How to Fix a Toilet Tank

Toilets crack – it’s nothing new, really. So if you cracked your toilet much recently, there is no need to worry, crack on toilet tanks are easy to fix. And many people get toilet cracks when the heavy lid slips onto the tank.

What Next If It Cracks?

If your toilet tank cracks it will start leaking. This is the only worst case scenario that you might get here. And if this happens, the crack needs to get a fix ASAP in order to prevent water wastage and floor damages.

How Do I Fix the Leak from the Tank?

It is always advisable to call a professional plumber to help; but if you don’t have enough money to pay the plumber or your plumber is too committed to come on time, there is always the DIY option.

In this post today, I will take you through a simple DIY option that can help you to arrest a leaky tank emergency if your plumber is too far to help.

Step 1: Turn Off Water Supply

Whenever you are working on your toilet and more specifically on a leaky tank, it is advisable to find the shutoff valve and turn your water supply off. This should be done immediately if your tank cracks.

If you turn off the water supply in time you will save your bathroom floor from damages and your home from wasting so much unused water. Most shutoff valves are on the wall behind the toilet.

Step 2: Dry Your Tank Properly

Flush off the water in your tank. Make sure all the water is out. You can do this by holding down the toilet flush handle for quite some time. If there is some water still lying on the bottom of the tank, use a sponge or a rag to mop it out and keep going until the tank is dry?

Drying the tank is important since you are going to use a porcelain sealer and if you leave a wet surface the sealer will not dry.

Step 3: Find the Right Sealer

Epoxy sealer or a porcelain sealer will do a great job. Find the right sealer for your use. You can look through local hardware stores. Now you are ready to seal the crack!

If your toilet crack is too wide, chances are the sealer may not do a good job. You should consider replacing the tank instead.

Step 4: Apply the Sealer Appropriately

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply the porcelain sealer on your cracked toilet tank. Caulking gun will make your work easy. If you use it, make sure you start an inch above the crack and slowly work your way down as you fill the crack.

You will find your sealer with rough edges. Use a paper knife to smooth your seal and spread the sealant evenly. This ensures that you get no side cracks too.

Step 5: Let Your Tank Dry

Leave your tank for up to 24 hours to dry before you can restore the water supply. You should test if there are any leaks.


Small drip drops from your toilet tank might not look like anything to worry about. But before you write them off, let me surprise you. Research has it that most homes that lose hundreds of gallons of water annually do so through leaky toilets tank or running toilets..

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