Tips to reduce clog a low flow toilet

Reducing Clogs in your Low Flow Toilet: What you Must Know

Many people love a low flow toilet solely because it is said to save so much water. By putting to check water wastage, low flow toilets will minimize your water bills. This means that in overall they will help you to save more money that you could channel to care and maintenance of the toilet. … Read more

How to Repair a Leaking Pressure Assisted Toilet Easily

How to Repair a Leaking Pressure Assisted Toilet Easily

If you find any problems in your regular used toilet, you won’t feel relax until you fix it. If you have a pressure-assisted toilet and it has the leaking then this article is for you. This article will help you to know about how to repair a leaking pressure-assisted toilet easily. In a pressure-assisted toilet, … Read more

Understanding the Parts of Toilet

Understanding the Parts of Toilet Properly

The toilet is the most significant part when you think to decorate your bathroom. It has a simple mechanism relating all the parts together. If you want to make your new bathroom, rearrange the bathroom with a new types toilet or fixing the problem of the old toilet, you need to understand the parts of the … Read more

Toilet Cleaning Tools

Toilet Cleaning Tools That Work Effectively

Toilet is one of the most essential parts of our life. You always try to keep your toilet neat and clean. Hence, you may feel tensed what are the tools that will make your toilet clean. How you can make your toilet brighter?  This article will provide you all information about the best toilet cleaning … Read more

Toilet Cleaning Hacks That Works Amazingly

10 Weird Toilet Cleaning Hacks That Works Amazingly

People always love to use the clean and tidy toilet. So, the question always comes to their mind that how they can make as well as keep their toilet always clean and tidy. Are you also in the same kind of group of people who loves to keep their toilet always neat and clean? Are … Read more

convert any toilet to low flow

How to Convert any Toilet to a Low-Flow Toilet Easily and Save Money

Are you worried about your water bill and save your water? Do you want to reduce your wastage of water? Then you can convert your regular toilet into a low flush toilet. A low flow toilet usually takes less than 4.5 liters per flush where normal toilets take more than 6 liters water per flush. … Read more


How to Use Toilet Seat Cover Properly?

People are now very much conscious about their health. Hence they always try to be free from germs. Therefore people are very much careful about properly using the toilet seat cover. People may argue about whether toilet seat covers are safe. These are made of disposable paper. They can easily exploit the moisture of rim. … Read more

How to Remove Rust Stains From Toilet

How to Remove Rust Stains From Toilet

Like toilet bowl rings, rust stains in your toilet are caused by deposits from iron minerals that are found in the hard water that you use. When the iron minerals get exposed to oxygen, they react to form brown like rust stains in your toilet. This will leave your toilet bowl and tank looking dirty … Read more

How to Remove Hard Water Stains From Toilet

How to Remove Hard Water Stains From Toilet

How your toilet looks makes a huge statement about you. If you have guests in your home a dirty toilet can be quite embarrassing. In fact, dirty toilets are full of disease causing germs and bacteria and can be a huge danger to your loved ones. This is why it is important for home owners … Read more

How to Remove a Toilet Flange

How to Remove a Toilet Flange

Two years ago, I noticed water leaking out at the base of my toilet. I didn’t know what the cause was and for quite some time I even washed my bathroom and didn’t really bother about it. A few days later I noticed something strange though, the leakage was becoming severe and my home toilet … Read more