How to Use Toilet Seat Cover Properly?

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People are now very much conscious about their health. Hence they always try to be free from germs. Therefore people are very much careful about properly using the toilet seat cover. People may argue about whether toilet seat covers are safe.

These are made of disposable paper. They can easily exploit the moisture of rim. It can be possible to go through your skin. Leave this argument from your mind and you will be surprised that most of us don’t know how to use a toilet seat cover properly.

The toilet seat cover is one kind of layer. It works against germs. Most of the time public toilets are not clean enough to satisfy your subconscious mind. Then there is no replacement of thinking about the toilet seat paper.

You will easily find the toilet seat covers in most of the public toilets. You have to pull it out and flush the toilet after using it to dispose of cover. If you are confused don’t worry. This article will provide all the information about how to use toilet seat cover properly?

What are the common mistakes people usually make?

The most common mistake is tearing the center of the seat cover paper as well discard it. You have to keep in mind that it is different from the sherbet cup top. Another kind of people put it on backward.

Instead of the front, most of the people hang the flap from the back. Some people are not poking out the flap. They also let it float in the water. So, it is very much to know the proper way about using the toilet seat paper.

What are the proper ways?

If you want to know how to use toilet seat cover in the right way, you need to follow some steps. To make you understand clearly, this article will describe to you broadly about all the procedures and steps. Here are the consequences:

1. Pull the Toilet Seat Cover                 

At first, you have to pull out the toilet seat cover from the container. You can easily bring it out from the container. There will be a plastic container containing the seat cover. You can separate it will little effort.

2. Releasing Middle Flap Section         

In the cover, you will find 3 small attachments of paper. There is a flap at the outer ring. Simply you have to pinch the 3 inside joints. They attached in the middle flap to the outer rim of the cover and rip off the joint. You can do it easily with your fingers. Please keep in mind that you cannot rip off the entire flap. There will be three joints in consequence of the left, right and middle side.

3. Placing Seat Cover properly

It is one of the major parts. You need to place the toilet seat cover properly. You should keep in mind that it needs to place at the front side with the back part of the bowl. Most of people make mistakes in this part.

Normally the flap covers the circular part. You need to align the flap properly. It is so important because flaps can easily fall and the front line falling downwards. There is one advantage of it. It helps to flow the pee smoothly into the bowl. It also prevents pee from splashing all around.

4. Assigning the Seating

Assigning the seating is as important as aligning the seat cover properly. Make sure that the seating is not connected with the toilet seat surface directly. The cover is a layer between the surface and your skin.

5. After Finishing Flash the Toilet

You don’t have to worry about what to do after using the toilet. You have to do nothing about the toilet seat cover after using the toilet. There is no need of taking off the cover or disposing of it. When you finish your toilet, just you have to flash out. It is made such a way that the water can dispose of it easily.

Are There Important Suggestions?

People like to know the important notes to become extra careful about any specific matter. In this case, there are also some important suggestions. These suggestions will lead you to have a more clear idea about how to use toilet seat covers effectively.

At the time of using a public toilet, you need to select the cleanest toilet to use. Hygiene is the most important part to keep fit. You need to be careful about it although most of the people are not serious about it.

Another important note is never ripping off the whole flap. You just have to tear the joint on the right, left and front part. You also have to keep in mind about aligning the surface completely of the outer ring.

Finally, if you have an open injury, you have to be more careful. You have to make sure that if there is an open wound, you have covered it up properly. Public toilets are always unhygienic to use. To avoid any kind of infection, you must use a toilet seat cover.


If you are careful about hygiene, you must know how to use the toilet seat covers frequently in your daily use. Using toilet seat covers is as important as washing hands after the toilet. Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s professor of preventive medicine said,

“Toilet seats are not a vehicle for the transmission of any infectious agents, you will not catch anything.” Although toilet seat covers are not protecting you fully from germs, it can provide you some protection and reduce the risk of germ transmission from your skin touching a toilet seat.

The best toilet seat covers and their effective use can protect your skin any kind of moisture as well as germs. Manufacturers usually use nonporous, non-disintegrable material like plastic sheet material for making sanitary toilet seat cover. Hence it works as a layer between disease-causing micro-organisms and skin.

Considering the demerits of skin disease, you can use an environment-friendly toilet seat cover. It also saves you from transmitting gastrointestinal and sexually transmitted infections. So, use it properly to stay in hygiene and avoid unexpected diseases.

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