Niagara Toilets Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

Niagara is a familiar name in the toilet industry, but it is much familiar to the persons who love nature and always try to save it by their activities and works.

Bill Cutler, the founder of Niagara, is an out and out nature obsessed person. Even when he didn’t start his enterprise, he was an ambassador of the environment, who always wants to work for water conservation.

Guided by the inner enthusiasm, in 1977, Bill finally came out with a plan of manufacturing some household items that significantly reduce the consumption of water while delivering top-grade service. Today’s Niagara toilets are the result of Bill’s those days’ initiative.

Best Niagara Toilet – Comparison


Product Name

Weight (pounds)

Water Consumption


Niagara 77001WHCO1


0.8 GPF

Niagara 77002WHCO1


0.8 GPF

 Niagara Conservation Toilet


0.8 GPF

So, whenever anyone chooses Niagara toilet for his/her bathroom, it is obvious that he/she will enjoy all the benefits from his toilet in an environment-friendly way.

However, as you are here reading our words after seeing the title ‘Niagara Toilets Reviews’, we can assume that you are also curious about this nature caring, well-performing product.

For readers like you, who want to know about Niagara toilets, we have written this article. Later, we also have penned a buying guide that will lead anyone to a successful buying. Hopefully, by the end of this content, you will find yourself satisfied.

Top 3 Niagara Toilets Reviews

In the following section, we have reviewed three hand-picked premium toilets manufactured by Niagara.

Throughout the review, we focused on how these products will benefit you, and how they really save the environment.

Apart from knowing details about the toilets, you will find this section helpful to you are going to choose any Niagara toilet for your future use.

1. Niagara 77001WHCO1

In a nutshell, using this Niagara toilet, you will get noise-free as well as waste-free user experience for sure. Apart from these, this is a standard looking white color toilet unit with an elongated toilet bowl. Here both bowl and the tank are made following a standard design that will be right chose to install inside of a modern or traditional bathroom.

Niagara 77001WHCO1

Anyone sits on this toilet for the evacuation will feel ultimate comfort around his time in the bathroom. The elongated designed toilet bowl will ensure this comfort. Apart from ensuring relax staying for the user, this elongated toilet bowl also helps the user to smoothly transfer the waste from the bowl to trapway.

Choosing this sanitary unit for your toilet room, you can minimize your water bill. The toilet takes only 0.8 gallons of water for flushing each time. Considering other toilets in the market, this is one of the least water consuming toilets. Though the toilet requires only a small amount of water for its cleaning activity, it can do its job with perfection whenever the user presses the flush button.

This toilet not only minimizes the annual use of water, but it also reduces the irritating sound of the flush. Here the manufacturer manufactured this toilet with a Gravity flushing system. Just like water conservation, this system is also among those flushing options that do the flushing with low sound.

Highlighted Features

  • This toilet features a floor mounting system, which is the easiest and a risk-free installation process.
  • Elongated toilet bowl will facilitate you with relax sitting during your evacuation time.
  • Gravity flushing system saves water as well as ensures maximum cleaning with single pressing.
  • 12-inch rough-in allows you to install your toilet following a standard installation measurement.

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2. Niagara 77002WHCO1 

It’s a rounded shape toilet for the users who find sitting on a rounded shape toilet bowl comfortable than an oval-shaped bowl. Other than that, the toilet resembles almost all the performing features and outlook design of our previous selection. So, after going through the previous one, if you think the round bowl will be the best for you, you can add it to your cart.

Niagara 77002WHCO1

After placing the order, some buyers especially the new buyers become apprehensive about the installation of the toilet. However, you if chose this one, you can be out of this type of apprehension, because here the toilet is designed with a simple mounting method. Simply, drilling some holes on the ground, anyone can make his toilet ready for the use.

Like our first reviewed toilet, this one will also save your annual cost of utility. With just 0.8 gallon of water, the toilet can flush and transfer the waste from the bowl to the building sewage line. Additionally, during this cleaning time, gravity flushing technology also makes a low amount of noise.

A popular production material named Vitreous china has been used to manufacture this toilet. This material is widely used in sanitary products like toilet, sink basin for its tougher, denser, and shinier qualities. As a user of this toilet, you will also enjoy these qualities. Furthermore, it will be easy for you to keep the toilet always bright by cleaning it regularly.

