Kohler Santa Rosa Comfort Height Review

How the bathroom of a house looks and appeals reflects the whole house in general. A good bathroom area with a nice toilet can say a lot about the house and the occupants of the house as well. It says whether the occupants are careful about detail or if they disregard them.

A toilet is one of the most common facilities a visitor will use when they come over to your house, and as such it will need to give a positive impression about one’s lifestyle and way of being.

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Equally, the occupants of a house will feel nice and happy living in a house that has a nice bathroom area with a clean sparkling toilet.

The Kohler Santa Rosa Comfort Height is one such toilet that will transform your bathroom from just a usual everyday bathroom or toilet to a great space that everyone will wish to stay in for as long as they possibly can.

One-Piece Toilet

One piece toilet is a type of toilet where all the individual parts of the toilet are joined to form one seamless and smooth structure. This structure has no cracks and crevices.

This technology sees to it that no dirt or odor is trapped in between these crevices thus maintaining maximum hygiene and cleanliness. This technology also makes it very easy to clean the structure without any hustles or struggles whatsoever.

Comfort Height

Being a toilet doesn’t mean comfort will be compromised and therefore the whole toilet has to be made in a manner that ensures and guarantees comfort. Height is a very significant factor in the process of making sure this comfort is achieved.

The Kohler Santa Rosa Comfort Height offers chair height sitting which is there purposely to enhance comfort and make the bathroom experience a pleasant one. This aside, it also makes the process of sitting and standing very easy.

Compact Elongated Bowl

There are two types of bowls in the toilet business; round front toilets and elongated toilets. Round front toilets are made compact to fill in small spaces while elongated toilets have extra room at the front to add some comfort to the toilet.

Therefore, this is another comfort oriented feature that the Kohler Santa Rosa Comfort Height boasts that makes it the best from the rest of the herd of normal toilets. This feature makes the Kohler Santa Rosa worth having.

Aqua Piston Canister

AquaPiston canister is a technology where water that comes into the bowl flows in from all sides of the bowl and in the process creating a more powerful and effective flush that doesn’t leave material in the bowl.

Not every toilet has this technology, and this gives the Kohler Santa Rosa Comfort Height the edge that its other toilet rivals or compatriots do not have and it these special abilities and technologies that make a toilet a better choice.

Gravity Flush Toilet

Is it not disgusting if not frustrating to have a flushing system that does not do the job it is meant to do? How terrible can it be when after flushing there is still material left in the bowl, and you have to get more water to pour into it to make it go?

This hustle is a thing of the past with the Kohler Rosa Comfort Height. This product uses gravity flush technology that ensures all the material in the bowl is let out effectively without leaving anything in the bowl that shouldn’t be there.


  • One-piece toilet
  • Gravity flushing system
  • Compact elongated bowl


  • Not eligible for international shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it a quiet flush?

A: the flush is not that ‘quiet’ but this toilet is excellent in every other way.

Q: Any recommendations if I need a bigger (15″) rough-in

A: It is just standard size, you don’t need anything special.

Q: How long is the warranty?

A: I think it is a year long.

Final Verdict

Your toilet is a significant part of the house, and you need it to be the best for many reasons. This toilet will give you everything you need in a good toilet without compromising on looks and great physical appeal. This is a product anyone should have in their homes.

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