Knowing Your Bathroom Scales: What to Look For

​In the US, it is reported that obesity has become the number one killer today. This is sad when all it takes to keep obesity away is having your body weight in check and also light workouts to shed a few extra pounds away and leave your body performing at optimum levels.

One simple way that you can use to keep your body in check is to use a bathroom weighing scale. The best part about this is that these devices are easy to find and simple to use. You don’t need an expert to show you that you have gained a few unhealthy extra pounds too. There are two main types of bathroom scales that you can use:

  • Analog Weighing Scale
  •  Digital Weighing Scale

​But what are some of the things that you should look out for when in need of a bathroom weighing scale? Read along to find out the most important tips to always go with on these scales.

​Ideal Features of the ​Top Bathroom Scales

​The very first thing that you should look for in the top bathroom scale is the right features for your use. Some of the most important features that a great bathroom scale should have include these.

​Easy to Read

​High readability is very important. Can you read your bathroom scale from every angle? Can you see the numbers on the scale well? How visible are the tiny marks? The truth is that analog machines can be hard to read through unlike the modern digital readings. But whichever way, large and easy to read numbers and LCDs is a factor to go by.

​High Accuracy

​You invest in a bathroom scale to get the right weight. What this means is that a false reading is out of the question. You should therefore confirm that your weighing machine is accurate. Here are the simplest tips that will help you to confirm accuracy too.

Zero the Scale

Some scales when zeroed perform really accurately. Zeroing is done in two major ways. In an analog scale you could use the turn wheel (turn wheel is set at the bottom of the analog scale. Others are found near the dial) or follow these simple steps.

  • Press down on the scale with your thumb
  • Lift the scale up.
  • The dial will automatically level zero.

​If you have a digital scale, the same process laid above will work. However, instead of using a turn wheel you’ll use a digital button. The digital button is often found at the bottom of the scale.

Weigh Familiar Object

​The tin of butter or cooking fat weighs 500 grams. This is a weight that you are familiar with. These everyday weights can act as great reference points. You can weigh them on your bathroom scale to find out if the scaling is constant. If it is then your scale is working perfectly/ accurately.

Weigh One Object More

​Weigh your tin of butter five times more. A faulty bathroom scale will give you different readings every time you weigh the same object. An accurate scale on the other hand will stick with the original reading and remain consistent all through.

​The Right Size

​What are the width and the length of your scale? How much space does you scale require? Your scaled dimensions should be ideal. The scale should also be sturdy and wide enough to accommodate your feet and also hold your weight. Choosing a scale with a little performance space will give you an inaccurate weight measurement. It might also break under your weight.

​Water Proof

​The bathroom is often a wet place. What this means is that with high steam, humidity, and sometimes cold surfaces, a bathroom scale that is not water resistant/ humidity resistant will not survive for long under such conditions. A poorly designed scale will easily start malfunctioning and leave you with very poor readings.

​Other Options

​Getting more for less – measuring much more than just body weight; what else can your bathroom scale do? Modern scales will provide weather forecast, body fat analysis, and room temperatures among other things. This is the perfect way to get much more form your scale for the same price.


​Choosing a bathroom scale is not easy so always look for the Bathroom Scales to get proper hints. You should talk to the vendor to help you test your scale before you leave. You should also use it and store it when clean and dry always. This extends its life span.


​Bathroom scales are used to track your body weight. They form a great part of your body workout and also has the best designs to go with. Always choose a scale that really suits your needs.

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