Kohler Wellworth Classic Review

Bathrooms are among our most important areas of the house where it is imperative that we put work and effort to make sure it looks wonderful and inviting.

Toilets being part of the whole bathroom scenario can be a difficult and often frustrating search if you are to find the right toilet that does what it does best.

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Many factors come into play when finding a good toilet that is likely to serve you well In every aspect of the toilet business; height, length, width, flushing technology, water amount, eco- friendliness, color, comfort just to mention a few.

Everyone will, of course, have their preferences and liking but there are products that just stand out among the rest for almost all people, and the Kohler Wellworth Classic is one such product. Apart from being able to perform its functions perfectly, it offers some features on top, that you will find nice and exciting.

Extra Flushing Power

It is one of the basic abilities of a toilet to be able to flush waste or material out of the bowl into the trapway and away. Not all toilets can do this and in choosing the one you need to be careful not to end up with a toilet that cannot flush material out of your toilet.

The Kohler Wellworth Classic is equipped with class five flushing technology that provides incredible performance in flushing waste even if it’s bulk waste.

Eco- Friendly 1.28 Gallons Per Flash

In the process of living our lives and looking to find the best for ourselves, we cannot forget to put into consideration our environment and be utterly conscious about it. When using water, it is important to use just what is necessary and not too much.

This product is eco- friendly in this regard in that it uses 1.28 gallons per flush unlike some in the market that use over 3 gallons per flush. This product uses this perfectly without compromising on performance.


Comfort has to be guaranteed in every section and aspect of life, the bathroom not isolated. A lot of factors feed into the idea of comfort. Height weight, length width. How far a toilet is from the ground can determine whether the toilet is comfortable or just a place to empty our bowels and nothing more.

This product is made with specific measurements special to this effect. It is 27 ½ inches long, 19 5/8 inches wide and 28 ¼ inches high to guarantee comfort.

Two Pieces For Easy Cleaning Between The Tank And Bowl

A two-piece toilet is a type of toilet where the tank and the bowl are built separately and may be joined but bolts between them.

The two-piece toilet is an amazing type of toilet since it assists in cleaning because it is easy to reach most areas of the structure. You can get to areas that may trap odor or dirt and ensure they don’t compromise your standards of hygiene in the bathroom area.

One-Year Warranty

I love warranties because they say that a company has very high confidence in their product and that they trust highly that it will not be brought back with any complications instead it will serve the customer perfectly.

But in case it develops a hitch in the course of using it then the customer can take it back anytime and either have it fixed or replaced. This product has a one year warranty, so you say goodbye to not trusting your product.


  • Eco- friendly flushing system
  • Extra comfort
  • Powerful flush
  • Two-piece toilet


  • The seat and lit are not included

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this one come with a seat as shown in the photo?

A: No it does not the seat is sold separately

Q: Does this toilet come with the wax seal and the toilet lid.

A: Nope it comes with neither of those.

Q: How powerful is the flush?

A: It’s quite powerful and at the same time very quiet.

Final Verdict

Toilets are a sensitive matter, and many people prefer being very careful on what they buy in this scenario. This Incredible toilet is highly recommended for anyone looking to buy a well-performing toilet with great features.

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