How to Remove Hard Water Stains From Toilet

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How your toilet looks makes a huge statement about you. If you have guests in your home a dirty toilet can be quite embarrassing. In fact, dirty toilets are full of disease causing germs and bacteria and can be a huge danger to your loved ones.

This is why it is important for home owners to develop a top-rated toilet cleaning routine. A good routine keeps your toilet free from hard water stains, germs, mildew, bacteria and mold.

If you want to start with hard water stains, here is a simple to use DIY guide that will easily help.

Removing Stains Using a Commercial Cleaner

I will split this method into two parts with a half an hour break in-between. While waiting you could take a walk around the neighborhood and enjoy some fresh air!

Step 1

Bring everything that you want to use and put them together. They should include a toilet cleaning brush, gloves, commercial cleaner, and spraying bottle.

Step 2

Put on your rubber gloves, turn off your water supply – use the shut off valve behind the toilet, and flush your toilet. The tank should now be free of any water.

Step 3

Lift your toilet seat cover and open up your toilet tank. Squirt the toilet cleaner around your toilet bowl and rim and also in your toilet tank. A bleach based toilet cleaner will be an ideal one to use if you want to tackle germs and also the toilet lime scales.

Step 4

Make sure you have an even spread and that the cleaner reaches the tightest sports including corners, under toilet rims, and also the base of the toilet’s tank among others.

Step 5

Let the cleaner sit there for about 30 minutes as you take a walk. You can even have a cup of tea.  When the time elapses, follow it with a thorough scrubbing. You can use a toilet brush or a tooth brush.

Step 6

Flush the toilet and sit back to admire the sparkle!

Removing Stains with baking Soda and Vinegar​

Baking soda when mixed with vinegar is an awesome natural cleaner. It produces carbonic acid that’s usually perfect for tackling hard water stains from the toilet.

Step 1

Pour a cup of vinegar into your toilet’s bowl. You may not have an even spread so swish around the solution with a toilet brush (let it sit for about one minute).

Add a cup of baking soda on top and again 1 to 2 cups of vinegar. When doing this, your solution will fizz to create a bubbly effect.

Let the solution sit in your toilet for about 5 minutes, you can then give your toilet a good scrub and make sure all the dirty areas are touched.

When done, give your toilet a flush and voila! Your work is done.


  • Keep your manufacturer’s instructions in mind.
  • Ensure the cleaner reaches all the nook and cranny of your toilet.
  • Use eco-friendly biocides


The toilet reviews suggest that if you use either of the methods and still find some stains you are free to repeat the process once or twice.

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