How to Repair a Leaking Pressure Assisted Toilet Easily

If you find any problems in your regular used toilet, you won’t feel relax until you fix it. If you have a pressure-assisted toilet and it has the leaking then this article is for you. This article will help you to know about how to repair a leaking pressure-assisted toilet easily.

In a pressure-assisted toilet, you will find a tank inside another tank. In between the two tanks, huge air pressure is created. It helps to move more water in the bowl of the toilet and clean the bowl easily.

But you will find problems when there is a leak between the toilet tank and toilet bowl. There are bolts in the tank that can create this problem. This problem can also be created by the gasket. Gasket stays in between the toilet tank and the toilet bowl.

What tools are required for repairing the leak?

Since it is not the gravity toilet, the repairing process is a bit different from the gravity toilet. You will need a special gasket. If you are using an older design toilet then you will find difficulty replacing the bolts. So, you will need an adjustable socket wrench, mini hacksaw, tank bolts, and gasket.

Empty the Toilet Tank

At first, you have to make the toilet tank empty. You have to close the shutoff valve. It will stop the water from going to the toilet tank. Flush out the tank to make the toilet tank empty. It is done to reduce toilet tank pressure.

It will be better to flush two or three times to remove any water staying in it. You have to detach the line of water and water supply tube. It is situated outside of the toilet tank. As it is linked with the inlet valve at the left of the toilet tank, it is necessary to disconnect.

Remove the Tank Bolts from Your Toilet

The main motto of this stage is to remove the bolted tank. The bolted tank is needed to be lifted off. You will find the bolts under the toilet tank and backside of the toilet bowl. Use an adjustable socket wrench to reach them. If it is tight enough that makes the difficulty to come off, simply cut it off.

Use a hacksaw blade to make your task easier. Don’t bother about the older one as you are replacing it with a new one. Unscrew all the nuts holding the bolts and remove the bolts. Bring the bolts out from the tank and clean all around the area as you have to reinstall newer bolts.

Install Your New Tank Bolts

The easy task becomes difficult when you don’t follow the procedure accordingly. You know there is a pressure tank in the toilet tank. You have to remove it to install new bolts. You can take help from the pliers to remove nuts.

You will find the nut at the bottom of the tank. There will be a nut in the fill tube. Unscrew it to remove the fill tube from the tank. The rest of the task will be easy for you. Simply slide out the pressure assist tank unit.

Now it the turn to set the new tank bolts. Take adjustable rubber washer and adjust it on the bolts. Place the tank bolts in the proper place. Take another rubber washer for each bolt. Install them on the tank at the lower part.

Put all the nuts and properly tighten them up. Be careful about the cracking. The porcelain can crack when you try to over tight them in the tank. So don’t crack your tank and carefully tight them properly or your aim will be ruined.

Carefully Replace the Gasket

It is one of the most important stages to repair the leaking pressure toilet. There will be a gasket adjusted with the tailpiece. It is on the lower part of the pressure tank. You need to remove it and you can do it easily by pulling it out.

Place a new one in the pressure tank around the tailpiece and fit gasket nicely. Put the tank bolt in the hole of the toilet bowl so that the tank or bowl can be restored. You have to tighten the nuts and washers of the bolts.

Ensure the Repair by Checking Leak

You have to assemble all the things that are needed to work a pressure-assisted toilet. By observing the functionality you will be able to justify whether there is any leak or not. First of all the water supply tube is needed to be reattached. The water is needed to flow over the tube. So the water shut off valve you should turn on. Carefully check the leak of all-around.

Wait until the water tank is filled. When the water tank is filled with water, you have to flush it away several times. Again carefully inspect all around to make sure there is any leak or not. If you find your tank still leaking a bit, tighten all the nuts properly.

What Are the Tips?

The things always need to keep in mind that you need to make the toilet tank empty before you start your repairing. Carefully remove the tanks bolts and install new tank bolts in the proper place. All the nuts must have to be tightened properly. Remember that over-tightening will make the crack in your toilet.


Problems are created to be solved. So, if you have a leaking toilet just go through this article. This article will guide you about how to repair a leaking pressure-assisted toilet easily. Your task will be easy and surely you can repair your toilet without any trouble. Usually, the pressure-assisted toilet has a pressure tank that is like a water balloon.

If you have to leak in your toilet it won’t work properly. This article will provide you step by step instruction about repairing your leaking toilet. You just follow the procedure to repair your leaking toilet properly.

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