How to Fix a Slow Flushing Toilet

Having trouble with a low flush toilet? There is an easy way to fix it! Simply DIY, we offer you 4 processes that are easy and which will leave you with some of the best results. Here is the step by step guide that you actually require.

Your Tank’s Water Level is Low

If the tank water level is low, you need your float system to ride higher. The float ball should be adjusted to allow more water into the tank to a level that can give the best power.

Adjusting the float is really easy. You can either bend the road that holds the float ball slightly up or find where the rod is attached to the valve and loosen the bolt that holds the rod before adjusting it and tightening it to the level that you require. Be very gently with this.

Your Toilet Flapper Closes too Fast

Seldom does this happen. However, a great flush power is found when the toilet flapper lifts up to reasonable distance. If there is insufficient lift there will be low flush power as too little or limited water will drain into the bowl.

You can fix this by adjusting the length of the chain that holds the flapper to open for a longer time and allow more water to rush through and into the bowl. Adjust between the slacks in the chain to find the most functional level.

Mineral Build Up Blocking Flush Pores 

Sometimes you could find that your toilet’s flush pores; usually under the toilet rim has been clogged with mineral deposits such as calcium and lime thus giving you a weak flush. If that’s the case, here is what you can do to fix it.

  • Shut off toilet water supply.
  • Drain your tank (flush and hold down the handle for a while).
  • Tie the flapper up to reveal the flush valve opening.
  • Pour a cup of favorite toilet bowl cleaner down the opened toilet’s flush valve.
  • Give it an hour to work the stains and loosen them up.
  • Pour a 1/2 cup mixture of water and cleaner down the open flush valve.
  • Close the toilet flapper immediately and turn on the water.
  • Flush twice and repeat the process if necessary.

Your Toilet Has a Clog in the System

Toile clogs happen because of stuck up waste, scum, or unwanted materials in the toilet drain. There are many ways to fix a clog.

Using the Good toilet plunger with a flange in the bell-like rubber head is usually awesome. However, this should be done after you have inspected your toilet and determined whether you have a no-drainer or partial drainer.

There are a few other options that you can go with including a vent pipe and a plumbers snake. However, most of the times, a plumber is always very sufficient.


You don’t need to waste any money on a plumber when you can fix that low flush with these top four simple tips. Just choose the best one for you and leave your toilet working efficiently again.

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