Portable Toilet: What You Should Know if Buying

What’s the hype about the portable toilet? I never liked them before. I guess the experience I first had wasn’t a pleasant one. Well turns out that the first portable toilet I ever went into wasn’t well maintained. Since then I have had some awesome experiences.

Water Saving Facts about a Portable Toilet

Did you know that a running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day? That’s really true. This is the more reason you should use a portable toilet. Study shows that up to 125 million gallons of water are saved using portable toilets. And 45 billion gallons are saved annually using the same systems.

 A well maintained portable toilet will be very healthy to use. A single toilet can serve up to 10 people or more and still maintain high styled hygiene. With a portable toilet, you don’t even have to worry about holding a birthday party, anniversary, or a corporate sensitization campaign in an open area.

Different Types of Names for Portable Toilet

A portable toilet has very many names that if you didn’t know could be easily mistaken for some other types of toilets. They include the following.

  • Port-a-potty
  • Porta-john
  • Honey bucket
  • Port-o-john
  • Portable restroom

And that’s not all there is about a portable toilet. The truth is they are modest and can be quite respectable and even classy if well maintained.

Considerations When Buying/ Renting a Portable Toilet

When buying or renting a portable toilet for your use, there are so many factors that you should keep in mind. Here are some of the most important facts that you should always keep in mind.


There are various styles to a portable toilet. The designs are also many. The type of style and design that you choose to go with will specifically depend on your lifestyle, what you want to use the toilet for, or how often the toilet will be used. We also have mobile portable toilets and immobile options. Such styles will serve you differently.


How much is the portable toilet going for? This consideration is very important as it will determine whether you can buy the toilet or not. On average, some of the best models will go for between 50 USD to 200 USD a day when hiring. The buying price will however depend on so many factors including shipping fees or transportation.


You should also understand your needs and see if the toilet you are going for can actually satisfy all of them. Usually a basic portable toilet has limited sanitary amenities such as tissue paper roller, toilet seat cover, a holding tank, dispenser, and door lock indicators with “In Use” and “Open” indicators. A deluxe option will contain additional options such as a soap dispenser, mirror, and a washing station among many other things.


The model you choose will have a few user reviews that you can possibly refer to online. This will help you to understand the type of toilet that you are going for, its quality, and what you chance to benefit from if you choose to buy it. You will also understand more the flaws and cost of maintenance. It is important that you read the reviews.


Maintenance cost is one factor that if ignored could cost you more. Before buying your portable toilet it is important that you talk to the manufacturers about the maintenance cost. Find out if it is something that you can live with or if you have to get an expert to do it for you. A DIY maintenance option will go a long way in saving the costs.


If you are buying or hiring a portable toilet for an event it will be very important that you also keep in mind the number of people you will be expecting to attend the event. If a single portable toilet can serve up to 10 people perfectly. Then you could require about 30X more for 3000 people. You should determine the numbers that are expected.


​Getting the ​right portable toilet requires a deeper understanding of the whole system. You could always start out with these simple tips that we have given you today.

Getting the best portable toilet requires a deeper understanding of the whole system. You could always start out with these simple tips that we have given you today.
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