Highlighted Features

  • The white toilet will be a good addition to your washroom if you feel comfortable with a round sitting arrangement.
  • Ultra-High-Efficiency flushing system will maximize the use of your stored water.
  • Vitreous China coating of this toilet lets you maintain always a clean look of your toilet.
  • With less flush, you can transfer more waste from the bowl to the sewage line.

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3. Niagara Conservation Toilet Round

The toilet is an excellent combination of noise-free flushing, effective cleaning system, and excellent water-saving facility. Though this model of Niagara is the priciest among our selected three models, the benefits it provides its user perfectly justifies the price tag. Hence, if you are looking for a premium toilet, it can be your pick.

best niagara toilet

For some toilet deals, the buyers have to make an extra purchase for the installation bolts and caps. Nevertheless, this Niagara toilet includes all the necessary bolts and caps so that the user can install his toilet instantly. Also, the addition of caps on the bolts gives your entire installation a gentle and organized look.

The trapway of this toilet measures 2-inch in diameter. Having this wide measurement, your every flush will transfer the maximum amount of waste from the bowl to the sewerage line. After all, with less flush, you can clean more waste every day, every time.

Finally, here in this model of Niagara too, you will enjoy fast and efficient flushing with excellent water-saving technology. Thus, when you flush your toilet at night, it will not be the reason for disturbing to your family members. Also, you can allocate more water for your other needs as your toilet will require less.

Highlighted Features

  • This Innovative and stylish toilet will be a good addition to any bathroom.
  • The toilet uses up to 37% less water than other high-efficiency toilets.
  • You can choose both round and elongated models of this toilet.
  • Installation, use, and maintenance of this toilet are easy to follow.

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Niagara Toilets Buying Guide

Before making any purchase, if you know your product well, the rate of getting the best one will go high to higher.

In the following section, we have written about some key factors and how they influence the usages of the toilet. As a buyer, you should pay attention to these factors, if you want to buy the right Niagara toilet for your home, office, hospital or hotel.

Efficient Use of Water

Niagara toilets are different from other toilets in the market for two major features, one of them is, water-saving technology. Even, some Niagara toilets are more efficient than other ‘water-saving technology’ enabled toilets out there! When your toilet will be water-efficient, it will save your monthly amount of water consumption, which is good for you as well as your future generation. However, though it is obvious that a Niagara toilet will have this excellent feature, you just check, the level of efficiency meets your requirement.

Low Noise Flushing

This is the second exceptional feature of Niagara toilets. Normally, when you buy a toilet from the market, it will make some noise during the flushing time. To minimize this annoying noise, Niagara integrates a special type of flushing system inside their toilets, it’s called Gravity Flush. As a result, the user can do the cleaning after the evacuation with just whispering noise. Nevertheless, again, while choosing your toilet, make sure that you select the one that you don’t mind hearing.


Niagara manufacture products with different design and outlook. You, as a buyer, will get lots of option to choose from both modern and standard models of the toilet. However, during the design selection, the best approach is to choose a design that matches your personal style and setup of your already built bathroom.

Bowl Shape

This one is another influential factor that will have an impact on your regular use of the bathroom. Because the bowl will be your sitting place inside the bathroom, it should have a relaxing shape. Just like other manufacturers’ toilets in the industry, here you will also get both elongated shape and round shape toilets. Go for the one that you feel comfortable to sit on it.

Mounting Style

Almost all the toilet manufacturers incorporate two types of installation system in this sanitary product. Some of the products are ‘on the floor’ mountable and some can be mounted against the wall. Usually, floor mountable toilets are easier to install. Before deciding the mounting style, you should consider your bathroom’s arrangement and availability of open spaces.

Flushing style

Here the toilets we reviewed all are single flush toilets, other than these, you will also have dual flush toilets in Niagara’s toilet collection. The key difference between these two types of the toilet is, in a dual flush toilet you will have options for half flush and full flush, inversely, in single flush you have to keep on your action by a single switch.

Consider these factors very seriously before you make the purchase.

What’s Now?

Bill Cutler has started his journey aiming to produce some products that will be good for the environment, and at the same time well-performing. Actually, we also got people around the world is preferring Niagara’s toilet for those qualities.

Finally, if your priority factors of choosing a toilet are water-efficient, low-noise flushing, efficient cleaning, then we would say, the toilets manufactured by Bill’s enterprise deserve your consideration.

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