How to Move a Toilet

I have been a realtor for over 20 years now. My experience has taught me that selling a home with a poorly designed toilet isn’t easy. Most home buyers are usually skeptical about colored toilets and poorly designed toilets and believe it; they will easily walk away!

Let’s take a different scenario though, what if they agree to buy but wanted you to move the toilet? Well on a normal day, I would not advice to move a toilet. Bathroom fixtures and especially a toilet, bathtub, sinks, and shelves can prove really costly if moved – even if you called a contractor to help.

Now I know you must be wondering; how hard can this get? Let me fill you in. Toilet installation is really easy and you could do it alone. However, moving a toilet is like remodeling a home. It has huge costs.

Challenges When Moving a Toilet

For starters you must remember that your toilet requires a water supply. What this means is that you will have to find a supply line that you can tap into. Many people often prefer tapping into a sink’s water supply or a shower.

Next when moving your toilet there is the common denominator, you will have to re-route the individual line that goes into your toilet. The main drain will remain. However the individual line must either be lengthened or shortened.

Moving the Main Toilet​

If your home lies on a concrete foundation, the concrete has to be broken to install drain pipes. Yet for the raised foundations, the pipes can always pass through under the joists. The same rule of the joists applies for storey-building.

The only cost a storey-building presents is that you’d have to foot the costs of demolishing parts of the subsequent floors and materials. Materials may even be more. The main materials that you should actually think of include these.

  • Flooring such as vinyl tile, wood, and laminate floor
  • Walls
  • Partitions
  • Ceilings

NOTE: Concentrate on demolishing only sections or parts of the floor so that the entire flooring cannot be replaced.

The Fact on Toilet Moving​

Whether you use a contractor or not, your toilet if moved is an expensive affair made even costlier than it was originally. First you won’t have a clear access to water supply, drain system, and this will force you to demolish some sections of your home.

However, my advice is simple. If moving your toilet is part of a huge plan to set a new flooring in your bathroom, renovate the entire home, or take up a new bathroom design, there is never the best moment seize this opportunity and switch than it is then.


Moving a toilet is not something that you can do alone. Hell, no! You need the help of a contractor and also different experts including plumber, flooring expert, and design expert. It will shoot up the costs and needs you to have the best budget in place.

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