

5. Test

After installing all the above, you have to test the toilet to find out errors. You have to also check if there is any leak or not. You can take a free leak detection tablet to find out the leak. I have fixed the leaf if you find it. Flash away and again check all the functionality.

What Are the Important Suggestions?

If you want that your toilet works very well, you have to clear and examine the flapper regularly. You have to care about the flipper, tank bag, and cycle diverter because all the toilets are not the same. Many manufacturers make flappers. Check carefully whether is it saving water incorrect amount and wash away the waste properly. Choose an adjustable one according to your demand.


By converting any kind of toilet to the low flowing toilet will save both money and water. The older model will take 3.5 to 7 gallons per flash where a low flow toilet uses 1.25 or less normally. The pressure assist toilet model uses air pressure to boost the flush power. The gravity model uses the force of water.

Both kinds of low flow toilets use less water. The best low-flow toilet will not only help to save water but also it prevents the soil water level to go below by consuming less water. So what you are waiting for? Convert your branded toilet into a low flow toilet today and save the water.

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